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Jul 10

Kings Cigars Swag Giveaway

Posted on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 in World of CO

EDIT: Congratulations ‘smokethis’!

Congratulations to ‘chief791′ winner of last weeks contest! Email me your contact info and I’ll get your prize out!

This time around I have some cool swag to give out! I received a package from Kings Cigars and I’m happy to pass it all on to you guys! Up for grabs is a sweet XL tshirt with the Kings Cigars logo on the front and emblem on the back. PLUS a great cutter, very much like the Cuban Crafters Perfect cutter which happens to be my all time favorite. It doesn’t have a hole for torpedos but is still a great little unit.

To enter all you have to do is comment below with what your favorite type of cigar-swag is, then share the post with the buttons below, noting which one you did! Entrants may be underage but must have a US mailing address. Good luck!

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Bring on the comments

  1. Spr0de says:

    My favorite piece of swag i own is my butane insert for my zippo lighter from the 70s. You can light cigars with a cool zippo without getting that nasty fuel taste.

    liked Facebook

    • Daniel Cohen says:

      I have to say that I love cigar swag. So far I have 3 favorite pieces of swag, 1. Drew estate MY UZI WIGHTS A TON hat, 2. Xikar EX II Liga Privada lighter. 3. Drew estate Army hat. Now its not in that order, but I love showing my passions thought every day items such as hats or shirts.

    • GoldSparrow says:

      My favorite swag is my Cuban Crafters humidor!

    • Bruno says:

      My favorite swag piece is a $1.99 cigar cutter the was given to me by the cigar shop owner where I by my cigars at.

      I twitted this on Twitter.

  2. TimB says:

    That tee-shirt would look nice on me and just my size.Other than that a Padron 1926 Anniversary would be outstanding.Tweet.

  3. garlar10 says:

    My favorite swag has to be my opus x hat. google plus.

  4. rgorman says:

    My favorite swag of all time is my Cuban Crafter’s Perfect Cutters, which I bought after watching Bryan’s review. I also love my Fuente ashtray.


  5. Shovel says:

    +1. I always enjoy different cigar storage containers. Herfs, humidors,…

  6. jamescrich says:

    Finally… I have been watching your reviews for some time and enjoy them as I smoke! Thanks! I am realatively new to the finer cigar smoking lifestyle. I would smok ‘em if offered or if I some how had the hankering, but that was rarw. I was hooked when a buddy showed me his humidor about a month ago and introduced me to Rocky Patel and double infused mm.. wow.. the smell of the wrapper, the taste of the smoke and the flavours hitting my pallate! But I digress. The only swage I’ve got at this moment is my Man ‘O War Ruination Butterfly cutter. That’s it! I would love to add more! Like a humidor with a Patel label or Cohiba which I smokednlast night from the first sampler I bought… ok, I’ve been long winded enough!

  7. Corey says:

    My favorite type of swag is/are accessories such as lighters, cutters and I do like t-shirts but I prefer accessories I can use regularly … Facebook

  8. Jason Isbaner says:

    My favorite swag is cigar branded ashtrays, I like collecting them. Liked on Facebook

  9. eat nate67 says:

    Any useful items shirts, cutters, and cigars.

    Shared via Twitter

  10. sacamano says:

    My favorite SWAG is definitely my Montecristo yellow, triangle ashtray. Very sweet!

  11. MR_EXPRESS says:

    I liked on Facebook. I think my favorite cigar stuff is lighters, hands down. Pretty cool stuff.

  12. Leo Steelfire says:

    Liked on Facebook.
    My favorite cigar stuff is most definitively lighters.

  13. 1976Matt says:

    I liked on Facebook. I love cutters, from the V-cut, to the guillotine cutters, to even the scissor cutters for the larger ring sizes.

  14. Leon says:

    My favorite type of swag is non-clothing stuff, simply because I’m a bigger guy, and most clothing/apparel stuff doesn’t fit me. Cool contest, though, thanks!


    Google Plus, liked on FB, and Tweeted.

  15. Camshaft83 says:

    Liked on FB. My favorite has to be cutters and lighters. Or maybe my humidors. Or my diesel ball cap. Who am I kidding. I love anything cigars. Want something classy and nice that I can hang on the wall and not make my gf mad.

  16. werdwerdus says:

    Really like the perfect cutter, but my new humidor is my favorite thing now. Got a factory blemish unit with NO visible blemishes for about 1/3 normal price! Holds 100-150 cigars :D tweeted

  17. DECigar says:

    I like lighter for swag. I can’t seem to find one that’s full. I tweeted.

