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Next Free Cigars Contest

by Bryan Glynn, July 3, 2013
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EDIT: Congratulations ‘chief791’!

ipw0079Congratulations to “wm2slc” winner of last week’s contest! Email me your info and I’ll get you out a sampler!

This time around I want you to come up with your own best name for a new cigar – Brand, line and size! Thwn just share this post using the buttons below and note which you did for an entry, the winner will be randomly drawn in a week to win another custom sampler! All entrants must be 18+ years of age and have an US mailing address. Good luck!

  • Emtfire62

    Actually me and a few guys on shift did this for fun before. Here’s what we came up with.

    Brand: Casa di Fuoco
    (Firehouse or house of fire in Italian)

    The line:

    The Rookie, 5×50 (robusto) mild/medium body
    (Light cigar for the newcomer)

    The Lieutenant, 6×50 (toro) medium body
    (A tasty medium body for the seasoned veteran)

    The 5-11, 7×48 (churchill) full body
    (This big stick is full of rich smooth flavors with a hint a pepper for that kick that you would feel while battling a 5 alarm fire )

    The limited edition “Patriot”, 5×60 (toro) medium to full body.
    (This limited edition stick has a Corojo Maduro wrapper, a Brazilian binder, both wrapped around a perfectly blended nicaraguan and dominican filler that will leave you “never forgetting” the amazing taste. Only 9, 011 cigars will be made, and all proceeds will go the the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

    Shared on facebook and twitter.

    • MorganGeo

      These are great. I like them.

  • The Slugger

    5×52 Robusto
    6.5×52 Figurado
    7×50 Churchill

    A good flavorful cigar for sporting events, golfing or even smoking in the back yard. Baseball bats crossing or a guy swinging a bat. Good clean tobacco flavor with an oily thick smoke, equadorian Sumatra wrapper. Dessert stick flavors.
    Always wanted to write that out.

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  • Andrew

    You’ve mentioned how so many cigars have these long and ridiculous names, so the line would be called The American Dream.

    7 x 48 Jones
    6 x 50 Williams
    5 x 52 Johnson
    4 x 44 Smith

    Each cigar would be simple, highlighting only 1-2 flavors, but the price would be low with superior construction. The idea would be to highlight the ideal that American doesn’t craft the most complex and elegant goods, but what is made is made well with great value.

    “shared on google+”

  • Chaz


    The “Monica Lewinsky”.

    Robusto- “blue dress”
    toro- “oval office” (oval pressed)
    Churchill- “La puta”
    Corona- “La boca”
    Petite Corona- “Little Willy”

  • puffrey

    Liked on Facebook.

    Brand- Colombus

    Lines and Size
    The Nina (Robusto- 5X50)
    The Pinta (Toro- 6X52)
    The Santa Maria (Lancero 7X44)

  • Sinsandman

    Voodoo Cigars

    Doll (4×30)

    Hex (Perfecto 6×47)

    Curse (6.5×44)

    Witch Doctor (Churchill 7×48)

  • RamzaFreak20

    Advocate Cigars

    The Devil (8.5×54)
    The Beast (7×60)
    The Demon (6×60)
    The Succubus (5×50)
    The Minion (4×44)


  • lazyboy


    robusto 5×52 Neptune

    toro 6×52 Fullmoon

    Rothschild 4×48 Dwarfstar

    Limited edition Robusto with barber pole wrapper. 5.5×52 The Eclipse

    med-full bodied with hints of coffee,chocolate,and a lil pepper zing. Maduro wrapper

    torpedo 6×50 Sunrise
    a smooth and creamy mild cigar for that early morning smoke
    Connecticut Wrapper

    (google +)

  • Kevin

    Brand: Caduceus (a Greek symbol for commerce and business, NOT medicine)

    5×50 Robusto – Reciprocity

    7×48 Churchill – Exchange

    6×50 Toro – Negotiation

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  • geekfish


    would use different blends for the different themes

    Air – 7×38 lancero, creamy, smooth, lots of smoke
    Water – 5×50 leathery,creamy, smooth, lots of smoke
    Fire – 6×50 Toro, woodsy, super spicy
    Earth – 7×48 churchill , earthly, leathery


