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Viewer Input for 2013 IPCPR

by Bryan Glynn, June 19, 2013
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ipcprThis year I’ll probably be at the 2013 IPCPR show longer than just about any blogger, having such a cool boss that gave me all the time off I wanted, I’m there pre-setup to the day after! I’ll be doing the photo-walk through to give you the what-it’s-like feeling again this year, but will also be doing video. What I don’t want to do is be a me-too guy, I’m all about being original and creative. Besides, all the booth people give the same spiel to interviewers and it’ll be covered 6 ways from Sunday like that already.

I have some ideas of what to try this year for you guys, but also want you to chime in with any good thoughts on what you might like to see, asked, done, etc. while I’m there.

  • Can’t wait! If I can get the funds, I’ll be up there next year. No way in hell I can make it this year

    • It’s not open to the public, it’s only for industry and press.

      • Walshy

        I did hear that this year the last day of the IPCPR is open to the public. Think they are going to try it out.

        • No.

          The IPCPR Annual Convention & Trade Show is the most important event of the year for tobacconists! It’s your best opportunity to select the high quality products your customers expect, and to discover the new and exciting merchandise that will keep your customers coming back!

          Admission to the IPCPR Trade Show is free to members of IPCPR and is not open to the public.

          The IPCPR Annual Convention & International Trade Show is for IPCPR Member Professional Retail Tobacconists, Exhibitors, and their bona fide employees only.

          Vendors and retailers both have asked us to ensure the integrity of our show.

          Consumers are not welcome and not allowed. We ask all to help us spot offenders so that we can maintain a productive, professional atmosphere in which to conduct business.

          All consumers will be escorted out of the convention center.

          If challenged, persons need to provide the following: business card, and/or other identification which proves identity and IPCPR affiliation.

          Furthermore, any IPCPR member determined to have provided consumer access will have their badge(s) confiscated and not be allowed to return to the show floor.

          No refunds will be provided.”

          • USA2ndAmendment

            Hey Bryan, so are you allowed in because of the website and all the videos/media you do for cigars? If you have a blog/youtube channel about cigars, can you join the IPCPR? Just wondering/curious….thanks and hope you have a great time!!!

        • USA – anyone can apply, but no you can’t just ‘have a website’. I’m obviously a major cigar media site along with several others that attend.

          • USA2ndAmendment

            Oh, ok, cool, I see. So I am right to assume that the only way any of us cigar lovers can ever go to it would be to work for a cigar shop that is also a member and go as an employee????
            Thanks for the info and the videos. I would love to be able to go to the IPCPR, as I am sure many of us on here would!

  • Rob

    Shout out to the troops still fighting so that we can enjoy our cigars each day.

  • Rob

    At some point maybe have an owner or someone important to the industry give thanks to those who have or are still fighting for our freedom.

    After 9/11 we had a very patriotic country… That thought has drastically reduced over the years. I just like to make sure the troops get as much praise as possible.

    It means a lot when someone of high stature or important to an industry we are involved in makes a point to thank you for your service and sacrifice. I can personally say that there are tons of cigar smokers while deployed. There are bases in Afghanistan that even have cigar clubs.

    This is just an idea off the top of my head. I’ll think of others.

    • Ah ok gotcha!

    • Craig

      I like that. I’m nobody, but my hat’s off to you sir !!

  • 1) You and the DJ you like could do a ICPR white boy rap remix.

    2) Show us your expertise in dance moves

  • Walshy

    I would like to get a manufacturers point of view on the Premium cigar tax bill and how it will affect the industry. I know there are YouTube videos of Rocky Patel discussing this, but want something unscripted. Too serious? I just feel it will ruin the premium cigar industry. And know it is a major topic right now.

  • klavius71

    A manufacture’s take of the possible FDA ban on infusion and the way regular cigars are processed for the past 400+ years.

  • rgmenke

    Interview the cigar girls and ask them about their favorite ring gauge…


    Get a Blenders perspective on the industry, etc.

    • Blender info is already high on my list 🙂

  • mufdvr6976

    yeah would like to hear something from blenders or something different, every year its the same thing…….not complaining but just the same old thing..good interviews, good laughs just all from the same angle.. cant wait to see whst you bring!!!

  • USA2ndAmendment

    I would love to be able to go to the IPCPR, I guess I need to get a job at a cigar store 🙂
    As far as what I would like to see….more video’s. The pictures are cool, but I really enjoy the videos better!

