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Guy Stuff – Cream of Smoked Turkey & Wild Rice Soup

by Bryan Glynn, May 19, 2013
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20130511cts0001-EditGuy Stuff – Cream of Smoked Turkey & Wild Rice Soup

Back on the smoker this time, I show you not only how to make the main event for this recipe, but how to pull off the best damn Thanksgiving turkey you’ll ever have 🙂 Just don’t try and compete with the wife or mom, you’ll piss them off when your turkey goes first! SUPER easy to make you can use any kind of basting you wish, I prefer a good beer, using Samuel Adams Boston Lager here, with some olive oil and italian seasoning. I think it adds just enough punch without becoming to prominent. If you haven’t had real wild rice before in soups or dishes (you probably aren’t from the mid-west) you’re in for a treat! It has a creamy, rich hearty flavor built in, delivering the core to this taste. The smoke from the turkey and all the veggies just keep building layers, you’ll be making this one again! It’s really easy to make, just not cheap.

To make this you’ll need:
Turkey – fresh NOT frozen
Green Onions
Whole wheat flour
Wild Rice
Non-fat greek yogurt
Fat-free low-sodium chicken broth
Poultry rub of your choice
Beer or liquid of your choise
Olive oil

  • Boucher207

    Love the Guy Stuff videos as well!!

  • smokethis

    Very Nice Recipe. That parsley adds a really vibrant color to the soup. Looks awesome. Thanks Iron Chef Glynn 😉

  • weimerad

    Get rid of the fungus and I’m game

  • TheSmokingGunman

    Tell me you didn’t call it “E.V.O.O.” …smh. Quick, smoke a really fat Liga Privada really quick to man it back up in here.

    • Rachel is my hero 🙂

      • TheSmokingGunman

        LOL! *hanging head in shame* …me too

        • lostonmonday

          PSH, Alton brown towers over Rachael Ray and her orange knives and fancy garbage bowl… er, I mean, I have a “friend” who might’ve seen her show once… or twice and mentioned stuff like that and evoo.

          • Alton is DA MAN I really really miss him 🙁

      • Craig

        Now there’s an idea. Instead of 30 minute meals with Rachel Ray. You can do Meals That Can Be Made In Time It Takes To Smoke A Cigar with Byran Glynn!!

  • My oh my, this looks and sounds so good! Love wild rice in soups, definitely amps up the hearty element. And I have to admit, if I could only have one station on my cable box, it would probably be Food Network, I mean c’mon, Triple D, Chopped!? I’d be lying if I said Giada isn’t foxy.

  • dbfr181

    Now that looks darn good!

  • Dirk

    Great video.. I think we discussed using turkey in a previous discussion.. I stopped eating red meat over 24 years ago and I too use the old Weber in a ton of my cooking.. for a small fee.. (just kidding) I would be willing to mail you some manzanita.. wow.. a unique hard wood from the Pacific North West.. I use it in my cooking of turkey.. thanks again.. great job.. now I am hungry

  • stevesatch

    I seem to only cook using the grill. I should try something in the kitchen : )

    • I can relate brother, meals taste that much better if it’s been on the grill. I turn on the bbq before I pour milk on my cereal.

  • mfsaur

    little to expensive for me

    • It could definitely be a meal where people can contribute to making it happen; someone brings the produce, someone else brings the beers, someone covers the stogies, you buy the turkey… sounds like a a good sunday.

  • mufdvr6976

    made this yesterday, happened to have most ingredients it came out nice ! thanks for the idea.

  • eric.hanson

    This sounds and looks like an amazing soup, but I think it might just be a little be too complicated for me at this point in my life. Maybe I’ll give it a try in a few years when I’ve gotten more of a handle on grilling turky. Thanks for all the info.

  • Pokesfan

    This looks tastey! It’s not quite lunch time for me here so watching this video is killing me. I, for one, love the mushrooms! I think this might be your best recipe yet!
    Thanks Bryan.

  • bond007

    This looks like a great recipe! I have to try it one of these days. Do you think that you could use a chicken instead of a turkey?

    • Oh sure! It’ll just alter the taste a bit but would be delish!

  • garlar10

    Thanks for the recipe Bryan. I love making soup. Super easy and always leftovers for later on in the week.

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