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Espinosa y Ortega Murcielago Belicoso Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 18, 2013
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Espinosa y Ortega Murcielago Belicoso Cigar Review

This 5.5×52 stick features a slightly box pressed dark chocolate wrapper with a dry fine toothy feel, firm pack, minimal veins, tight invisible seams and a mild tobacco aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with good medium bodied smoke output showing flavors of a slightly bitter dry tobacco carrying long through the finish. The first third is on the smooth side with great construction showing a bit of sweet earth and a lingering woodiness through the finish. 35 minutes in at the 1/2 way point the sweetness and wood come up a bit overshadowing the earth, while the finish gets short and clean. Ending at the hour mark the cigar proved to be pretty consistent, with no changes in the last third. Thank you to viewer Tom Beery for sending this in for review! And yep, I dorked up the end of the video – it happens!

  • TheSmokingGunman

    I saw a box of these on eBay really cheap last night, I wish I had jumped on that deal! Sounds like a great yard smoke.

    • phaedron

      Really? On eBay? I thought selling cigars on there that are available at other retail outlets was verboten! God knows I’ve had difficulties selling cigars on eBay without them trying to take my auctions down… and mine have been for limited edition cigars that have long been out of stock everywhere! On the subject of this review, I was always curious about Murcielagos in general. Now I’m not feeling quite the sense of urgency any longer to try one…

      • They aren’t allowed on eBay. If caught it gets pulled. Usually the auction is for ‘a box’ or ‘bands’ and you have to infer.

        • MaxDuo

          I’d not want to try doing cigars on ebay myself… I know at least for some video games there’s a huge issue of getting cheap pirate copies that have a lot of issues.

          Though of course that usually also comes down to looking for people with tons of sales and reviews and reading all the negative feedback..

        • TheSmokingGunman

          Yeah the auction is for “Packaging only” the claim is that the packaging is collectible and therefor worth more than the tobacco itself. There are several boxes of flying pigs and the likes on there. There are always loopholes.

          • jpculp57

            I buy quite a few cigars from Ebay. I’ve NEVER had a fake. If you buy them sealed they should be the real deal. They’re not normally as cheap as Cbid, but then again the high end items on Cbid are not cheap. I just picked up a 3 tin of Opus X for $40, retail is $59.

  • mufdvr6976

    had this smoke in robusto and it was nice, gonna have to try this one now! thanks for the review

  • Jason Isbaner

    Looks like a nice quick smoke

  • wcfennell

    sounds like a great golf course stick. I like box pressed sticks so I can set them down in the cart and they won’t roll around.

  • TimB

    Sounds like a nice quick morning drive smoke.I thought I’ve seen a lot of manufactures but this is another new one to me. Like to get a sampler pack of these to try.

  • garlar10

    Sounds like a good go to stick. Sometimes the best cigars are the ones you don’t have to worry about missing every change in flavor in order to enjoy them. Another great review.

    • garlar10

      Also, good work getting the name right at the beginning of the review, lol. I had to watch the intro a few times to make sure I can say it right. Still not sure if I would be able get the name right if I want to ask for it at my B&M.

      • Both of your comments were my thoughts exactly, sounds like this stick would be a nice everyday/casual smoke. But you said it man, trying to say the name in itself sounds more complex than the actual cigar, ha!

  • dexter1

    i like to let my cigars rest for a year you should try it

    • JJO

      I’m sure he does that with many of his own cigars, but doing that with sticks that have been sent in for review would be a discourtesy to the contributors. Besides, a cigar that has been released to the public for consumption should be ready to go.

  • yosef5

    Once again agood review

  • vscarpine

    sounds pretty good I like an earthy cigar every once in a while

  • dbfr181

    Looks like a solid cigar ill be looking for it

  • rockjock

    The band reminds me of Bacardi Rum with the bat.

    • CigarStrawn

      I was thinking the exact same thing. The cigar sounds like something I’d enjoy. Definitely going to be looking for one!

      • MaxDuo

        Yes! I was trying to figure out why it seemed so familiar, and I had no clue why. Now I know where I remember that label from, haha.

    • Craig

      That was the first thing I thought of too. Looks like the Bacardi Rum bat !! And as others have mentioned, it sounds like a good stick for the course.

  • weimerad

    Never tried it

  • stevenknisley

    This cigar sounds kind of boring.

    • MaxDuo

      Same here. I’m not really one to just smoke something very light and easy for the sake of smoking. I mean it’s ok for when with friends, but on my own…… nope.

      Unless it was maybe 1 flavor I loved that made up most of it.

    • Dylan

      golfing/gifting cigar is what it sounds like to me

  • vscarpine

    Think I will like the sweetness of this cigar. I like cigars that have a natural sweet taste

  • smokethis

    Thanks for the review

  • mfsaur

    I have to say lately I have found myself shying away from the torpedoes and sticking with regular cigars and using a punch cutter, I find I get better more real flavors out of it. I don’t get that burnt charcoal or black taste in my mouth afterwards either

  • stevesatch

    I don’t know why, but box pressed shaped cigars always “feel” wrong to me : )

  • Daniel.A

    i remember i saw some of these in my local shop. my brother picked one up. he didnt like it all that much. but maybe i would. sounds like a nice smoke.

  • eric.hanson

    Never heard of this brand before, sweetness and earth is a rare flavor combo, maybe I’ll give these a shot. BTW I liked the ending 🙂

  • Pokesfan

    Sounds nice. Cool looking band.

  • PAG

    Bryan, I think you have the pronunciation wrong. You pronounced it something like “mur-chay-lah-go”. Assuming it’s actually the Spanish word for bat, and since there’s a bat on the label that’s probably a pretty good assumption, the “c” would be soft and the individual vowels would be pronounced so it would be something like “mur-see-ay-lah-go”.

    Of course that’s from my very old high school Spanish, and pronunciation in Nicaragua may vary from the Mexican Spanish I was taught.

  • ctigers15

    Nice review, not my cup of tea though

  • jamesh

    I picked one of these up about 6 months ago and forgot it was in the humidor. The band caught my eye a few days ago as I searched for an after dinner smoke.

    I enjoyed it, but don’t think I will be buying them again. Thanks for the review.

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