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Carlos Torano Noventa Latin Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 14, 2013
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Carlos Torano Noventa Latin Cigar Review

This 6.5×54 torpedo features an oily coal black firmly packed wrapper with small veins, tight invisible seams and a rich damp barnyard aroma. First light reveals a very thick and chewy medium-full bodied smoke showing flavors of a slightly sweet, peppery earth with a smooth short finish adding a spice and zing. The first third burns as bad as it can get, going out completely in between draws not even 5 minutes down. After cutting off the bad chunk it proved to be severe tunelling down the very center. Annnnnd another 5 minutes in – SAME THING. I don’t have time to waste on crap cigars, there are hundreds of new ones every year, so this will just be one I won’t bother with again. Thank you though to viewer Morgan Geoghagan for sending this one in for review, I always appreciate the effort!

  • MorganGeo

    Yeap, that was my experience! Thx for the review and trying it for me. Let’s me know I wast doing something wrong. 🙂

    • Walshy

      So you did what he said you didn’t do. Haha. That’s pretty funny.

    • Payback’s a bitch.

      • PsycotikMind

        Ha! Ha!

        • MorganGeo

          LOL…I’ll make up for it with a good one to review next time.

          • garlar10

            Thanks for sending this one in Morgan. I always enjoy reading your comments here on the blog so its tough to see one of the cigars you sent in end up being such a dud. It certainly made one of the better videos though.

      • Walshy

        Great video Bryan.

      • JJO

        LOL, if MorganGeo wins the lottery, he’ll be getting 150 online exclusive Gurkhas.

        Actually, thanks to Morgan for sending this one in, even though it was at Bryan’s expense. It has stimulated some great food for thought. 🙂

        • MaxDuo

          If he wins the lottery it’ll be 150 of these cigars bought at 80% off 😉

    • MorganGeo

      For the most part I have liked every other toranos I have smoked. This one didn’t feel like any of the other ones. Very informative video. Helps me out in future.

      • PsycotikMind

        I guess you wanted an unbiased “expert” opinion. I probably would have done something similar.

  • Walshy

    WOW!!!! Bryan that was the best non cigar video you have done. I am amazed at the info you gave us tonight. I don”t know if this is something that happened to me. I don’t remember the cigar. But, I purchased a 5 pack of some cigar that I used to smoke not really regularly but often. 601 maybe. Well when the 5 pack came and I smoked the first one I thought it was a fluke because it was nasty. Then I smoked the rest over time and every one of them was just like the first. Nothing like the blend I used to smoke. So maybe this is what I experienced? who knows. Thank you for all the info you shared. I am still shocked that they can change a blend and still sell it as the original. Thank you.

    • Craig

      I agree. The best video’s are the one’s that don’t go according to plan. At least from a learning and informational stand point that is.

      • MaxDuo

        Same here. I’ve sent some stuff on this site a few times to some friends, I sent this video simply for the information at the end. I do like when something happens and Bryan goes off on a big information spree for us. Is very interesting/useful.

  • PsycotikMind

    Thanks for the inside info, Brian. As the saying goes, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”.

  • TimB

    I had seen this cigar online for a good price and thought about trying it.Now I see why the price was so low.Thanks for the review won’t waste my time.I have only seen something like that happen once to me years ago,thought it was me or the way it was stored.You are right we have so many good brands out there now no need for this mess.:-(

  • Daniel.A

    wow! very informative really gives you something to think about. so far though i’ve been lucky. satisfied with my purchases. sucks about the cigar too. i’ve had some of those.

    • smokethis

      Yes. Great video.

  • wcfennell

    Awesome video, it’s good to know that kind of thing goes on so we can watch out for it. I think I’ll just stick to the consistent performers( fuente, padron, RP…).

  • rgmenke

    I had the same experience. Good flavor but impossible to smoke! I even cut off part of mine to try and save it.

  • garlar10

    By far the best 23 minute review I have ever watched. Thanks for the review Bryan. Always great to get your insight on some of the inner workings of the industry. Look forward to more reviews!

