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Hobby Or Lifestyle Contest

by Bryan Glynn, June 26, 2013
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EDIT: Contest has ended congratulations to “wm2slc”

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Cigars can be VERY different things to different folks. Hell, what they are to you can easily change through your lifetime. To some, they are nothing more than something to pass the time. To others, they encompass a whole lifestyle, where one might have a whole room dedicated to everything cigar, smoke and collect favorite lines, brands, etc. I would bet to most people it’s somewhere in between. Somehow I would bet the money factor rules most people’s involvement in cigars. Meaning only a very small percentage of smokers can afford to really go gonzo!

So this contest is about – what do cigars mean to you? Let’s see how the bell curve plays out, maybe I’m wrong? After you tell your story just share this post using the buttons below and note which you did for an entry, the winner will be randomly drawn in a week to win another custom sampler! All entrants must be 18+ years of age and have an US mailing address. Good luck!

  • stevesatch

    Hobby. Facebook

  • Jason Isbaner

    Well they definitely started out as a hobby. I would smoke once every couple of months. Now I look on cigar sites daily, I smoke once to twice a day. I am on this site several times a day. I now have 4 humidors full of cigars and I am thinking about doing a coolidor. It has very much become a life style. Thanks to Bryan I have learned a lot. I even hope to start a blog sooner then later but I’ve been putting it off because this site has so much why start something. I shared on Facebook.

  • kevinhen16

    For me it’s a hobby, but one that my Stepfather, brother, and I share. So it has led to many wonderful nights outside, bonding over the smoke of cigars. Facebook.

  • LordCybor

    It’s just pure enjoyment to me! Plus that never ending hunt for the perfect cigar is just a really fun adventure. (Google+)

  • Shovel

    +1. A new hobby for me. I’d like to try some nicer sticks, but $ and me being a noob still, makes me hesitent to try better quality sticks yet. I’ve been buying sticks online on sale for $2-2.50 right now. I’ve learned a lot from this site & your videos Bryan. Thanks for doing them

  • milesganz

    It’s a hobby for me. But also an event. I not have a couple a month maybe but every time I have it picked out days before and I get to day dream and anticipate it. It’s a getaway for me. Facebook!

  • smokethis

    +1 A very expensive hobby

  • Sinsandman

    I’m in the hobby category due to limited funds. I liked on FB.

  • mufdvr6976

    i would love for it to be a lifestyle……..but im a broke Mexican so……..my budget dictates what I can do im also on cigar sites daily…multiple times so im really into but my stash is limited at times!! facebooked

  • RageSto

    Cigars started out as a way for me to blow some extra cash after getting my first “grown-up” job. It quickly turned into a hobby, though. I’m not a very outdoors type of person, but smoking cigars affords me an hour or two each week to just go outside, turn on some music, and just enjoy nature. I usually smoke alone, so I get a lot of internal problem-solving done in this time. I just throw on Buena Vista Social Club or Cachaito and I’ve got a one hour ticket to heaven.

    Since then, I’d say it’s solidified it’s place as a part of my life. Smoking with my step-father every Saturday evening after family dinner has almost become a ritual and has led to some great bonding that we never got around to when I was growing up. I plan on growing my collection and eventually sharing this aspect of life with my kids.

    In all, when I think about what cigars mean to me, is a way of transporting you to a simpler time. In a world where so much is machine-made by the lowest bidder, it feels good to be enjoying a product that was carefully crafted by many hands. Knowing how much effort was put into growing, blending, bunching, and rolling the 5-7″ stick you’re holding, really helps put some things about the modern world into perspective.


  • DrakeXD

    To me it’s a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. If I had the money I would certainly dedicate a room in my home to creating a smoking lounge. Alas, that is a dream for another day. Twitter.

  • MorganGeo

    For me it’s that time for myself so definitely a lifestyle. After working all day and tending to family, it’s nice to have an hour to myself and just have my thoughts and quite time. It’s relaxing. (Facebook)

  • sacamano

    It has started as a hobby — only about a month ago — but it is quickly becoming a lifestyle. Humidor – check. Cutter – check. Humidifying devices – check. Hygrometer – check. Torch lighter – check. Now at about 50 sticks in collection, including the CO Premium Sampler from SmokeInn.com!

  • garlar10

    Google plus. Its a hobby to me. I have a nice selection of cigars in my humidor and its always fun to smoke a cigar with a friend but it hasn’t crossed over into a lifestyle thing for me.

  • Joseph Szeremet

    Calling cigars a life style is a very hard label to place on someone that is purely a consumer of cigars. I think to blenders, growers, company owners, ect. it is a life style. These people have to literally shape and mold there image and lives to what pays the bills, Cigars. They then make and market there products and lifestyle to sell there product to the consumer or hobbyist. As a consumer or Hobbyist, I do not shape my life around cigars. I bring cigars into my life to help savor moments and even create moments apart from or in addition to my lifestyle. I tweeted!

