Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5 Video Comparison

by Bryan Glynn, June 19, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5 Video Comparison

So which of these looks better to you and why? This was a relatively low light level test, one phone in each hand, the mics were clear and open. Zero processing to the video or audio, straight out of cam for both files. Both were the front facing cams which is what is most needed for vlogging. Interestingly the Samsung Galaxy S4 records in stereo while the Apple iPhone 5 records in mono.

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  • rockjock

    I am an iPhone 4S user. I thought the iPhone 5 video quality was significantly better, but lost in audio test. If you want video/youtube go with the iPhone. If you want to podcast get the Samsung. Would be interesting to see this compared to your Canon.

  • rgmenke

    The iphone picked up the light better. The sound was close to a draw. Are you picking one for your upcoming trip?

  • CajunCigarlover

    I like the audio quality on the Samsung much better (especially for outdoor cigar reviews) and the video brightness and clarity much better on the iPhone. My vote was for the iPhone even though I’m a Samsung S3 user.

  • jpculp57

    Sound quality clearly goes to the S4 but the video was terrible.

    Iphone has much better video but just OK sound and since you’re looking for a video blog phone I’d say you’d have to go with the one the produces the best video. I’m sure there’s a mic you could buy and some sort of mixer app that would help the sound.

  • eric.hanson

    The audio on the iphone is much better imo. I also think the video quality looks much clearer on the iphone, my vote goes to the iphone.

  • garret

    I’m an android fan… However, I agree with what most people are saying. Video on the iphone and audio on the samsung. The low light stuff is what to look for in a good cam and that demo clearly shows how much better the iphone did in low light and it appears to focus faster as well.

  • gholmes9

    I have used both. Honestly since i expect a phone to be just that, then the Samsung is the better choice. I will say the video of the iphone was better with a sharper image.

  • markbrown247

    The iPhone wins both on audio and video. I’m using an iPhone to view it. My two cents.

  • Kace

    Te iPhone video was much more brighter. Showed the red paint on the wall. I could barely see the walk paint on the galaxy. Also, on the glaxy I could hear the echo in the house and not so much in the iPhone. Other than that audio was pretty much the same on both. I liked the iPhone over the galaxy.

  • vscarpine

    Im an apple guy so even if the samsung looked better I would prob still get the iphone

  • dbfr181

    iPhone !!