Hobby Or Lifestyle Contest

by Bryan Glynn, June 26, 2013

EDIT: Contest has ended congratulations to “wm2slc”

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Cigars can be VERY different things to different folks. Hell, what they are to you can easily change through your lifetime. To some, they are nothing more than something to pass the time. To others, they encompass a whole lifestyle, where one might have a whole room dedicated to everything cigar, smoke and collect favorite lines, brands, etc. I would bet to most people it’s somewhere in between. Somehow I would bet the money factor rules most people’s involvement in cigars. Meaning only a very small percentage of smokers can afford to really go gonzo!

So this contest is about – what do cigars mean to you? Let’s see how the bell curve plays out, maybe I’m wrong? After you tell your story just share this post using the buttons below and note which you did for an entry, the winner will be randomly drawn in a week to win another custom sampler! All entrants must be 18+ years of age and have an US mailing address. Good luck!

  • http://www.classicnerd.net leoisright

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  • Tokeya

    Working for law enforcement can make for some stressful days. On the days when I need to make ‘adjustments’ I relax outside with my pets and a nice cigar end enjoy an hour or so of bliss coming out of that a new man. (Google+)

  • Jasper

    For me, cigar smoking is a way for me to relieve the stresses of the week. I usually enjoy a stick or two on the weekends. I shared via twitter.

  • mfox93

    Mine is a hobby i love just coming home from work opening my humidor up and pulling out a great cigar that I get sit back and relax too. Liked on Facebook

  • Delsana

    It’s just a way to have some camaraderie for a couple hours (sometimes add some to a longer trip or vacation) between things, or to set aside a time to talk and relax.

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  • sdh3237

    For me Cigars are a hobby. I like to read about them, collect them and watch videos about them-nearly as much as I like to smoke them. I give a lot away to friends and family and love to smoke in cigar bars when I travel to other states. (My state has draconian smoking bans) I do not have a dedicated smoking area in my home so most of the time I smoke in my garage. Tweeted

  • danzig777

    Cigars are definitely a hobby for me. Tweeted.

  • samgiroux42

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    At this point, it is a hobby, though I view this site at least once per day and I am constantly looking for deals to pick-up. I do have an entire book shelf in my office dedicated to my cigars and if I had some serious money, I would be dangerous. Still, I only smoke about a 1-2 sticks per week, so I truly am at no higher than hobby level.

  • Corey_Lake

    In one word, cigar smoking for me means “brotherhood”. I started smoking cigars shortly after mobilizing to Iraq. I was a new addition to my brigade’s command team. The brigade commander invited all his battalion commanders for a Friday night smoke. It helped me, as the junior battalion commander, to feel part of the team much quicker. Later, I would invite my batter commanders and battalion staff for smokes almost nightly. This allowed us to bond, talk shop in a relaxed atmosphere, let off some steam, and just relax.

    After returning from Iraq, I found the local cigar lounge. I would often stop in on the way home from work to pick up a few cigars. I always noticed a group of ol’ timers sitting, smoking, and talking about the day’s events in the lounge area in the front of the store. They saw me in uniform and invited me to sit in. I never stopped.

    Later, after I retired from the military, I found my fellow cigar smokers to be an excellent network, in addition to their friendship, as I looked for new work. AFter I started my first civilian job, I found that many of my co-workers and clients were also cigar smokers — again, just another way to find commonality in my personal and professional relationships as I was going through the stressful transition from military life to civilian life. I’ve never forgotten the kindness shown to me and always look to return the favor with my old and new cigar buddies when I can.

    • http://www.classicnerd.net leoisright

      First, thanks for your service! We will never be able to thank you guys enough. Second, I totally agree with “brotherhood”. The more that cigars are becoming a part of my life, the more it seems to bond you with those who share it in common. Only wish there were a few more lounges closer to home at times.

