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Island Cigar Factory Guama Dual Wrap Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, June 1, 2013
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Island Cigar Factory Guama Dual Wrap Cigar Review

This unique soybean shaped 5×42-48 stick features dual barberpole wrappers with a very light pack, smooth oily feel, small veins, tight seams, double cap and light hay aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with good smoke output showing mild-medium sweet tobacco draw flavors and a slightly heavier long smooth finish. The first third burns quickly, hitting the largest section in 10 minutes, keeping the same flavor profile just ramping it up to a solid medium. Hitting the 1/2 way point and ending the largest section 20 minutes in, flavors on the draw go to a sugary sweet nut and coffee, while the finish adds just a touch of pepper. Ending at 40 minutes, the ash held all the way to the end where the draw flavors got terribly bitter and warm, so I ended it on a good note. Thank you very much to IslandCigarFactory.com for providing this for review!

  • Boucher207

    Great looking cigar too!

  • Boucher207

    Bryan, ever smoked the Bahia Maduro red label? If so, what were your thoughts?

  • seanking4

    I’ve never seen that shape before but where I live Cuban Stock brand cigars are big. One of theirs has a dual color wrapper as well. I’ve always been curious as to how they are. Maybe I’ll pick one up sometime.

  • TimB

    Nice review I like this vitola.

  • MorganGeo

    Interesting looking stick. I like to see cigar manufacturers break out of the ordinary and try new things. You never know what might be the next big thing.

  • wcfennell

    That’s one of the coolest looking cigars I’ve ever seen. Nice to see it’s not just a novelty, but smoked very well.

    • MaxDuo

      How well it smoked was pretty impressive, I agree! Sounds like an interesting stick. I’ll have to check the price because it sounds nice… but not sure how much I would want to spend for it if 40min is about as long as it will go.

      I only say that because I imagine the different shape and multiple wrappers probably give it reason to cost more.

  • garlar10

    I gotta try one of these. Great review, the only barber shop pole cigar I have had was the fuente between the lines and this one looks way more complex.

  • Jason Isbaner

    My first thought was look another cigar gimmick, but the flavors sounded good so I might have to try this stick.

  • AngSolo

    I’ve seen the shape before, I think it has been around a while. Looks like this one burned very well too.

  • ssrobbi

    Interesting shape, I’m very surprised at how well it burned. Also, the youtube videos crack me up, it’s like no one realizes some people are up early in the morning.

  • jhill13

    It would have been cool to see that ash right before it fell.

  • superdutyal

    looks odd but sounds kind of cool

  • pdaug0511

    This is honestly the goofiest looking cigar I have ever seen

  • Zombieno1

    Another double poster abusing the system.

    I must say Bryan that your videos are looking amazing and so is the editing. I remember you mentioning that you got new gear. It has been a week sense I checked out any videos. Any major changes in the past week?

  • I think this has been my favorite time lapse video in a while. I’ve had a couple house cigars that were similarly wrapped, not bad at all

    @zombieno, there’s a post a few weeks back that mentions Bryan’s use of his camera upgrade (dslr video from his current photo set up) looks awesome right!?

    • Gigalo de Vitolas

      I do like the video quality with the recent upgrade but the brightness contrast halfway through this video was weird.

  • rockjock

    Sounds good and a little flashy. Sometimes flashy is fun.

    • smokethis

      Ya flashy looks good here. Gotta try this one.

  • Tommz81

    Never tried a barber pole. What are some others that can be found in retail stores?

    • MorganGeo

      I like the CAO America Potomac. It’s pretty tasty.

      • Tommz81

        Ok thanks. I’ll give it a try.

        • smokethis

          Yes have a Patomic ready for The 4th been aging 1 year!

          • MorganGeo

            I smoked one on Memorial Day. It’s always good to smoke one on a holiday. =)

  • Dale

    I think this would be fun to have around for when they guys come over. Pull some of these out just because they are so different and they seem to smoke well.

  • jpculp57

    Nice review/video. I like seeing the changes in the sun as your video progresses. It makes for interesting viewing. The cigar looks good too. Reminds me of a mini DE Egg except this one sounds good. Haven’t heard good things about the egg.

  • yosef5

    a very interesting review and cigar

  • Xavier4753

    Lol for as funny looking as the wrapper looks, it seems like a great smoke. It definitely fell in my book of things to try. I had never seen one like it. Gonna give it a look.

  • mufdvr6976

    interesting, reminds me of a punch rare corojo champion!!

  • vscarpine

    Never seen a cigar in this shape but it sounds like it would taste pretty good

  • JJO

    Looks like the early gestation period for the Drew Estate Egg. Sounds pretty nice, but I think I would prefer one of the more traditional shapes.