  • AngSolo

    Well the cigar was a dud but the video was great. I like that you took it apart and showed us the tunneling. Always wondered how they could sell some cigars so cheaply. Guess you get what ya pay for.

  • alwayscigartime

    That insider scoop was mind blowing first of all. But I’m just excited to see if I have a blender I’ve been following without knowing. I never really thought about how that side of the business came together. Now that I know I’m going to be doing some research on my favorites.

    • smokethis

      Caveat emptor..indeed.

  • lostonmonday

    I think your info tonight does apply to this line. I had a noventa robusto that was amazing, like better than a LGC Serie R, with flavor shifts to boot. So I bought a 5’er of toros (I know, dif size & rg), but it wasn’t even close. Not a hint of the magic the robusto had. So I let them rest, with only a slight improvement. Tried the torpedoes, same deal. I guess I suckered by CI one this one! Thanks for the inside info Bryan! BTW, the last batch of Garo Double Habano Toros I got had lots o’ duds (about 1/3), and I sent you one out of that batch, so I apologize in advance if it sucks.

    • Jared

      Dunno.. the Garo Double Habano Churchill I had (yep, CI sampler) was actually really tasty. Was happy enough that I’ve considered buying a bundle. Maybe I got lucky?

      • lostonmonday

        I’m not sure why, but the chirchill is heads above the rest of the line. I’ve burned up over 60 Double Habano’s in different sizes, and haven’t had a problem with any of them until the last shipment of Toros. I think maybe I just happened to get “lucky”, and got a few rolled by a “rogue roller” 🙂

        • Jared

          That’s good to know in case I do, in fact, get more, because both my brother and I liked these, along with the Gurkha Doble Maduro that came in the same pack.

  • Tommz81

    Wow, this is bad. Never had a bad torano. But haven’t had this one either.

  • JJO

    Yep, scenario no. 2 is obviously the case here, since Torano discontinued the Noventa line and never had a maduro anyway. CI has (apparently) done this in the past with lines like Devil’s Weed and Arganese.

  • rockjock

    Great video that answered a lot of questions lurking in the back of my mind. I must say, that your later scenarios are quite a dirty trick.

  • vscarpine

    Man this one sounded like it had potential after the first light, but then was just and epic fail

  • Griff

    Thanks for the info. I think I have experienced the bait and switch tactic you mentioned when I purchased a 10 pack of the hard to find CAO blacks. I had smoked a couple and loved them and I couldn’t find them anymore and one day viola they showed up on sale at one of the big three. They are definitely not the same cigar that I had smoked before.

  • phaedron

    Interesting insider stuff. So I confess I am only marginally aware of certain specific blenders. So… for Bryan or others following this thread, who are your, say, top three or five blenders you follow and will seek to purchase without regard to the manufacturer that is banding the product?

    • JJO

      In regard to those who are plying their blends through a number of retailers, I would have to say none. Even the blenders I typically enjoy, like Pepin, AJ, etc., will put out relative duds when making a discounted blend. The ones I trust most would be the ones who do blends for actual cigar companies, such as Willy Herrera, Jose Blanco, EPC, and a few others.

  • ptyler

    Don’t sell your coolers short…they are very special!

    And thanks for the insight at the end…very interesting.

  • Camshaft83

    Me and a friend of mine split a box of these that I found on a very good deal. We both tried to smoke them several times over a couple months. I ended up throwing 7 of my 10 in the garbage and same with him. Cap cigar from Torano. Very disappointed;(

  • yosef5

    I smoked one of these. & I was not pleased
    Thanks for your review

  • mufdvr6976

    thanks for the insight…. I knew those bastards were up to something. really gonna make me rethink my purchases, 90% of my purchases are internet, is it really worth it!!

    • samgiroux42

      I say it is still worth it, just need to go with a reputable cigar company and purchase non-discontinued lines. Plus, I imagine that the solid, big names probably would not sell their name and brand to an internet company.

  • eslifer

    I’ve had many of these over the last year and a half and they were extremely good for the price. Now, the last one I smoked was several weeks ago while riding in the convertible, and that burned badly and was harsh. Just figured it was from the ride. Will have to see if the remainder of the ones I have are decent or whether I have a similar result as this review. I did like the information provided in this video.