  • Andrew

    It would be difficult to ever describe my enjoyment of cigars as a hobby. That statement alone doesn’t mean that I have always been able to afford fine hand rolled cigars, more so it means that I have always appreciated each and ever one for what it is instead of the more frequent reaction of what it isn’t. I often find many great attributes to a cigar that I don’t thoroughly enjoy for my taste. Cigars in my opinion are a way of always experiencing new things as all of these premium cigar manufacturers and blenders develop new ideas and new ways to enjoy a different cigar. The first cigar I enjoyed was when I was 16 years old and went into the local smoke shop to purchase cigarettes. At that moment I was overwhelmed with excitement that I could afford more than one pack of cigarettes. I can’t be sure of why, but I was drawn to the large walk-in humidor rather than the counter to buy cigarettes. That is when I purchased my first premium hand rolled cigar, a Gurkha, I had no idea why I spent that money on one single cigar, I suppose I was just fascinated with it or it caught my eye. I wondered how it could be different from the Swisher Sweet’s my father used to smoke when we went fishing. I soon found out how two things that the public see as the same could be so different. I was very surprised with every single flavor in that strange “Gurkha” cigar. In my opinion, the flavors were unlike any other flavors I had ever experienced, yet at the same time they were similar to things I could recognize. The aromas were fantastic. At that moment I realized the difference between a fine hand rolled cigar from anything else on the market. Since then, I have developed a small collection of my favorite cigars to enjoy at any time I please. Cigars are a fantastic social media, but they don’t need to be smoked around others for pleasure or to impress anyone. I enjoy most of my cigars alone for my own pleasure. To this day, my favorite person to enjoy a cigar with is my father (whom I recently interested in great cigars rather than his tried and true Swisher Sweets). If only a man could ever convince his wife to accept this as a logical pastime, we may make some serious progress around my house!!

  • klavius71

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    It started off as “Hey! This something I haven’t tried myself. I like it when others smoke around me, so why don’t I give it a shot.” So…I did just that with a RP Sungrown Toro a buddy from work gave me. I was hooked. I started to read as much as I could about ALL the different brands. Then I started getting more detailed about the different lines from each brand. I bought my first humidor (50 count). Stocked it with random sticks and just started trying each one and keeping a cigar band journal.

    Since then (2008), I have added two more humidors (100 count and 20 count), countless lighters of various quality and coveted cutters. I have subscriptions to no less than 4 cigar magazines (in print and digital), a membership to the local cigar lounge with another humidor onsite and my facebook feed is plastered with just about everything cigar related.

    It’s not a hobby…it’s a relaxing obsession.

  • MaxDuo

    I liked.

    Basically just a nice hobby. I’ve no intention of smoking 1 a day really.

    My first cigar was part of a gift I got when I was a groomsman in a friend’s wedding. I greatly enjoyed smoking it on the beach with others and decided I would do some occasional cigars with my friends back home that smoked them. I smoke now and then outside to relax or chill after a stressful workday… or I’ll smoke with friends at little get togethers and whatnot.

    I enjoy them, but definitely can’t afford to smoke them every day – and don’t really intend on ever smoking that much even if I became a billionaire. Though I do like the idea of collecting different humidors, lighters, cutters, etc.

  • lrogers

    For me it’s the history of cigars and their makeup. I love learning about the history of cigars and how the tobacco is raised and the process from start to finish for a cigar. It’s about trying new things and seeing what you like and dislike and with cigars this is almost a never ending passion that can be a new experience for years and years as new cigars become available. I have gotten into the “custom” scene some with a few things such as humidors. I have a custom hand made one of a kind humidor that I take alot of pride in. Cigars are kind of like kids and require attention to grow right. But overall I enjoy the expierinces I have with the cigar and good company.

  • Corey

    For me they are a hobby. One that I enjoy and don’t mind discussing with smokers and non smokers alike. They are celebratory and pure enjoyment. I have my select favorites that i spend my money on and rarely try something new unless it’s from them. I have a certain size I like which are robustos and rarely stray far from that. From the moment I had my first cigar when I was 18 I was sold from there… I tried a Drew Estate Kalua then an Altadis Romeo and Julieta Bully and then Cuban Cohiba Siglo VI … And it went up hill from there to now.Facebook