  18. Jellybean says:

    my favorite swag would be humidors keeps cigars fresh all the time and the torch lighters :) by the way i just made my account for this site its pretty cool

  19. LordCybor says:

    I like my custom painted humidor and my black ops torch lighters. (Google+)

  20. TWills51 says:

    My favorite swag is definitely the free kind. As a college student, finding the money to smoke a decent stick can be hard enough let alone the gear that is often required. Like recently ive been using a cheap $2 plastic cutter and matches.

  21. Whickster77 says:

    My favorite swag is of course free but it has to be usable, cutters,ashtrays lighters. Normally shirts are to small and hats are to big so most of those get donated.i tweeted this

  22. Perfecto57 says:

    I love my black Vertigo Churchill quad flame lighter. Shared on FB and Twitter. ;D

  23. Ponderous says:

    My favorite swag to date has to be the awesome Acid cutters I received when purchasing boxes of Acid sticks at Cigars International. They certainly hold up and have exceeded my expectations.

    As always I will be tweeting and liking on Facebook.

  24. H2Ojazz says:

    I do know what you’re referring to when mentioning the term “swag” used in the newers sense but I guess I had a misinterpreted it as well, although I did not think of it as the way many do today, nor use it like that, lol. I did think it was just an abbreviation of the word swagger. Like original swagger that Sinatra or Martin had, The class and way they carried themselves, But if I had to say,I’d say my favorite swag that I own is My Hat that I always wear. it’s my favorite! Thanks for the opportunity! Speak Love, Matt. (Facebook And Google +)

  25. davinci69171 says:

    Man!!! was gonna enter but you got the same bs usa mailing only all the other guys have

  26. pipebear333 says:

    I’ve never actually gotten any cigar related swag, but I do think I’d most like the new cutter. The one I have now is questionable at best. And I can always use a new tee. Liked on FB.

  27. vwarnerjr says:

    right not my favorite cigar swag is the soft flame xikar lighter a friend gave me, it works fantastic. Commented also on twitter.

  28. samgiroux42 says:

    Facebook and Tweeted

    My favorite swag is the cigar ashtray I won a few months back. It is perfect because it has a very long area to rest the cigar level and not disturbing the ash.

    I love swag that you can actually use. I am not a fan of must t-shirt and hat giveaways since they usually have really obnoxious graphics. I prefer something a but more subtle.

  29. rockjock says:

    Liked on FaceBook. My favorite type of swag are humidors. I usually end up passing mine along to my friends who convert from never/occasional cigar smokers into more serious guys.

  30. Chaz says:

    FB liked. I obsessively hoard lighters, and I could not live without my CC perfect cutter. That shirt is right up my alley!

  31. DmlCajun says:

    My favorite SWAG is the one you are giving away. I usually like cutters and cap when i can get my hands on them.

    Bryan, great site, always informative, relatively new cigar smoker.

  32. napaboss says:

    Free Stuff Love It Who doesn’t like any type of SWAG.I really like stuff I can use humidors, cutters, lighters Great contest Bryan


  33. cedric77020 says:

    My favorite SWAGG is my Drew Estate Hat I received from the CATS FEST in San Antonio Tx.
    Facebook Share.

  34. nvizble says:

    I both Facebook liked and Tweeted because its a good topic, and I want to win! Hats and t-shirts (as long as they are nicely made and good quality) are always good because they are so useful. Lighters and cutters are good too! Who doesn’t like free stuff?

  35. sparkmark says:

    I love to collect cigar boxes. ;) facebook

  36. kmthiebaud says:

    My favorite cigar swag is the Gurkha Cellar Reserve metal wall decor I received at my latest cigar event at my local B & M. Liked on Facebook.

  37. Canen says:

    I like the cutters. I am brand new to Cigars. I got to smoke my first one at a best friends wedding. We celebrated the wedding of one of my best friends, as well as the birth of my other best friends baby. I really enjoyed the experience! I’m getting married in April of 2014. So I got a feeling I will have another one around that time if not sooner. Facebook :)

  38. 007MI6 says:

    So far, my favorite swag has been the hats & shirts I have gotten. Wear my Crowned Head hats all the time!

    FB liked & +1′d

  39. pato1001 says:

    My favorite type of cigar swag is cutters and lighters.

    Facebooked and Tweeted.

  40. mufdvr6976 says:

    I liked, I would say my fav is my stogie411 hat and shirt, I like everybody to know I love cigars and that does it!!!

  41. drdut says:

    My swag that I love the most in my 40 dollar humidor. It’s the only thing my girlfriend likes about my cigar habit cause “it looks so nice in the coffee table”, so what ever makes her happy makes me happy.