  • kmthiebaud

    Brand: Sigmund Freud-In tribute to one of history’s most memorable cigar smokers.
    • Line:
    o Id-Mild to Medium Body
    o Ego-Medium to Full Body
    o Super-Ego-Full Bodied
    o Oedipus Complex-Maduro wrapper with 3 distinctly different tobaccos from different regions in the filler.
    o Electra Complex-Connecticut wrapper with 3 distinctly different tobaccos from different regions in the filler.
    • Sizes
    o Robusto-5×50
    o Panatela-6×38
    o Toro-6×50
    o Churchill-7×50
    o Freud-8.5×40

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  • pato1001

    Triple X Cigars.
    Ron Jeremy – 5×50 Robusto.
    Nacho Vidal – 6×52 Torpedo.
    Rocco Sigfredi – 7×50 Chuchill.
    Lexington Steele – 6.5×60 Gordo.

    Facebooked and Tweeted.

    • Craig

      I would have thought the Ron Jeremy would have been much bigger! HA HA HA

      • pato1001

        Good one Craig. I had to go in order of not only size but in strength as well! LOL!

    • PAG

      I’ve heard that Ron Jeremy can put his cigar in his own mouth.

      • pato1001

        That was before he got the beer gut!!! LOL!

        • HerbalJedi

          Sandwiches were more important that smoking your own cigar, is what he said haha

  • BCamara

    Brand: Obsessión

    The line would be a mix of flavors and transitions. They would start out mild and creamy. Then it would built in strength and flavor adding some woody, earthy leather with a little bit of a zing and pepper notes. And the last third would be a dessert like treat with cocoa, caramel creamy sweetness. Pushing full at the end. Also the line might be in spanish for a classic touch.

    The Fix – Petite Corona (4×46)

    The Crave – Robusto (5×50)

    The Need – Toro (6 1/4 x 52)

    Jones’in – Churchill (7×48)

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  • Craig

    How about the CO Especial Limited Edition in Corona.
    It would be a medium/full body smoke that gives chocolate, cherry and just a hint of pepper lasting about an hour.

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  • phillyb

    Brand: Humo y Fuego

    I keep my line simple. There would be only two sizes and flavorings. The maduro perfecto would be very peppery with just a hint of earth, few to no changes. The Churchill would start out sweet but makes changes throughout to at least four different tastes. No grassiness. I HATE grassiness.


    6 x 40x48x46 Maduro Perfecto
    8 x 50 Connecticut Churchill

    Every once and a while there would be a specialty or novelty. Just whatever my blender dreams up.

    Liked on Facebook.

  • rgorman

    911 Cigars

    Proceeds from the sale of every single one of these cigars would go to different charities for first responders/military personnel and their families.

    The Sheriff Maduro in Toro 6.5″X50

    Fire House Corojo in Robusto 5.0″X50

    Enlisted Habano in Corona 6.0″X43

    Most Wanted Antano in Churchill 7.5″X50

    Armed Forces Oscuro in Lonsdale 6.5″X42

    Re-Tweeted and favorited!

  • mbuckwash

    I liked this on FB! Also my line would be the Brashko Cigars (my great grandfathers name – who absolutely loved cigars and especially a full bodied, long lasting smoke). Therefore, in his honor, I would name the cigar the:

    Alexander Brashko in Churchill 7.5″ x 50.

  • Lalla

    I’d make a line capitalizing on the

    Brand: X-Rated, a line of bold cigars in “spicy” (corojo), and “dark” (oscuro) – the corojo would have spice balanced by creaminess and lots of wood…
    the oscuro would be balanced sweet and spice

    *Quickie – 3×48
    *Just the Tip – 4×52
    *Slim Jim – 6×42
    *Average Joe – 5×50
    *Thickness – 7×70

    …Yeah, I went there.

    [liked on FB]

  • ojohnson63

    My brand would be “Crema de las Cosecha”, (cream of the crop in Spanish). My first line would be “Cacao Mantequilla y Especia”,(cocoa butter and spice). It would be buttery cream smooth with notes of chocolate and spice.