  • pittjitsu

    For me, it started out as a hobby where I would smoke maybe 3 cigars in a month. I would buy lots of samplers trying to find my preferences and dislikes. As My knowlage grew, so did my collection. I had to try every cutter they made, Every Xikar,Palio,CC and any others I would find. Then came lighters, 1,2,3,4,flame torches from S.T. DuPont,Xikar and Dunhill. Plenty of cash went into accessories but none more than Humidors. I Like many others started with a 100 count thinking that it would be more than enough room for my entire collection. Wow was I way off! I’m not the owner of 4 350-600 count humidors as well as a couple of coolers which where needed when I started buying boxes. I got into an Opus X phase and Knowing that that particular cigar needs years of aging,I had to find a vessel to store whole boxes. So cooladores where my choice. Now, cigars are so much more to me than a hobby, I’m constantly on the hunt for something hard to find, I almost always plan my events and outings to go along with a couple of choice sticks for the day. When I’m home, I’m on one site of another reading about cigars,reviewing cigars, buying, trading etc. So I would say that Cigars have gone from much more than a monthly hobby to more of a lifestyle that engulfs my life and brings me joy. I shared this on twitter.

  • Camshaft83

    Facebook. Cigars started out as a Hobbie for me as I would smoke on rare occasions. Now that funds are getting better it has become more then a Hobbie but not quite a lifestyle. Now I’m smoking a couple times a week and quite often more then 1 cigar on the days I do smoke. I am on my second humidor and trolling the net for good deals almost daily. Just heard about the rocky mountain cigar festival that is coming up but my gf is having a baby that same time so next year’s trip to Colorado is already on the calender.

  • For me, it started out as being a periodical hobby over a couple of years I would just have one every couple of months, but over the course of the last year it has become a lifestyle activity for me.

    I catch myself wasting a full day that should be working, looking at cigar stuff on the internet. I then find myself craving one while I’m procrastinating, so then I have to take a break from looking at all of this stuff and have a stick. Then I come back to the computer and pickup where I left off! hahaha! It’s become an obsession and a lifestyle at the same time.

    Shared on twitter and facebook.

  • Baghdaddy

    Cigars have been a hobby of mine for about 18 years off and on. I have spent my life traveling around the globe, and the greatest part of that is being able to buy true Cuban cigars. I spent 4 of the last 10 years in Iraq. All of the “war stuff” aside, some of my best memories were made while sitting out under the stars with a few buddies smoking cigars. It gave us all a reason to forget why we were there, and to share happy moments together that we might not ever get to have again. I was injured in 2010 and have been home since. Since then I prefer to smoke my cigars out on the back porch at night after everyone else is asleep and just reflect on all the great times I have had…and all the great people I have had the honor to meet along the way. So I guess for me it is now a lifestyle. I enjoy the search for a new cigar, and sometimes I just enjoy the memories that come back when smoking a particular one from the past. 🙂 Shared on Facebook

  • I smoked my first cigar almost 1 month ago today. Perhaps about 5 weeks ago. Since then I have smoked 3-4 more full size cigars, and 3 other cigarillos.

    So far the most interesting aspect of the hobby, to me, is the storage and humidification. I have hand made 9 cedar logs about 6″x1″x1″ and sanded and rounded all the corners and edges, and plan to use them as additional buffers in my humidors. They have been sealed in a tupperware bowl for a couple days, and every time I open that up to spray them with water, it just smells SO good!

    I started with a typical 20-cigar humidor and I’m already debating over a 50-ct or 100-ct or bigger next; and waiting on a pound of Heartfelt beads, a pair of nylon leggings, and 2 more hygrometers in the mail!

    Your “how to smoke a cigar” video was the first thing I ever watched and really intrigued me and boosted my confidence of being a newbie. It convinced me that there is no “right” or “wrong” in the hobby and that your own experience and enjoyment is the only real guide that matters. Others’ opinions and advice is just a method of helping you hone in your own enjoyment and finding the cigars and methods that give YOU the best experience.

    Thank you Brian!


  • kprichardson7

    I started smoking cigars just to try something new and unique. A friend of mine suggested a couple of cigars to try and it all blossomed from there. I began to research cigars pretty heavily which is where I came by Bryan’s videos and ended up learning a lot from them. Nowadays I smoke about one a week, sort of as my end of the week treat. I typically smoke with my buddy and we just take the time to sit back, enjoy, and catch up. I am all about trying different varieties/brands of cigars, I almost never smoke the same cigar twice, unless it was one that really stood out as a good smoke. That way it makes every time a new and maybe even better smoking experience than the last. Smoking cigars is a great hobby and relaxation ritual.

    Liked on FB.

    • yeah I’ve kinda decided similarly, just keep trying new cigars all the time, keep the hobby fresh! I tend to get bored of my hobby after long enough 😛

  • rudrummer822

    Definitely a hobby-style. While I cannot call it a lifestyle as I am not finically inclined to spend all of my money on sticks, it certainly has more of a time and dedication than the average hobby in my life. Twitter.

  • sparkmark

    Liked on face book.

