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Two Winners One Contest

by Bryan Glynn, May 7, 2013
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EDIT: Congratulations Jay D.!

ipw0045Congratulations to the winners of the two contests just ending, and here’s a new one!

This time it’s for a custom sampler from me 🙂 Tell me the story of a cigar you were REALLY wanting to try – and then what happened when you finally did? Click at least one of the sharing buttons below and let me know which one you did with your story and you’ll be entered! I’ll draw a random winner next week, good luck! Entrants must be 18 years+ and have a US mailing address.

  • vscarpine

    Congrats to the winner…I really was hoping to win the anarchy but sadly i didnt..I hope it is going to a good home

  • stevenknisley

    Macanudo vintage 2006 i wanted to try this for so long and when i finally did i loved it and ordered a whole box

  • Jason Isbaner

    Congrats to the two winners!

  • sparkmark

    I liked on facebook. I really wanted to try the Romeo when it first came out and when I did I did not enjoy it. I found it too harsh for my palate.

  • Jason Isbaner

    I wanted to try Genesis the project by Ramon Bueso. I bought a box before I ever tried one. So glad I did, it was even better then I thought it could be.

  • danzig777

    Tweeted, When I first started my friends told me to try the Oliva Serie G and It had taken me a while before I was able to try it. When I finally did I enjoyed the Heck out of it, still do.

  • TheSmokingGunman

    I liked on FB.
    Last year my wife bought me a Padron 1926 no.1 for my birthday. I had only just started smoking about five or six months before that and had read and heard many things about this cigar and was drooling every time I thought of smoking it. I wanted to make it to my next birthday before smoking it just to put a little age on it. Well about 2 weeks ago I noticed the wrapper coming loose at the foot and a tear in it. Its only 3 months before my birthday and fearing any further damage to the prize I figured what the hell. Well I lit it up and found it to be truly smooth. Very nice tobacco flavors. I enjoyed it okay enough and found it to be mildly complex, however, I remember being a lot more excited about the Undercrown I had smoked a week prior. I was surprised it wasn’t the best by far of the maybe 60 or so sticks I had tried thus far. But I guess it was the suspense of waiting or all the hype around Padrons but I was really expecting more. I wasn’t disappointed by any means, don’t get me wrong. But I certainly wouldn’t pay 25 bucks for another one. There’s too many sticks out there to try!

    • TheSmokingGunman

      I almost forgot, 2020vision you lucky SOB! Enjoy that Anarchy!

  • garlar10

    Google Plus. When I first got into cigars I had a friend who raved about the Ashton VSG. When I finally got my hands on one I really enjoyed the first third but then it absolutely put me on my butt. I have had a few of them since and I enjoy them but that was probably the sickest I have been from a cigar.

    • TheSmokingGunman

      At the risk of sounding odd and being that I haven’t but three friends who smoke and none who’ve tried the VSG, I must ask. Did you taste slightly burnt popcorn? I found it prevalent for the first third.

  • lefty177

    Liked on Facebook, when I first started I was mostly into the infused lines, then I got to the 5 Vegas Gold but then I really wanted to try Obsidian & it did not disappoint! I currently have 10 more in my humidor waiting to be smoked

    • lefty177

      Can I also just say that the cigars in the picture just look so happy.

  • cioker

    Nate Sherman Timeless #2. Read about this cigar in CA. Had tried Nate Sherman cigars many years ago and was not very impressed.

    Purchased a box through their web site and was wowed by the cigar, Great draw, good construction and a full body with medium strength. Will definately be buying more

  • joelala

    I really want to try the padron 1926 #6 I’m natural. When I finally did I fell in love with the cigar. Not the price :). I now only smoke them on special occasions. Facebook like

  • mrl4889

    Tweeted! Couldnt wait to get a Roma Craft Cro-Magnon Knuckledragger. Stumbled into my local place one day and BAM there they are in all their glory sitting on the shelf. So I grabbed a couple and counted the weeks. When I finally lit one up…I was a little disappointed. A little one dimensional and not really to my liking. However, I did get the Aquitaine by them in the same Vitola and it blew my socks off! One of my favorites ever!

    • JJO

      mrl4889 – Try another vitola. Skip Martin himself says he prefers the larger sizes since they used the EMH as the test size. I had a fiver of the Anthropology corona gorda, and it took a few months for it to come around. It was great from then on.

      • Jared

        I’m encouraged to find some of these just because of the names. I have a degree in Anthropology, and, well, I just can’t resist.


    Liked on FB. I got a Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte, and expected it to be pretty good. My expectations were dampened by a stick that was too dry. Humidor issues, I suppose.

  • Sinsandman

    I tweeted! So my story…lol. I wanted to try a CAO Vision, finally picked one up and took it home to smoke. Well, I ended up more pale than I already am, laying in bed with a fan on me, my wife rubbing my head in between my puke sessions lmao.

    • smokethis

      Yikes! Sorry to hear that! lol

    • lostonmonday

      I don’t know if you have the same thought too after a stout stick, “Sunnofa’… I acutally…paid for this!!!”

    • Derek

      Bummer, I really like the vision.

  • cassanpj

    I wanted to try the man or war ruination for awhile. Just had it the other day and thought it was pretty good, but not fantastic. I have another one in the humidor and I think letting it sit in there will help make the flavors more noticeable.

  • cheitz35

    I tweeted and I was looking forward to smoking a macanudo crystal for the simple fac it would be my first cigar. I loved it at first, however, now they don’t have quite the flavor for my taste

  • cassanpj

    I wanted to try the man or war ruination for awhile. Just had it the other day and thought it was pretty good, but not fantastic. I have another one in the humidor and I think letting it sit in there will help make the flavors more noticeable. Tweeted—Dont know how to delete repost.

    • JJO

      Edit button.

  • zzpop102

    I liked it on my Facebook.

    I wanted to try a punch for my first cigar because that is what my grandpa use to smoke. I finally got one and it was just the way I thought it would be. Punch’s will always remind me of my grandpa.

