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My Father Le Bijou 1922 Toro Cigar Review 2013

by Bryan Glynn, July 23, 2013
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My Father Le Bijou 1922 Toro Cigar Review

I did this fantastic stick a couple years ago and another viewer sent on in. I wanted to see how they compare! This 6×52 stick features a buttery smooth dark chocolate wrapper with a firm pack, a couple small veins, tight seams, triple cap and rich chocolate and pepper aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with plumes of thick medium-full bodied smoke giving chocolate, leather, earth and pepper on the draw with a full finish that builds with pepper and spice but stays oily and rich till the next draw. The first third stays very much the same just diminishing the leather a bit, keeping the complex profile with perfect construction. Hitting the 1/2 way point 35 minutes in, the ash holds on solid, the chocolate gets creamy and the pepper dies way down through the finish, making my mouth water. Ending at 1:15 the last third burns slower also ramping up the strength just about matching the body. The chocolate has faded just leaving a creamy smooth earth and tobacco with an oily wood finish. Construction was flawless! Thank you very much to viewer Scott Fisher for sending this in for review!

  • AngSolo

    Sounds fantastic ! I’m glad to hear the strength wasn’t too bad. I’ve been holding off on these because I thought they were strong. I’m going to give these a try for sure. I’ve never heard of a bad cigar from Don Pepin, although some I’ve had were a bit strong for me.

  • Jason Isbaner

    Great stick, I enjoyed it very much!

  • smokethis

    Yes, a beautiful stick. Nice review.

  • rockjock

    I have heard so much good stuff about My Father cigars. I have had one that I though was real good. I will have to try out the Le Bijou as it sounds perfect to me.

  • mufdvr6976

    nice review, ive had the robusto, it was a power bomb for me……. so ill pass on this one! ive had a few dpg and they have all been pretty strong!

  • rgorman

    All of the Pepin cigars I have tried have been amazing for me.

  • geekfish

    Thanks Bryan for giving this one another chance. 1st review you had bad tunneling. I really enjoy these and figured others might as well. Thanks.

  • YoMud

    This is arguably my favorite Pepin though I normally pick up the 4.5 x 50.

  • Gigalo de Vitolas

    I had this a few times, can’t say I was all that impressed with it compared to other sticks the Garcia’s make. Glad you’re back pumping out reviews. Keep them coming.

  • Fabbio

    If you look at some of your earliest reviews do you think your pallet and likes has changed over time? Any interest to revisit some of the first sticks you reviewed?

  • Philly5800

    Bryan — Thanks for this awesome review! I’m a big fan of My Father Flor de Las Antillas and other Pepin blends like Old Henry, but most of the MF/Peping stuff is too full bodied for me so, thanks to your review, I found this stick. I bought 3 and smoked my first at a lounge at lunch today. Wow! Creamy with a hint of cinnamon and some pepper. The flavor changes are exciting.

  • craig

    i really love this stick does anyone know where to find some of these or the rest of the 1922 line? locally i have no longer been able to.

    • PAG

      Cigars International and Famous Smoke both have them, though CI’s stock is looking a bit thin. Only the smaller sizes are currently in stock.

  • Andrew

    Hey, Bryan. Have been meaning to comment on your reviews for quite some time now. Have really enjoyed listening to your review of the Le Bijou as I smoke one on my end. It’s been helpful for me as a relatively new smoker to listen to you describe the flavor profiles. One thing generally about your videos, as a I haven’t seen anyone else comment on it, it would be awesome if you killed the background music when you begin to speak. As a musician it’s great to hear the different tunes you choose as you’re cutting and lighting, but perhaps you would consider killing the music so we hear just your voice? Seems picky, I know, but doesn’t hurt to ask. Anyway, really appreciate your reviews and am always excited to find when you’ve reviewed a stick that’s sitting in my humidor!

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