Kings Cigars Swag Giveaway

by Bryan Glynn, July 10, 2013

EDIT: Congratulations ‘smokethis’!

Congratulations to ‘chief791′ winner of last weeks contest! Email me your contact info and I’ll get your prize out!

This time around I have some cool swag to give out! I received a package from Kings Cigars and I’m happy to pass it all on to you guys! Up for grabs is a sweet XL tshirt with the Kings Cigars logo on the front and emblem on the back. PLUS a great cutter, very much like the Cuban Crafters Perfect cutter which happens to be my all time favorite. It doesn’t have a hole for torpedos but is still a great little unit.

To enter all you have to do is comment below with what your favorite type of cigar-swag is, then share the post with the buttons below, noting which one you did! Entrants may be underage but must have a US mailing address. Good luck!

  • kwik

    My favorite swag is the 5 count travel humidor it helps me get my sticks anywhere safely
    I’ll but this on twitter

  • craig

    my favorite swag is my cellphone case made entirely out of cigar bands.

    • craig

      google plus btw

    • MaxDuo

      That’s pretty awesome, love stuff like that.

  • MorganGeo

    My favorite swag would be lighters and cutters. You can never have enough!

    Liked on FB.

  • John

    I tweeted this, my favorite type of cigar swag are nicely made multiple flame lighters! I have a huge interest in cigar lighters

  • Derek

    My favorite is my ash trays, I collect them. Liked on Facebook.

  • kurngar

    Shared on google plus. MY favorite type of cigar swag is the Room 101 ashtray I got. A lot of the other swag I have gotten including lighters tend to be crappy and not well made.

  • bwehmann1

    My favorite swag is my grandmothers antique cigar ashtrays she passed down to me from my grandfather. Also I have a really nice Perdomo guillotine cutter that I always carry around with me. Liked on Facebook.

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    My favorite type of swag is ashtrays. I think it’s so cool how there are so many different varieties of design, color, size. I feel like you can really find an ashtray that suits your design style. As a student of industrial design ashtrays are very intriguing because they implement both form and function. And the of course a lot of the Cigar companies have such cool graphics. So ashtrays it is for me. Liked on Facebook.

  • bigw

    My Drew Estate Guyaberra shirt

  • Moogula

    My favorite swag is my dual crossing stainless steel cutter makes nice easy end cuts on my sticks and my triple flame butane lighter for easy toasting.

  • 2dogdad

    Hi Bryan; liked on face book. Favorite swag: branded ashtrays. Thank you very much.
    Regards, paul.

  • chriskingcigars

    contact us at and register to win a free sample of our Barón. We will also be giving away once a month cutters,lighters and t shirts. like us on face book and follow us on twitter.