  • USA2ndAmendment

    When I first started smoking cigars I really wanted to try the CAO Italia (I’m Italian). My brother and I picked one up at our local shop. It was a great start, but about half way down the stick I started to get a buzz going on (keep in mind, this was like my 4th or 5th cigar ever). Well, turns out I’m a light weight when it comes to strength of a cigar. I was sweating, had a headache, was dizzy, ect…. In then end I took a lot of advil, drank a Coke, and went to bed.
    I “liked” this!

    • Derek

      Try another one! If you’ve built up a better tolerance yet, if not try a smaller one.

  • Walshy

    Google+. I for a long time since it came out last year was wanting to try the Room 101 Osok. None of the B&M’s in my area carried them and seemed like all the online stores were sold out for a long time. Anyway, A few weeks ago I finally got a hold of one. I was so disappointed that I actually ditched the cigar 1/2 way through. Just did not go with my palette. Goes to show you that sometimes the ones with all the rage aren’t always going to be your favorite. Thanks for running all these contests Bryan.

  • 1976Matt

    I had been looking forward to the CAO Concert because, living in Nashville I was wondering how they could incorporate music into cigars, and after I smoked one, I could see how an overly dramatic individual would say they saw fireworks and heard music and blah blah blah, I didn’t, but did find it to be one of the most enjoyable sticks I had recently. Now I’m looking for a CAO America to see what the hype is about, but I only find them in over priced sampler packs

    Liked it on facebook

  • drjwall


    Always wanted to try a Feral Pig, when I finally did dug the hell out of it. It was a mistake trying to shoot pool with the damn thing in my mouth. The typically oily Liga wrapper smoked like a chimney right into my eyes! You could say the Feral Pig was so good that it brought tears to my eyes!

  • Jay D.

    Congrats to both of the winners, especially 2020vision! Enjoy the smokes, I read your post and like you I’m quite new to the joys of a delicious cigar. Tell us what you think about the Anarchy when you have a moment to enjoy it, I know a lot of folks were really anxious to try one!

    As for the new contest! Good luck everyone.

    Shared/Liked Google+1

    I won’t ever forget the first time I tried a Maduro cigar. After reading several reviews (including Bryan’s Youtube video from 2009) I decided to go ahead and try out Rocky Patel’s “The Edge” in Maduro. With perfect weather on a friday, I headed down to the local b&m which was right down the street. Not only was this my first maduro but also my first cigar purchase; I’m sure the owner caught a whiff of that the second I walked in. After spending a few minutes looking for it, I finally found the stick and headed to the counter, “That’ll be 14.99” he said. I took my wallet out, paid for it and headed out the door. It wasn’t until a few days later that I knew my gut was right about this guy up-selling the stick, but in the end it was totally worth it. I got comfy in my chair out in the backyard and lit the sucker up; the delicious oily wrapper, the initial taste of clean tobacco and earth with just enough spice up until the first half. During the second half I felt a bit of the strength from the cigar, a solid med-full. The spice subsided and what was left was nothing but creamy smoke with flavors of dark chocolate, dried fruit, and the creamy flavor that I could only describe as the smell fresh ground coffee. Perfect draw, burn and smoke output. “The Edge” was on par to having a great restaurant burger with extra black pepper and a-1 sauce, then ordering a brownie with hot fudge and a black coffee to wash it down. I’m still quite the fan of the “The Edge.”

    p.s. I’ve never been back to the B&M since.

  • Merodach

    Liked on G+,
    After reading nothing but praises for the Diesel line I recently broke down and bought a sampler of them despite some of my luck with fuller bodied cigars. When they finally arrived I was too excited to even think about letting them rest a while and lit up the smallest (corona) one. Good thing I did too since I probably would have had to end it prematurely if it were any bigger, but I managed to smoke the whole thing. Man if it wasn’t the most flavorful stogie I’ve had yet and it produced smoke like it was going out of style. I can’t wait to try another after they’ve stayed in my humidor for a month or two.

    • Jay D.

      Awesome, I’ve also been checking out the Diesel line but have yet to try any of them, thanks for sharing the story, I’m sold!

      Kudos to Bryan for turning this new contest into some what of a review board!

  • JJO

    I couldn’t find a Quesada Oktoberfest locally after hearing such great things about it. Fortunately, I was gifted one by an amazing friend, and absolutely loved it. Fantastic smoke.


  • smokethis

    Liked on FB.
    A few years back i wanted so badly to try the Cohiba Behike BHK 52 after it won Cigar of the year in i think 2009 or 2010?. My ex brother in law who lives in Canada actually gifted me 2. Well i was expecting the world. I have to admit it was fantastic, it was like smoking a starbucks latte, so rich I loved it, but i couldn’t see paying 44 bucks for one stick(that was the price at the time..not sure now).

    • Jared

      Blasted Canadians and their ridiculous tobacco taxes… Here’s to hoping that the Dominicans are a little more reasonable with their prices…

    • Jay D.

      It’s all praises for the BHK’s, I also read some where that it was like smoking a vanilla shake!

  • Jared

    Liked on Facebook.

    By far my most anticipated so far was my first ever Cuban, Romeo y Julieta Churchill. Ordered a 3-pack with my fingers crossed, once it arrived, checked and double checked all the seals. Checked and double checked the look of the box and the tubes. Popped open the first tube and got a whiff of that cedar – man, made my mouth water! Slid it out to just check it out, then checked and double checked both bands, checked and smelled the wrapper (over and over), then got the others out of their tubes, checked and smelled all over again, and once satisfied of authenticity, popped them in the humi before I gave in to temptation. Gave the first one 2 weeks in the humi while I did a little more authenticity checking, then finally gave in. Clipped the cap, pre-light draw was sweet cedar & hay. Then I lit it up. Smelled wonderful, taste of cedar and sweet and grass lasted the whole stick, even my otherwise unimpressed wife said, “Hey, that one smells different. I kind of like that one” (which I’ve never heard since). Almost no nicotine kick until after the halfway point, almost the end of the second third then suddenly BLAM I had to sit down. It was my first & tasted so good no way I was going to stop. Started getting harsh as it closed in on the first band, so I reluctantly let it go. Almost no leftover aftertaste. Was definitely worth the buildup and the wait.

