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May 14

Carlos Torano Noventa Latin Cigar Review

Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 in Cigar Reviews

Carlos Torano Noventa Latin Cigar Review

This 6.5×54 torpedo features an oily coal black firmly packed wrapper with small veins, tight invisible seams and a rich damp barnyard aroma. First light reveals a very thick and chewy medium-full bodied smoke showing flavors of a slightly sweet, peppery earth with a smooth short finish adding a spice and zing. The first third burns as bad as it can get, going out completely in between draws not even 5 minutes down. After cutting off the bad chunk it proved to be severe tunelling down the very center. Annnnnd another 5 minutes in – SAME THING. I don’t have time to waste on crap cigars, there are hundreds of new ones every year, so this will just be one I won’t bother with again. Thank you though to viewer Morgan Geoghagan for sending this one in for review, I always appreciate the effort!

  • eric.hanson

    Bryan thank you very much for sharing those secrets about the online cigar industry. I’ve always been suspicious when I see big savings like that, now I’m even more so.

  • OnionHead Tex

    Bryan, based on all the very useful info from your review and the comments here is it safe to assume that Rocky Patel Cigars aren’t the company making the Indian Tabac line of cigars? IT is not listed on the Rocky Patel Cigars website. Thanks Bryan, been a silent observer of your vids for quite some time now.

  • weimerad

    Always speaking your mind haha

  • MaxDuo

    Shame. Flavors sounded nice… but the performance ……. did not.

  • USA2ndAmendment

    Thanks for the great information Bryan!

  • Kace

    I would’nt be surprised if all those “2nds, x-outs and supervisor selections” are all just crappy house blends that they could’nt sell and they paid those companies to use their names to sell that crap. That is really frustrating because, even though the discount is significant, it still is’nt cheap. This being the golden age for cigars like Bryan says, we have to be careful for misleading marketing tactics that some use to take advantage of new or unsavy consumers.

  • mikemagri

    Tried these. Was not impressed. I have had others by torano and these were my least fav.

  • Jay D.

    Thank you. The insight on the second bit of the video was golden.

  • HerbalJedi

    Such a shame for such a nice looking smoke. No Bueno man lol

  • eslifer

    Got into a little bit of a pissing match with one of the big online stores that just happens to be in my area (outside of Philadelphia), so I brought up the issue of the possibility that Torano is not involved in making this cigar for them. Thought you might want to hear the response. Whether it’s true, who knows.

    “Thank you for your time with this matter. I have further investigated this matter for you. The maduro wrapper is an exclusive line that was made for us. But Charlie (Carlos) is involved with this project. So this is in fact a cigar from them. Please advise me if I may be of further assistance.Thank you, xxxxxx Customer Service”

  • EzyE77

    First things first. The wrapper should be a reddish Habano. It should not be a coal black. To bad for me two days before watching this I bought a box. All I have had before I have enjoyed. If I open my box and find coal black, I know I have been taken. If I find good Habano, I have to question where your’s came from. I know where mine are coming from and Im afraid. I will let you all know.

  • EzyE77

    Box came opened it…….Habano wrapper. Not the coal black pictured above. Im going to let them rest a month, then I will try one and let you know how it turns out. Right wrapper, so fingers crossed, in a month I will be enjoying a quality cigar.

  • EzyE77

    Wait every one wait. Don’t believe B&M’s are automatically better just because internet sites pull this stuff. I have been to my fair share of B&M’s trying to sell mix filler garbage for $10. Just remember, If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. I may have fell for it, but it will take me a month to find out. I don’t blame them. I blame my self for chasing a deal.

  • EzyE77

    Smoked one. No burn problem. No flavor problem. Just to make sure I smoked one of my few high priced originals. Tasted the same. Im happy with my box buy now.

  • tedski

    I’ve has the same experience as EzyE77 with both torpedo and robusto sizes in the Noventa line. Brownish-red habano wrapper on all of mine. The construction is excellent and they taste great.

  • Terry Clark

    I think I experienced one of these blend changes by CI when they first released the Gran Habano Azteca Fuerte line. My first bundle of these dirt cheap cigars was phenomenal. They were even better than the original Aztecas, much better! After that, they tasted like crap, a totally different blend. They tasted like cardboard, and weren’t even worth smoking for $2 a piece. Very disappointing. If they had stuck with the original blend, I would have paid good money for them. What a bad long term business decision.