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Dona Flor Selecao Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, June 29, 2013
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Dona Flor Selecao Robusto Cigar Review

This 5×52 stick features a dark chocolate slightly mottled wrapper with a very firm pack, minimal veins, tight seams, triple cap and a rich damp earth aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with thick medium bodied smoke producing flavors of an oily musty earth and leather with a sweet thick oily finish. The first third mellows quite a bit going down to a mild body with minimal light smoke, the sweetness mostly fading away leaving a damp earth slightly on the bitter side with a short finish. Finishing the 2nd third just 25 minutes in, the sweetness returns in a dark cherry form, while the damp earth body is back up to a medium with a long again finish followed by a tiny bit of spice on the lips. Ending out at 35 minutes where the nub got too hot for my taste, the last bit held the same. Thank you very much to Dona Flor Cigars for sending this sample in!

  • Jstock

    Is that a new CigarObsession shirt?

    • Yep! Got some for the show 🙂

      • smokethis

        Dark cherry sounds pretty damn good..
        Can we buy a CO shirt?

        • I made these through VistaPrint. They are OK but not great quality – good enough for what I needed them for but I wouldn’t sell them to anyone, too low quality. I offered higher quality shirts a couple years ago but no one bought even after saying they would.

          • smokethis

            Ahh.ok. Well if you ever decide to make a small amount of CO limited edition tees? (high quality ones) again put me down for 2.

  • stevesatch

    I love the old school look of the band.

  • These sound pretty nice. I searched all of the usual stores and can’t find them though. Do you know where they might be sold?

  • TimB

    Wow that was a quick one sounds interesting. I wonder if the quickness and rollercoaster could be caused by the way it’s packed?

  • HerbalJedi

    Ya never heard of them but the band looks like the la aromas, to me. But they sound decent, though, they did have alot of shifts it sounded like.

  • dexter1

    how can i get that shirt

    • rgorman

      Me too, I would wear it all the time! Bryan for president 2016!!

  • garlar10

    This is one cigar I gotta try. Good luck surviving the heat this summer Bryan, lol. The midwest is pretty nice this time of year 🙂

  • Jason Isbaner

    Cigar sounds ok, but I would rock a shirt for sure let me know if you change your mind

    • MorganGeo

      I’m with Jason.

      These would be great especially if you could get some of those Dri-fit type golf shirts. A little more expensive but great for this humid weather in the south.

      • Yeah well that’s just it – they get stupid expensive. These cost me $30 ea. and they are cheap. Better quality and markup just to cover my time and shipping would mean $60+ shirts. Tshirts can be cheap – polo, nope. I know people say they want shirts, but I also know people expect them at a $25 price point 😉

        If I had a decent quality and price hookup I would offer them.

        • Jason Isbaner

          I would do a t-shirt too. I just love the site and would promote it anyway I can!

          • HerbalJedi

            Das right bro same here

          • Tommz81

            Great idea

  • rockjock

    You certainly have developed a loyal reader base. I’m sure we have grown significantly in numbers from the last time you offered shirts.

  • Cigarassassin

    Very quick burner but can definitely be smoked on a break from work quickly. Even though it had a little issue for that short period of time it looks like its worth another try.

  • weimerad

    What a quick smoke

  • geekfish

    Thanks for review. Not my cup of tea. Always good to hear your reviews. Very helpful when deciding to try new stuff.

  • mufdvr6976

    nice review bryan, its hot as hell here in az {110} yesterday, so its nice to find a quick nice smoke that you can not feel too bad for tossin if you get a heat stroke!

  • JJO

    I’ve been wanting to try the Dona Flor, but that quick a smoke at the price they go for might be a deal breaker for me.

    • Craig

      Yeah I’ve been wanting to try Dona Flor also, and this one sounds great to me. A few transitions, sweet, dark cherry, earth, a little spice and ending at 35 minutes makes it great for a lunch time smoke at work!
      What kind of prices have you been seeing on this one JJO ?

      • JJO

        About $8.

        • Gigalo de Vitolas

          $8 price point and 35 min smoke time? The cherry flavors sound interesting but it may be too quick of a smoke for me.

          • JJO

            Well, to be honest, I tend to find my smoking times to be longer than Bryan’s (I also smoke farther down), but I still expect a good hour or more from a robusto.

  • eric.hanson

    The flavors on this things sound amazing, but $8 for 35 minutes is not worth it IMO. Thanks for the review Bryan, BTW I love the shirt too.

  • markbrown247

    Yep, nice shirt Bryan. Okay, the Cigar sounds like a possible smoke but I probably will pass at the moment. Cost and time are factors in my decision here, as well. And that is a beautiful band.

  • rgorman

    Love the shirt bro.

  • mfsaur

    I like the band

  • MaxDuo

    What a boring middle…. rest sounds pretty good though!

    Always nice to have a shorter lasting stick thrown in the mix.

  • PAG

    A five inch cigar in 35 minutes? I sometimes tend to smoke a bit too fast and I’ve never finished one that quickly. The time sounds more appropriate for a petite corona.

  • AngraMelo

    Guys! its a Brazilian Cigar. I really dont know where to buy them in the US. I usually buy them when Im in Brazil in a shop called Tabaria roma

    • AngraMelo

      And for you guys to have and idea, they cost me $12 a stick when I buy them in Brazil…
      …taxes my friends…

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