    Cigars provide great joy in my life. I enjoy learning about every aspect of cigars. I enjoy trying new cigars and I keep buying the ones I enjoy. I like cigar boxes because I admire the quality. I drive my wife nuts because I’m always bringing a few cigar boxes home from the B&M. I personally buy cigars to smoke not to invest in but I do save special ones for special occasions. The other day I had fun creating an inventory journal. I now have a menu and also know which humidor to go to! My cigar hobby provided me with great memories of my Dad who also enjoyed cigars. He used to smack his lips and say, “Boy, I’ll be done with this here cigar when the ashes fall behind my teeth!” Me too. BOTL

  • vwarnerjr

    Partially both, a hobby due to limited funds but I have been collecting humidors, accessories and cigars I like for over 25 years now, so I have gathered a large amount of items, my makeshift large humidor holds 6 regular humidors (50 ct. each) and then other boxes and loose sticks. Some of them I will never smoke, ones I have collected for their uniqueness and some from companies that are no longer around.

  • Griff

    For me it’s somewhere between a hobby and an obsession. My 300ct humidor is always full, I check cigar sites every day and I have even made a few cigar box guitars. I have to try to limit myself in order to support my other hobby/obsession of home brewing. Tweeted

  • tispangler

    Great question. For me, cigars are like wine – usually, the more you pay, the better end product. BUT, the adventure is finding that low priced gem. Adding a good cigar to a Bocci game is a combo made in heaven. I’ll Tweet this …


    Frankly at this point, cigars are a lifestyle to me. I started trying to smoke cigs, but those were horrible. So I researched cigars, and decided to become a cigar lover. Now, I don’t have all too many cigars right now, but that will change, soon. I liked on FB.

  • yankeeman

    Lifestyle, for sure. It’s a daily activity for me, even in winter months here in the midwest.

    Liked on Facebook.

  • Tempoguy55

    Smoking premium hand made cigars is a relaxing, interesting hobby for me. I enjoy perusing the websites and catalogs for good deals to add to my collection. I had my first long filler cigar 28 years ago, a Partagas 1845, and have enjoyed trying different cigars ever since.

  • markbrown247

    I prefer “research” that is now developing into a nice hobby. One of many. I have been exploring both premium cigars and the cheaper ones in hopes of finding one particular brand or type that I like the most and can stick with. And so far there just isn’t just one. Bottom line, I like the higher end premium sticks and they do cost a lot more. There is a difference for me in taking the time, which is precious in my world, and enjoying a great cigar. I’ve enjoyed the camraderie of the leaf with others but also the chance to get away from the roar of a rushed life as well. (Google+)

  • pato1001

    At first it was a hobby around 10 years ago but now I would say it’s more of a lifestyle.

    Tweeted and Facebooked.

  • gtclark

    I enjoy reading about and smoking cigars, but it’s a hobby for me – cigars are generally the first things to go when money gets tight…especially since money spent on cigars literally goes up in smoke…

    I tweeted this

  • Walshy

    Started as a hobby around 18 months ago. Quickly has turned into a lifestyle. I’m always on this site as well as online retailers. And I mean always. I have 4 humidor s and a wineador in my collection. Probably have around 850 cigars. The collecting process is almost as fun as the smoking. I love getting my hands on the very rare cigars. But the best part is the 2 hours I get to myself to enjoy a great cigar. So yes it is definitely a lifestyle. No doubt about that. I can’t see myself slowing up any time soon either. Liked on Facebook.

  • wm2slc

    My dad introduced me to cigars and scotch on my HS graduation. I haven’t smoked steadily since, but several a year until about the age 40(20 yrs ago) They are my calming time. I will get up early, have my coffee and a cigar and plan my day.(thanks dad) Also, when my daughter wanted to talk, she would go to my humidor and pick me out a cigar and tell me I needed a smoke break. She knew she had my attention and a captive audience for an hour or two.
    Not sure how I would cope without my cigar times.
    Also, on my dads BD and anniversary of his passing, I have a candela.. he always smoked the green ones. ha ha


    I smoked my first cigar when I was 18. It was a Philly Blunt – a cheap, nasty “gas Station” cigar. It was given to me by my brother as a birthday present.

    From that cigar, my dad and three brothers made smoking cigars a hobby, eventually trying handmade cigars. We would often go to B&M’s, buy a variety of cigars and retreat to the back deck to smoke them upon returning home. That provided some great bonding time. Just sitting around and being able to talk with Dad has made many memories.

    Now, seven years later I would say smoking cigars is more of a lifestyle than a hobby for me. I try to smoke a cigar everyday; usually in the evening after a good supper.

    In fact, my brothers and I still retreat to my Dads back deck every Friday night to smoke a cigar with him.


  • Gimmicks85

    Only cigar smokers will understand this … A cigar could be shared with friends and good stories along with memories. Or simply on your own and your thoughts… When ppl ask me aren’t they bad for you , I respond with, no they’re good for the soul . Google

  • For me cigars started as little thing to do to relax. Just to see what it was all about. Now collecting them is a hobby, but enjoying them is the idea. It has become a lifestyle for me. i have my own smoke room, dedicated to smoking cigars and collecting cigar items. Complete with a fridge, flatscreen and smoking chairs. 🙂

    I Tweeted and Facebook’d.

