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Jun 12

Vertigo Viper Cigar Lighter Review

Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 in Accessory Reviews

Vertigo Viper Cigar Lighter Review

This is an overview showing the functions of a new tabletop torch lighter, providing large dual jet flames with a very comfortable fit in the hand. Obviously sporting a huge reservoir, this unit will go for 20+ minutes in any conditions. It has a base to allow it to stand on a table, a large grip for any size hands, a solid adjustment dial, safety switch and locking ignition button. I found it to provide precise even flames in even windy outdoor weather, lighting every time! Obviously not something to use while on-the-go or even for many people in any case, it’s a great alternative to more expensive table sized units. Thank you very much to Lighters Direct for sending this in for review!

  • smokethis

    Now THAT’S a lighter.

  • mufdvr6976

    That looks like a beast thanks for the revie

  • garlar10

    that is a pretty hardcore lighter. kinda takes the fun out of toasting a cigar though.

  • dcpeters

    Nice lighter. I keep on wanting to get a desktop lighter to have handy. I always seem to leave my hand lighters somewhere.

  • simplecocktails

    This thing looks a lot like a kitchen torch (usually used for caramelizing sugar on Creme Brulee). I’ll have to dig mine out of the drawer, fill it up with butane, and try lighting a cigar tonight…

    • JJO

      LOL, those kitchen torches are too small for me to use for carmelizing. I use my propane plumbing torch for that and for other chores like blistering chiles. The creme brulee torch works better on cigars.

  • Fuzzy

    Sure is a lot nicer than the Harbor Freight micro-torch I sometimes use.

  • CigarNole

    This would be great addition to my new cigar room, all my lighters are pocket size.

  • LV2HNT

    Very Nice lighter.. Thanks for a great website.