  • Jason Isbaner

    Great video, very interesting. Sorry the cigar sucked but it made for a great and informative video.

  • alwayscigartime

    Everyone seems to think that just because you had a bad cigar from the internet that means it was part of this…trick. Don’t need to start jumping to that, it’s not some all-encompassing trick that’s affecting everything and everywhere. Just pay attention to discontinued lines.

    • Texvet

      Good point – until now, most of us just accepted that duds happen. Ask stated above “pay attention to discontinued lines” and I would add “re-introduced lines”.

  • NeverTwoOld

    Another example of why this site is my first stop for all things cigar.

  • Jared

    Hah! That was awesome. I wondered why those types of retailers has “exclusive” lines from manufacturers. Maybe a good rule of thumb is, if you can’t buy it at a B&M, you shouldn’t order it online. Torano is obviously a respected brand name, but this is definitely the first I’ve heard of the Noventa Latin. Dunno. Loved the Toranos I’ve had so far, so this is a disappointment.

    • phaedron

      Jared raises an interesting point. I remember when Bryan reviewed the Rocky Patel Gold Robusto. It was a pretty glowing review, as I recall, and I even commented on that review that I hoped to find it in the humidor at the Burn Lounge in Naples during my next trip down. Well, when I showed up at Burn, there were no Golds in the humidor, and they looked at me kind of sideways when I asked after it. They claimed that every RP line being made should be in their humidor. After some back and forth, it came to light that the Gold was being offered exclusively on Thompson’s web site and no where else (and that’s still the case right now). I guess, in light of this Torano debacle, I don’t know what to make of this. Is the RP Gold a “real thing,” or is it just a bunch of dross that Thompson’s bought the rights to slap some RP bands on? Is it just a fluke that it turns out to apparently be a good smoke? It just seems really hard to know one way or the other about some of these bargain cigars with respected names on the bands without some inside sources…

      • eslifer

        Then shame on ANY manufacturer that does this. They’re going to let someone else control a product going out under their name? Then they deserve all the bad publicity and deserve the blame for that bad product.

        Can you imagine a reputable company allowing some fly by night shysters to pay them a few bucks to put out a product under that company’s name? You don’t diminish the value of your trade name by doing this b.s.

    • JJO

      The original Noventa was released to commemorate the Torano family’s 90 years in the tobacco business, but I believe it was always intended to have a somewhat limited
      production and only came with a Habano wrapper. It has since been discontinued as a regular (listed) Torano run, so apparently CI has purchased the name and is doing what so many online retailers have done to the lines they have bought out – destroying its reputation.

      • MorganGeo

        I think you are right JJO. From what I have read, the original Habano wrapper seems to have been decent.

        I sent this cigar to Bryan about two or three months ago when I first really got into smoking cigars. I was thinking I was doing something wrong as far as humidity levels or just not properly lighting the stick. As a newbie, I fell for the 80% off tactic and knew Toranos overall were good. I took the bait.

        When I held this Maduro stick it just felt ‘damp’ if that makes any sense. It did not feel like a typical Torano I was use to. This makes me believe that Bryan’s point in the video is correct.

        • JJO

          Sounds like it was rushed out of the (unknown) factory with very little aging, if any, but in this case, I’m not sure that would make much of a difference.

          And join the club! I think it’s safe to say that many, if not most, of us have been taken in by the insane prices at one time or another, only to learn that in most cases, you really do get what you pay for. It’s a shame that some sellers have to make the learning curve even tougher by pulling off borderline unethical crap like this in search of a buck. 🙁

        • EzyE77

          I just got a box and it is the Habano wrapper. Either CI went back to it or I have no idea where that maduro wrapper came from. I will let mine rest, then I will let all know if CI is pulling a fast one.

      • Jared

        So, here’s a monkey wrench in the theory: Cigar.com just sent me a daily deal for this line. So, the question is, did CI buy the rights to this line and then sell boxes to Cigar.com? Or Vice-versa? Or are there just a bunch of left-overs that these guys are buying up because they started to suck and Torano couldn’t sell them? Either way, I may try a few here and there, but the Exodus Silver was my first ever cigar that I immediately thought “I want more of these”.

