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May 20

CO Cigar Lottery 12 Update 1

Posted on Monday, May 20, 2013 in World of CO

Cigar Obsession Lottery #12, Update 1!

We have a new sponsor this round, Humidor Discount! Please show them some love in welcoming them to the contest! In addition to the 150 cigars the winner this time shall receive a gorgeous 100+ count unit from – help me support them, they support you! In fact they are giving YOU a choice of what humidor should be the prize for this round, see the poll below to cast your vote :) One very cool thing is they have free shipping on orders to the US :)

This is the first update for lottery #12! The lottery is rolling at a 150 cigar stop, so whenever the stash hits 150 I will draw a winner and the next round starts! As always I’ll have regular updates as things come in so you can drool over the growing prize pool :)

If you are new, watch the video to see what you could win, and keep reading to see the rules and tips!


This is going to be completely user driven kind of like the Lotto. However it doesn’t involve money or purchasing tickets with money, instead you are donating to the collective prize pool to enter!

Each time I will accept incoming packages with your cigars to add to the pool, and will update you with videos as entries come in. To add your entry you need to send in 2 or 4 cigars, for one or two entries per person/mailing address. Yes you can put all 4 cigars in one package. Damaged sticks will not be entered.


When shipping cigars, it’s ok to use baggies as long as they are packed tight enough so they don’t roll around enough to be damaged. If however you have had any stored too dry, do not include any humification, just ship them as-is. Use a small box. If you already have a box you can ship them 1st class for under $3 just about anywhere. I also like the flat rate priority mail boxes, they are about $5 good to go. Stuff the box enough so nothing moves around and has some cushion if need be. Protect the cigars from moving around in short. Use delivery confirmation, I am not responsible for lost shipments, do not ask me about them. All entries will be shown in update videos.


NO CUBANS! I’m semi-ok with reviewing them on rare occasion but I will not be involved in any way distributing them.
All participants must be 18+ years of age and reside in the US.
At the end of each lottery I will produce a video showing the random winner being drawn using and the winner will receive the whole prize shipment from me!
Full-sized Cigars, ONLY, no cigarillos.
Name brand, banded cigars only – no no-name, off-brand store bundle-only or house blends.
No intentional crap cigars like Ron Mexico or other similar ultra cheap POS smokes. Use common sense, if it’s not a major brand, don’t send it.

Include the following information in your package:

Cigars you are entering
Full return address for prize delivery

Send entries and info here:
Bryan Glynn
5318 Bob White Dr.
Holiday, FL 34690

Good luck and SPREAD THE WORD! The more people are in it the bigger the prize!! Click the buttons below here and tell everyone, get them to enter! The bigger the pool the cooler extra stuff I can get you like the free humidors as well!

Lottery 12

Which Humidor would you like for Lottery #12 from

Genova *


Santiago *


Matera *


Carrara Grande *

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Bring on the comments

  1. puffrey says:

    This is phenomenal!!Welcome Humidor Discount!!

  2. Jay D. says:

    Welcome Humidor Discount! Thank you for being so generous as to take part in the lottery. You guys have a beautiful selection of humidors!

    Good luck everyone, the pool is off to a great start!

  3. JJO says:

    Thank you to Humidor Discount. Those are some great looking humidors.

  4. sparkmark says:

    Very lovely product! I am excited! Thank you!

  5. TheSmokingGunman says:

    I love that white humi!

  6. weimerad says:

    Great looking humidor

  7. phaedron says:

    What, no Gurkhas?? I can fix that! (Kidding, just kidding!)

  8. Jason Isbaner says:

    All the humidors look great! Thank you humidor discount!

  9. mufdvr6976 says:

    wow, nice start to this lottery… hurried and rushed my entries for lottery #11 and I guess my enyries didn’t make it, but I didn’t see my entries for this update? just want to know if im in!! thanks!