    Cucharada, (spoonful) Corona
    Barra, (stick) Robusto
    Taza, (cup) Toro
    Pote, (jar) Churchill

    (liked on Facebook).

  • papobaez

    My cigar company is called Miranda cigar Co.
    my line is called Papo and the size is a gordito 52 x 5

    i liked it on fb

  • brianetz1

    el gran explosión (aka the big bang)

    it would be a 56 x 60 flavor bomb with tons of spice and a med-full to full nic.

    i tweeted @fatkid1106

  • quackaddict94

    Shared on twitter.

    The New World Order:

    The Mason in Toro 6.5″X50
    The Illuminati in Robusto 5.0″X50
    The End Time in Churchill 7.5″X55
    The Aldous Huxley in Corona 6.0″X43
    and finally the Novus ordo seclorum in Presidente 8×52

  • SLCigarClassy101

    Like on Facebook.

    For me, I would name my brand Eastwood in honor of Clint’s bringing cigar smoking to popular media with his various action movies.

    The lines would be as follows:

    Dirty Harry (5X44 Belicoso)- A medium bodied Habano cigar with hints of milk chocolate, Leather & Creaminess with a bread like mouth feel and slight black pepper zing to round out the flavor.

    Magnum Force(5.5X50 Robusto)- A mild to medium bodied Connecticut cigar with hints of roasted coffee, coco, baker’s chocolate and a ceder finish. A very airy smoke.

    The Enforcer(6.2X52 Toro)- A medium to full bodied Corojo cigar with a Cayenne spice kick at the first light and sticks around for the first third. Mellows to the taste of leather, orange peel, Earth, dark coffee and ends with a Cinnamon zing on the finish. Gives a syrup like mouth feel.

    Sudden Impact (6.5X55 Gran Toro)- A full bodied Maduro or Natural wrapped cigar that is the most complex of the line. Comparable to a Pardon 1964 or Don Pepin Blue Label in terms of flavors and transitions. Thick mouth feel and ends with a subtle strength kick.

    The Deadpool (7 X49 Churchill)- A Medium-Full bodied Candela wrapped cigar with subtle hints of a soft leather, black pepper, with a caramel sweetness building on the finish with an oil slick sweet coffee on the palette.

    Yearly limited released: Grand Torino (8X40 Lancero)- A full bodied Natural wrapped cigar that has rich flavors and a subtle strenght builds up to the finish but never becomes overbearing. Leather is the dominate flavor throughout but is joined by dark chocolate, a wet earth, roasted coffee and coco. Ends with a slight metallic zing.

  • PAG

    I like salt water fishing so I’ll go with the Deep Sea Cigar Co. The new line will be Trolling Baits.

    Skipjack – 7.5″x60
    Ballyhoo – 6.0″x50
    Mullet – 5.0″x52
    Sardine – 4.5″x46
    Chum Ball – chewing tobacco

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  • pdaug0511


    Baroque (5.0 X 42)
    Noble (6.0 X 52)
    Monolith (5.5 X 50)
    Brusque (4.5 X 56)

    A very mellow line with many flavor changes and a significant flavor punchline toward the middle of the smoke. Great middle of the day smoke. Uniqueness is key.

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  • Jared

    You guys are cracking me up! So here, in the spirit: Infinity Cigars

    The Minus: 5×50 Robusto
    The Plus: 6×56 double corona
    The Remainder: 4×60 nub-size
    The Pi: 8×54 (so long you don’t know if it will ever end)

    Cameroon wrapper, Dominican and Honduran filler for good flavors but not too much nic power.

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  • lrogers

    “El Corazon”

    This cigar would be rich and creamy and be a pleasure to smoke. Of course hand rolled and blended to be just like drinking “mothers milk”. Robusto size with your choice of natural, maduro, or Cameroon style wrappers.

  • LordCybor

    Top Fuel Cigars

    A full body blend. Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Dominican ligero long fillers with a corojo binder, all wrapped up in a nicely aged Brazilian Habano leaf.