  • Sam

    Liked on Facebook

    I always wanted to try a Cuban ever since I started smoking cigars, and I finally got my chance when a friend of mine gave me a Montecristo No. 1 that he had bought when he was in the Netherlands. My first thought upon receiving it was the pungent cedar aroma coming off of the wrapper. I couldn’t wait to smoke it, and ended up smoking it the same night he gave it to me. Now, I’m not very experienced in the cigar world, but that cigar was one of the best smokes that I have ever had. Very cedary, medium-bodied flavors with just enough strength to enhance the experience. A great cigar overall. The next time I’m traveling internationally, I will definitely be seeking these out.

  • Kace

    I tweeted.
    I got my hands on a Room101 Namakubi Chingon 8X60. I wanted to let it acclimate for a month but was anxious to try it. I ended up giving it 3 weeks. I have to say there were several flavor changes in it. It went from peppery at the beginning to mild sweetness and spicy to blow you away spicy at the end! O boy was there a strength kick at the end. Absolutely knocked me on my @$$! The experience to me was like eating something super spicy and its really hot but you can’t stop eating it cause its so good! That is kind of how the strength kick was. It was a bit overbearing but I did not want to put it down. I loved it but will not try it again! Lol. I am no light weight but this one did me in.
    There are some great stories here. Good luck to all.

  • pipebear333

    Liked on Facebook.
    I was reasonably new to cigar smoking after smoking pipes for over 20 years so my B&M tobacconist recommended I try the Vega Fina 2010 Sumnum. That was the cigar that got me excited about smoking all over again. I ended up buying several boxes over the last few years along with discovering so many new favorites…currently is the Perdomo 20th Anniversary. thanks Bryan.

  • Tommz81

    Man I really wanted that anarchy.

  • samgiroux42

    I shared on Facebook and Tweeted as well.

    For the longest time I wanted to try a Diamond Crown because a) they were expensive and b) they have this exclusive name that not everyone seems to smoke. I was a newer smoker so I figured that a higher priced cigar must mean that it was better (I have learned since then). So one day, I just bit the bullet and purchased a Diamond Crown Robusto #6 in Maduro from my local B&M. I immediately went to his smoking lounge and lit it up. I admit that it was a smooth smoke and lasted for about 1 1/2 hours, but I was not blown away. I don’t remember any major transitions and did not get a complex body either. It was good, but really no better then the $6-$10 sticks that I normally smoke.

  • puffrey

    Liked on Facebook.

    I had been wanting to get my hands on the AB Fine and Rare. I was half joking/half serious when I kept messing with the AB rep about sending me one out of his stash.

    2 weeks later, I got 2 in the mail along with a thank you letter and finally tried one about 6 months after receiving it. It was phenomenal! Needless to say, I will not be smoking the other one and it will sit in my humi forever as a reminder of how awesome some ppl can be.

  • tom0557

    I tweeted. I was really looking forward to Alec Bradley’s Nica Puro and a bit disappointed when they held up its release to fine tune the smoke. After trying a Nica Puro Churchill a couple of weeks ago, I must admit that it was worth the wait. The cigar is a medium-full body even in the Churchill size and has a decent strength. I’m told the smaller vitolas pack a stronger kick both in flavor and strength. It took me over two hours to smoke the Churchill as I wanted to enjoy it and not get the spins or another negative effect. This cigar will do very well with aging…if you can wait it out because it’s quite good right now.

  • wcfennell

    Liked on facebook

    I was really looking forward to smoking my first premium cigar for my eighteenth birthday, so when it rolled around I went out and bought an opus x and hit the golf course. I can’t remember which size it was and I told the guy at the store I wanted a special cigar for my birthday so he led me towards the opus x which was a big mistake since I never smoked before. I started smoking it and kept inhaling the smoke because I had no clue what I was doing. Needless to say I started feeling really sick and went home after 6 holes. My mom had made a really nice dinner for me and I couldn’t even eat it! I told her I must have caught something and went directly upstairs to purge myself of the demon that was inside my stomach! I’ve smoked a lot of cigars since then and I’ve luckily been able to enjoy an opus x with a much more pleasant result.

    • Jared

      I HATE that. My first two premiums, unfortunately, were a La Gloria Cubana Serie R and an Oliva Serie V. Tastes were fantastic but, POW, not ready for that strength. Dizzy, white, sweating, trying really hard not to lose my lunch. I have, of course, since learned of the power of Nicaraguan leaf, and have been mindful ever since. Second Serie R was just as powerful, but I was ready for it, and it was definitely just as tasty. Need another Serie V now, because I KNOW that one was good. Have also determined that I am more suited to the power of Honduran sticks 🙂

  • sdh3237

    I was new to cigars and I decided that I wanted to try a super premium cigar. I had not yet heard of Padron so I chose to buy a Davidoff. Since my state has horribly high cigar taxes I decided to buy a Davidoff on an upcoming trip to Vegas. Well, I bought the Cigar in a fancy casino and paid a hefty price for it. I almost forgot and left it in the taxi on the ride back to my hotel. (Too much Vodka) 🙂 When I got it home it was slightly damaged by the trip. (I now have a small travel humidor). When I smoked it I was a bit underwhelmed. It was smooth and easy to smoke however it was a bit boring. Tweeted

  • Andrew

    “Liked on Facebook”

    I really wanted to try the CAO Brazilia and when I did I knew it was a winner. Because it’s so inexpensive and delicious, I went around telling all my cigar buddies to try it!