  • rgorman

    I started smoking cigars at 18. For me it’s a hobby and a lifestyle. Being a cop doesn’t make the purchasing of cigars always feasible but, nonetheless, I smoke as often as I can. I got very serious about cigars after smoking one with my father-in-law and never looked back. He left this earth too soon but quietly, while I am smoking, I look up to the sky and tell him I am smoking this for you dad! Miss you buddy.


  • puffrey

    Liked on Facebook.

    I started smoking cigars when my bride to be told me to go to the cigar shop down the road and grab a gift for my groomsmen. It was buy 5 get the next free so I smoked the free one and that was it, I have been loving the hobby ever since. I went so far as to try my hand in repping a label for a bit and it was enjoyable but not my thing.
    I have turned a few of my friends into cigar lovers as well which has developed into the occasional “man time” on the patio.
    Incidentally, my wife and I just bought a house and it had a bar room in it, The guy left cigar art and 2 days after we closed on the house I realized that the previous owner had a ventiliation system installed to smoke cigars in the bar room!! I would say I lucked out with the perfect house!

  • brineil

    I started smoking pipe tobacco around age 16 and cigars shortly thereafter. I supplied the sticks when we went camping/fishing in high school. I’ve gone long periods without, but generally I’ve kept the habit (I mean hobby) for close to fifty years. I had a single humidor for most of that time, though it was often empty. Since retirement two years ago, I’ve picked up three more hummers and keep them all mostly full. I don’t know what to call that — hobby or lifestyle? I can say for certain I don’t plan to quit any time soon. Google+ed.

  • jungjae510

    liked on fb.

    I used to be a cigarette smoker and just smoked due to the addiction to nicotine. Now I smoke cigars, not for the nicotine, but it how i unwind after a long day.

  • Google +1

    For me it’s a hobby. I do enjoy reading reviews and news on what’s going on in the industry. But while it remains a hobby, it’s a hobby that enriches my personal lifestyle. I tend to smoke on the weekends to celebrate the weeks-end and what I love about cigars is that it sets up an environment where you get to sit and enjoy 2 hours of not having to do much other than relax and appreciate all things that are good.

    To me a cigar is an ode to my grandmother, as she used to smoke and roll cigars in the Philippines to help put food on the table for her 12 kids. A cigar to me is one of those products where the proof is in the process and I love that you can taste the passion and quality that the 20-30 hands that went into the process of creating that cigar I get to enjoy that night.

    If I had the money to splurge on cigars, for sure my collection would grow and have a few more premium sought after smokes at my disposal. But before that would happen I think what would change is my environment to make my smoking experience on the weekend that much better, like smoking a cigar at cafe in Italy rather than my backyard.

  • cassanpj

    Cigars aren’t something I spend a lot of my time thinking about. It’s more of a hobby and a once a week relaxation thing. Helps me wind down on the start of the weekend. Twitter

  • Craig

    Like most of the everyone else, it started as a hobby. But its grown since then. I smoke daily or at least 5 times a week depending on my work schedule. I went from trying to find the BEST CHEAP cigars to just wanting the BEST cigars! ha ha ha (don’t we all?) Cigar’s don’t consume my every waking moment, but I do find myself on this site at least a couple times a day. Probably puts me in the middle I guess.
    Liked on Facebook.

  • lazyboy

    cigars are just a hobby for me. only money stops it from becoming a lifestyle. Its all about relaxing with a good smoke and drink for me. I smoke once a day during the week after work. Usualy a cheap stick out of a bundle. then maybe twice a day on my days off. I smoke the more premiums on the weekends. the ones I wish I could afford everyday. sometimes Ill sneak a premium in there during the week but not alot. (google+)

  • BCamara

    I’d say to me it’s a little bit of a hobby and an obsession. My O.C.D. keeps telling me to smoke everything that’s out there. So I’m on a quest to shut the voices up.

    Liked on FB and g+1

  • chief791

    It started as a hobby until about a year ago when it turned into a life style. The joy and relaxation cigars provide me has become a real big part of my life. I have a few smoking buddies that i just have a great time with and it all revolves around our love of the leaf. I will share on Face book.

  • It’s a hobby, and plus I’ve met some great people on this site and others. Just wish I knew more people locally that smoked cigars.


    • JJO

      Admit it, it’s… er, an obsession? LOL

      Already won, so I’m not entering this one. Just came here to give a worthy BOTL, and good guy in general, some well deserved grief. 😉

  • weimerad

    Expensive hobby for me but I love it. It relaxes me after long days. I liked on FB

  • PAG

    Definitely hobby. And Facebook.

  • What do cigars mean to me? Wow, let’s see:

    It’s a chance for friends and I to get together and hang out and talk. In fact many times it represents more than a chance but it provides an excuse. A reason to set aside all the day to day responsibilities for even a few hours and relax.

    Relaxation is a huge part of it as well. It forces me to take time for me and not get caught up in the mechanizations of daily routines.