    Small Block 4×50 Rothschild
    Big Block 5.5×52 Robusto
    Dipstick 4×42 Petite Corona
    Turbo 6×42 Corona
    Dragster 6×50 Toro
    Nitro 6×54 Torpedo
    Funny Car 5×56 Double Perfecto
    Reserve 4×60 Gordo
    The Tanker 6×60 Gordo


  • chief791

    Apache Cigars
    Nicaraguan Ligero
    PA Broadleaf Wrapper

    Medicine Man 5×54

    Brave 6×56

    Chief 7x 48

    Shared on Facebook

  • DP707

    New line of cigars

    Brand: The Armory

    The first line would be: FMJ
    This’ll have a Double Connecticut wrapper, with a mix of Nicaraguan and Dominican Republican ligero filler.
    Lots of flavor, and a fair amount of strength

    The sizes would include:

    The AK – 7×62 (fat churchill)
    The M4 – 5×56 (torpedo)
    The .45 – 4×45 (petit corona)
    The 9mm – 7×38 (lancero)
    The slug – 5×60 (gordo)

    I would eventually release another line called “Armor piercing”, that’ll have a maduro wrapper and more ligero.
    More flavor, more strength.

    Shared on twitter.

  • Cigarman38

    Brand: Pure Poland
    Line: Zwierzęta Egzotyczny(Exotic Animals)


    Shared on Google

  • eric.hanson

    I’ve always wanted to see cigars with Greek names. So here goes my attempt at that.
    Brand: Logos Cigars.
    Line: Sophia
    Sizes: Amatia (7×50), Zoe (6×50), and Aletheia (5×50).
    Shared on google.

  • HerbalJedi

    It would be The Force

    With an almost supernatural combination of flavors that shift back and forth from the Light to the Dark Side of the spectrum. Ranging in sizes like:

    The Yoda( Nub, candela/conn. 56 ring)
    The Luke ( Robusto, Colorado 50 ring)
    The Han ( Corona Gorda, Colorado claro 48 ring)
    The Lando ( Culebra, Oscuro 33 ring)
    The Vader ( Churchill, Oscuro 52 ring)
    The Chewbacca ( Grand Corona, Maduro 56 ring)

    The Force will surely explode your Deathstar!!!

    Fb liked

  • Gigalo de Vitolas

    Liked on FB

    Brand: Cosa Nostra

    The line:
    Associate – 5×34(Panatela)
    Soldier – 4.5×40 (Petite Corona)
    Capo – 5×50 (Robusto)
    Consigliere – 6×52 (Toro)
    Boss – 7×48 (Churchill)
    Wise Guy – 6.25×42 (Lonsdale)
    Omerta – 6.5×52 (Torpedo)
    Goomah – 6.5×50 (Perfecto)
    Gabagool – 5×60 (Gordo)
    Mezza morta – 7.5×50 (Double Corona)

  • Brand: LTK (License To Kill)
    Line: MI6
    Sizes: Q (5×48, Perfecto)
    M (6×52)
    006 (6.5×42)
    007 (7×48)

    Tweeted and FB’d

  • garlar10

    Orvis Brand Cigars:
    The Nymph: 4X48

    The Streamer: 5X52

    The Woolie Bugger: 7X60

    Google Plus

  • Leo Steelfire

    Brand: The Storm

    The line:

    Wind, 5×50 (Robusto) Mild/Medium

    Rain, 6×50 (Torpedo) Medium

    Thunder, 7×48 (Churchill) Medium/Full

    Liked Facebook

  • sacamano

    My plan is to release the “Pole” brand of cigars that are aimed only to the female cigar smoking market.

    The cigar would be a Nicaraguan puro and come in one size as a 7.6 inch Double Corona with a 49 ring.

    Its tagline on on the ring and all marketing materials would be: “Pole Cigars: A woman’s not a woman ’til she’s smoked a Pole.”

    • sdh3237

      lol This is a hilarious idea.

  • RyanG

    Brand – Armory
    Line – Blade Master
    Sizes – Rapier (lancero)
    Claymore (churchill)
    Gladius (robusto)
    Scimitar (torpedo)

    Liked on FB!

  • sparkmark

    Liked on facebook

    Brand: The 5th Gauge Cigar Co.


