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May 7

Two Winners One Contest

Posted on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 in World of CO

EDIT: Congratulations Jay D.!

ipw0045Congratulations to the winners of the two contests just ending, and here’s a new one!

This time it’s for a custom sampler from me :) Tell me the story of a cigar you were REALLY wanting to try – and then what happened when you finally did? Click at least one of the sharing buttons below and let me know which one you did with your story and you’ll be entered! I’ll draw a random winner next week, good luck! Entrants must be 18 years+ and have a US mailing address.

  • wm2slc

    It has been a few years ago, but a cigar to remember.
    My best friend and cigar buddy had told me about a cigar he had tried when in Vegas a year before and loved.
    So, we decided to go to the Big Smoke in Vegas that year.. It was in Nov 2007 a day after my BD.
    I digress.. OK, we went to the place he had smoked this cigar. Casa Fuente in the Shops at the Forum. We went in and found the cigar he had tried. Arturo Fuente Anejo #77 Shark.
    Kinda expensive and they would only let us buy 2 each, but we did. Then sat on their patio and enjoyed the cigars with a Mojito.
    Loved the cigar and this ritual has now become something we do whenever we are in Vegas together. (I now live here in Vegas and do only smoke Sharks when he gets over here from Phx)

    • wm2slc

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  • ipadave

    Ive been wanting to try the Camacho Triple maduro. Finally got a few. … great stick!

    • ipadave

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  • 2dogdad

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    The Tatuaje Limited Release Tattoo Lancero was a cigar that I had looked long and hard to find. I finally managed to get my hands on a 5 pack. After letting them sit for 3 months. I could wait no longer. With great anticipation I clipped and lit the great looking stick. From the start there was no wow. Both smoke volume and draw were just fine. However, the flavors consisted of muted ordinary dry tobacco with little or no spice kick. These same one dimensional aspects of the smoke continued throughout the remaining 2 thirds. To say this stick was a huge disappointment would be the understatement of all understatements.Can’t always tell a book by its cover. Paul.

  • brineil

    Wow, what a great source of valuable, short reviews! I stepped out on the patio to read these comments and have a smoke not expecting so much information. As I delved into one of my hummers to see what I might use to contribute, I came up with a Cain maduro that’s been marinating for a month or so. But as it went its way into the ether, I realized it wasn’t going to be worth writing about. Not getting enough to qualify as something worth waiting for. I’d rather submit the San Lotano Oval maduro I smoked last weekend. Now that was an outstanding unit. Lots of remarkable flavors with construction that allowed my mind to drift where it wanted. I need more of those! I hope I remember to click on G+ before I close down. Thanks for the good advice gents.

  • kurngar

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    The cigar that I waited to try was the Arturo Fuente between the lines. My wonderful girlfriend got me 2 for our 1 year anniversary. I smoked 1 and was satisfied with it but was not really sure why everybody was so high on them. I have the other sitting in my humidor just waiting for the right occasion.

  • DavidKIT

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    I made my inaugural visit to a higher end cigar bar in the St. Louis area. I dropped about $22 on an Ashton ESG 22 Year that I had been dying to try for some time. I was met with the worst possible burn/performance you could imagine. Countless relights and tunneling issues that I can only assume were due to over humidification on the bars end.

  • mbuckwash

    I liked it in FB. I was recently looking forward to trying the new Oliva V Melanio. I heard about its high ratings, it’s flavors, and also it’s high price…so I had to try it. I really am a huge fan of Oliva and this one did not disappoint. I was actually surprised that I could taste the flavors the Internet described, such as mocha! Perhaps my pallet is coming along after all!

  • kprichardson7

    I liked on facebook. I was dying to try the Alec Bradley Prensado around the time I started smoking cigars. There were many many good reviews and it seemed to be a pretty popular cigar overall. Me and a buddy each bought one, found a nice place to sit back and enjoy, and it all went down hill from there. The cigar kept going out, the flavors were not impressive to either of us, and it all really didn’t work out. We each rated it from 1-10, ten being best, and decided it was a solid 4. We did however give it another try a couple months later and found it to be far better the second time. Just goes to show how every cigar is different even if it’s the same line.

