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Jun 7

Inception 518 Cigar Review

Posted on Friday, June 7, 2013 in Cigar Reviews

Inception 518 Cigar Review

This 6.5×46 stick features a dark chocolate firmly packed satin finished wrapper with a couple small veins, tight invisible seams, large double cap and rich hay and chocolate aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with rich medium-full bodied flavors of a smooth musty aged tobacco and slight sweet chocolate with a creamy smooth finish. The first third continues the same draw flavors and performance, dropping the ash just after an inch, while the finish grows longer and smooth. Hitting the 1/2 way point at 45 minutes the 2nd third has a deep creamy smooth tobacco and earth draw with a deep earth lingering finish. Ending at 1:10 the last third stayed very consistent. Thank you very much to Inception Cigars for sending this sample in for review!

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Bring on the comments

  1. Jason Isbaner says:

    This cigar sounds like a good one, great review! Thanks for the insight on blending, very interesting.

  2. TimB says:

    Nice review have to get a 5 pack of these if I can.

  3. sdh3237 says:

    Was that fog in the air or a camera setting issue? It looks cool.

  4. mufdvr6976 says:

    nice review, youre lookin really healthy these days brother!

  5. garlar10 says:

    I like the fog in the beginning of the video. Maybe you could get a smoke machine and have every video start this way… chocolate aged tobacco, sounds like a winner to me.

  6. phaedron says:

    Not to be confused with the Ezra Zion Inception… except I see now that Ezra Zion changed the name of that cigar to Jamais Vu. Dollars to doughnuts it was somehow having to do with confusion between their product and the Inception brand. Oh, and what do you do when Tropical Storm Andrea is bearing down on you? Why, sit out on your patio and have a fine cigar! That’s what I’d do, too!

    • JJO says:

      You’re right about the Ezra Zion. Apparently, EZ mistakenly got the go ahead from the trademark office, then decided to change the name to avoid any further conflicts. The Jamais Vu I had was complex and had some power to it, and this one sounds enjoyable as well.

  7. DavidKIT says:

    I’ve had a couple sticks that I thought varied in flavor from one size to another. I always thought this was due to my changing palate or horrible memory. Never knew a blender would change things within the same line. Thanks for the info.

  8. wcfennell says:

    great review, I actually kind of liked the effect the fog had on the early part of the video. It gave it a very antique look.

  9. Chris Tivnan says:

    … That’s what she said.

  10. rockjock says:

    If a cigar line taste varies by shape and size, and you are saying that some blenders actually change the filler (not just the amount) can you really every know a line without going though dozens of cigars? Even the same cigar can vary from one to the other. Additionally, they will shift over time in the humidor. Not to mention this year’s harvest will be different than next.

  11. yosef5 says:

    Thanks again for another good review

  12. Gigalo de Vitolas says:

    The problem with watching your reviews is that it is a constant reminder that I have sooooo many more cigars I have yet to taste.

  13. Andrew says:

    That’s what she said!

  14. Cigarassassin says:

    Another nice cigar to try! The wife is definitely not going to be liking you to much lol

  15. vscarpine says:

    Sounds like a good one will have to try this

  16. capital75757 says:

    I said “that’s what she said” a second before you remarked “don’t say it!”.

    I couldn’t help myself! Ha ha.

  17. micktorres says:

    I am going to try this cigar, nice review.

  18. swj045 says:

    cool band,this cigar sounds very good for a early smoke.thanks for the fog,pretty nice effect…

  19. Dirk says:

    another good video.. I am curious, and understand that various harvests result in varying flavors from year to year. However, it must really take a lot of memory or documentation of each blend for each size of stick with the same label.. It would be interesting to how much the sticks vary from lot to lot in Cuban Paradise’s line.
    Seems it would be so much easier to use the same blend for all the sizes..

  20. weimerad says:

    Looks like a good smoke

  21. JJO says:

    So Bryan, have you had a chance to go back to your notes for the robusto, and are they pretty similar? I’m looking forward to the one you sent me.

  22. LordCybor says:

    I’ve never been superstitious but, I can clearly see your aura in the beginning of the video!! …LOL

  23. smokethis says:

    Nice review as usual..

  24. Tempoguy55 says:

    I was smoking a CAO Brazilia and about 5min in the wrapper swelled and cracked. Has anyone else ever had this happen?

    • LordCybor says:

      Yeah, happened to me once. Cracked when the burn got close to the cap though, so I did not lose much of the cigar. And I smoke those until my fingers get hot!

  25. 2dogdad says:

    I have not heard much of this company. Is it in general release yet? P.

  26. Sirfubes says:

    I got a three pack of their cigars for free when Bryan reviewed another one. I love them!

  27. eric.hanson says:

    I love the look of the video at the intro. Hahaha “don’t say it” well I will that’s what she said. Doesn’t sound like a bad stick maybe I’ll try one of the Inception sticks.

  28. MaxDuo says:

    Sounds like a pretty awesome cigar… yet another to add to the list of ones I want to try later on when able to make a good sized order!

  29. Thanks for the review Brian! For all of those interested, we can take orders through our website, or you can just call in. Also, it would be great to get requests at your local stores; we’re a growing brand, in 23 states so far and we continue to grow.

    Inceptions only get better with some age. Expect notes of white pepper, leather, espresso, nuts, and dried fruit. The BCD size has been a hit as of late because of how it develops as you smoke it; it finishes with powerful notes of chocolate and coffee.

    This is not a flavored cigar, just to be clear, its just the combination we use that creates this awesome profile that the Inception Cigars have.

    Hope to hear from some of you guys soon!

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