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May 18

How To Build A Cigar Coolidor

Posted on Saturday, May 18, 2013 in Informational


I get this question so much I had to make a video – even though it’s nothing magic! It’s kinda like doing touchups – there is so much mystery, myth and pure bullshit about the subject people just think there’s more to it than there really is. So here’s all it takes in a nutshell. Buy cooler. Wash Cooler. Dry cooler. Put in cigars, the more the better, including boxes. Use good beads. Enjoy! ANYTHING else is your personal choice, but nothing else is needed to function. I’ve been running this configuration for many years. The last 600+ reviews have been out of this exact setup.

  • Dirk

    great information.. I have a ton of empty cigar boxes I could be selling.. I could call them “Bryan’s coolidor shelving”.. thats the ticket..

  • KG

    Just thought I’d add a twist since you are using the same model cooler I am.

    I glued two cedar trays together (from cheaphumidors, but they seem to be sold all over) and they fit perfectly on the inside lip of that Coleman Extreme5 120qt. They stack two deep from the lip up (with plenty of space before the lid). When rotated 90 degrees, they stack three deep from the bottom up almost to the lip. I turned 8 trays into 4 that all rest on the lip and plan to leave boxes / fans / KL underneath. Just a cheap organizational option I thought some might like that adds some stable cedar.

    If anyone’s interested, here’s a pic (yes, I need to get some stock!)…

    • cigarraider

      Geez. Maybe you should start your own site as well. Very nice set up, KG.

      • bond007

        yeah that is a great set up you have going on

        • KG

          Thanks guys. This is my first rodeo, so I had additional organizational needs. I’ve noticed most long term BOTL can recognize a cigar very quickly with a glancing view. I’m still reading labels!

          • CajunCigarlover

            KG, your coolidor setup with shelves looks great for storing singles and will provide nice air circulation. Very nice setup!
            However, I believe the point of BG’s coolidor setup is to store large amounts of cigars economically, hence the boxes and ziplock bags full of cigars. I haven’t gotten to the point of storing several boxes at once, but now that I see how easy it is to do, the box storage coolidor will probably be happening sooner rather than later. I’ll keep my 150 count humi stocked with my daily smokes and the backlog in my coolidor. Will be nice to do away with my smaller humi’s and the pain in the butt humidification that comes along with them. The smaller humi’s will make nice holiday gifts…LOL.

  • garlar10

    Thanks for the video. About time I upgrade to one of these…

  • KnightRid

    I have been wanting to build one of these for a few years but I never had any luck with beads. I may have to give it another try.

    Do you have any problems if you don’t fill the cooler the whole way? Could always fill it with empty boxes but was just curious.

  • ghostshadow

    Very nice! I didn’t know there was so much mystery around the coolidor. I was more surprised by how much you have in storage, haha!

  • bond007

    when I assemble a cigar stockpile I will defiantly make one of these!

  • RamzaFreak20

    I made one out of my college beer cooler. It held a couple 6 packs, now it holds ~150 sticks. Pretty convenient herf-a-dor ^^

  • PrinceHector


  • sagxman

    I loved the end! How in the hell are you EVER going to smoke all of those cigars? Party at your house!

  •!/profile.php?id=100000529939931 Chris Tivnan

    I like that this is straight forward too

  • mghwah

    Nice video. Thanks for the information.

  • dcpeters

    Bryan, Love the site! Awesome review. I have seen many, but personally, I love to see the cigars from the outside. Call me crazy. Question. I have an old wine cooler that I have. It cools to about 50-60 degrees, but sometimes a little warmer. Is this reasonable? also, what would you (and if other people see this) recommend to remove the plastic and metal smell from a unit that has to be plugged in? I have tried air drying it, but it didn’t work.

  • carlos05194

    there are a lot of guys and girls out there that need this vid this is one of the top Coolidor vids on youtube I have been looking for this vid for some time you did it you again Bryan another great vid!

  • Philly5800

    Bryan, how do cigars age and maintain moisture if they are all inside sealed boxes inside the coolidor? I’m considering “making” one of these so I can fit whole boxes but wonder if the stogies need to be unpacked first. Thanks.

  • LunchBox87km

    Hey Bryan

    I’m thinking about making a coolidor the only issue I have is that I don’t have a spot in the house that would maintain a cool enough temperature, could I put a small piece of dryice on the bottom and build a small shelve so that the cigar boxes are above the dry ice. Do you think this could work?

    • Bryan Glynn

      Absolutely not. You need to ac the room or use a wineador or not store them at home.

      • LunchBox87km

        Ok thanks, I’ll start saving up to buy a wineador now that winter is ending I’m having a hard time finding a spot in the house that maintains a constant temperature

  • v12jagman

    Great instructions! My question is on the zip lock bags. Do you seal the bags or leave them open? Is it also beneficial to crack the boxes open a little?

    Also so you just do a quick dunk with the heartfelt beads into the distilled water or let them soak a few seconds?

    Any benefit to having completely full boxes or can I take out part for my display humidors and continue to do so as I smoke them?

    Ok, that was more than one question.

    Many thanks in advance. your advise on keeping the air conditioner on was invaluable.

    • Bryan Glynn

      Open bags. It makes no difference what you do with boxes or what’s in them. I soak them for 10 seconds or so until they stop crackling.

      • v12jagman

        Got it!

  • EA_Man

    Hi Bryan,

    It appears as though you don’t use a hygrometer in your coolidor setups, is that correct?

    Was there a point in time where you were monitoring the RH with a hygrometer and then concluded that it wasn’t necessary due to consistent readings?

    Great job on the vids and the site in general – very informative and entertaining.

    • Bryan Glynn

      Beads man, beads :) Nope, I don’t need gauges in everything. I do spot checks, but I know when the beads are dry, it aint rocket science or nearly as finicky as the myths let you believe…

  • Ellis

    Thanks for the awesome vid! (Saw it on a forum…which lead me here!) Question! I’m going to do this using a 50qt cooler…what size/amount of heartfelt beads should I use? Should I buy the 1/2 lbs bag and use a little more than half of that? Thanks!

  • Peter Brown

    This was a excellent video on making coolidor. Great information and very nicely described. By this I can make my own very easily. Thanks for this.