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Guy Stuff – Turkey Bacon Burgers

by Bryan Glynn, June 8, 2013
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20130514tb0004-EditGuy Stuff – Turkey Bacon Burgers

Taking a queue from my World’s Best Burger recipe this is a turkey version, and some will say it’s even BETTER (my wife included). With very similar spice layouts, this one sacrifices NO flavor or juice, and I challenge anyone to say it’s not a top beef burger if they didn’t know 🙂 Slow cooking the bacon on the grill adds to the decadent flavor package, adding crispy and savory goodness for your taste buds 🙂

To make this you’ll need:
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Red onion
Curry powder
Ground red pepper
Ground turkey
Turkey bacon
Olive oil
Dill pickle slices
Low-fat swiss cheese

  • Gigalo de Vitolas

    I might have to try this tomorrow for lunch.

  • garlar10

    Looks like the video doesn’t work on the website yet… looks like a great recipe though.

  • TimB

    Man that looks good and I want some now!

  • smokethis

    He shoots he scores! Another winning recipe by Iron Chef B!

  • rockjock

    Looks good. I am so hungry after watching the video.

  • But there’s just something about beef. I don’t know if it can be replaced.

  • weimerad

    Ummm yes please. My mouth is salivating

  • rgmenke

    I want one. Never grilled with turkey before.

  • markbrown247

    We are always trying new recipes and this looks great. Our 12 yr old son has become quite the chef so I am going I share this and Bryon’s Healthy website with him. Bryan thanks for being a class act with all of this. I am new to cigars and also in need of losing 30 lbs. most of the guys I enjoy cigars with other guys who are way overweight. I am glad to see a healthier component taken here as we deal with those who think cigar smoking is as unhealthy as addictive cigarette smoking. Dr. Brown

    • markbrown247

      Well, I just reread this comment guys and this will teach me to text during my son’s Saturday swim meets. I almost finished this entry but got distracted. What I meant to say is that there are a lot of guys I enjoy smoking with and we’re all in need of losing weight. And Bryan deserves kudos for taking a healthier approach. Sorry for the poor writing in my post this morning. It’s June in Texas and it was hot at that swim meet!

  • Cigarassassin

    Burger looks awesome and I bet taste awesome as well!
    If you want to get a little healthier, try using Ezekiel bread. It’s organic,gluten free, Low glycemic whole grain bread. You keep it in the freezer and it stays very long. Tastes great toasted and they even have a few kinds like cinnamon raisin.

  • dbfr181

    Love turkey burgers this looks amazing

  • Jason Isbaner

    Looks awesome, I will have to try this for sure followed by a great smoke!

    • EddieJH

      I smoked a Partagas Black Label after eating the burger. I enjoyed that very much. 🙂

  • Dirk

    Great looking video.. I, being a 20+ year non-red meat Turkey cook couldnt agree with you more. Gotta watch that turkey bacon.. most are worse than pork bacon..

    This is right out of my play book.. nice job.. going to try the dill.. thanks

  • sdh3237

    I love the picture of the burger it makes me salivate looking at it.

    • Craig

      I agree. The picture of that thing looks amazing. You’d think Bryan was a photographer or something! lol

      • EddieJH

        That picture is what made me want to try it to begin with. 🙂 Did not regret it.

  • Wowzers, this looks incredible! Nice move on the curry powder, love that flavor in burgers. Definitely taking this recipe on the next camping trip.

  • thehokie

    Think I found dinner on Monday

  • geekfish

    turkey bacon looks pretty good done that way!

  • garlar10

    This looks like a good recipe although i haven’t had too much luck cooking with ground turkey in the past. Hopefully your advice will be able to avoid over cooking. Thanks for the video!

  • mfsaur

    love the intro… “hellooooooooooooooo everybody” haha

  • jpculp57

    Ok, Ok, so I know you’re being healthy and all, but this is verging on sacrilegious! First of all if God wanted bacon to be made out of turkey he’d have named them pigs! I don’t really have a second point to this rant, well except to say that turkey is no substitute for beef. Haha! I am glad to see you’re looking good and passing along good health advice. Keep up the good websites Bryan!

  • gtclark

    My peanut-butter sandwich suddenly seems so inadequate…that’s what I get for looking at this on my lunch break.

  • eric.hanson

    Hmmm, I loved your burger recipe! I’ll have to give this a try. I’m always looking for new good recipes that are healthy, so I’d love to see you post some more if you can. Thanks.

  • Gimmicks85

    This clip made me so hungry . Going to try it out …

    • EddieJH

      I strongly recommend that you try it. Lol. I had two of these bad boys and I couldn’t stand up from my chair. haha. Really good burgers. 🙂

  • EddieJH

    I would like to thank you because after watching this video, I just had to try it and… I completely loved it. It was juicy and tasty. Will definitely do this again next BBQ day. 🙂

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