    54321- 5.5×70

    High5 – 5.5X58

    5Alive – 5X56

    Gimme5- 5.5X55

    The5ver- 5X52

    Low5- 5.5X45

  • smokethis

    The Ring series..

    The Dwarf- 3.5x 40
    The Hobbit-4.5x 50
    The Elf- 5.5x 55
    The King- 6.5 x60
    The White Wizard- 7.5 x70

  • Joseph Szeremet

    This is a fun topic. As one who has studied the Bible both for fun and in college, I would have to say a Theology based Cigar line. I think I would call in 3rd Day Cigars. With the quote “truly I say to you, today you shall be with me in Paradise” I would have black band with 3 white crosses, and a secondary band with the name of the cigar on it.

    I would offer the following sizes in SA natural , and CT. broad leaf maduro:

    Robusto – “David”
    Toro – “Golgotha”
    Churchill – “The Messiah”
    Perfecto – “Upper Room”
    Gordo – “Peter”
    Diadema – “Beatitudes”

  • Dylan


    Brand: Satire

    Line: Venti?
    It would be a line of medium bodied sticks with hints of coffee and chocolate. Based on the idea that tall = large, grande = spanish for large, and Venti = italian for, “twenty.” The sizes would be the same at a 5.5″x58 for the tall and grande, but the tall would be a straight medium with little to no strength and the grande would be a medium-full with a moderate strength kick as well. The Venti would be a Churchill, labeled as 20×20. that’s cmxmm. which converts to a 7.87″x50.5 (50).

  • vscarpine

    Mine would be called the Vinsanity line and they would be all 60 gauge Churchills…because well thats insane!!

  • jungjae510

    liked on fb

    line: Apocalypsis

    Sizes –
    White Horseman(Corona)
    Red Horseman(churchill)
    Black Horseman(robusto)
    Pale Horseman(torpedo)

    • Joseph Szeremet

      Very cool idea!

  • Leon

    My cigar line would be as follows:

    Age of Heroes

    Robusto (5×50): Jason
    Toro (6×50): Hercules
    Torpedo (6.5×52): Achilles
    Churchill (7×48): Odysseus

    The main band would be white with a black lightning bolt, for the symbol of Zeus (or at least one interpretation of it). The secondary band would have the symbol of each hero listed above.

    Google Plus, liked on Facebook, and Tweeted.


  • Leon

    Well, I tried to post my line and what-not, but it doesn’t show up for me. I tried posting it again, and it told me, “Whoops, looks like you’ve already said that.” So, I don’t know if it got through or not.

  • Leon

    Let’s try this one more time…

    My cigar line would be as follows:

    Age of Heroes

    Robusto (5×50): Jason
    Toro (6×50): Hercules
    Torpedo (6.5×52): Achilles
    Churchill (7×48): Odysseus

    The main band would be white with a black lightning bolt, for the symbol of Zeus (or at least one interpretation of it). The secondary band would have the symbol of each hero listed above.

    Google Plus, liked on Facebook, and Tweeted.


  • USA2ndAmendment

    What an awesome contest!

    Brand: Medieval Cigars

    War Hammer – 6×60
    Bow – 7×48
    Battle Axe – 5×50
    Short Sword – 4×60

    The band/packaging would be designed around the medieval theme with a focus on the weapon/name of that particular size cigar.
    I “liked” this.

  • bwehmann1

    The name of the brand would be Los Vaqueros (The Cowboys). The line would consist of three very full bodied cigars in different sizes. They would all be pretty similar in flavors consisting of a nice mixture of pepperuy spices and leather, except each would have its own unique twist to it. The sizes would be; Buckaroo 4×56, Paniolo 5×54, and the headliner would be Vasqueros 3 1/2×54.
    These cigars would be for those who are really looking for that nicotine rush and want full/rich flavor. Liked on FB

  • derek_straus

    I tweeted on twitter.

    Cigar company: Demon Cigars

    Bael: 5×45

    Furfur: 6×50

    Labal: 7×54

    Lucifer: 8×58

    I would want all of the cigars to have similar flavor profiles of chocolate, caramel, and coffee, with hints of ceder and smells of coco.

