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Crowned Heads Four Kicks Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, June 23, 2013
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Crowned Heads Four Kicks Robusto Cigar Review

This 5×50 stick features a dark brown firm soft wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, triple cap and musty chocolate hay aroma. First light reveals a slightly snug draw with good smoke output showing mild-medium smooth thick dry deep earthy flavor with a short clean finish. The first third is very similar, keeping the body level adding a bit more creamy texture on the draw and a little zing on the tip of the tongue through the finish. Getting to the band just 30 minutes in, the ash holds on to the 1/2 way point and flavors remain the same, with perfect construction. Ending 45 minutes in the last inch got very warm, shifting flavors to a soft nuttiness with a longer smooth finish. Thank you very much to Kyle Binkley for sending this sample in for review!

  • LordCybor

    I was always curious about this brand. Do you know if they make a full bodied blend?

    • kb9311

      Not completely full bodied, their headley grange which got#24 in 2012 on CA’ s top list is similar to this with some more complexity and a solid medium to border line full. Their new JD HOWARD RESERVE comes out it July-August and may offer more of a fuller profile. http://www.crownheads.com for some more info.

      • LordCybor

        Great! Thanks for the insight! I checked the website and seen they have one titled; Mule Kick – Limited Edition, it’s supposed to be a stronger blend as well. I just might have to give them a try.

        • kb9311

          Yay, unfortunately that was a limited release, it was a four kicks on steroids kinda flavor and won’t be made or sold ever again 🙁 sad because I only got two and smoked them both…they were awesome!

  • mufdvr6976

    nice review bryan! had one of these 2 nights ago and had similar experience, although haven’t been able to find them that cheap as youre getting them for.

    • JJO

      Yeah, I agree, maybe on the Monster, but for me, it’s more in the $7.50 or so range. It is a very nice smoke.

  • weimerad

    Love this cigar

  • Dirk

    Thanks for the info. I have never seen these.. I am curious.. for 5 bucks a stick.. how do they stack up against a Padron 3000?

    • Gigalo de Vitolas

      It’s hard to stack up to the padrons even at this price point.

  • kb9311

    Bryan, thanks for reviewing this stick was always curious what you would get from it! It’s my go to treat in any size their headley grange is also nice! These guys are class acts as well very sociable with their customers! I love the smooth wood, earth, and creamyness this stick stick offers. Thanks again.

  • Jason Isbaner

    I have one in my humidor that I got free with a order from famous smoke. Might have to try it soon.

    • Derek

      Same thing here.

  • HerbalJedi

    Never seen these, is there a better market on the east coast. But it sounds great, might have to pick one up.

  • Craig

    I would definitely try them for that price based on your review. Now just finding them.

  • rockjock

    “Plain” can be good as you said sometimes.

  • MaxDuo

    Sounds like a good cigar to have between the really awesome ones. (I don’t mean in a day…. but if you alternate between an awesome smoke then a decent smoke a few days later like I do to conserve the cash I need for paying off loans and etc etc). Sort of wish the flavors were more like that scent of the cigar, always love when you can get some chocolate and sweetness in the stick.

  • garlar10

    Looks like a winner. I haven’t tried any crowned head cigars yet but hopefully that will change soon.

  • Dylan

    Feels like a, “buy a box, not a single,” kind of venture to give them a try. “can’t go wrong,” kind of stick.
    p.s. way to rock the chest hair, Bryan.

  • TimB

    I have not seen this one sounds like a morning smoke.Price is right.

  • mrdaveii

    I always keep a few of these in my humidor for when I want to smoke but do not necessarily want to focus on the stick. In my opinion these are great for ANY mood your in….I guess except for an adventurous mood.

  • vscarpine

    Sound pretty good and for the price its worth a try

  • BCamara

    Nice, I just received one in the mail yesterday in Corona Gorda. I can’t wait til I light it up in a few weeks. It’ll be my first from Crowned Head Cigars.

  • Chaz

    Totally agree with your review, as usual. I have always thought these were very solid, but nothing mind blowing. You read some of the reviews from when they first came out and you would think they were sprinkled with pixie dust or something…

    Nice that prices are coming down though… good straight shooter to keep around.

  • eric.hanson

    Thanks for this review Bryan, never heard of these before, but I don’t think I’ll be trying any soon. Mild flavors and ones I don’t like, doesn’t sound like it’s for me. Thanks for saving me money again Bryan.

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