  • NeverTwoOld

    I was a brand new smoker and I’ll never forget my first trip into a B&M. I had no clue about cigars at all other than I wanted to try them. I walked into the humidor and started browsing with absolutely no idea what I was looking at…Wrappers, binders, fillers, it all meant nothing to me at that point. Suddenly there it was, a cigar that just stood out and yelled at me to buy it. So what was a guy to do other than fork over the cash and take that puppy home to light up. Weeeellllllll, lemme tell ya folks… I would not ever in a million years recommend a La Flor Dominicana Double ligero Chisel Tip to a brand spanking new smoker in a million years just because it looked so damn cool. I forced myself through a bit of it because I didn’t “want to waste the money.” To put it mildly, it was a learning experience. From now on I’ll stick to my Brick House and Hemingway Short Story. I still get green thinking about that one. 😀

    • TheSmokingGunman

      I have been wanting to try one of those for a long time now. One of these I gotta order me a fiver.

      • NeverTwoOld

        All I can say is “Be Prepared” brother 🙂 If you dig strong potent knock you on your butt smokes then this one is for you! Granted it was a long time ago that I tried it but I know it would still throw me for a loop. Let me know what you think when you get it…I’d like to see how much of a wuss I still am 😉

        • jpculp57

          Those are some of my favorites from La Flor and really the only one in their line I like to smoke. I’ve found most of their line to be a little light and one dimensional. Of course, I am a 2 cigar a day smoker and my morning sticks are Oliva V so I like a really full body stick. Good lesson though for you! Try a CAO La Traviata. They are good mild – medium sticks.

          • NeverTwoOld

            No kidding on the lesson! Thanks for the info on the CAO – I’ll give it a shot.

  • ctigers15

    I tweeted this, The cigar that I really wanted to try was an opus x. I saw so many good reviews on them and heard so much about them that made me want to try them. I got my hands of two perfexcion no. 5’s put them in my humidor for about 5 months. I pulled them out and gave one to my brother to enjoy with me. I was very impressed by it. It had lived up to the hype. The performance of the stick was flawless and I loved the flavors. This prompted me to buy some more in different sizes when my B&M got them in stock.

    • Jared

      Got a Super Belicoso and a Double Robusto sitting not-so-patiently in the humi right now. They have become my NEW hightly anticipated sticks. Just about fell out of my sneakers when I saw the B&M with 3 boxes and fully reasonable prices. Bought one, came back a few days later and got another one.

  • pato1001

    I have always wanted to try the “La Paulina” and for some reason there was never a B&M near me that had them and when I would hear of one that did. By the time I got there they were always sold out. So finally my local B&M got a box and I just so happen to show up the day they put them out. Finally after about a two year search I finally got to smoke one and all I can say is that it was damn awesome. I loved every puff down to the nub. It also seemed to get better the closer to the nub I got. I have to say that it was worth the wait. It was a little pricey but to have every once in a while is not bad.

    Facebook and Tweeted.

  • DrakeXD

    Tweeted! So I had been wanting to try the Diesel Unholy Cocktail for quite a long time. Having heard about it from some fellow Redditors and from Bryan’s review, I thought it would be perfect for me. I finally got some in a few weeks ago. Lit one up just the other day and boy was I disappointed. It was missing all of the flavors that I was expecting. I mostly got a dry grass flavor. I’m hoping that it was a dud and the other two I have will be better. So here’s hoping for better luck next time.

  • yankeeman

    Liked on Facebook.
    I had been wanting to try My Uzi Weighs a Ton for a while. With all the marketing Drew Estate does, it’s almost impossible to ignore this brand. I finally had an opportunity to try it and I had mixed feelings. Very good performance and construction, but the flavor profile just wasn’t my favorite. A little too much pepper for my palate and flavors just weren’t on the top of my list. I’m glad I tried it, but probably wouldn’t purchase again.

  • vscarpine

    Posted on twitter

    I wanted to try the Diesel Wicked for a while so I finally broke down and bought one. I have enjoyed the rest of the Diesel line so I wanted to try this limited stick.

    Once I cut it and got it light it had a bunch of flavor and spicy and was full body. It calmed down a bit and turned into a med body as I got going. But I enjoyed this cigar because I has good flavors but didnt knock me off my feet, which I was worried about. I also really liked that it didnt leave a strong spicy and pepper taste on my lips and tongue on the finish. So all in all Im glad I finally got to try this and it has become one of my favorites so I did recently order some more of these.

  • jon.crappel

    I was hoping to win the Anarchy since I haven’t tried one yet. Maybe I’ll just have to buy one.

    I tweeted.

  • Daniel.A

    liked on facebook. the cigar i had been wanting to try for say about two months was the 5 vegas gold. i guess it was the band that had attracted me. i had finally gotten a deal from CI with five 5 vegas gold sticks and five hoyo de monterrey excalibur sticks. so i lit one up in the afternoon and sure enough i was in love. now maybe not everybody likes it but i do. i love the pepper blast at the beginning. i would say it was creamy textured and flavored. however the excalibur did have a bit more creamy flavors. nevertheless it was a good stick. it has become one of my favorites and i am looking forward to trying the whole 5 vegas line.

  • lostonmonday

    I had been eyeballing the Macanudo Vintage 2000 churchills at a local gas station/B&M for about a year. Finally I had gotten to the point where I could quite my second job, and had my last paycheck in hand. So I popped on the $20 cigar, ran home, put the kid to bed and set out for some overdue R&R. The 2000 smoked perfectly, but seriously lacked in flavor. The R&R was nice though. Shared on G+

    • Jared

      I totally wish for a gas station that sells premium cigars. I found a grocery store that does, but it’s not close to me either. Out in cigar wasteland.

      • PAG

        I feel for you. I live in SE Pennsylvania and you can’t help but trip over cigar stores here. CI, Famous, and Holt’s are all within an hour or so of my house. I live a bit in the boonies and there are still a half dozen or so shops within 30 minutes. Some of the beer distributors sell decent cigars as well.

      • lostonmonday

        It sounds fancier that it is. They have two small humidors and about a dozen premium cigars, half of them Acid’s (in their own humidor 🙂 ). They rotate the stock pretty often, so it’s kinda fun to stop in once in a while and see something new. What’s really nice is being able to get a stogie @ 1:45AM when a midnight craving hits.