  42. Jared says:

    Liked on Facebook.

    I love having cool lighters, whether they be tagged with a cigar brand, or a lux car brand, or just cool looking, doesn’t matter. Does that make me a pyro? Currently have two torches, an angled soft-flame pipe lighter, and any number of random Bics running around, and I always keep a pack of box matches around, for those not-so-rare occasions when my lighter runs out of fuel mid-toast.

  43. ktdbir says:

    I love cool lighters and cutters! I just got a new checkered cutter for $15 bucks from a Craigslist deal!

  44. ktdbir says:

    I love cool lighters and cutters! I just got a new checkered cutter for $15 bucks from a Craigslist deal!

    Liked Facebook!!

  45. wm2slc says:

    The shirt look great, but I recently lost(was lifted by someone) my Cuban Crafters Perfect cutter. So I would love to get that replaced.
    Thanks for your giveaways, they are awesome!
    and also shared on Facebook

  46. madmurdoc says:

    I got a Macanudo ash tray with a little drawer to hold my cutter and matches. I love it.
    Shared on Facebook

  47. ArielFetters says:

    My favorite type of Swag is useful stuff lol. The Cigar cutter would be my style.

    As for the term Swag, the first time I heard of it was in a book that said it was an acronym for “Scientific Wild-a$$ Guess”

    Anyways, thanks for the reviews and tutorials you do, they’re a lot more understandable for new folk on the scene than a lot of other people’s videos.

  48. botlilchapter says:

    Great site, keep up the good work. My favorite swag is my dupont 007 lighter, one of my prize possessions shared via twitter(

  49. micktorres says:

    I collect cigar ashtrays and cutters.

  50. stevesatch says:

    Anything practical like cutters, lighters, traveldors, etc. Liked on FB

  51. CigarSurgeon says:

    I’m a big fan of custom painted cutters. I can see me getting the collectors bug and going a little nutty.

  52. phillyb says:

    Liked on FB.

    I have yet to get any “cigar swag” but I’m gonna have to go with the almighty t-shirt. They’re a great conversation starter for people who do not know what is on it and people who are like minded!

  53. gtclark says:

    I really like classic, heavy cigar ashtrays…of course, the king of cigar accessories is an overstuffed leather club chair. I tweeted this.

  54. cassanpj says:

    I think my favorite type of swag is a nice ash tray or cutter. Tweeted

  55. HerbalJedi says:

    My favorite is my humi. its the nicest thing I have. FB liked

  56. LiDS6945 says:

    I am fairly new to cigar smoking and just love premium smokes. I wouldn’t have it any other way. my favorite swag item would have to be my collection of cigar bands. Ever since I started smoking sticks I would slide off the band once ash reaches the band. I will then write in the back of it a # 1-10, 1 being bad to 10 being the best and would continue to buy the cigars i like. love CO and all the reviews have been helpful. thanks bryan!

    • LiDS6945 says:

      I am fairly new to cigar smoking and just love premium smokes. I wouldn’t have it any other way. my favorite swag item would have to be my collection of cigar bands. Ever since I started smoking sticks I would slide off the band once ash reaches the band. I will then write in the back of it a # 1-10, 1 being bad to 10 being the best and would continue to buy the cigars i like. love CO and all the reviews have been helpful. thanks bryan!Twitter:

  57. YoMud says:

    For cigar swag I love me some hats. Video games I like t-shirts but it all about hats for me for cigar brands.
    Liked on FB

  58. mfox93 says:

    My swag would be my Smokeinn hat that I have.
    Liked on Facebook

  59. lazyboy says:

    Humidors by far. Without em where am I gonna put my cigars. (G+)

  60. kb9311 says:

    Facebook, I love hats,one size fits all everyone can enjoy, and I love cutters as well.Thanks for another fun contest!

  61. sal says:

    My favorite swag has to be my drew estate flying pig t shirt

  62. drewman5000 says:

    Twitter: SWAG is a company’s ability to promote themselves through indirect, non-traditional methods by offering a potential consumer something free to either use, wear, or display with hopes that the recipient will remember the brands if and/or when a time arises where they want to use the respective product (e.g., I want a cigar….HEY! Why not make it a Kings!!!)

  63. brianetz1 says:

    my favorite piece of swag has to be a rodrigo tshirt i won on another site. i wear it often.

    tweeted: fatkid1106

  64. A Gurkha special ops knife!
    (+ on G+ and a Facebook like.)

  65. cigarraider says:

    Montecristo logo whiskey glasses are never far from my smoking sessions. Liked on Twitter.