  • puffrey

    Get a manufacturer to blend a stick based on what you prefer in a stick(gauage, length, strength, body,flavors)that is a CO Special Edition exclusive only to those who are site members of CO!

    • Gigalo de Vitolas

      I second this. I would love to try an BGCO special blend.

  • gtclark

    I would love to hear your perspective (and maybe some tasting notes) on Kentucky fire-cured leaf. Several manufacturers have announced new lines incorporating this tobacco (Drew Estate, Sam Leccia, etc), and I would love to get your take on it.

    • Gigalo de Vitolas

      I too would like to learn more about this. I guess its not really anything new just hasn’t been used in a while from what I read. I haven’t come across any sticks at my local stores with the Kentucky fire-cured leaf, I suppose the manufacturers are waiting till after the IPCPR to release the sticks.

  • Gigalo de Vitolas

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some interviews with the prominent retail owners or bloggers perspective about our cigar industry. For example, Abe from Smoke Inn seems like an interesting guy. Hearing his thoughts about the industry and his buying habits for his stores and maybe how that affets whats actually produced by manugacturers. Or interviewing other prominent bloggers your friendly with and just getting an idea on how you guys as bloggers view the cigar industry and what you see it involving into. I do beleive we are in the golden age for cigars, but what’s in store for us 5-10 years down the line?

    • Hooking up with bloggers is on the list too but I don’t know how feasible it will be. We each spend about a grand to be there and try to maximize all our time, and you have NO IDEA how hectic it is covering events like these. I won’t even have time to do edits until I get back, every minute will be working shooting backing up, travel, etc. I know the other guys are just as slammed. But I’l see what I can do!

  • gholmes9

    Enjoy the IPCPR. I wish I could attend. Please go by the LFD booth so that you will be able to review more of their line. Litto Gomez Diez is one of my favorites but you don’t seem to review much from them.

  • rgmenke

    Given the prominence of the C.O. site, do you get any pressure to review new lines / sticks?

    • Very occasionally a new company will be very pushy about reviewing something, but it doesn’t work.

  • Craig

    I would like for you to ask about possibly establishing new blends for the smaller ring gauges. Tout the idea that they take fewer leaves to make which allows for more cigars and possibly more profit! Seriously, the larger the better attitude needs to subside. And would certainly be cheaper for everyone in the long run, in my opinion!
    Any bugs you can put in their ear’s on this subject would be appreciated !!!

    • Rob

      I agree. There are a few lines I would love to try in a Corona, Lonsdale, Lancero-ish vitola. I personally think the Ramon Bueso Genesis would be amazing in one of the above sizes.

  • rockjock

    I’d like to hear what manufacturers see would bethe impact of Cuba possibly being open up to trade on the cigar market. There certainly is a lot of hype on Cubans that I personally haven’t seen as overall being a better country of origin. just wonder what kind of pressure that would put on blends for the USA to incorporate cuban tabaccos. I think it would be similar to the late 90’s and cigar quality would go down and prices up since there is only so much available.

  • geekfish

    I’d second some questions of why the big run up in ring gauge. Ask the manufacturers about it and do they think it is mostly driven by ego not taste? try to get them thinking. Get some smaller ring gauges in there.

  • geekfish

    Ask about the small run, boutique type of trend? the fragmentation effect vs. the increased profits from perceived scarcity?

  • stevesatch

    I’d like to hear that the companies are working together to fight anti tobacco legislation.

  • eric.hanson

    You should take a petition to all cigar companies that says we don’t want to see all of these dumb 60+ ring cigars anymore, I’m sure everyone on this site would sign it.

  • dgrambo

    Pictures? I think if you post video with interviews, booth babes, and swag.. then youd be doing us all a solid. Also you should film the start of the proccess of making the connections to get your own cigar brand going.. that would be genius.

  • make a casual video like the guys at stogiereview. Walt and Mike just video taped themselves hanging out and enjoying sticks. That’s fun to watch.

    • smokethis

      They love to talk but it is fun to watch..lol

  • garlar10

    Say hi to all the babes in swim suits for me 🙂

  • JJO

    Ask them about one of your pet peeves, and mine: Why can’t they do the simple chore of keeping their websites updated, and with appropriate information? Don’t they want us to know about what they have to offer and where we can purchase? And none of this perpetual “coming soon” or “under construction” crap.

  • Fabbio

    If you can score samples of the long fabled Alec Bradely Mundial which are to rumored to be ready for the show would love to see a review.

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