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CO Answering Viewer Questions 3!

by Bryan Glynn, June 14, 2013
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ipw0201The next, maybe the last, of the long series where I put out an open call for all your questions, then sat down and went through them! I should have a full transcript of all thre soon, so there will be an easy to read and lookup page coming soon for all these. In the meantime, I hope this adds to the huge reference series and helps some of you out!

  • Good work as usually Bryan! I hope it isn’t the last!

    • Craig

      I agree in that I hope this isn’t the last of the Q&A videos. Maybe instead of hour long video’s, you could do something like monthly video’s where you fill us in on your thoughts all things cigar related. Not just reviewing a cigar. Perhaps your thoughts on new releases, the cigar of the year award. How about the CO Cigar Of The Year Award! Just a thought………

  • Shovel

    very informative video as always. thanks for taking the time bryan

    • smokethis

      Yes very nice job on the video..ty

  • JJO

    Nice informative show.

    Just FYI, bestcigarprices still has the Ashton lancero sampler available. Very tempting.

    The question about using foam for a homemade travel case, I believe, was asking about protective foam, not for humidity, thus the reference to the Pelican case.

    Now where is that elephant poop cigar I was going to send you?

    • I too was wondering how good an elephant poop cigar would be. Lol.

      • I’m going to go ahead and say elephant poop cigars might have an earthy undertone lol

        • Craig

          Yeah and a “barn yard” aroma !!! ha ha ha

  • TimB

    Great job very informative as usual.As for a book about cigars I have read “The Cigar from soil to soul” by Didier Houvenaghel the man behind Nicarao cigars.It’s covers everything about cigars and I got it with a sampler of his cigars.An easy read.

  • Derek

    Great video Bryan…That’s what she said! Lol

  • “That ‘s what she said” ftw! Silly shit a side, a huge thank you Bryan for taking the time to go through and answer these questions. Because of your reviews you definitely make the experience of cigar smoking that much more approachable for so many folks. Applauds all around.

  • I’ll have to sit down this afternoon with a smoke and watch.

    • I think what we could do as viewers would be to put together a Best Of Bryan Glynn : The Hair. Videos. Highlight the best hairstyles you’ve sported over the past couple years.

  • puffrey

    Thanks for making it a no brainer on how to spend 10am this morning with a tasty Connecticut.

  • rockjock

    That is great. The others were so informative and interesting.

  • MorganGeo

    Lots of good questions answered. Great video. Thx

  • USA2ndAmendment

    Great video as always. I love these q & a’s, very good information.

  • brettyoung7

    Thanks for your videos Bryan, I watch your videos every day and every time before a smoke a certain cigar! Thanks for the answered questions

  • Jason Isbaner

    Thanks for taking the time, great video!

  • Dirk

    Another HIT.. you are a daily watch.. thanks for answering my question regarding the freezing of the leaves… What a pleasure it is for me and my fellow cigar enthuists to have you around. Bravo my brother

  • geekfish

    Thanks Bryan for teaching and sharing. I loved the average smoker question at end

  • eric.hanson

    Thanks for answering my questions! Your q and a’s are some of my favorite videos.

  • Gigalo de Vitolas

    good questions and great video. If it wasn’t father’s day weekend and the US Open wasn’t on tv I’d volunteer to transcribe.

  • rgmenke

    Nice Bryan,
    Thanks for taking the time to answer questions.

  • Great video once again. I love hearing Q&A videos for some reason, haha.

    • dcpeters

      I’m the same way. I can’t give my opinions, for the most part, for the life of me. However, I watch Q&As and I feel all better! It definitely helps a noob like me, sometimes.

  • jessevol

    Great video as always! I have a suggestion for you though. The fantastic cutter that you use so often looks like a great piece at a great price, but what if you were to offer them as a reward for the points? I would love to save up to win one of those. Thanks!

  • RageSto

    Can’t believe I watched all 3 videos in such quick succession. Great and informative videos. As for cutters, I’m actually preferring my Xikar MTX scissors over my Perfect Cutter lately. It’s a little more expensive, but I get a lot better control.

    I have one of the newer model PC’s and am finding that the assembly is feeling a little wobbly (probably need to send it in to Cuban Crafters about that). On top of that, it seems like it’s cutting too deep for some of my cigars. I’m continually cutting too far and removing all the caps, leading to unraveling at the head.

    • RageSto

      Missed the edit window:

      Looking at it again, I’ve got the CC Perfecto cutter…slight difference 🙂

      If you guys are looking, make sure to get the regular Perfect Cutter. They cost the same, but the quality of the original seems to be better.

  • Hey, thanks for another great Q&A! I greatly enjoy these vids. Tons of excellent information!

  • markbrown247

    These videos give me a really good intro into understanding Cigar culture and just the basics. I know I really appreciate these videos and I hope you continue to do more of them as time goes on at least periodically when it makes sense. It’s really powerful to have an interactive component like this on your websites so I would Encourage you to continue it if you would. One way to make it less tedious for you is to maybe do one or two questions at a time and have a short Q & A video series. But I completely understand that your time is the main issue, You can’t do it all. Thanks Bryan for doing these videos they were extremely helpful to me.

  • mikegeneva

    Thanks Brian! A great video.

  • HerbalJedi

    Thanks for doin a q&a man, I also look to your vids to get an idea of what Im looking for before I buy a smoke.

  • dbfr181

    Love the Q&A’s videos thanks Bryan!

  • mufdvr6976

    thanks for all your thanks for all your info

  • lazyboy

    Most of what I know about cigars Ive learned from your site. I smoked my first cigar about 2 years ago and have been enjoying them since. Everytime I try something new or just wanna see what else is out there I check your reviews. Prob watched at least half of them. In addition I love the “answering viewers questions” videos as well. Keep up the good work, Thanks

  • Fabbio

    Great q and a. Glad you covered home aging as I lost a good pile of Cuban r y j short wide churchills to this. Brought back 2 boxes from vc. Shortly after I was at a cigar lounge and heard one of the patrons talking at length about the benefits of this and how it makes great sticks perfect. So I stashed some away for a few years only to light one up 4 years later shocked and appalled to see a perfect smoke reduced to mediocre at best. After trying 3 I have been giving them to friends who can’t take med and up body or strength.

  • vscarpine

    thanks for taking the time to do this….it really helps

  • thehokie

    Great video as usual. Thanks for taking the time to answer all our questions.

  • dcpeters

    Awesome video. My humidor (which holds around 400) is staying at 80-81. I have a Cigar Oasis. It has been reading this way for about three weeks now and I can’t get it to go down. Should I leave the top open for a few hours? I am wondering how to get the humidity to go down, but I am thinking since the humidor is new it is locking it in at 80 and very, very slow to allow any out to help it go down. What do you recommend? Thanks!

  • dcpeters

    Yet another question haha. I have a tough time distinguishing flavors when I am smoking a cigar. I try to hold the smoke in my mouth for a little before exhaling. Is there any way, you might recommend, to understand and find more of the flavors available when smoking a cigar? Is it natural?

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