  66. Matt says:

    My Cuban Crafters cutter is my favorite piece for sure, always cuts perfectly. Liked on fb.

  67. rpharmrx says:

    My favorite “Swag” is my Xikar baseball cap!(my outdoor smoking hat!)

  68. CigarHog says:

    my favorite swag is my hanes mens tank top i like to wear outside in the warm weather. I tweeted.

  69. otrdriver6767 says:

    Free stuff aka swag is not something I try to get. The T shirt is my size and I think it looks great. I would wear this. Many of my students in a CDL truck school are returning military. The ones that smoke cigars get a treat from me and adding a cutter to pay it forward would show that we care even more on a personal level. Thank you for sharing with us.

  70. hundling says:

    I’m from Austria, and if I hear SWAG i think of that dumbass Moneyboy…

    Anyway, my favorite swag-tool is or was my first Butane-lighter that reached about 1200°C and ruined my first cigar.

  71. dperez989 says:

    I think my piece favorite swag has gotta be the double torch lighter.

  72. Tokeya says:

    Favorite swag Alec Bradley lighter I just received and love. +google.

  73. Kaptain Kanada says:

    My favourite “swag” is advice… and conversation. Sharing a cigar moment makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable. Nothing like a few friends sharing a half hour over a selection of maduro in comfortable chairs in a quiet club.

  74. eric.hanson says:

    Shared with google. My favorite swag would be toss up between my Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter and my Xikar Elipse 2 triple torch lighter. With those two things I know I’ll never need another lighter or cutter.

  75. sdh3237 says:

    My favorite swag is a Padron baseball cap that I picked up at a cigar shop. Tweeted

  76. Gigalo de Vitolas says:

    Liked on FB

    My favorite swag is probably lighters and ashtrays. Ashtrays because I only have one for the moment.

  77. Shadow0447 says:

    I own & operate an 18 wheeler & lighting a cigar bouncing down the road can be quite difficult at times….but thanks to the intimidator four flame lighter….not so much of a problem now.

  78. SeaOfTrees78 says:

    Hey there, Bryan, love the vids.

    I’d have to say my favorite kind of cigar swag is butane lighters. They have a cool torch, they’re sleek, and they make you look like a James Bond character.

  79. geekfish says:

    I really don’t get excited about lighters or cutters. I like my palio and xikar lighter, so don’t need others. Clothing doesn’t fit as I am a giant. Hats I like. Free cigars I can enjoy and always appreciate. Tweeted

  80. eels1200 says:

    I am a new cigar smoker. I really enjoy this new hobby and it would be great to save on buying a better cutter by winning this giveaway!

  81. quackaddict94 says:

    Other than my humidors, I have a cheap generic guillotine cutter that I keep on my keychain, so that I’m always prepared for a smoke.
    Could use the swag.

  82. Boucher207 says:

    My favorite would be my butane lighter insert. Love it! I liked on FB.

  83. ghostshadow says:

    My favorite swag is T-Shirts when they fit and I like cutters when they are interesting. I like stickers and patches too but those are pretty rare to come by it seems.

    Shared on twitter and facebook liked.

  84. houleski says:

    My favorite type of swag would have to cutters because there are just so many different way to do it granted some aren’t as good as others but the innovation is fun to watch what comes out next.

  85. Gimmicks85 says:

    My swag is my Colibri Radius Torch Lighter .. It has it all .. Single torch lighter plus Punch/cutter on the lighter itself … Never leave home without it !

  86. eels1200 says:

    I liked your facebook.AKA shared it.

  87. Dylan says:

    I think my favorite cigar swag is definitely lighters. So many options within the flame type, the adjust-ability, the feel in the hand, the aesthetic design, the actual performance…. etc. Lighters are just too much fun… FIRE!

  88. MaxDuo says:

    My favorite swag would be something pretty boring, honestly. Just a t shirt most likely. Jackets/coats would be cool, as would a hoody… but I’m such a warm person that I can’t wear that stuff for more than a quarter of the year (I don’t put on a light jacket until temps of ~45 and below).

    If they did these often, though… any kind of fancy lighter or cutter would be awesome. I’d always like more lighters.

    So T shirt or nice lighter. Their version of the perfect cut is nice, I would kind of hope that the design stood out more on it (does it have a logo on the back, since it has no hole? That’d be pretty nice).

    • MaxDuo says:

      Whoops, forgot to say what I did… I just realized this while checking email on my phone. Liked and tweeted.

      At least no post count points right now so no one can claim I was trying for extra points :) Just being my dumb self.