    I would also have the bands have demonic symbols on them to give a cool effect.

  • johnga

    My Brand: Mi Familia

    Hermano-3.5x 40
    Mi Abuelo-7×48
    Mi Abuelita-7.5×60 Full Bodied, full strength (because she’s a mean ol’ s.o.b.)

  • Jason Isbaner

    Liked on Facebook .
    Cigar brand: Chi-Town

    Robusto 5×50- The Cub

    Toro 6×50 – The Blackhawk

    Belicoso 5.5×52- The Bull

    Churchill 7×48- The Bear

    The band would be the Chicago flag and the flavor profile would be a sweet earth with cream and pepper.

  • kb9311

    Liked on Facebook

    Brand:Hombre Gordo Cigars

    Sizes:Pie largo hotdog 12×52

    Brat de cerveza 5×56

    Doble hamburguesa 7×52

    Las papas 4.5×44

    Nicaraguan fillers, Ecuador habano wrappers /binders, medium bodied
    Sweet flavor with slight white pepper and syrupy oak and cedar. Smooth and creamy.

  • sdh3237

    My line is called “The Gridiron”. It would have a label with an old time leather football helmet on it. They would be made with Maduro wrappers.
    The cigars:
    The Halfback 5″ by 50
    The Nose Tackle 5″ by 60
    The Flanker 6″ by 42
    The Quarterback 7″ by 48
    The Kicker 4″ by 40

  • Griff

    I would combine two of my favorite things, beer and cigars. The brand name would be “Brewer Cigars”, and the lines would be
    a mild stick called the “Pilsner”, a medium bodied stick called the “Porter” and a strong full bodied line called the “Stout”. These would all be offered in a 5×50 “pint”, a 6×52 “mug” and a 7×54 ” goblet”.

    • Jared

      I dig this one right here 🙂

  • samgiroux42

    Facebooked and tweeted.

    I think that I would want to bring back the Corona size with a natural wrapper and I would name it Classico Tradicional (Classic Traditional).

  • Adriorn

    Casa Historia

    The Executive Line

    The Washington (Churchill 7×50)
    The Jackson (Corona 5.5×42)
    The Lincoln (Presidente 8×50)
    The Teddy (Toro 6×50)
    The Kennedy (Robusto 5×50)

    The Ulysses (Limited Edition) (Corona Major)

    The Clinton (Special Edition) (Gran Corona 9×48) – With a painting of Lewinsky on the band

  • steffanan

    I’m a pilot in training, so the whole theme would revolve around that.

    Dead Stick Cigar Company

    (DEADSTICK – Descending flight with engine and propeller stopped.)

    The Sport (4 1/2 x 48)
    The Private (5 x 50)
    The Instrument (6 x 52)
    The Commercial (7 x 58)

    shared on facebook

  • wm2slc

    Company: Guillermo Cuadrado*
    Debut line is the Cuadrado
    All cigars will be box pressed
    7×38 LanCuadrado
    6×40 LonsCuadrado
    5×44 Petite CorCuadrado
    4×48 RothCuadrado

    *My name is William Williams, Guillermo is William in Spanish and Cuadrado is squared, so
    William Squared (Wm2)

  • klavius71

    Liked on Facebook.

    I would have to name the company, line and sizes after something that I am just as passionate about as I am about cigars. My job.

    The company: MSF (Manned Space Flight)

    The line: Apollo

    The sizes:
    Young(Apollo 16)- 5.5×52 Honduran puros
    Grissom(Apollo 1)- 6×48 Nicaraguan puros
    Aldrin(Apollo 11)- 5×56 Dominican puros
    Armstrong(Apollo 11)- 7×48 Cuban puros

  • drdut

    The company: Peliculas Del Oeste
    The line: Western Hero

    The sizes:
    Clint Eastwood (robust 5×50)
    Roy Rogers (toro 6×50)
    Gene Autry (Churchill 7×48)
    John Wayne (double toro 6×60)

    All dark maduros and full flavor with rich smoke. Each with a picture of the hero on the band and they only come in boxes of six.

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