  • bwehmann1

    I liked on Facebook. I was always extremely intrigued by the Fuente Opus X’s. Ever since I started smoking cigars with my father I always heard about them. Every time I went to the local shop when I heard they were in stock I was too late, as they sold out quickly and he only ordered a couple boxes. My father is a surgeon and moved down to Georgia about eight years ago for a better job and he actually received a box of Opus X from a satisfied patient as a gift. I hadn’t seen my father for about two years at the time although we kept in touch by phone. A few weeks after he told me of his gift, i opened my mail box to see a package containing five for me. When I finally smoked one I was very pleased with how smooth it was and at how well the construction was. Now every time my father and I see each other we grab a glass of port in one hand and an Opus X in the other as a mini tradition for when he first got me into cigars and how he always told me about them.

  • H2Ojazz

    Just Tweeted it!

    Okay, So I’ve most recently started getting into the qualities and make of a cigar so I’m not going to lie and Say I’ve known about them for some while because i haven’t, But I have always been a fan of cigars since a younger age, guess because of my love for latina jazz and afro cuban music. Anyway My uncle German (pronounced “Herman” in english)would always smoke cigars and different types but I would never remember the names. There’s been this one in particular that wasn’t necessarily honey flavor but it had some honey notes to the finish but starting out earthy. it was really good, i tried to google it but couldn’t recognize the wrapper. i’ll have to ask him and share with you, I’m sure it’s an inexpensive cigar but nevertheless good. Now to Name a brand that I have had or at least think I have tasted lol and ’til this day am not sure if they were real or not, are some “Cohiba” cigars that were given as a gift to a family member. Today I actually did some research (more like googled for a few hours) and as far as I could remember, everything seems to be legit. The fakes posted online all varied but were similar in flaw and the ones I tried were AWESOME!!! Fake or not.. I’ll never know, but was the taster amazing? YES! and well, no regrets here, After all “The best things in life are free.” That or Worth the Price you pay, lol. Cheers! 🙂 -Matt

  • pashoer13

    Congrats to the winners…I hope to win one of these contests some day.

    Ever since I’d seen the Man O’ War Puro Authentico I really couldn’t wait to try it. I finally bought some and WOW! it had such an awesome, full flavor (like a full steak dinner) If I remember rightly, it was the first cigar I’d smoked all the way down to the nub.

    Liked on Facebook

  • jpculp57

    A few months after I started smoking I had gotten bored with my normal mild body smokes so I wanted to try something big. I asked my local B&M guy for something great and expensive. He told me to try a Padron 1926. Well, I didn’t have the $20 to spend so I had to wait. For a month I anticipated how good the 1926 would be. I read all the reviews I could and was stoked when the day came that I had picked to buy one. I rushed to the store after work and stared at my prize behind the humidor glass. $26 and 5 minutes later she was mine! I was so excited. I clipped the end and toasted the cigar. I was almost giddy with excitement at this point. I put the cigar in my mouth and began to inhale! Almost immediately I tasted a terrible sour and ammonia flavor. I could barely keep from gagging. The next 3 puffs were even worse! I choked down a few more puffs before I finally pitched the thing. It was the worst cigar I had ever had. I was so angry. I went to the counter and explained it to the guy. He said it must be my taste buds because the 1926’s are the best. He wouldn’t refund my money or even give me another cigar. I was furious and walked out. A few weeks later I learned that they had been shut down by the state because they had a mouse infestation and a mold issue. Needless to say it took me 6 months before I tried another 1926 and now they are a mainstay in my humi!

  • PAG

    Liked on Facebook.

    After falling in love with the Liga Undercrown, I was looking forward to trying the Liga Privada No 9. I got one at the Cigars International in Hamburg, clipped it, lit it, and went to the bar with my cigar buddy. It started out kind of “eh”. After about 5 minutes it was still going nowhere so I asked my friend to try it. His reaction was that it tasted “ashy”. Draw was kind of tough and the flavors kept getting stronger and worse. A bit past the half-way point it started to taste like chemicals and I gave up on it.

    This cigar has so many rave reviews that I assume this must have been a fluke. I have no idea what went so wrong, but I’m really reluctant to drop the cash on another to take another swing at it.

  • phillyb

    Shared on FB. Well, the only cigar I really ever looked forward to was my first ever. My uncle was visiting from Forks, Washington and brought along his portable humidor with a few cigars inside. He promised me at the begging of the week one of the smaller perfecto maduros, one that was from his locality but had no brand associated with it. For the whole week I looked forward to it, and when the weekend came we went out to the porch to smoke much to the chagrin of my parents. It was only about a half hour long cigar, but it was one of the tastiest ones I have had to date. It got me off to a great start on the hobby!

  • BCamara

    Liked on FB and g+1

    I was looking for a quick smoke so I was wanting to try the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story. And when I finally smoked one I loved it and wished it wasn’t so short, lol.

  • MorganGeo

    I was SO excited about getting my first Cuban cigar from a buddy. It was a RyJ Habana Cuban. My first cuban cigar experience was a big disappointment. I don’t know what I was expecting but I find that all the ones I can get in the States are just as good if not better.

    ‘Liked’ on Facebook!

  • jungjae510

    liked on fb,

    Had my first cuban, Montecristo #2, and it was plugged. Tried everything to open it up and ended up just giving up.

  • RamzaFreak20

    I tweeted.

    I had been trying to find an inexpensive full flavor, no nic kick for a while, so I started looking into some Cain’s. I only got halfway reading the descriptions of the “F” and saw full flavored. I bought a 10 pack from CBid and smoked it as soon as I got them in. It was an amazing smoke, but I was talking with my neighbor on a hot afternoon, so I though nothing of the sudden sweats. Felt great, came inside and laid in bed with my wife. I felt like I was on a boat. And since I get easily sea sick, I spent the next hour and a half on my bathroom floor. But the taste was almost worth it….

  • Jonathan

    I wanted to try the Alec Bradley Prensado after it won cigar of the year, and when I finally did it was a total disappointment. The burn was horrible, constantly going out.