        • JJO

          They ship from the same warehouse, even though they are different companies, so they do offer many of the same lines. It’s confusing as to which company actually owns which line or if they share ownership.

          • EzyE77

            As far as I know Cigar.com and Cigarsinternational.com are owned by the same person\company. I believe they own a third as well. Not positive, but pretty sure. Think they own the 5 vegas line as well.

    • Jared

      Follow up – I’ve loved MOST of the Toranos I’ve had so far. Just tried the Dominicano yesterday. Boo. Burn was razor sharp, perfect cone-shaped ash. Smelled like hay, pre-light draw of hay and mild tobacco. First light is burning hay smell (sounds all good, right?). Flavor is that lame paper flavor you hope a new mild cigar doesn’t give you, with a tiny little bit of burning grass aroma, and an ashtray-like harshness on the finish. Been in the humi for over a month to even out after shipping. Not good. Not at all. Could be just the one, because I only had the one, but I highly doubt I’d get this one again. Going back to the Exodus.

      • MorganGeo

        I agree the Dominico is the only other one I have come across that has been lackluster. The 1916 Cameroon, Casa Torano, Vault, etc have all been decent.

        • eslifer

          Just checked the Carlos Torano site, and the Dominico is not listed in their current line of cigars, fyi. Wasn’t impressed with the ones I had bought, either, and smoke them only on the golf course on windy days – make them disappear faster.

          • Jared

            Then it seems I wasn’t that far off. I know I don’t have much of a developed palate, but these kinda sucked a bit.

  • puffrey

    Great info for all of us Bryan but I must say that is quite discouraging. I think we have all had our opinions on marketing of cigars and I think you even had a contest a while back asking us how we would spend of funds if we owned a cigar company. To know that it in some cases it simply comes back to the band being bought and ultimately sold and whatever is rolled under that band is essentially a mystery doesnt sit well.
    Makes me wonder how frequent this occurs, which labels and sites are most prominent in using this practice, etc….
    I guess that is all the more reason to go to the local B&M!

  • playersrun1

    similar experience here too. light tobacco and slight pepper taste the entire time. had a hard time keeping it lit, finally went out on its own after 30 min. gave up on it at that point since it had been more work that it was worth up to that point.

  • Pokesfan

    This is exactly why I watch your reviews! I have once again been educated about the cigar industry.

  • phillyb

    Too bad. Looked like it might have been a winner, but all that shines is not gold.

    • Well put, totally thought the same thing, except that last bit about gold, pretty good man.

  • zzpop102

    I find this really interesting. I understand that the companies want to turn over their inventory but why would they give them the right to the name. If the company who buys the name produces crap cigars, which seems like the case, then that makes them look bad. It does not make a lot of sense to me.

    • Texvet

      It does seem pretty short sighted.

  • CigarStrawn

    Thanks for the tips, Bryan. Definitely watching out for those kinds of deals now.

  • sparkmark

    Perfect timing for this article. I bought an Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill from my B&M shop last week with store credit I earned and it cost $13.90. When it comes to cigars it was a rare major purchase for me and it is indeed a beautiful cigar. Just a few minutes ago UPS delivered an Alec Bradley Prensado Torpedo I won at auction last week on CBid. It is not even in the same class. The top tip is quite lopsided and leans to the left. The wrapper has two small splits and the wrapper is lighter in color and veiny. It is an ugly cigar that I paid $7.50 for. I seriously do not think it is a real Alec Bradley. It looks like a dog rocket in comparison. The other cigars that came from CBid all looked good. 5 Vegas Maduro,5 Vegas Classic, Perdomo 20th anniversary, Cult, Gurkha Master blend. I’ll be returning the AB torpedo right away.

