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La Finca Joyas Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, June 19, 2013
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La Finca Joyas Cigar Review

This cheap $1.50 or so 6×50 smoke features a spongy brown wrapper with a dry slightly toothy feel, some imperfections and uneven seams here and there, sloppy double cap and manure aroma. First light reveals a good draw with decent smoke volume with a light airy mouthfeel showing medium bodied flavors of a creamy slightly bitter tobacco and a short clean finish of the same. The first third burns quickly with a slightly uneven burn line but overall not too bad. Flavor wise the bitterness quickly dropped replaced by a small sweetness and pepper zing. the 2nd third burns well, catching up the wonky side by itself. Flavors are unchanged. Ending 1:10 in the whole stick proved to be very consistent. Thank you very much to viewer Joshua Kelley for sending this one in!

  • phillyb

    Wow. For a buck fifty this sounds pretty decent! I’ve had worse from more expensive cigars, so this sounds like a predctable and pleasant fallback. Not really first choice, but decent.

  • Jason Isbaner

    Worth a try for a $1.50 a stick.

  • smokethis

    Wow haven’t seen these in years. These and LICENCIADOS used to be quite popular in LA in the late 90’s. Nice review B.

  • TimB

    Hey not that bad for $1.50 good midday smoke sounds like.

  • Tommz81

    What’s the point? If your going to smoke a cigar for 1 hour why not get a good one with flavor.

    • gtclark

      Yard-gar! Chomp it, drop it, run over it with a lawn-mower and your only out $1.50 instead of $8!

      • garlar10

        Great point. Although I am sure my local B&M is selling these for $8! lol

      • Boucher207

        Exactly gtclark!

    • MaxDuo

      I would say probably because there’s some people who just love to smoke for smoking’s sake. You can have good cigars, and you can have ok ones to smoke without breaking the bank.

      Me…… I only really want to have good tastes.. but I’ll put a few cheapo’s in my humidor as well – just in case I’m outside with friends for a long time and would like to keep smoking.. but not waste a great cigar after another one.

    • JJO

      How would you know unless you try it?

  • markbrown247

    As a newbie, I’m always interested in how cheaper cigars stack up against some of the more expensive ones. What I’m finding is you get what you pay for. But if I was smoking a cigar every day this might be something to really look at, but I’m not. I’m making the rounds trying out all different kinds of cigars. I did buy some cheaper cigars recently from Finck’s Cigars in San Antonio, Texas. It was a cheap sample pack and so far I’m getting what I paid for. I’m running into construction issues with these cheaper cigars and it makes the experience less than pleasant. So, I’m learning.

    • PAG

      Try some of the 5 Vegas stuff on cigarbid.com. You can often pick up a 5-pack for under $15 and sometimes under $10.

    • MaxDuo

      Not entirely… You can still get a few good cheap ones. I know some of the JR Cigar imitation cigars are decent enough. And also the Toscano cigars (the base ones) are $15 for a 5 pack. Plus they have a 10% coupon set up for cigarobsession viewers. With S&H added on I got 5 very nice sticks shipped for $20.

  • yosef5

    Try the maria mancini.
    It is not a expensive cigar but very good

    • Craig

      Thanks Bryan and thanks yosef5. I always like hearing about inexpensive cigars that are good!

  • USA2ndAmendment

    I’ve never heard of this cigar before but it sounds pretty good for a cheap stick.

  • mufdvr6976

    that was the first thought I had was it must be muggy there! nice review, for a $1.50 that’s good to give away or something like that..but I have to agree with markbrown247!

  • Melanie

    Nice review Bryan. Good to see this one done.

    I think everyone should have a AMMO BOX of these in life.

    Long live ROSA CUBA ANGELS.

    oops.. I loged-in as my room mate.

  • Had one of these not too long ago. It was an enjoyable smoke; straight forward clean tobacco flavor, consistent burn and good smoke output. Definitely has outperformed other sticks in this price range and is on par with some of its pricier counter parts. Thanks for the review Bryan!

  • rockjock

    Nice to see a decent smoke that doesn’t have to cost $4-5.

  • Gigalo de Vitolas

    I know March madness is over but maybe a cheap stick shoot out like back in the day in a bracket format over a series of videos. Even better would be a series of reviews with short format cigars/cigarillos, that way doing 2 would be the equivalent of 1 in smoke time.

    I am dying to find some good short format cigars to smoke while out walking my dog. I also live in FL and like Bryan, its not always so comfortable to sit outside and smoke for 1.5hrs in this heat and humidity.

    I will seek out the Rosa Cuba Angels since that’s been mentioned a few times now.

    • PAG

      GdV, for smaller cigars I like the CAO Italia Piccolo (4.0×38), Casa Magna Pikito (4.7×42), and Perdomo Reserve Champagne Purito (4.0×38). If you like a high nicotine content, try the little Partagas Blacks. They’re too much for me, though.

      • Gigalo de Vitolas

        Thanks PAG, I’ll look for these online if I can’t find them at my local BM. I also am not a fan of the nicotine rush.

  • kurngar

    Sounds like a good stick for the price. Although Florida is hot the thunderstorms that have been rolling through during my smoke time have been great to watch.

  • sawfam

    Nice to see a cheap stick review. Still longing for another commentary filled SHOOTOUT like the old days on your front porch.

    Any plans for a Expensive Stick Shootout? Might be interesting to see two big guns going head to head to determine if price really makes a difference or are you just paying for the name…..

    • Tommz81

      Great idea

  • stevesatch

    Cheap sticks for the win

  • PAG

    To echo some of the comments above, I’d also like to see both more cheap stick / short smokes shootout videos.

  • Dirk

    Another great review.. I have been keeping a written log/summary of your reviews of cheap sticks.. Might have to try this one.

  • Kace

    Nice to have a cheap stick review thrown in every now and then. Great review. I would never have know you were sweating like a pig if you didn’t mention it. Even in the higher video quality, really couldn’t see pig sweat.

  • weimerad

    Why bother with reviewing that cigar. Nasty

  • eric.hanson

    I’m usually very skeptical of cheapt sticks, but this one sounds decent. Good burn time and performance, with some nice creamy flavors, I might pick some of these up. Great review.

  • dbfr181

    These are what we have for throw downs at work.

  • Daniel.A

    ive been wanting to get some cheap cigars. this one sounds ok. i was gonna get the Pinar del Rio Fumas. ill grab this and feel not bad whatsoever about leaving a good cigar halfway or something.

  • Tom Smitty

    Great suggestion, love 5 Vegas for the,quality and price point, but hard to find outside of C-bid I heard.

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