  • Derek

    At my local liquor store (the only place to by cigars around here) they have a pretty decent walk in humidor and for the past few years I’ve been going in there they have had 2 Romeo y Julieta museum editions on a corner shelf almost out of sight, I’d picked them up a couple times but they were priced at $35 a piece so naturally I set them back down. Then just a couple weeks ago I went in and the guy who takes care of the humidor was in there doing some work and we got to talking about them and he grabbed them to open the tubes and look at them and both had just a small amount of wrapper damage but still looked smokable so he said I could have them both for $5. When I got home I lit one up right away and it started out pretty dang good, better than I expected. Still would never pay the $35 for it but then it transitioned into one of the best cigars I’ve ever has. I would now consider paying close to that but only for a very special occasion.

    Likes on Facebook

  • sanchoinatree

    Facebook and google+

    So I heard about the Alec Bradley Prensado from a friend the absolutely loved it so I decided that I had to try it. I went to my local B&M and picked one up in Churchill waited about a week then lit it up, unfortunately there was a dang knot the size of texas right at the band that I couldn’t get out which made it un-smokeable. The next day I went back to the same B&M the they had no more in stock, so I went to another shop and picked one up there. After waiting another week I lite it up, loved the flavors coming off it but half way through it started to tunnel on me. The tunnel was almost 2 inches long and had to throw it out. One month latter I picked up another one and smoked it with no problems, I absolutely fell in love with the cigar and went back and picked up a box. Never giving up on the cigar was the best choice I made.

  • GurkhaMan

    I was really excited about the Filthy Hooligan by Alec Bradley. But I finally got one and i hated it. It was bitter and burned weird and just not like any other Candela cigar (which I usually love) i’ve had. Major let down. I have three left. Maybe age will better them.

  • Bpope31


    Looking to try as many different cigars as possible I was really excited to try the Gran Habano vintage 2002 and was blown away. I heard many good reviews about the cigar so I got one off of Cbid. There was no strength and the flavors were bold enough for me to pick up on. A nice long and woodsy taste I was able to enjoy on a nice Friday evening. I’ve got one more and then ill probably have to buy my first box of a single cigar.

  • sagxman

    I Tweeted this contest:

    I’m a newbie to cigar smoking so I was really looking forward to a sampler pack that I purchased with a humidor online. I was so excited to get it in the mail and it was such a great deal. I haven’t had everything in the sampler yet but I was really looking forward to the CAO Black Bengal which I had two nights ago. What a satisfying and relaxing smoke it was. I was very impressed with the flavors. I enjoyed it so much I’m about to purchase some more CAO’s so I can try other varieties and find a favorite.

    • Derek

      CAO gold, black and VR are some of the most relaxing smokes I’ve ever had

  • Magicshark13

    I tweeted it!
    I really want to try the ROMEO by Romeo and juileta and the local shop owner convinced me to try and it was just what I thought it was to be. EXCELENCE STICK. I really would like to try again but some day.

  • Boucher207

    Liked on FB – I have been a fan of cigars ever since I was a little kid and saw the Actors in the old western movies smoking them. I started smoking cigars when I turned 18, but never really kept many on hand since I didnt have a humidor. I received a nice humidor for my bachelor party and started looking for cigars to purchase. I kept reading online and hearing that the Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve was an amazing stick so I figured I’d give it a try. I went all over Maine for about a month trying to find it at local shops with no luck. So I turned to the internet stores, no matter where I looked they seemed to be sold out or only available in a box. Seeing the cigar sold out everywhere only added to my excitement to try the stick. I finally found a company online with some single sticks in stock, so I purchased one. I received the stick in the mail later that week and put it in my humidor. I patiently waited another few weeks for it to rest before I smoked it. I have to say I was extremely dissapointed when I did. The cigar stopped burning 3 times and since I had to re-toast and re-light it multiple times it was just a wash of nutty/charcoal. I was so disappointed , almost 2 1/2 months wasted waiting for this stick only for it to be a complete failure in the end. haha I will have to try it again because I find it hard to believe a stick thats so popular could be that large of a let down!

  • Delsana

    I really wanted to try the Liga Privada No. 9, and so I got a friend with me a few months back and had my first with him. I think it was the first maduro I ever actually had, and prior to it I had never really had a go-to cigar or even been THAT interested in cigars. The LP9 was smooth but also noticeable and while my flavor-detection skills are still quite low these days, it did bring a lot of enjoyment and de-stressing. Now, the no. 9 has made me give some serious thought to making this more of an interest weekly or every few weeks rather than just once a month or so with friends.

    It didn’t disappoint and I can’t wait to try some of the other premium lines with creamy and sweet flavors.

    Anyway, I shared by liking it on FB.

  • Leo Steelfire

    I turned 18 back in January and I have really been getting into the Cigar culture. My first Cigar was a Cherry CAO (I think it was called something like that); this cigar was on the VERY mild side and was very flaky. Most of the cigar ended up in my lap. Since then I have tried a handful of Cigars and I have learned that I am not a fan of flavored Cigars.

    Liked on Facebook and Shared on Google+

  • morpi167

    I was really excited to try the ab prensado when I had first heard of it. I ended up getting a few in some samplers from Thompson and I really loved them. The flavors were terrific and I really enjoyed how well they burned.

    And I liked this on facebook.

  • yairbarojas

    Facebook Liked

    I was looking forward to smoking an Arturo fuente sungrown. I ordered a 5 pack sampler to try then. The first cigar tasted weird and I didn’t like it so I have it 3 months to season on top of the 2 I had given it. Unfortunately, the next 2 had horrible burn issues and tunneled. I have up and have them away. I thought it was going to be great but it was so disappointing.

    Maybe a bad batch? I don’t know

  • Way back in the beginning days of this site, you had a review up of the rocky patel 1990. I wanted to try it, I did and ended up buying a box. 2 Years later that box is gone now, and I don’t have the taste for them anymore. Isn’t that weird?