  • H4z_M47

    Definitely started out as a hobby, but within the last year has become an obsession. I would have a cigar once or twice a year, mainly due to money. But recently I wanted to expand past my favorite cigar and see if I could find any others that I liked just as much or more. Money is still a factor, but man am I enjoying spending it on something so enjoyable. Facebook

  • pdaug0511

    Today, cigars are something I truly admire. They are so interesting to me because they are one of the most unique, organic things one can buy in today’s marketplace. Cigars are significant to me because not only do I enjoy the aromas, taste, and mood cigars provide, I also like the cigar lifestyle. Smoking cigars is meaningful to me and I honestly do treat each cigar I smoke like a piece of art, after all, this is what cigar making is- art. The process the tobacco goes through and the amount of hands that have touched the cigar I may be smoking before I receive it is astonishing to me. There also is a history behind cigars that I really enjoy. I also like the classiness that comes with smoking cigars.

    Overall, to me, cigars are more of a lifestyle. Although I am a casual smoker (2-3 per week, max) it is something that I think about constantly and I am always trying to learn more about the cigar process. I think I have developed an appreciation for cigars that make it more than just a hobby to me, and I feel cigars are truly, truly under-appreciated in society.

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  • primox1

    Hobby in terms of smoking them, but obsession when it comes to collecting them and having them age in my humidor/coolidor. I find myself looking and smelling them, aka obsessing over them, more than I smoke them…due to lack of free time to sit and enjoy smoking them. cigarobsession indeed! FB liked

  • Gigalo de Vitolas

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    I would have to say cigars to me is a hobby and my hobbies have become a part of my lifestyle. I believe in the phrase “everything in moderation.” I not only collect cigars but wine & malts. I have what I call an active collection, I plan on smoking and drinking everything I own or will own. Smoking a fine cigar with a nice barolo or a speyside malt is a treat to myself. It is an hour or hour and a half of uninterrupted selfish me time like others on this site. That’s why I love it but I also don’t abuse it. I could easily smoke everyday but when I did in the past for short stretches of time I found that I wasn’t really enjoying the experience, again moderation is what keeps me coming back. It keeps me hungry to try more, learn more and experience more. And thanks to your site that I visit pretty much daily I can build anticipation for the next treat I decide to give myself. I also am a firm believer in not saving a certain cigar or bottle for a special occasion. Enjoying that rare or hard to get cigar/bottle is the special occasion and I don’t turn down special occasions.

  • USA2ndAmendment

    It is definitely a hobby for me. Relatively new (only about 1-2yrs) but I enjoy it and look forward to the weekend when I usually toast up. I have a small collection, about 15-20 cigars at any given time.
    I “liked” this!

  • TylerACigars

    For me it is a hobby that I greatly enjoy. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting down with a nice cigar and a drink after a long day or week. I do have quite a few cigars but they are definitely not the center of my life. That is reserved for my wife, family, and friends.

    So I guess I would be in between as I really don’t see myself ever giving them up but I also do not see myself decorating rooms with cigar paraphernalia.

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Lalla

    Even though I don’t smoke every day, and I have a limited budget to indulge, I still consider cigars more lifestyle than hobby. I guess this is because I have a great group of friends (The Dallas Chapter of the Worthless Bastards Club), and most of my socializing centers around smoking cigars with them. Whether it’s an all day pool and grill party, or a birthday, or our Saturday mornings at a local B&M (several of them are doing small weekly breakfast events now) or a promotional event for one of the cigar companies – all of them center around cigars and pairings with food or liquor.

    (Liked and shared on Facebook)

  • Emtfire62

    I’d have to say this is a hobby for me, But would love to make it a lifestyle. I thoroughly enjoy relaxing and smoking a good stick, it helps releave the stress of the job, being a firefighter and a dispatcher. However my shift at the firehouse also enjoys smoking as much as I do. So we find ourselves not being able to finish a night or a good working fire without a cigar in hand. Hard to keep the shift humidor full.

    (Like and shared on Facebook & Twitter)

  • Rob

    I enjoy it as a hobby. Collecting is fun, smoking them is relaxing and meeting new people to trade with and talk to is a great experience.

    Like on Google plus.

  • rockjock

    Shared on FaceBook. For me it’s getting to be a serious hobby and someday perhaps a lifestyle. To me, the lifestyle is about having the time, and funds, to relax and enjoy a good smoke.

  • jessevol

    They are more of a sign of brotherhood for me. Me and my friends started smoking them the moment we all crossed the 18 mark. It began as just a joke and thinking we were so cool to be smoking. As time went on, our tastes became more refined and and the sessions became longer and more frequent. Once, we jokingly said that we had become addicted to smoking and had picked up a habit. We stopped smoking for a while to see and the sessions stopped as well. We all realized that we felt empty. It wasn’t an addiction to the cigars, it was an addiction to the bonds smoking together can bring. Several guys sitting around talking about life and its pursuits with a fine cigar is one of the greatest experiences one can enjoy. So to answer the question, I enjoy it as a hobby, but it is so much more than that. Each week when we light up, it bonds us together. We become something greater. And this was shared on Facebook!

