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Cult Ometepe Grande Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, June 5, 2013
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Cult Ometepe Grande Robusto Cigar Review

This 5.5×54 stick features a dark tan dry soft wrapper with an even firm pack, minimal veins, tight seams, double cap and rich hay aroma. First light reveals a fairly loose draw with plentiful full bodied smoke production showing flavors of the unique ometepe taste, a slightly sweet tobacco and savoriness, with a pretty short clean finish adding a tiny zing. The first third picks up the flavors adding a nice creamy zest to the draw while the finish grows longer keeping a pepper wash and oil on the mouthfeel. Hitting the 1/2 way point 30 minutes in, the ash drops in a solid chunk and smoke production continues to be rich and plentiful. Draw flavors change just slightly shifting the general sweetness to a dried cherry, which carries over to the finish which gets creamier and less peppery. Ending at the hour mark, the last third drops the sweet and creamy notes going to a warm nut and dry cedar with a long heavy finish. Strength also ramps up making me quite light headed and jittery, matching the body at the last inch at medium-full. Thank you very much to Cult Cigars for sending this sample in for review!

  • Awesome review! I came across the Cult Ometepe yesterday and have never heard of them before. I really like your description of the taste profile, sounds like a good one, thanks Bryan!

  • TimB

    I had heard of Cult but never tried it.This sounds like and entrusting cigar have to give it a try.

  • garlar10

    Had one of these about a month ago. I really liked it until I got to the final 3rd and it proved to be too much of a power house for me, had to put it down. Still a pretty cool stick though.

  • Jason Isbaner

    Sounds like a cigar that’s worth a try.

  • smokethis

    Dried cherry flavor sounds nice. Nice review B!

    • Tommz81

      I’m going to try it for that if nothing else.

  • rockjock

    Sounds like another one to seek out and try. How does any keep up with all the different cigars out there?

  • puffrey

    Wow this sounds like a phenomenal stick!

    Not familiar with Cult but my humi is about to get acquainted with them.

    Thanks Bryan!

  • gtclark

    This prompted me to find out what on earth “Ometepe” tobacco is…apparently it’s grown in the shadow of an island volcano in Nicaragua. I suppose the volcanic soil produces a unique tobacco. Fascinating!

    • Craig

      Very interesting info. Thanks GT. And Thanks for the review as always Bryan!

    • DrakeXD

      That’s kind of cool. Thanks for sharing the info with us. I definitely need to give this stick a try.

  • wcfennell

    great review. I’d love to try one.

  • weimerad

    Looks like i might have to give thiss cigar a try

    • yosef5

      I like your descriptions
      Another good review

  • sparkmark

    I really enjoy the Cult cigar. I keep my humidor stocked with them. I will definitely try this new blend too.

  • mufdvr6976

    this looks interesting, do they have this with a black band? thought I saw that

  • phillyb

    Sounds interesting. Another added to my list!

  • Dirk

    I will be trying to locate one of these.. the tobacco sounds great

  • I’ve been enjoying the Blood Red Moon from Cult, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed those. They aren’t as complex as these Omtepe Grande’s but they aren’t terrible by any means. I need to try these out though, they are on my “to-puff list”.

  • Daniel.A

    wouldn’t want to smoke the end of it.

  • jpculp57

    I haven’t had a Cult yet that I liked. I have tried a few different ones and they’ve all been just a generic tasting cigar to me. I might have to seek this one out as the flavor profile sounds good. Thanks for the review

  • ipadave

    Sounds like one to add to the list to try.

  • swj045

    never had a cult yet, but this one with cherry sounds pretty good.think I will pick one of these up and try it. the thick smoke sounds really good.

  • dbfr181

    I’ve had this cigar before it was great!!

  • eric.hanson

    Never heard of these before, I’m not sure it’s something I’d want to try it though, the flavors don’t sound like ones I enjoy. Thanks for your reviews Bryan, they’ve saved me lots of money from buying sticks I wouldn’t like.

  • MaxDuo

    Sounds interesting, a bit wary about the strength rush at the end though…… I’ve never had an ometepe, should try to look for another one to try at some point perhaps… would like to see what that taste it has is like!

  • rpharmrx

    Having been in Nicaragua in February on the Drew Estate Safari I came acquainted with the Ometepe leaves and decided to add this tobacco in my “own blend” of 10 cigars provided by our hosts.. this Cult blend is stronger and absolutely at times overwhelming in its strength output. I would say not for the casual smoker, but a must try for any serious smoker. I did, however, have to relight two times.. thanks Bryan for your great reviews.

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