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by Bryan Glynn, May 17, 2013
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May 17, 2013 (Miami, FL) – Moya Ruiz Cigars has announced they are adding a 6 x 60 vitola called Ancho to their La Jugada – Prieto line. The line is available in five sizes, Robusto (5 x 52), Belicoso (6-1/8 x 52), Toro (6 x 52), Doble Corona (7-1/2×49), and now Ancho (6 x 60).

The Ancho vitola is now available and ready to ship to retailers. It is presented in boxes of 20 cigars with an MSRP of $8.80 a cigar.

Ancho StickMoya Ruiz Cigars introduced their first cigar brand in late 2012 called La Jugada – Prieto, which is Spanish for “the move” or “the play”. This was an ode to their love for dominoes and poker. La Jugada – Prieto is med-to-full bodied and comes in a dark San Andres Maduro wrapper with binder and filler from Nicaragua. The La Jugada – Prieto is full of complex flavors like, cedar, sweet spice, expresso, and dark chocolate. This is one of the first side lines blended and rolled at Erik Espinosa’s La Zona Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. Danny Moya and Nelson Ruiz are the men behind the Moya Ruiz Cigar company. For more information visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/moyaruizcigars

  • Jason Isbaner

    Wow another 6×60 cigar, you must be thrilled! Lol

    • Rico

      These sticks look like a big double cheese burger
      With extra onions. Yummy.

    • rgmenke

      I was laughing thinking the same thing.

    • Yea.

      I still have yet to figure out who the mysterious market for all of these things is. I’m starting to believe it’s a self-fulfilling wish of the manufacturers and has simply turned in to a viscous me-too cycle. The hundreds of responses to my polls here overwhelmingly say there is barely a demand, at least by the respondents.

      • Andrew

        Could it be that you only have people who are interested in quality cigars here and the people who buy these 60 gauges are the guys just smoking for the first time with their friends at a bachelor party or something?

        • wcfennell

          I think you’re on the right track. The only people I see smoking them are the people that smoke because they think it’s manly and feel that smoking a big cigar somehow makes them more macho.

      • garlar10

        I don’t like the 60 ring gage either. For whatever reason though the B&M by me seems to make sure to have the 60 ring gage for every line they carry so somebody must be buying those things.

      • Tommz81

        They must be selling or they wouldn’t make. Which is sad because they suck.

      • Jared

        You know, I have nothing AGAINST the big rg, if I had one, I would smoke it. But I definitely don’t PREFER big, and actually like trying out lots of different sizes (those Illusione HL Candelas look intriguing). Definitely could be the “show off” effect, or, more likely, there are a LOT of cigar newbies, lots more people checking it out, and the retailers, ESPECIALLY the online retailers, are pushing big – big samplers, giant samplers, SUPER giant mega chunk-tastic samplers, and throwing a few of those XO super toros into their newbie packs, and so all those new people are buying what they perceive to be both the popular thing AND a “value”, because if you can get an XO or a Churchill or a Asylum Ogre for the same price as a robusto or corona, then it ” must be a good deal, more tobacco should be more expensive, right?” I figure a few lines made a big rg a while back, they sold really well, rated really well, etc., and so everyone rushed to make their own, just at the right time when cigars started to catch on to a wider audience, and a cycle was born. But, that’s just my thoughts.

      • Craig

        The 60 rg kinda look cool. They feel good in your hands, but they honestly don’t taste as good. So one has to decide; are you smoking to look cool or are you smoking for the optimum flavor? At an average of $8 to $10 a stick for a good cigar these days, I’ll take flavor every time !!!

        • jpculp57

          They only look cool if you like looking like you’re performing fellatio…. Hate these dumb things.

  • Jared

    Snazzy looking, aren’t they?

  • gtclark

    Someone in my local B&M was smoking a 6×70 the other day…no one realizes how stupid they look smoking these huge ring gauge cigars. Maybe we’ll be back to normal next year.

    • JJO

      I hope that you’re right, but I won’t hold my breath. Looks like they’re here to stay for a while. BTW, I hear the smaller sizes are great, if somewhat strong.

    • lostonmonday

      I just smoked my first 70rg last week, and when my wife saw me she laughed and said, “Now that’s just rediculious”. I think the massive rg’s are for uneducated noobs and knuckle draggers.

  • TimB

    Another new brand sounds good.I would try the 52 ring size or Belicoso but have no interest in the 60.

  • MorganGeo

    I kinda like the look of these. Looks like it would be well constructed.

  • Sinsandman

    look cool, but 6X60? come on now.

    • TheSmokingGunman

      I agree.

  • AngSolo

    Perhaps Monica Lewinski wasn’t thrilled with her Clinton experience? Maybe adult film industry requests?

  • ssrobbi

    must be compensating for something…
    just kidding but seriously 60 rg is too much

  • vscarpine

    I dont understand the huge cigars

  • dbfr181

    Everyone is going BIG!!

  • weimerad

    Would prob try one of the smaller size vitolas

  • stevenknisley

    The packaging looks cool but the vitola is just stupid

  • MaxDuo

    I agree with others… nice band and design, etc….. but……. 60 ring gauge is a slight deterrent. Not a complete NO……. but definitely not an encouragement.

  • smokethis

    Ya the band looks nice

  • lostonmonday

    I’ve been riding the, ‘Boo, down with 60 and larger rg’ train too, but it finally clicked in my chicken brain that I happen to love a line of 60 guages (Nub 460). So I guess I’m a bit of a hypocrite. On the other hand, I like the Gurkha Beast (6.5×58 iirc), but recently had a Beast XO (6.5×60). Even though its not a big change in rg, the draw and burn sucks on the 60rg. So I guess I got one foot on, and one foot off the train.

    • jpculp57

      The Nub is a short stick which does help with 60rg. Most 60rg sticks are 6″ or longer which is where you start to run into the flavors being lost. I suspect if the Nub line were 6″ you’d experience a huge shift in flavor and strength, down to about 50% of what you get from the normal Nub. Would be an interesting experiment to try.

  • LordCybor

    Ring gauge aside, these cigars are beautiful and well presented. Sorry, just had to note that! Okay, now back to …..Down with the BRG’s!! … lol

  • Tuxedoman

    I find that the mid range cigars are better in smaller rg since more emphasis is placed in the quality of the wrapper. However for premium cigars, especially the high end Cubans, I prefer larger rg since the fillers can tast exquisite. Larger rg makes it easier for the blender to pack more variety of quality fillers which can create a beautiful cigar. I will say that anything over 60 rg is a bit excessive. But I’ve had some fun with those too.

  • stevesatch

    My opinion is right about 50 RG is perfect.

  • I feel like these larger ring gauges are treading novelty territory. Some manufacturers are going to keep producing larger gauges to let everyone know who has the biggest..ring gauge, ha! Like gtclark’s comment, it does get to a point where it’s a bit silly, but hey, to each his own.

    But back to the post of La Jugada, I’ve never heard or seen these before and they look great! Just from the photo it seems like a pretty well constructed cigar and the band is beautiful! Definitely going to give these a try at some point.

  • Daniel.A

    these cigars look really cool. i have never seen these before though. they almost look like Lotanos without paying attention to the band.

  • jpculp57

    Oh YAY! Another GIANT washed out flavor crap stick!

    • jpculp57

      Packaging is nice but then again so are Gurkha’s… (not that I hate Gurkha but they do focus on packaging more than actual variety of flavors)

  • eric.hanson

    This press release title had me till 6×60

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