  • Derek

    I’d have to say its more of a lifestyle for me. I’m not a hard core smoke multiple a day or even everyday, but a few a week. I have a lounge set up in my garage, nothing fancy or anything but a few boxes displayed on a shelf, seating for up to 6 or so people and plenty of ashtrays and cutters. With smoking bans in my state it’s the best I can do for my smoking buddies especially in out extremely cold winters. I don’t have much for hobbies so when I enjoy something I go all out, well as far out as I can go on my budget.
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  • moose

    For me it is a hobby, and just a great way to unwind for an hour or two.

  • Romel

    Liked on FB For me its alittle of both (hobby/pass time). I love sitting in my back yard, watching the world go by while smoking a great cigar. I don’t do it as much as I like too.

  • geekfish

    Google +
    For me a hobby for about a year now. Fell hard and smoke a cigar a day if I can. For me mostly the 1 hour I get for me. I have a stressful job and my time for a cigar is the way I relax and reflect.

  • Chaz

    Facebook liked. For me, definitely a hobby, but for me to call something a hobby I not only enjoy it, but try to continually learn about it and evolve. I read publications, blogs, watch video, experiment, and try to become as knowledgeable as I can about tobacco, the artisans who make cigars and the history behind everything… and the near daily ritual of winding down at the end of the day with a fine smoke and libation ain’t half bad either. I guess I go all out with my hobbies! Isn’t a hobby part of your lifestyle anyway?

  • N10F Pilot

    Liked on Facebook, I enjoy it as a hobby and getting to pass time with friends while discussing the simple things in life. Also my “personal stock-up” of cigars is for celebrating very special occasions with friends.

  • eric.hanson

    Shared using google. Cigars play 4 major roles in my life. 1. They help me to enjoy the out doors. I only smoke outside, I can’t stad a room filld with smoke, even if it is cigar smoke. For me looking up at a beatiful skyline, smelling fresh air, and listenin to to the sounds of nature are all part of my cigar smoking expirence. 2. They help give me a peaceful end to the day. While for health and financial reasons I only smoke a cigar about 2 times a week, I find that when I do it’s a great way to unwind. I only smoke at night before bed, it helps me to clear my mind of any stress, relax, and reflect. 3. They help me to have alone time. While I enjoy having a cigar with friends every now and then, for the mot part I like doing it alone. You see I’m an introvery and I don’t get a lot of alone time. Cigars are part of that recharging time I need as an introvert. 4. I love the taste of cigars. I love tasting things, and I really love the flavors of a fine cigar, there’s nothing like it.

  • SLCigarClassy101

    Liked on FB.

    For me, cigars are a very interesting and intricate hobby of mine that has slowly changed the more older I have become.

    At first, it was more a fascination with how they were present in popular media like Westerns. It gave off this air of badassery ad coolness whilst if it was a villainous character, it gave more menace or confidence o the character.

    When I was around 18, I began to take more of an interest in how cigars were made and what parts of the world they came from. It was then I learned how complex cigars could be and how hard it really was to make a good cigar over some nasty worthless stick.

    Yet I was reluctant to actually smoke one. This stemmed mostly from the fact I came from a family that had a large number of cigarette smokers in it and seeing I actually felt sick around said smoke, my concern was reasonable.

    By 20, I decided to bite the bullet as it were and try a cigar. But not knowing exactly how to smoke a cigar, I looked online for an answer and through my searches found Bryan’s vid which truly got me excited to smoke a cigar.

    Since then, I’ve smoke near 100 different brands and types of cigars, not to mention have my own personal desktop humidor. I smoke at least once a week if the weather is good and share my hobby with my friends. Just yesterday me and a bud of mine sat outside and smoked two I have been saving in the humidor for 4 months with our beers. So thanks again, Bryan, for truly peeking my interest of cigars into an experience.

  • bwehmann1

    Cigars have become a huge part of my life within the last few years. I got into them because of my father moving away and so it was something we could send each other and share, but that would be just smoking once or twice a month. Now I smoke at least one a day and I take that time to relax and escape from the pressures of work and things like that. It has become my favorite time of the day, whether I’m smoking alone, or with my buddies. The cost does play a huge roll in it though. I often have to just buy enough cigars for the week as I don.t have the funds to really start collecting, although I’ve been trying. I liked on Facebook.

  • Matthew

    i tweeted
    I’ve been smoking cigars for a little over half a year and im still learning what i like, but it is a hobby i hope to keep for a while.

  • kmthiebaud

    I first decided to smoke a cigar as a tribute to my grandfather, who passed away. I could remember him smoking cigars on the porch swing almost everyday. Anyways to me cigars are little parts of time,parts of life, that I decide to take and sit down to think, read, socialize, etc. I would certainly call it a hobby but there are moments where it seems like a lifestyle. For, example when I’m searching the web for B & M’s and cigar events, that’s when I feel its a lifestyle. Though at home in the backyard, that’s when it seems to be a hobby. So I guess a little of both, either way I feel cigar smokers are living the dream. I’ve been smoking cigars for six years, and I don’t want to ever change that passion. Shared via Facebook.

