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Don Lino Black Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, July 1, 2013
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Don Lino Black Toro Cigar Review

This 6×50 stick features a very dark almost black, very oily smooth wrapper with a firm even pack, small veins, tight seams, double cap and mild oily tobacco aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with plentiful medium-full bodied smoke giving a leathery earth and almost anise taste on the draw followed by a slick oily earth finish. The first third quickly changes, dropping to mild-medium body with flavors of peppermint, cream and cherry holding through the short finish. 25 minutes in by the 1/2 way point the ash still held, body and construction were still the same while flavors shifted slightly bringing the oily smooth earth forward over the mint. Ending at 1:10 with a hot nub remaining, the last third showed no further changes. Thank you to viewer Esteban Ortiz for sending this in for review!

  • stevesatch

    I really liked the Dino Lino Africa I’ve had and I want to try the ones they make with A. Turrent.

  • kprichardson7

    Can someone suggest a really good Gurkha to try? Thanks!

    • Walshy

      Try the Ghost. IMO it’s the best one Gurkha makes.

      • garlar10

        Not for light weights though. The ghost really packs a nicotine punch.

        • Walshy

          Very true^^^^. Just basing it on flavors and performance. But if you like milds it’s not for you.

          • kprichardson7

            Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll definitely give it a try. I don’t mind if it packs a punch as long as the flavors are there.

        • sparkmark

          The Cellar Reserve 15 year is an excellent Gurkha.

      • eric.hanson

        Yes the Ghost is great! Also the special ops is very good, the Park Avenue is good, the centurian is good, the crest is good, and the micro batch vh-7 is good

    • Rickeyboy

      I was lucky enough recently to find some Gurkha Ghosts at a B&M, but they are rare. I really like the Evil.

  • garlar10

    Cream and cherry. I gotta check these out.

    • JJO

      Google and Bing searches bring up nothing. It may have been a single production run of $1.50 bundled sticks for one or two online retailers and sold out. I recall getting emails about them.

      • Walshy

        I just found them. You are correct. $1.48 per stick when in bundle. Miami Cigar Co makes them. Same makers of Nestor Miranda and La Aurora.

  • Walshy

    Another excellent review Bryan. Never had any Don Lino’s. This being fairly mild I won’t be trying this one either. Love the ash drops!!! You should compile a video of just the “Son of A”. That would be hilarious. Not that you don’t have enough going on. Thank you for another great one.

    • Gigalo de Vitolas

      Someone should make a blooper real of CO.

  • I sent in an LFD Oro for review back in December or so. Haven’t seen it yet.

  • TimB

    Now this sounds right up my alley it’s on the list.

  • rockjock

    Sounds like interesting flavors to try out.

  • markbrown247

    I’ll have to give this a try as well. I have seen this line and wondered what they were like, so thank you for the review.

  • Texvet

    This review intrigued me to pick-up a few. Where is Eddie Haskell? He’s usually the first to comment…

  • Craig

    Sounds good. I wish my area had all of these obscure cigars to choose from. At least they are obscure to us here in the midwest.

  • rgorman

    Saw these in a Thompson catalog today and was considering ordering these. I may buy a five pack for starters just to try at first. Thanks for these awesome reviews!

    • JJO

      Don’t go over to the dark side.

  • eric.hanson

    Wow the sweet, candy like flavors in this one almost make it sound like it’s infused. How would you say it compares to like an Acid Kuba Kuba?

    • Nothing compares to artificial flavors – day and night.

      • Tommz81

        Two completely different beast.

  • cigarraider

    When I saw the length of that ash during the first half I thought to myself, “Oh my goodness… has the man not learned by now?” But the Don Lino held on. Phew! Saved the dry cleaning for another day 😉

  • dexter1

    where can you get these

  • Wow these sound very interesting. I’m definitely going to have to find one! Thanks for the review!

  • sparkmark

    Once again, another inexpensive stick turns out to be a worthy cigar. Thanks for the informative review Bryan.

  • dcpeters

    I am a fan of the Don Lino Africa. I saw the Black, but I haven’t tried it. I keep on wanting to grab one.

  • lrogers

    Nice review. I laugh my azz off when the ash gets you on these reviews! Ha! Ha! I do the same thing when it Happens to me. I always try and keep the ash going as long as I can and it gets me in the lap just like that!!!

  • smokethis

    Thanks for review

  • puffrey

    Great review Bryan and excellent way to end the video!!

    I am waiting for some gimmick company to come out with the “Cigar Ash Bib” to alleviate this issue we all seem to run into time to time.

  • MaxDuo

    Middle sounds VERY interesting. Adding this to the favorite list to try out later! That list is getting quite long! 🙁

    Also poor Bryan, attacked by the ash again 🙁

  • HerbalJedi

    Might be a dumb ? But why does the wrapper leaf have black spots on it? that seems weird.

  • vscarpine

    The flavors of this cigar sound great. I enjoy these kind of flavors like the acid line so this one will def be purchased in my next run

  • lrogers

    Son of a…… LoL!!!!

  • Dirk

    I would like to try one.. I am curious about the cost..

  • Ryan

    I’m curious if this would be a good selection for a new smoker? I still get that upset stomach feeling after smoking (Just to show how new I am LOL) and am looking for something with a good taste but not so much body that I’m ready to crawl into a hole. The review sounds like it would be perfect though, really enjoyed the flavors you described.

    • MaxDuo

      You’re actually thinking of strength, not body 🙂 You should check out one of his reviews, for a Brickhouse cigar. It’s a fairly cheap one that he even says in the video is something great for new smokers to try / learn off of pretty much.

      I don’t remember at the moment, but I know the text for this review here doesn’t say anything about strength so this would still be a safe one for you to try w/o dealing with the nicotine butt kick. I’ve never been one for much strength, and Bryan isn’t either! It’s just not for everyone.

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