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Rewards Program Change Needed

by Bryan Glynn, July 11, 2013
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As some of you have noticed and even mentioned to me, the rewards program is being abused. I REALLY want this to work because for some people it can be fun! Many of you I know are following the simple rules, having fun and everything is fine. But each week there’s an influx of new users or perhaps fake accounts, and the torrent of BS comments is getting out of hand. Every day I’m having to email people to please stop, nicely educate them on what the program is about, remove dozens of posts, etc. But increasingly the ‘discussion’ is one or two words, years old posts dug up, 30+ in a row etc. and I simply don’t have time or interest to keep policing it and being a parent to some posters. I’ll take suggestions, but if there’s no simple way to make this work well I’ll have to close it. I’ll use the prizes lined up in other contests. Thanks for any help and understanding.

EDIT: Comments points are disabled. I’ll re-tool and come up with something when I get back from the show.

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