  • swj045

    started out thinking O no another football cigar,but it seems to be a decent smoke.I might smoke one just to see if I would like it but don’t think I will be buying a box..

    • JJO

      Yeah, I wish some of these places would offer an alternative to spending $125 for an entire bundle/box when you just want to try out a few.

    • Craig

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. Another football cigar. Kinda looks cool, but won’t burn or taste worth anything. I’m pleasantly surprised that it was a good stick!

  • Gigalo de Vitolas

    I always assumed that barber pole cigars would be more complex because of the dual wrappers but your right, they remain pretty consistent throughout. Never really had a bad one though.

  • dbfr181

    Ill be in Key West next week definatly going check these guys out

  • Dirk

    Again, thanks for the education.. looks like a very unusual cigar I would probably not even try until viewing your review… it is a bit interesting, I just may have to look for one.

  • Chaz

    looks like a nice mellow fairly quick morning smoke 🙂 I would love to try, but don’t feel like buying a bundle right away… c’mon Island… offer some samplers or 5 packs!

  • weimerad

    No thanks ill pass

  • MorganGeo

    Completely off subject post, but I think the IQ levels are drastically different from the you tube people commenting vs the CO website comments. LOL. Just an observation on my part.

  • USA2ndAmendment

    This sounds like a great tasting cigar. I’ve never had a barber pole/dual wrapper, but would love to try one.

  • phaedron

    I visited this place down in Key West a few years ago, and it was pretty cool. I know I picked up a couple of cigars, but it was long enough ago that I can’t remember my impressions. This review prompts the question, though– you do very occasionally review unbanded cigars that are sold by their companies in naked bundles (the Blue Mountain cigars also come to mind– oh, and there were also the Nadis). Now, if I order a bundle of these from Island Cigar, the current rules of the rolling lottery would bar me from entering these (Name brand, banded cigars only – no no-name, off-brand store bundle-only or house blends). But I bet folks would like to try these, given the fact that you seemed to like it. Can the rule be amended to say “unless I positively reviewed it on the site?”

    • No, I don’t want to start making new or bend rules. It would just open the door to crappy house sticks coming in. unless it was a weird shape I would have no way of telling what it is. It works perfectly well as is. I totally agree, in theory, though.

      • MaxDuo

        “no way of telling” reminds me of a recent lottery post where you said people could have cigars delivered to you from an online store. I guess in that case you could at least know what cigar it was for certain. Not trying to question you or anything here, just saying that that would at least help. And I agree on it not needing more and more rules.

        It’s a shame people just can’t be trusted more at times. The cigar lounge I go to, I have no problem carrying a case of nice craft beer in and leaving it unattended in a corner or something after tossing a few in the fridge. Generally a lot of regulars are there and won’t let someone come up and steal from a person or the shop. Shame the Internet can’t magically hold the same standards easily! 🙁

        • JJO

          I understand what you are saying, but the rules are clear. It’s up to us to abide by them. Bryan should not have to keep track of and make decisions on the entries. It’s not like there aren’t a few hundred other clearly defined brands out there.

          • phaedron

            Just to clarify, I’m not disappointed or anything at the response. It’s wholly reasonable. My question really went hand-in-hand with the one I posed on the Vallejuelo review. Bryan liked that cigar, too. On the basis of the review, I bought a box and they’re now among my favorites. But they’re so gosh-darned CHEAP that while I certainly had enough to spare to send one in as part of my current entry, and while I think just about anyone would thoroughly enjoy smoking it if they won it, I was concerned about running afoul of the rule against “ultra-cheap,” “not a major brand” cigars. It just struck me that if a cigar is reviewed favorably on the site (and we’ve all seen what a non-favorable review looks like – see El Rey Del Mundo Robusto Larga Oscuro, for example) it should be welcomed into the lottery as well. But when it comes to unbanded bundles, I suppose I could have some POS that “looks” like the Blue Mountain and try to pass it off as such. Not that I ever would…!

  • eric.hanson

    I’ve never seen a stick that looks like this before. I’m always sceptical of of sticks like this because they are usually marketing sticks, however this one doesn’t sound that bad. Might have to give it a try.

  • LunchBox87km

    Interesting shape but sounds pleasant

  • gtclark

    Reminds be of the Drew Estate Egg…surprised these things don’t have a ton of burn issues

  • BCamara

    From the pictures I thought this cigar was going to be a joke and have burn issues. Thankfully I was wrong. It reminds me of the Between the Lines by Fuente.

  • phillyb

    When I initially saw the picture I thought to myself “Oh jeez, another novelty cigar! Nothing good shall come of this!” I was surprised to hear that it wasn’t another crap stick.

  • Pokesfan

    Odd looking stick. I am surprised as to how well it burned.

  • gunaholic

    Always thought those looked a little novelty

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