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Gurkha Black Dragon Fury Nublizer Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, July 17, 2013
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Gurkha Black Dragon Fury Nublizer Cigar Review

This 4×60 stick features a very dark brown wrapper, barely visible under the huge bands with minimal veins, a firm lump oily soft feel, double cap and pungent hay aroma. First light reveals a loose draw with airy medium bodied smoke of a slightly bitter coffee and hay. The band was applied with too much glue, ripping a 1/2″ chunk of wrapper off with it. The first third quickly drops the bitterness settling to a wet hay and earth on the draw with a bit of smooth coffee through the short clean finish. The burns is very even and slow putting off a ton of foot smoke. Hitting the 1/2 way mark at 25 minutes, the burn is excellent, flavors and performance are unchanged. Ending it out at 55 minutes the whole little stick proved to be a great performer and stayed very consistent with the blend. Thank you to viewer Ryanmo45 for sending this one in!

  • TimB

    Gurkha all taste the same to me tried a lot only a few were ok.Some are just not worth the cost.

  • Jason Isbaner

    I would like to try this smoke. Great review

  • napaboss

    I’ve had the Nub version found it ok not great, the Gurkha’s are hit and miss for the price, but I’m going to give this a try

  • gtclark

    Florida looks a little humid…so I guess this is Gurkha version of the Nub?

  • jpculp57

    Haven’t tried all of the Gurkha lines but of the 8 I’ve had none were worth buying again. I also can’t figure out the appeal of the Nub cigars so this stick is completely out of my wheelhouse.
    On a positive note, glad you made it back home safely and hope you had a wonderful trip!
    Oh, and how badly did they load you down with sticks? Saw you had 51 sticks on your update and had 1 day to go…

  • gholmes9

    I have tried many of the Gurkhas and I have yet to find one that I like. Much more better choices out there for the money. As for the shorties, Nubs rule!

  • rgmenke

    Nice, I was looking at these a while back but bought a NUB sampler instead. So far the NUB sticks have been just ok, with the maduro probably being my favorite. I would echo the sentiment that these nub sticks look cooler than they smoke.

  • CrownP

    I always remove my bands before smoking. and I have had happen what happened to you. When it does happen you can see all the glue that was used. Great amount of smoke time.

  • rgorman

    I normally wouldn’t buy a Gurkha just on principle. I think they are incredibly overrated. This one, however, has really peaked my interest! I think I’ll try and get some of these soon!

  • superdutyal

    I really can’t say I have tried a Gurkha that I have like most where ok but a few where just nasty .

  • mufdvr6976

    only had one gurkha years ago thought were a gimmick because so many releases, do you think the wrapper could be that way because of weather? I live in az and the last few stogies have been that way ..thought because of the monsoons and humidity are up this time of year?

  • lazyboy

    Gurkhas aren’t all bad. There prices are just dumb on some of them. They have been hit or miss with me. Some are great some are just blah. You’ll never be able to try them all cuz they have like a hundred different kinds. Some I think are just a gimmick just looking at the prices. All about the packaging which nobody really cares about. Looking on cigars international they show the msrp on there stuff and its just dumb. Some boxes retail for like $400. For a middle of the road stick. Why?? Cuz it’s in a glass tube ill throw out anyway. Whatever. Try the special ops. I liked that the few times I had it. Really like the empire 4 too if it wasn’t so damn tightly rolled.

  • socks

    I too am not a fan of the larger ring sizes. I have had a few gurkha, and I think they are just ok. Unfortunately, I probably will not be trying this one. Thanks for the review Bryan. Great as always

  • Jared

    I have not had many Gurkhas, mostly due to price point, and like most of you, the ones I’ve had haven’t exactly impressed. As everyone says, “Not bad, but for the price, not going to buy more.” So many people DO buy them though, so there must be good ones, right? I know preferences differ, but which ones do you guys think are good, if any?

  • lrogers

    I’ve had several Gurkhas and was always expecting greatness but was always disappointed. The only Gurkha that I’ve had that I really liked was the Special Ops version. I thought they had a great flavor. Just my two cents.

  • LordCybor

    I have had these in the torpedo size. It is so far my favorite Gurkha, though I have not tried them all.

  • CCarr33

    I really need to widen the size of what I call my Life Humidor, or just the things I’ve tried and this is definitely in that Humidor!

  • Corey_Lake

    I used to smoke a lot of Ghurkas in Iraq about 5 years ago and enjoyed them all. In the past few years I’ve had consistently bad experiences with them — flavor, construction, and quality. I’m not sure this review has done anything to get me to give the brand another shot yet.

  • Fabbio

    I don’t get the appeal of these or the nub style cigars personally. The people I have seen smoking them look ridiculous with the over exaggerated drawing and the over pronounced thumb an index finger hold.

  • ryanmo45

    Bryan I’m glad this one was good for you. I sent this to you when I first got them. I got a 10 pack and I won’t buy them again because like a lot of Gurkhas mass productions only about 50% were good. Glad yours was in the 50%. For other viewers talking negative about Gurkha…..I agree with 99% of it. Just try the Gurkha special ops. That is the one Gurkha I cannot live without. One of my favorite cigars out there.

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