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Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva Rothschild Natural Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 10, 2013
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Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva Rothschild Natural Cigar Review

This 4.5×50 stick features an ashy dark brown mottled wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, triple cap, light firm construction, slight oil sheen and rich sweet wood aroma. First light reveals a great draw with plentiful smoke production showing medium bodied flavors of a thick, oily sweet wood with a chewy but short finish. The first third goes fairly quickly showing no changes. Finally 25 minutes in 1/2 way through it brings a shift to a spicy sweet earth on the draw while the finish gets a deep pepper and grows longer. Ending at 45 minutes the last 1/2 stayed consistent and burned perfectly holding at a medium body with no strength.

  • eric.hanson

    Nice reveiw, I also agree with your point at the end that most Fuentes,esides the Opus xs and the anejos are just good middle of the road sticks.

  • MorganGeo

    That ash was destined To fall in the lap. lol

  • ryan b

    theres no flavour better than “big oily wood” haha

  • rgmenke

    you need a compilation video of all the “son of a” ash falling in your lap. 😉

    • ryan b

      in slow motion!

      • MaxDuo


  • garlar10

    cant go wrong with fuente… great review just a solid stick from start to finish

  • Boucher207

    I bought one of these at my local cigar bar and i believe i paid $8 for it. I was not too impressed with the spice it had. and the construction of mine was less than par. I almost asked for a refund becuase i had to continuously correct the burn and really had to pay attention to it to make sure it wouldnt go out. Great review though.

  • TimB

    I started out smoking these and always liked them.Have an Opus X in the humidor waiting for a special occasion hope it has more transitions.

  • jhill13

    Big oily wood lol! Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  • Tommz81

    Surprising. I expected more from this one. Nothing like the lost city.

    • TheSmokingGunman

      Thats why one cost 7 bucks and the other cost 30.

  • dbfr181

    Good review. I was thinking this one would be a bit more complex. That being said I would still give it a shot.

  • TheSmokingGunman

    Fuentes are my favorite becuase they are awesome cigars for flavor and construction. Great everyday cigar if you can afford it.

  • Marc

    Nice review Bryan,
    I can’t say I remember you not fast forwarding through the cut n light.

    • Marc

      I like the added sound effects.

  • rockjock

    Fuente’s have all been good cigars in opinion. It’s nice to keep a couple shorter smokes around.

  • vscarpine

    Worth a shot I suppose havent had a bad Arturo Fuente yet

  • yosef5

    On the past most likely the1960s I could buy 7 Arturo Fuente cigars for one dollar.
    How have the times changed

    • Kalven

      Well, you got me beat. I recall buying them in 1993 for $1.35. My first stogie. I remember thinking how expensive the Don Carlos line was at $3.50 each.

      • HerbalJedi

        Shit in the mid 90’s I was smokin Dunhills for $10 a pop, oh the blue and whites.

  • phaedron

    I absolutely want some big oily wood in my mouth. Great review! I have several Gran Reservas in the humidor, along with some Solarises (Solari?) that I am looking forward to enjoying on the deck now that the snow has stopped.

  • wcfennell

    Great review, I really enjoy these cigars myself and they’re not too expensive. It seems that you have absolutely no luck with ash falling in your lap!

  • Kalven

    I want to see the “Son of a ….” auto tune remix!

  • mufdvr6976

    I love smoking these got a lot of flavors you did. nice review, cant go wrong with this stick

  • Daniel.A

    im pretty sure i’ve had this one before. its been a while though and just like Bryan my memory is not so great. no offense if you read this Bryan.

  • jpculp57

    I’m definitely a Fuente fan even though I like a full body smoke. There’s something nice about they way they make their sticks. The cedar wrappings and the smells their sticks give off are hard to beat.

  • phillyb

    Sounds so good! Going to Nat Sherman’s in NYC for a little shopping spree soon.

    • Fabbio

      Speaking of nat Sherman wondering if there are some reviews of this brand coming. B&m by me just added a ton of them. Any one have some recommendations? I saw the timeless in ca once.

      • They are very good cigars. Try the “Harrington “.

  • seanking4

    I would like to try one of these, I’m just not a huge fan of the size. Are there other sizes available?

  • weimerad

    Can never go wrong smoking a fuente

  • swj045

    always top notch cigars.some of the first cigars I smoked,and always find myself going back to them when I am in the store and cant figure out which cigar to buy.there so many to pick from and you can pick up a few without breaking the bank..

  • jablaze

    Fuentes will always be a staple in my house, thanks, good review

  • danzig777

    Tried this the other day, liked it very much. Great review as always.

  • 2dogdad

    Bryan, thanks for another fine review. Paul.

  • david121

    Thanks for the review! Sounds a little boring to me though :/
    fuentes are nice though

  • USA2ndAmendment

    One of my friends got me this cigar in a bigger size…I believe it was a Churchill, and I enjoyed it a lot. I agree they are sort of middle of the road, but very consistent and enjoyable cigars!

  • smokethis

    Great Review..as usual. Thanks B!

  • vscarpine

    I actually just had this cigar and I must say it was very enjoyable

  • MaxDuo

    Sounds like a good cigar to enjoy with some friends when maybe having a drink or two.

  • Joseph Szeremet

    I just recently had one of these sticks. And I agree it’s not great for the intent of sitting down with a good cup of coffee and giving your time to enjoy the complexities of a cigar. It is a really good backyard cigar. for those days when your just tooling around the yard doing odds and ends chores. You don’t want to smoke an opus x while your bundling sticks or mowing the lawn.

  • ctigers15

    Nice review, I love most fuentes.

  • Pokesfan

    Sounds like a nice, simple smoke you don’t have to put much thought into.

  • Romel

    I have one A.F in my humidor. and after watching this review and others on this site , I cant wait to smoke my cigar. Great review.

  • Dale

    I have had these in the Petite Corona size and I got the peppery flavor pretty much all the way through, from first light to the nub. I put this one on my ‘Buy Some More’ list. Might change with a larger RG. Will have to experiment.

  • CigarStrawn

    Great review as always, Bryan. My humidor is filled with the 858 Maduros. I’m going to give this cigar a try.

  • stevenknisley

    These cigars are great i have had quite a few of them

  • Brett

    luv this website. great info. thanks Brian!

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