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Jun 20


Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2013 in Informational



(Tamarac, FL) – June 20, 2013: The East India Trading Company is proud to announce the much-anticipated launch of ‘Prize Fighter’, that will unveil at this summer’s IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas, NV. Named after historic boxing fighters from the 1900′s, Prize Fighter brings another meaning and a new dimension to the hand-made cigar category by offering a premium smoking experience at an affordable price-point.

Made under the blend masters from K Hansotia & Co, Prize Fighter is a consistent, mild-medium bodied cigar with a smooth and elegant flavor profile that can be enjoyed at anytime of the day. This hand-crafted cigar showcases a gorgeous Connecticut shade/Ecuadorian wrapper, that pairs perfectly with an Ecuadorian/Indonesian binder and a 3-year aged Dominican filler.

“We are very excited and optimistic about the launch of Prize Fighter,” said Juan Lopez, National Sales Director of Gurkha Cigar Group. “We like to call this product ‘recession proof’, due to its affordability and great quality. This is a new venture for the company as we enter into the value-priced cigar category. We have very high expectations for this brand.”


Prize Fighter fresh-lock pouch


Prize Fighter will be available in 3 sizes: 5 x 52 robusto, 6 x 54 toro, 6 x 60 XO and packaged in 20-count bundles, 60-count/3 compartment trays and specially designed fresh-lock pouches (5 cigars per pouch/8 pouch outer). MSRP: $1.70-$1.99 per cigar. Manufactured in the Dominican Republic.

Prize Fighter Tray

About East India Trading Co: The rich history of the East India Company date back to the early 1600′s, making it one of the oldest registered trading companies in the world. Master blenders from this era refined and perfected the art of blending tobaccos and were responsible for trading to many parts of the world. Today, their legacy continues under the watchful guidance and expertise of the blend masters from K. Hansotia & Co.

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Bring on the comments

  1. TimB says:

    Economical sticks will give them a try.

  2. Shovel says:

    decent price. wait to hear some reviews

  3. rockjock says:

    I like the packaging. Wonder how well they stay humified.

  4. JJO says:

    The tray looks like a case of cheap beer.

  5. socks says:

    Interested to see what people say about this cigar…..

  6. Chris Tivnan says:

    There is just something about $2 cigars that says… No

  7. USA2ndAmendment says:

    These could end up being a great cheap stick! Excited about trying it. I hope my b&m will start carrying them.

  8. mufdvr6976 says:

    I think the band is pretty cool…. gonna have to pass on this cheap stick with so many around!!

  9. Sirfubes says:

    No reason to wait on a review to try this stick. I love the brand and at $2 a smoke you really aren’t losing much if they are terrible.

  10. HerbalJedi says:

    the band is fresh but I cant help but think of swishers or worse backwoods. These have blunt paper written all over them.

    • stevemc75 says:

      Is it just the fresh-lock packaging that prompts you to think of swishers or backwoods? The fresh lock packaging is only going to take off further, especially if these companies can get these products into gas stations around the country. General Cigar has been doing it as well. It’s about expanding into other arenas. I think there is this presumption that people think this is a machine made, clipping filler crap cigar, since you can get it in fresh-lock packaging. I’m not expecting an ultra-super premium here, but if down the road I stop into a gas station and see a display for these and I can pick up the three pack for a few bucks, I’m all over it, as would most any other cigar smoker on a whim. Especially if any of my local B&M’s carry them. I would buy the pack before I would buy individual loose ones, as they will be better humidified than 95% of what you get straight out of a B&M.

      • gtclark says:

        I’m surprised we haven’t seem more low range hand-made cigars packaged this way before…as long as the cigar is decent, it sounds like something I would be willing to pick up for yard work, camping, or times when I’m not able or willing to take my premium sticks out and about.

      • Craig says:

        My local B&M has several of these fresh-lock packaging in what I consider to be premium cigars. So far I have purchased Punch, Macanudo, and Kuba Kuba. I know there are several others as well. In my opinion this is the way of things to come. As far as humidification goes, they come with a small Boveda pack inclosed with them. They have been quite nice!

  11. garlar10 says:

    Cool Labels. I have always though cigar labels resemble a championship belt.

  12. eric.hanson says:

    Sure they’re cheap but I’m always a little skeptical of cheap sticks, I think I’ll wait for some other people to try this stick and hear what they think before I buy some.

  13. smokethis says:

    Just what the cigar industry needs.. another mediocre Gurkha line.

  14. Walshy says:

    If its anything like the Red Witch I’m in. I actually just saw a Perdomo 4 cigar sampler that came in this type of packaging. It felt like on the back side of the packaging that there was some sort of sponge or wet paper sheet. You’d have to open the bag up to see what it actually is. As for storing these, I’m sure as soon as I got them home that I’d be putting them in my regular humidor anyway. I guess we will see what they are like.

  15. geekfish says:

    I see a lot more of the fresh-lock type packaging in my area, mostly gas stations. Macanudo and ACID seem to be the lines I see.
    I’ll wait for a review. Might be a better alternative when I travel in locals without a B&M?

  16. Sinsandman says:

    looks worth a try

  17. stevesatch says:

    They are worth a shot. Looks like they are going after the casual smoker.

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