  89. chief791 says:

    Winner winner chicken dinner. Looking forward to the cigar sampler i just won for last weeks contest. Info has been sent to you Bryan. Thanks again. The best piece of swag i have gotten is an AJ Fernandez hat at a San Lotano event i went to. I had AJ autograph it for me. Shared on Face Book.

  90. jstella says:

    My Favorite SWAG is free SWAG. If I had to pick one it would be any type of cigar art that I can hang in the man cave. :) SHared as a Tweet. :)

  91. GERST says:

    My favorite Swag would have to be my Stinky Cigar ashtray, or my lighters, or maybe my cutters.

  92. Craig says:

    I love my lighters. I also like my Oliva Hat and Shirt. Liked on Facebook.

  93. smokethis says:

    I like to smoke in my lime green CO Obsession shirt and my undercrown hat..using my vintage tobacco leaf ashtray and my Bugatti lighter.

  94. papobaez says:

    for me the best swags are ashtrays and cigar lighters, i have a few of each and my friends when they come over always want to take my stuff which to me is a compliment

    liked it on facebook just in case

  95. bigdawgkahuna says:

    For me the best swag that i have is a cutter and ash tray that was my grandfathers. It brings back memories of sitting on the porch with pops and smoking and talking. After he passed my son has started to join in on the evening smkoes even thouth pops is gone its like hes sitting and enjoying the great times. Thanks this brought back some great times.

  96. Galin.Swigart says:

    My favorite cigar swag is any cigar box i can get my hands on! I think they’re classy, under appreciated and very useful, even if not for cigars.

  97. yankeesfaniam says:

    What swag do I like?

    -Cutter, humidor…. anything in high quality as long as my cigar gives me a good draw.

    -A humidor with perfect temp that will not leave any cigar exempt

    -From a Ashton to a Romeo y Julieta all cigar aficionados have one mission, is to sit down in that once a day session…

    And enjoy a cigar while watching and in the company of Cigarobsession!!

    ****Favorite Swag, Limited Edition Scarface Humidor!

    Duran, Yankeesfaniam

    • yankeesfaniam says:

      Shared on Facebook

    • MaxDuo says:

      This post makes me realize I wasn’t thinking at all about more than one type of swag. I was thinking pretty much “swag from cigar company.” Otherwise I’d say fancy humidors! I don’t know why but I really love the looks of them. I want more than I can use pretty much.

      Also Scarface humidor… nice :)

  98. d_striker says:

    T-shirts and ashtrays. One can never have too many ashtrays

  99. Fabbio says:

    Gotta be a handmade ashtray from a sidewalk vendor in Los cobos
    G# it

  100. Jellybean says:

    i left a comment that the swag i like is humidors and the torch lighters but i forgot to mention i liked and shared on facebook if i dont make it into the drawing its no big deal, i understand why

  101. kwik says:

    My favorite swag is the 5 count travel humidor it helps me get my sticks anywhere safely
    I’ll but this on twitter

  102. craig says:

    my favorite swag is my cellphone case made entirely out of cigar bands.

  103. MorganGeo says:

    My favorite swag would be lighters and cutters. You can never have enough!

    Liked on FB.

  104. John says:

    I tweeted this, my favorite type of cigar swag are nicely made multiple flame lighters! I have a huge interest in cigar lighters

  105. Derek says:

    My favorite is my ash trays, I collect them. Liked on Facebook.

  106. kurngar says:

    Shared on google plus. MY favorite type of cigar swag is the Room 101 ashtray I got. A lot of the other swag I have gotten including lighters tend to be crappy and not well made.

  107. bwehmann1 says:

    My favorite swag is my grandmothers antique cigar ashtrays she passed down to me from my grandfather. Also I have a really nice Perdomo guillotine cutter that I always carry around with me. Liked on Facebook.

  108. SsgtJerikUSMC says:

    My favorite type of swag is ashtrays. I think it’s so cool how there are so many different varieties of design, color, size. I feel like you can really find an ashtray that suits your design style. As a student of industrial design ashtrays are very intriguing because they implement both form and function. And the of course a lot of the Cigar companies have such cool graphics. So ashtrays it is for me. Liked on Facebook.

  109. bigw says:

    My Drew Estate Guyaberra shirt

  110. Moogula says:

    My favorite swag is my dual crossing stainless steel cutter makes nice easy end cuts on my sticks and my triple flame butane lighter for easy toasting.

  111. 2dogdad says:

    Hi Bryan; liked on face book. Favorite swag: branded ashtrays. Thank you very much.
    Regards, paul.

  112. chriskingcigars says:

    contact us at and register to win a free sample of our Barón. We will also be giving away once a month cutters,lighters and t shirts. like us on face book and follow us on twitter.

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