  10. vscarpine says:

    Awesome love that the site is growing with the faster lotteries and more sponsors

  11. mrdaveii says:

    Wow….did anyone go and look at the prices of the humidors they are offering!?! They must be high quality humidors…. ;)

  12. Romel says:

    Awesome humidors and is a great site. Those humidors look amazing!

  13. Craig says:

    HumidorDiscount ROCKS !!! Now just got to get my entry in first thing tomorrow!

  14. ryanmo45 says:

    Beautiful humidors! It’s great to see some awesome cigars appearing in the lottery.

  15. jomo says:

    All the humidors look awesome thanks humidor discount. I need to pack up my entry and get it sent off.

  16. sdh3237 says:

    I gotta get my entry in as I love that Cusano 59 Cameroon. It is tasty.

  17. bmac7754 says:

    Good idea on the choice of humidors. Welcome to your new sponsor.

  18. wcfennell says:

    looks like a pretty damn good start! I’ll have to send a couple in this time.

  19. USA2ndAmendment says:

    Wow, I like that this new sponsor is letting the viewers vote/pick the humidor…I think it makes it that much more exciting :)

  20. CigarStrawn says:

    This is going to be a great lottery! Welcome humidor discount!

  21. Daniel.A says:

    Humidor Discount you guys are awesome. thank you. seeing lots of great looking cigars. Room 101 the RPs. man i can’t wait to participate. i’m gonna be sending in 4 cigars every time. hopefully i win someday.

  22. Lalla says:

    Those are some beautiful humidors. I’m especially happy to see an acrylic one included. (Even if it’s the least popular.)

  23. Hello everyone. I’m Silvia from HumidorDiscount. Thanks for the warm welcome!

    I’m happy you like the idea of the poll and that some of you already took a look at our humidors.

    If you want to know more about the different products or for any other doubt, I’ll be happy to help you :)

    Enjoy the lottery!

  24. eric.hanson says:

    Very nice looking stash so far, and BTW I loved the rant about people buying shit cigars with nice bands.

  25. Jared says:

    It’s absolutely crazy that these are rolling this fast. You almost have to expect that no matter when you send sticks, you have a good possibility that you’re entering the next lottery, not this one! Cool to see new sponsors, AND to see them getting in the mix here on the boards!

  26. PAG says:

    C’mon, Bryan. You live in Florida. You should be able to pick up at least a little Spanish pretty easily.

    The La Aurora is pronounced kinda’ like “ay-sco-GEE-dose”. I did a little digging and it appears that it’s a Spanish word for “preferred”.

  27. Consigliere says:

    Nice! I personally own the Santiago humidor pictured above and it is a fantastic work of art! So much thought goes into the design of these humidors and the finished products are beautiful. Great to see humidor discount as a sponsor!

  28. DairyLandCigarFan414 says:

    Love that white humidor…got like 10 smokes picked out to send out just haven’t got around to the post office just yet…..would love a chance to win those beautiful sticks and those quality humis…

  29. yankeeman says:

    Great looking humidors and their site has an awesome selection. Thanks again for sponsoring!

  30. Chris Tivnan says:

    The white one is not what I would recomend for a bunch of us sloppy bachelors! lol

  31. swj045 says:

    I will have to disagree the white humidor is will shine along side the other darker if I can only win this lottery.

  32. Dirk says:

    I would love the white one..sadly it would be covered in dirty fingerprints after about a week :)

  33. jablaze says:

    the first one is def my fav, looks like a good set of sticks so far

  34. garlar10 says:

    I really like the website for this new sponsor. I am so conflicted now. Do I make a coolidor or buy another humidor from humidordiscount? LOL

  35. NMartin says:

    Nice selection, good luck guys! Beautiful humidors.

  36. MaxDuo says:

    That white humidor is very interesting, shame it seems to be the most disliked!

    Also darnit, a new sponsor means someone else I’d like to support. :)

  37. Very nice, hoping to get involved soon! Cheers!

  38. Boucher207 says:

    Love the white one!

  39. PrinceHector says:



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