  • Mr Rojas

    I kept hearing a lot about the Oliva Serie V so I finally grabbed one. The first thing I noticed was a very snug drwwhich made it hard to keep it lit. The flavors were not quite up to par with all the fuss. All in all it was an ok smoke but for the same price I would rather smoke something else. I do still have an Oliva Serie V Melanio sitting in my humidor, so I hope that lives up to its popularity.

    I tweeted it

  • BenFig33

    I went over a friend’s house recently to have a couple of drinks and cigars. A friend of his also came over with a bunch of Cuban cigars. He put a few different kinds on the table and told us to pick one. My friend and I were both eyeballing the Cohiba Siglo VI cigar in its pretty yellow, black, and white metal tube. I had heard great things about that cigar but didn’t want to be rude and immediately snatch it up. But when he went inside to get some ice I couldn’t resist and made my move. What happened after I tried it? I was in heaven for the next hour. It was the smoothest and most delicious cigar I’ve ever had. The other guys said I had a look of such bliss while I smoked that they just had to laugh every time they looked at me. Phenomenal cigar.

    I liked on Facebook.

  • Camshaft83

    I liked on Facebook. I always wanted to try the cohiba red dot. I picked up a 5 pack and let them sit in my humidor for 4 months before trying one. I watched your review on them and decided it was time to pull one out. Not disappointed with it at all. It is one of the few I keep stocked. I even had to buy a bigger humidor so I could take advantage of a sale I found lol 😉

  • eric.hanson

    Congrats to the winners, I was really hoping to get my hands on another one of the Anarchys; oh well.
    Anyway one of the last times I was really looking forward to trying a certain cigar was the first Padron 1964 maduro I ever had. This was the first Padron anniversary cigar I had ever smoked. I was really looking forward to it becuase the Padron anniversary sticks hve so much hype behind them. I picked one up at my local B&M one summer night sat out on the porch and lit up and it didn’t disapoint at all! Tons of great flavors and transitions, great construction and burn time too. I always keep a few of these in one of my humidors now, one of my favorite sticks ever.

  • mim86

    I really wanted to try the cuban bolivar, because I hear that it was a powerhouse. in strenght and flavor. in februari i was fortunate enough to travel to another country.the opportunity to try this cigar was not squandered. however i was forced to be the entire 20 stick bix for like $370 us. anyway i tried it and found the sticks to be inconsistant. some sticks were great while others were meh.I don’t think i’ll buy this brand again.

  • rockjock

    Liked on FB.
    One cigar I really wanted to try was the AB Prensado in Churchill. I started smoking regularly last year and it was #1 rated. What did I know? So I ordered a box and let it settle out for a week in the humidor. When I finally got time to smoke it I was utterly disappointed. The wrapper peeled off in a couple areas, found a giant stem (or whatever) in the cigar, and not nearly as smooth as I would have expected. Gave it another try several weeks later and the second was much better. If someone had told be both came out of the same box I would have never believed them.

  • wm2slc

    It has been a few years ago, but a cigar to remember.
    My best friend and cigar buddy had told me about a cigar he had tried when in Vegas a year before and loved.
    So, we decided to go to the Big Smoke in Vegas that year.. It was in Nov 2007 a day after my BD.
    I digress.. OK, we went to the place he had smoked this cigar. Casa Fuente in the Shops at the Forum. We went in and found the cigar he had tried. Arturo Fuente Anejo #77 Shark.
    Kinda expensive and they would only let us buy 2 each, but we did. Then sat on their patio and enjoyed the cigars with a Mojito.
    Loved the cigar and this ritual has now become something we do whenever we are in Vegas together. (I now live here in Vegas and do only smoke Sharks when he gets over here from Phx)

    • wm2slc

      Shared on both FaceBook and Twitter.

  • ipadave

    Ive been wanting to try the Camacho Triple maduro. Finally got a few. … great stick!

    • ipadave

      Liked on Facebook

  • 2dogdad

    Shared on Face Book.
    The Tatuaje Limited Release Tattoo Lancero was a cigar that I had looked long and hard to find. I finally managed to get my hands on a 5 pack. After letting them sit for 3 months. I could wait no longer. With great anticipation I clipped and lit the great looking stick. From the start there was no wow. Both smoke volume and draw were just fine. However, the flavors consisted of muted ordinary dry tobacco with little or no spice kick. These same one dimensional aspects of the smoke continued throughout the remaining 2 thirds. To say this stick was a huge disappointment would be the understatement of all understatements.Can’t always tell a book by its cover. Paul.

  • brineil

    Wow, what a great source of valuable, short reviews! I stepped out on the patio to read these comments and have a smoke not expecting so much information. As I delved into one of my hummers to see what I might use to contribute, I came up with a Cain maduro that’s been marinating for a month or so. But as it went its way into the ether, I realized it wasn’t going to be worth writing about. Not getting enough to qualify as something worth waiting for. I’d rather submit the San Lotano Oval maduro I smoked last weekend. Now that was an outstanding unit. Lots of remarkable flavors with construction that allowed my mind to drift where it wanted. I need more of those! I hope I remember to click on G+ before I close down. Thanks for the good advice gents.

  • kurngar

    Liked on FB.
    The cigar that I waited to try was the Arturo Fuente between the lines. My wonderful girlfriend got me 2 for our 1 year anniversary. I smoked 1 and was satisfied with it but was not really sure why everybody was so high on them. I have the other sitting in my humidor just waiting for the right occasion.

  • DavidKIT

    Liked on FB.
    I made my inaugural visit to a higher end cigar bar in the St. Louis area. I dropped about $22 on an Ashton ESG 22 Year that I had been dying to try for some time. I was met with the worst possible burn/performance you could imagine. Countless relights and tunneling issues that I can only assume were due to over humidification on the bars end.

  • mbuckwash

    I liked it in FB. I was recently looking forward to trying the new Oliva V Melanio. I heard about its high ratings, it’s flavors, and also it’s high price…so I had to try it. I really am a huge fan of Oliva and this one did not disappoint. I was actually surprised that I could taste the flavors the Internet described, such as mocha! Perhaps my pallet is coming along after all!

