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Jun 18

Guy Stuff – Hot & Sour Seafood Soup

Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 in Guy Stuff

20130609hss0001-EditAnother great combo vid, taking a cue from my favorite Japanese restaurants, this is a fresh and light fish soup with a refreshing zing. Very flavorful yet thin and light it keeps all the different flavors and textures of the ingredients separate, giving each spoon full it’s own mix. Easy to make and rather inexpensive you can add other seasonings as you see fit but I like it as-is!

To make this you’ll need:
Firm white fish such as Cod
Green onions
Low sodium soy sauce
Vegetable oil
Corn starch

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Bring on the comments

  1. Jason Isbaner says:

    You lost me at ginger

  2. garlar10 says:

    Awesome. I can always use a new soup recipe!

  3. Miguel says:

    Great recipe!…cant wait to try

  4. TimB says:

    Good recipe only thing is eating healthy drop the use of splenda!I use honey as a sweetener instead of sugar.

  5. Jay D. says:

    Great simple recipe! Hey Bryan, have you ever tried using Tamarind soup base? It’s a delicious souring agent for soups, a little on the naughty side as it has a good amount of sodium per serving, but a little goes a long way.

    • JJO says:

      Jay – If you have an Asian grocery nearby, most will carry tamarind paste. It’s just the pulp of the fruit scooped out of the pods and formed into blocks. You can cut off a chunk and steep it in hot water, then strain out the seeds to make an extract. No sodium or MSG (not that I have anything against MSG, I grew up with it), just pure tamarind flavor; and put in a zip bag, the remaining paste will last just about forever in the refrigerator.

  6. mufdvr6976 says:

    nice recipe..looks good, too bad its 100 + degree temps right now in Az so ill put this on the back burner for now but when jt cools off, im gonna try!

  7. puffrey says:

    Ahhhh…one of my favorite foods and now in a convenient at home version!

    Thanks Bryan!

  8. Dirk says:

    Going to give this a whirl.. halibut and scallops.. maybe the sugar instead of the spenda.. Looks great Byran.. thanks

  9. Gigalo de Vitolas says:

    Did you learn cooking on your own or do you have some restaurant experience in the past? Tasty looking soup, very healthy. Keep at it.

  10. Craig says:

    Sounds great and the picture (of course you ARE a photographer) makes it look TERRIFIC !!!

  11. weimerad says:

    Doesn’t look very tasty

  12. smokethis says:

    Very nice! thanks Iron Chef B.

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