  • HerbalJedi

    For me cigars are a different experience, nobody I know but my boss smokes cigars. So I smoke alone. I dont get to buy very many cigars being a fulltime student and caretaker for my grandmother. I usually am only able to buy one or two smokes a month, If Im lucky. My boss is my saving grace ,as he hooks me up with a cigar bonus every couple months. I liked this on FB.

  • OK. Long story short. Well maybe not too short. A couple years back my father passed away. After a 19 hour drive to the south to spend his last 4 days with him, it really made me start to think about life. In a serious way. Whats my legacy going to be for my son, will the things i do impact him as much as how my fathers did to me.

    Enough of the sobby stuff. A few weeks after his passing, each of the sons were given some of his ashes to do with as we saw fit. There was no better place to lay his ashes then the lake which he taught me how to fish, help me become a young man, and give me tools in life which to succeed. So off to a short 4 hour road trip up to Breezy Point MN. Just so happens, my childhood best friend was still up there. We hadn’t talked in what must’ve been 20 years. I found him on Facebook, exchanged numbers, and we made plans to have our families get together.

    Well, after 20 years apart, it seemed like we had been close all those years. Our kids played like they grew up together, my shy son climbed all over jason like he was an uncle, and our wives hit it off perfect. After explaining why we were up there, his wife informed us she does pottery and would love to use some of my fathers ashes to make a glaze for some pottery which we could then put in our bookshelf. How amazing is that? Serious! So i happily agreed. I spent time letting the rest of his ashes go in the lake then we met back at Her pottery studio. This is whereit gets rreally freaky.

    We pull in the drive way to only realize her studio was literally next door to where my father owned a boating and dock company 35 years before. The same place which Jason and i used to play as kids. From that moment on, i just knew something bigger was going on.

    Well, this is about cigars so lets get to that part. Jason is a big cigar guy come to find out. The second trip up there for our family to meet was for his 40th birthday surprise party. Later that evening, a few of us went back to the house to play cards and catch up on life. The men went in the garage for a cigar while the wives chatted. That cigar we shared, we talked about life. It was almost as if that cigar brought out thoughts in which we were all wanting to talk about.

    Since that night, i decided to buy some cigars. With his guidance, in purchased about 65 different cigars (none were cheap ones), a humidor, and everything to get started.

    My wife and i got in to a pretty negative conversation one night and we both realized we needed to change in order to have our family survive. Well, we changed our bad habits and things haven’t been better. During the course of those trying weeks, i enjoyed a different cigar every night. In private, in peace, thinking about my roots, the things my father taught me on what being a man is, what is life, and the important things. I’ve got to say, thanks to sitting down an hour or so each night, smoking a cigar and pondering these thoughts have greatly improved not only our marriage, built a strong bond between my best friends family and ours, but life all around has been top notch.

    I cant quite give the credit to cigars. But sitting down and smoking a good cigar, finding myself again, remembering my father, and finding my childhood friend has culminated to the best thing next to the birth of my son and meeting my wife.

    So i say this, lifes too short. Grab a good cigar, and relax.

  • Oops. Forgot to note, used Google + on my reply

  • Tokeya

    Working for law enforcement can make for some stressful days. On the days when I need to make ‘adjustments’ I relax outside with my pets and a nice cigar end enjoy an hour or so of bliss coming out of that a new man. (Google+)

  • Jasper

    For me, cigar smoking is a way for me to relieve the stresses of the week. I usually enjoy a stick or two on the weekends. I shared via twitter.

  • mfox93

    Mine is a hobby i love just coming home from work opening my humidor up and pulling out a great cigar that I get sit back and relax too. Liked on Facebook

  • Delsana

    It’s just a way to have some camaraderie for a couple hours (sometimes add some to a longer trip or vacation) between things, or to set aside a time to talk and relax.

    Liked on FB.

  • sdh3237

    For me Cigars are a hobby. I like to read about them, collect them and watch videos about them-nearly as much as I like to smoke them. I give a lot away to friends and family and love to smoke in cigar bars when I travel to other states. (My state has draconian smoking bans) I do not have a dedicated smoking area in my home so most of the time I smoke in my garage. Tweeted

  • danzig777

    Cigars are definitely a hobby for me. Tweeted.

  • samgiroux42

    Facebook and Twitter

    At this point, it is a hobby, though I view this site at least once per day and I am constantly looking for deals to pick-up. I do have an entire book shelf in my office dedicated to my cigars and if I had some serious money, I would be dangerous. Still, I only smoke about a 1-2 sticks per week, so I truly am at no higher than hobby level.

  • Corey_Lake

    In one word, cigar smoking for me means “brotherhood”. I started smoking cigars shortly after mobilizing to Iraq. I was a new addition to my brigade’s command team. The brigade commander invited all his battalion commanders for a Friday night smoke. It helped me, as the junior battalion commander, to feel part of the team much quicker. Later, I would invite my batter commanders and battalion staff for smokes almost nightly. This allowed us to bond, talk shop in a relaxed atmosphere, let off some steam, and just relax.