  • MaxDuo

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    I don’t really have any great stories so far. But early on I had bought a La Libertad as part of a “buy 1 get 1″ thing and had read a glowing review of it that made me really really want to try it.

    That night, I did not get to try it out. The next time, no chance. I kept not getting to until finally I was at a party someone did.

    While out in the hot tub I lit it up and enjoyed it after a long, long day at work (retail, good riddance). Eventually everyone went inside for something and I just stayed out enjoying it. A few came back outside at one point and commented that the smoke from the cigar smelled amazing and was really, really good (even ones that dislike smoking said they liked it). I think the review had mentioned this as well so I was thinking it would be great to try.

    I did enjoy it overall, and sadly gave away my only one left to a friend recently…. must order some more of those soon!

  • Rhaine

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    I’m a relatively new cigar smoker, well, proper cigar smoker anyway. I had smoked cigars previously, though never correctly, resulting in many bad experiences due to my terrible technique. For one reason or another, i’ve always had a fascination with vintage traditional type things. I shave with a cut throat and ride a vintage motorcycle. I think this fascination is what led me to your videos.

    Eventually I decided to visit a proper cigar store and seek some advice, I was recommended to try a Cohiba Robusto. So I handed over my hard earned (way too much of it as I would discover later), and decided to search youtube for a video on how to smoke a cigar properly. Your video was at the top of the list and the rest is history.

    That Cohiba Robusto, and the proper knowhow, opened my eyes and palate up to the world of cigars.

    Since then I have had many of the cigars I had tried previous to me discovering your video and it’s absolutely amazing how much of a difference proper technique and care can make to an experience.

    I’ll always remember that first Cohiba Robusto.

    Thanks for opening my eyes Bryan.

  • leshjr

    I guess you can say I am new to this hobby. I have always smoked the cheap cigars like Swisher Sweets and what ever they sold at gas stations. just recently I have been smoking fine cigars with my friends. I was looking through one of the cigar catologs and noticed a cigar made by Drew Estates called Java. I am a huge coffee lover so I knew I had to try it.A few weeks went by and I finally went to my first ever cigar shop and started looking around but there were to many to choose from. I happend to see the Java cigars and bought one for that night. when I cut the end and put it to my lips it tasted sweet. Once I lite it up it had a mocha chocolate flavor and I was loving it. Once I got down to the middle it was more chocolate tastig than mocha but was still very good. The end of the cigar was less flavor than the first to halfs but still good. I never knew what anyone meant when they discribed a cigar as creamy until now. I know alot of people dont like flavored cigars but I loved this one. It was everything I was hoping it would be. I will absolutly be picking me up some more Java cigars soon. I havent tried many fine cigars but this one is now my favorite.

  • ghostshadow

    Tweeted (@ghostshadow) I had been highly anticipating a private stock by Davidoff. I had heard lot’s of good thinks about it from other folks, I had smelled a few and enjoyed the aroma, so I definitely wanted to try them.

    When I finally got my hands and lips around one, I was pretty excited. After getting through the stick I was rather disappointed because it seemed to have tasted pretty stale and it was kind of harsh and zingy, nothing like I had expected or even heard of from who I had spoken to.

    I may revisit it again in the future.

  • CrizBoss

    Hey my names cris. I alway been looking forward on trying El Rey Del Mundo. I thought it was a pretty good looking stick. So I then began to cut the cap off but as I snapped it off a few stems came out flying, so I thought it was worries. I lit up the cigar and my first draws were perfect. An inch down I was getting hot smoke and a way uneven burn. Not even half way and the whole stick was too hot. At the moment I didn’t taste the hot smoke but when I put out the smoke I had a horrible after taste like I was tasting the smell of burnt tortillas. I thought to myself, it was probably just the stick in cigar that came out wrong. I didn’t like the stick..maybe some other time I’ll try it again.
    Wish me luck on this contest!!!