    • jpculp57

      I’ve smoked quite a few Prensado cigars, all from quality B&M’s and have never had one that looked bad or smoked poorly. That being said, every single one that I’ve bought through Cbid has had terrible burn issues. Actually, every Alec Bradley I get through Cbid burns like crap. My buddy and I always laugh at Alec Bradley now because we can’t seem to get one to smoke completely. Makes me wonder if this isn’t a trick that CI has pulled on us….

      • eslifer

        Rarely have any problems with the AB Tempus’s that I buy frequently from CBid.

      • lostonmonday

        It seems like all the AB’s I’ve gotten from Cbid need extra time in the humidor. Under a month, and I can’t get them to burn right either. The shipping boxes also smell like an ash tray, but that just might be the chain smokin’ mail lady, lol.

        • Thanks for the insight on Cbid you guys! It’s always great to pick up on new things on these boards.

  • BCamara

    Well that sucks in more ways than one. Sucks about the crap stick and the blends possibly changing, sons a bitches… I blame it on the Illuminati.

  • sdh3237

    Thanks for the extra information in this review. It is always a nice to be entertained while you learn something new.

  • cigarraider

    Lol. Some of these are like the science experiment videos my kids have to watch for school. Thnx for the dissection Professor Glynn!

  • ghoudy

    Nice review Bryan. I appreciated the editorial.

  • dbfr181

    Thanks for the info Bryan!! Won’t be trying that one…

  • rgmenke

    Bryan, great info on the dirty secrets. I’m not sure most cigar folk would know who the ‘Blenders’ are. There are the big names but are those really the blenders?

  • invertedgc

    Great review and revealing editorial. Perhaps you can develop a new line of reviews: Cigar Obsession Editorials!

  • Kace

    Hey Bryan thanks for the info. You turned something bad into something informational and educating. I bet where ever that cigar came from, they put that band and company name on one of their terrible non selling house blends. Don’t know why a major cigar brand would take a chance at tarnishing their name by allowing these things to go on. Greed for $$$ I suppose. Again thanks Bryan and for the person who sent in the cigar. It was all a chain of events that led to helpful information.

    • Dirk

      I have to agree.. fantastic video..very informative. How sad this is yes I too have had several cigars purchased from online giants with several disappointments and surprised thinking the blend was great from a BM puchased stick only to order a five pac and find them to be totally unlike my first..


  • ryan b

    Great insider info. Appreciate that

  • Sounds like my experience with a few el’cheapo’s lately. I’m surprised at how dark that guy is though, looks like tar patch.

  • Craig

    That look at 3:53 is PRICELESS !! Do I see a Xikar Cutter Contest coming in the near future? he he he

  • PAG

    It’s no shock that a company might sell a line, but I find it stunning that Carlos Toraño would allow the new maker to continue to use their name. I’d expect a cigar like this to be called the Noventa 90 with Toraño’s name dropped off of it.

    The tidbit about the blender is great advice. I came across this resource that might help people follow their favorites. AJ Fernandez and Jose “Pepin” Garcia have been busy boys.




  • Justin

    I shouldn’t have been this naïve, but I’m shaken and embarrassed. Shaken, because I have been so trusting and basing my judgments on factors that may have been completely fabricated. Embarrassed, because I have held somewhat of an antagonistic view of B&M retailers when I see the price differences of what they sell versus what I could get “the same” stick for online. Instead of talking with some of them about it, I chalked it up to gouging and/or the cost of running a local business. I just found another good shop in Seattle and I think I might spend more time looking locally than stalking online sales and auctions.

    Thanks so much Brian, this information is imperative for people like us to know!

  • TheSmokingGunman

    What a shame, I had read about this cigar somewhere. Thought it sounded tasty.

  • CajunCigarlover

    I’ve bought thousands of cigars from various online sites and have had both good and bad experiences. That being said, I’ve also bought hundreds from b&m shops over the years and have had about the same success rate. This review, as usual was great and the inside info was over the top outstanding! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us Bryan.
    I do have a question though. How does one find out who the blender is for a particular cigar? I’m a huge fan of A J Fernandez cigars but have no idea who creates the various blends used in the cigars. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Unless the manufacturer tells you, it’s prtty hard to find out. I would suggest you ask your favorite makers for the info.