    After returning from Iraq, I found the local cigar lounge. I would often stop in on the way home from work to pick up a few cigars. I always noticed a group of ol’ timers sitting, smoking, and talking about the day’s events in the lounge area in the front of the store. They saw me in uniform and invited me to sit in. I never stopped.

    Later, after I retired from the military, I found my fellow cigar smokers to be an excellent network, in addition to their friendship, as I looked for new work. AFter I started my first civilian job, I found that many of my co-workers and clients were also cigar smokers — again, just another way to find commonality in my personal and professional relationships as I was going through the stressful transition from military life to civilian life. I’ve never forgotten the kindness shown to me and always look to return the favor with my old and new cigar buddies when I can.

    • First, thanks for your service! We will never be able to thank you guys enough. Second, I totally agree with “brotherhood”. The more that cigars are becoming a part of my life, the more it seems to bond you with those who share it in common. Only wish there were a few more lounges closer to home at times.

  • Andrew

    It would be difficult to ever describe my enjoyment of cigars as a hobby. That statement alone doesn’t mean that I have always been able to afford fine hand rolled cigars, more so it means that I have always appreciated each and ever one for what it is instead of the more frequent reaction of what it isn’t. I often find many great attributes to a cigar that I don’t thoroughly enjoy for my taste. Cigars in my opinion are a way of always experiencing new things as all of these premium cigar manufacturers and blenders develop new ideas and new ways to enjoy a different cigar. The first cigar I enjoyed was when I was 16 years old and went into the local smoke shop to purchase cigarettes. At that moment I was overwhelmed with excitement that I could afford more than one pack of cigarettes. I can’t be sure of why, but I was drawn to the large walk-in humidor rather than the counter to buy cigarettes. That is when I purchased my first premium hand rolled cigar, a Gurkha, I had no idea why I spent that money on one single cigar, I suppose I was just fascinated with it or it caught my eye. I wondered how it could be different from the Swisher Sweet’s my father used to smoke when we went fishing. I soon found out how two things that the public see as the same could be so different. I was very surprised with every single flavor in that strange “Gurkha” cigar. In my opinion, the flavors were unlike any other flavors I had ever experienced, yet at the same time they were similar to things I could recognize. The aromas were fantastic. At that moment I realized the difference between a fine hand rolled cigar from anything else on the market. Since then, I have developed a small collection of my favorite cigars to enjoy at any time I please. Cigars are a fantastic social media, but they don’t need to be smoked around others for pleasure or to impress anyone. I enjoy most of my cigars alone for my own pleasure. To this day, my favorite person to enjoy a cigar with is my father (whom I recently interested in great cigars rather than his tried and true Swisher Sweets). If only a man could ever convince his wife to accept this as a logical pastime, we may make some serious progress around my house!!

  • klavius71

    Liked on Facebook.

    It started off as “Hey! This something I haven’t tried myself. I like it when others smoke around me, so why don’t I give it a shot.” So…I did just that with a RP Sungrown Toro a buddy from work gave me. I was hooked. I started to read as much as I could about ALL the different brands. Then I started getting more detailed about the different lines from each brand. I bought my first humidor (50 count). Stocked it with random sticks and just started trying each one and keeping a cigar band journal.

    Since then (2008), I have added two more humidors (100 count and 20 count), countless lighters of various quality and coveted cutters. I have subscriptions to no less than 4 cigar magazines (in print and digital), a membership to the local cigar lounge with another humidor onsite and my facebook feed is plastered with just about everything cigar related.

    It’s not a hobby…it’s a relaxing obsession.

  • MaxDuo

    I liked.

    Basically just a nice hobby. I’ve no intention of smoking 1 a day really.

    My first cigar was part of a gift I got when I was a groomsman in a friend’s wedding. I greatly enjoyed smoking it on the beach with others and decided I would do some occasional cigars with my friends back home that smoked them. I smoke now and then outside to relax or chill after a stressful workday… or I’ll smoke with friends at little get togethers and whatnot.

    I enjoy them, but definitely can’t afford to smoke them every day – and don’t really intend on ever smoking that much even if I became a billionaire. Though I do like the idea of collecting different humidors, lighters, cutters, etc.

  • lrogers

    For me it’s the history of cigars and their makeup. I love learning about the history of cigars and how the tobacco is raised and the process from start to finish for a cigar. It’s about trying new things and seeing what you like and dislike and with cigars this is almost a never ending passion that can be a new experience for years and years as new cigars become available. I have gotten into the “custom” scene some with a few things such as humidors. I have a custom hand made one of a kind humidor that I take alot of pride in. Cigars are kind of like kids and require attention to grow right. But overall I enjoy the expierinces I have with the cigar and good company.

  • Corey

    For me they are a hobby. One that I enjoy and don’t mind discussing with smokers and non smokers alike. They are celebratory and pure enjoyment. I have my select favorites that i spend my money on and rarely try something new unless it’s from them. I have a certain size I like which are robustos and rarely stray far from that. From the moment I had my first cigar when I was 18 I was sold from there… I tried a Drew Estate Kalua then an Altadis Romeo and Julieta Bully and then Cuban Cohiba Siglo VI … And it went up hill from there to now.Facebook

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