  • SLCigarClassy101

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    For me, the cigar I was most hyped about trying was the Liga Privada Papas Fritas, mostly due to how hard they are to find and because I had heard good things about them, despite never really having too many mixed filler cigars, myself. I read a few reviews here and there and watched some vids but I really wasn’t expecting such a complex and rich smoke! I expected a good smoke but not one that excellent! They easily sold me on trying more of the Liga Privada line and your own reviews make my mouth water for more, haha. Can’t wait to share one with a buddy of mine during the summer since I have two left in my humidor.

  • PsycotikMind

    A cigar i had been wanting to try for the longest time was the Padron 1926 Serie #6 Natural. I’d heard a lot of good things about it, so I decided to to pick one up along with a couple of other sticks that were on my “need to try” list. I took it a friend’s place and lit it up. It is one of the best cigars I’ve had in my life. I love a full body cigar, and the complexity of flavors was magnificent. But the best part of the experience was when I later realized the lady at the store forgot to charge me for it. So one of the best sticks in my life was FREE!

    I tweeted.

  • guarnacciad

    I liked on facebook. I have really wanted to try the Liga Pravada T52 for some time but because funds had been short I wasn’t going to buy one and figured I would have to wait a while. I use the CigarDojo app on my iphone and another user on the surprised me and sent me a cigar “Bomb” that included a T52. I have to say it’s definitely one of my favorite cigars I’ve ever had and I really appreciate someone sending me this

  • Joseph Szeremet

    I was really excited to try the Cigar Aficionado cigar of the year for this year the “la flor de las antillas”. I loved last years (the Prensado) so much, lets just say my expectations were very high. They were sold out in my area for at least 2 weeks, when I finally got my hands on one with overjoyed. So get the Toro size, order a Chimay blue and prepared myself to be wowed. After each third I kept thinking here comes the greatness. Well it never came, I have never been so disappointed by a Cigar before. I tweeted!

  • arturofuente2

    I shared with Google Plus

    Last summer I was pumped to try the Java mint by Drew Estate and Rocky Patel. I was fairly new to cigars and was used to sweeter tastes so this was definitely on my agenda to try. I met up with one of my buddies who I had not seen in three years and shared one with him, it was a great way to reunite and enjoy a good conversation. Personally, this cigar blew me away and was a great smoke. Could not have asked for a better way to chat with an old friend while enjoying a stogey. It was also one of my first times using a punch cut instead of the traditional guillotine. Great experience overall and could not be happier. Anybody interested in coffee infused cigars or sweeter tastes, I recommend giving it a try!

    • MaxDuo

      I remember reading that the java was a great in between for traditional and flavored cigar smokers…. and then reading a lot of people that didn’t like the Java Mint.

      I love traditional cigars….. and yet the Java was “just ok” while I really liked the mint. Weird.

      Drew Estate really knows how to make a great cigar though. Can’t really complain about any of them, even if you hate the flavors in one……. the construction is always incredible.

      • arturofuente2

        Absolutely. I would agree with you, the mint was a nice touch, honestly reminded me of a mint chocolate chip almost! But for being a smaller sized cigar, definitely lasted a long time without tunneling. And it is relatively cheap…

  • Corey

    This goes back to 2008 when the My Father first came out…. I liked pepin stuff but I thought to my self why would you name a cigar my father? But I waited some time to try them mainly cause I was working way too much but I finally went to my local bm and bought one….. I smoked it there and I was blown away literally every puff I would look at it and say damn this is good.. So when I was done with it, I bought 3 boxes right then and there and still to this day I buy them… For me they are a staple and will be smoked regularly

    • arturofuente2

      Is that the Jamie Garcia?

  • kb9311

    I really wanted to try the four kicks, I finally found it and it did not disappoint. Creamy, cedar and oak with slight pepper and a delicious sweetness that made me fall in love, if u haven’t tried the crowned heads cigars give them a try! Shared and tweeted