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Jul 3

Next Free Cigars Contest

Posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 in World of CO

EDIT: Congratulations ‘chief791’!

ipw0079Congratulations to “wm2slc” winner of last week’s contest! Email me your info and I’ll get you out a sampler!

This time around I want you to come up with your own best name for a new cigar – Brand, line and size! Thwn just share this post using the buttons below and note which you did for an entry, the winner will be randomly drawn in a week to win another custom sampler! All entrants must be 18+ years of age and have an US mailing address. Good luck!

  • derek_straus

    I tweeted on twitter.

    Cigar company: Demon Cigars

    Bael: 5×45

    Furfur: 6×50

    Labal: 7×54

    Lucifer: 8×58

    I would want all of the cigars to have similar flavor profiles of chocolate, caramel, and coffee, with hints of ceder and smells of coco.

    I would also have the bands have demonic symbols on them to give a cool effect.

  • johnga

    My Brand: Mi Familia

    Hermano-3.5x 40
    Mi Abuelo-7×48
    Mi Abuelita-7.5×60 Full Bodied, full strength (because she’s a mean ol’ s.o.b.)

  • Jason Isbaner

    Liked on Facebook .
    Cigar brand: Chi-Town

    Robusto 5×50- The Cub

    Toro 6×50 – The Blackhawk

    Belicoso 5.5×52- The Bull

    Churchill 7×48- The Bear

    The band would be the Chicago flag and the flavor profile would be a sweet earth with cream and pepper.

  • kb9311

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    Brand:Hombre Gordo Cigars

    Sizes:Pie largo hotdog 12×52

    Brat de cerveza 5×56

    Doble hamburguesa 7×52

    Las papas 4.5×44

    Nicaraguan fillers, Ecuador habano wrappers /binders, medium bodied
    Sweet flavor with slight white pepper and syrupy oak and cedar. Smooth and creamy.

  • sdh3237

    My line is called “The Gridiron”. It would have a label with an old time leather football helmet on it. They would be made with Maduro wrappers.
    The cigars:
    The Halfback 5″ by 50
    The Nose Tackle 5″ by 60
    The Flanker 6″ by 42
    The Quarterback 7″ by 48
    The Kicker 4″ by 40

  • Griff

    I would combine two of my favorite things, beer and cigars. The brand name would be “Brewer Cigars”, and the lines would be
    a mild stick called the “Pilsner”, a medium bodied stick called the “Porter” and a strong full bodied line called the “Stout”. These would all be offered in a 5×50 “pint”, a 6×52 “mug” and a 7×54 ” goblet”.

    • Jared

      I dig this one right here :)

  • samgiroux42

    Facebooked and tweeted.

    I think that I would want to bring back the Corona size with a natural wrapper and I would name it Classico Tradicional (Classic Traditional).

  • Adriorn

    Casa Historia

    The Executive Line

    The Washington (Churchill 7×50)
    The Jackson (Corona 5.5×42)
    The Lincoln (Presidente 8×50)
    The Teddy (Toro 6×50)
    The Kennedy (Robusto 5×50)

    The Ulysses (Limited Edition) (Corona Major)

    The Clinton (Special Edition) (Gran Corona 9×48) – With a painting of Lewinsky on the band

  • steffanan

    I’m a pilot in training, so the whole theme would revolve around that.

    Dead Stick Cigar Company

    (DEADSTICK – Descending flight with engine and propeller stopped.)

    The Sport (4 1/2 x 48)
    The Private (5 x 50)
    The Instrument (6 x 52)
    The Commercial (7 x 58)

    shared on facebook

  • wm2slc

    Company: Guillermo Cuadrado*
    Debut line is the Cuadrado
    All cigars will be box pressed
    7×38 LanCuadrado
    6×40 LonsCuadrado
    5×44 Petite CorCuadrado
    4×48 RothCuadrado

    *My name is William Williams, Guillermo is William in Spanish and Cuadrado is squared, so
    William Squared (Wm2)

  • klavius71

    Liked on Facebook.

    I would have to name the company, line and sizes after something that I am just as passionate about as I am about cigars. My job.

    The company: MSF (Manned Space Flight)

    The line: Apollo

    The sizes:
    Young(Apollo 16)- 5.5×52 Honduran puros
    Grissom(Apollo 1)- 6×48 Nicaraguan puros
    Aldrin(Apollo 11)- 5×56 Dominican puros
    Armstrong(Apollo 11)- 7×48 Cuban puros

  • drdut

    The company: Peliculas Del Oeste
    The line: Western Hero

    The sizes:
    Clint Eastwood (robust 5×50)
    Roy Rogers (toro 6×50)
    Gene Autry (Churchill 7×48)
    John Wayne (double toro 6×60)

    All dark maduros and full flavor with rich smoke. Each with a picture of the hero on the band and they only come in boxes of six.