    • PAG

      FYI, I posted this above:


      • That’s a very good list, but many are wrong. For example all the Altadis, General and RP – there are not only multiple people blending for the company but even in the same lines/brands. I have met a few myself for General. Rocky Patel doesn’t blend anything himself.

        • CajunCigarlover

          Thanks for the feedback guys. Seems like a lot of trouble to dig up info on blenders so I’ll just keep smoking the sticks I enjoy, continue trying new ones, and not worry about who created the blend.. Besides, I’d rather spend my time on this site instead of researching blenders.

  • eric.hanson

    Bryan thank you very much for sharing those secrets about the online cigar industry. I’ve always been suspicious when I see big savings like that, now I’m even more so.

  • OnionHead Tex

    Bryan, based on all the very useful info from your review and the comments here is it safe to assume that Rocky Patel Cigars aren’t the company making the Indian Tabac line of cigars? IT is not listed on the Rocky Patel Cigars website. Thanks Bryan, been a silent observer of your vids for quite some time now.

  • weimerad

    Always speaking your mind haha

  • MaxDuo

    Shame. Flavors sounded nice… but the performance ……. did not.

  • USA2ndAmendment

    Thanks for the great information Bryan!

  • Kace

    I would’nt be surprised if all those “2nds, x-outs and supervisor selections” are all just crappy house blends that they could’nt sell and they paid those companies to use their names to sell that crap. That is really frustrating because, even though the discount is significant, it still is’nt cheap. This being the golden age for cigars like Bryan says, we have to be careful for misleading marketing tactics that some use to take advantage of new or unsavy consumers.

  • mikemagri

    Tried these. Was not impressed. I have had others by torano and these were my least fav.

  • Thank you. The insight on the second bit of the video was golden.

  • HerbalJedi

    Such a shame for such a nice looking smoke. No Bueno man lol

  • eslifer

    Got into a little bit of a pissing match with one of the big online stores that just happens to be in my area (outside of Philadelphia), so I brought up the issue of the possibility that Torano is not involved in making this cigar for them. Thought you might want to hear the response. Whether it’s true, who knows.

    “Thank you for your time with this matter. I have further investigated this matter for you. The maduro wrapper is an exclusive line that was made for us. But Charlie (Carlos) is involved with this project. So this is in fact a cigar from them. Please advise me if I may be of further assistance.Thank you, xxxxxx Customer Service”

  • EzyE77

    First things first. The wrapper should be a reddish Habano. It should not be a coal black. To bad for me two days before watching this I bought a box. All I have had before I have enjoyed. If I open my box and find coal black, I know I have been taken. If I find good Habano, I have to question where your’s came from. I know where mine are coming from and Im afraid. I will let you all know.

  • EzyE77

    Box came opened it…….Habano wrapper. Not the coal black pictured above. Im going to let them rest a month, then I will try one and let you know how it turns out. Right wrapper, so fingers crossed, in a month I will be enjoying a quality cigar.

  • EzyE77

    Wait every one wait. Don’t believe B&M’s are automatically better just because internet sites pull this stuff. I have been to my fair share of B&M’s trying to sell mix filler garbage for $10. Just remember, If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. I may have fell for it, but it will take me a month to find out. I don’t blame them. I blame my self for chasing a deal.

  • EzyE77

    Smoked one. No burn problem. No flavor problem. Just to make sure I smoked one of my few high priced originals. Tasted the same. Im happy with my box buy now.

  • tedski

    I’ve has the same experience as EzyE77 with both torpedo and robusto sizes in the Noventa line. Brownish-red habano wrapper on all of mine. The construction is excellent and they taste great.

  • Terry Clark

    I think I experienced one of these blend changes by CI when they first released the Gran Habano Azteca Fuerte line. My first bundle of these dirt cheap cigars was phenomenal. They were even better than the original Aztecas, much better! After that, they tasted like crap, a totally different blend. They tasted like cardboard, and weren’t even worth smoking for $2 a piece. Very disappointing. If they had stuck with the original blend, I would have paid good money for them. What a bad long term business decision.

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