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Guy Stuff – Grilled Whole Red Snapper & Salmon Fillets

by Bryan Glynn, May 9, 2013
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20130426fish0001-EditGuy Stuff – Grilled Whole Red Snapper & Salmon Fillets

One again a delicious cross-over from HLO, I present an easy, inexpensive way to make an impressive fish meal. I did two in one here, whole red snapper and salmon fillets, you could apply this to anything similar. You can also do this on a gas grill or even your broiler (but nothing is more manly than charcoal). Prep is simple, you only need a few ingredients and you will be stuffed while eating very healthy (and not know it)!

You’ll need the following:
Whole snapper
salmon fillet
Lemon pepper seasoning
Green onions

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