  • kprichardson7

    I liked on facebook. I was dying to try the Alec Bradley Prensado around the time I started smoking cigars. There were many many good reviews and it seemed to be a pretty popular cigar overall. Me and a buddy each bought one, found a nice place to sit back and enjoy, and it all went down hill from there. The cigar kept going out, the flavors were not impressive to either of us, and it all really didn’t work out. We each rated it from 1-10, ten being best, and decided it was a solid 4. We did however give it another try a couple months later and found it to be far better the second time. Just goes to show how every cigar is different even if it’s the same line.

  • MaxDuo

    Liked, tweeted, and Google Plus’ed!

    I don’t really have any great stories so far. But early on I had bought a La Libertad as part of a “buy 1 get 1” thing and had read a glowing review of it that made me really really want to try it.

    That night, I did not get to try it out. The next time, no chance. I kept not getting to until finally I was at a party someone did.

    While out in the hot tub I lit it up and enjoyed it after a long, long day at work (retail, good riddance). Eventually everyone went inside for something and I just stayed out enjoying it. A few came back outside at one point and commented that the smoke from the cigar smelled amazing and was really, really good (even ones that dislike smoking said they liked it). I think the review had mentioned this as well so I was thinking it would be great to try.

    I did enjoy it overall, and sadly gave away my only one left to a friend recently…. must order some more of those soon!

  • Rhaine

    Liked on Facebook.

    I’m a relatively new cigar smoker, well, proper cigar smoker anyway. I had smoked cigars previously, though never correctly, resulting in many bad experiences due to my terrible technique. For one reason or another, i’ve always had a fascination with vintage traditional type things. I shave with a cut throat and ride a vintage motorcycle. I think this fascination is what led me to your videos.

    Eventually I decided to visit a proper cigar store and seek some advice, I was recommended to try a Cohiba Robusto. So I handed over my hard earned (way too much of it as I would discover later), and decided to search youtube for a video on how to smoke a cigar properly. Your video was at the top of the list and the rest is history.

    That Cohiba Robusto, and the proper knowhow, opened my eyes and palate up to the world of cigars.

    Since then I have had many of the cigars I had tried previous to me discovering your video and it’s absolutely amazing how much of a difference proper technique and care can make to an experience.

    I’ll always remember that first Cohiba Robusto.

    Thanks for opening my eyes Bryan.

  • leshjr

    I guess you can say I am new to this hobby. I have always smoked the cheap cigars like Swisher Sweets and what ever they sold at gas stations. just recently I have been smoking fine cigars with my friends. I was looking through one of the cigar catologs and noticed a cigar made by Drew Estates called Java. I am a huge coffee lover so I knew I had to try it.A few weeks went by and I finally went to my first ever cigar shop and started looking around but there were to many to choose from. I happend to see the Java cigars and bought one for that night. when I cut the end and put it to my lips it tasted sweet. Once I lite it up it had a mocha chocolate flavor and I was loving it. Once I got down to the middle it was more chocolate tastig than mocha but was still very good. The end of the cigar was less flavor than the first to halfs but still good. I never knew what anyone meant when they discribed a cigar as creamy until now. I know alot of people dont like flavored cigars but I loved this one. It was everything I was hoping it would be. I will absolutly be picking me up some more Java cigars soon. I havent tried many fine cigars but this one is now my favorite.

  • Tweeted (@ghostshadow) I had been highly anticipating a private stock by Davidoff. I had heard lot’s of good thinks about it from other folks, I had smelled a few and enjoyed the aroma, so I definitely wanted to try them.

    When I finally got my hands and lips around one, I was pretty excited. After getting through the stick I was rather disappointed because it seemed to have tasted pretty stale and it was kind of harsh and zingy, nothing like I had expected or even heard of from who I had spoken to.

    I may revisit it again in the future.

  • CrizBoss

    Hey my names cris. I alway been looking forward on trying El Rey Del Mundo. I thought it was a pretty good looking stick. So I then began to cut the cap off but as I snapped it off a few stems came out flying, so I thought it was cool..no worries. I lit up the cigar and my first draws were perfect. An inch down I was getting hot smoke and a way uneven burn. Not even half way and the whole stick was too hot. At the moment I didn’t taste the hot smoke but when I put out the smoke I had a horrible after taste like I was tasting the smell of burnt tortillas. I thought to myself, it was probably just the stick in cigar that came out wrong. I didn’t like the stick..maybe some other time I’ll try it again.
    Wish me luck on this contest!!!

  • SLCigarClassy101

    Liked on FB.

    For me, the cigar I was most hyped about trying was the Liga Privada Papas Fritas, mostly due to how hard they are to find and because I had heard good things about them, despite never really having too many mixed filler cigars, myself. I read a few reviews here and there and watched some vids but I really wasn’t expecting such a complex and rich smoke! I expected a good smoke but not one that excellent! They easily sold me on trying more of the Liga Privada line and your own reviews make my mouth water for more, haha. Can’t wait to share one with a buddy of mine during the summer since I have two left in my humidor.

  • PsycotikMind

    A cigar i had been wanting to try for the longest time was the Padron 1926 Serie #6 Natural. I’d heard a lot of good things about it, so I decided to to pick one up along with a couple of other sticks that were on my “need to try” list. I took it a friend’s place and lit it up. It is one of the best cigars I’ve had in my life. I love a full body cigar, and the complexity of flavors was magnificent. But the best part of the experience was when I later realized the lady at the store forgot to charge me for it. So one of the best sticks in my life was FREE!

    I tweeted.

  • guarnacciad

    I liked on facebook. I have really wanted to try the Liga Pravada T52 for some time but because funds had been short I wasn’t going to buy one and figured I would have to wait a while. I use the CigarDojo app on my iphone and another user on the surprised me and sent me a cigar “Bomb” that included a T52. I have to say it’s definitely one of my favorite cigars I’ve ever had and I really appreciate someone sending me this

  • Joseph Szeremet

    I was really excited to try the Cigar Aficionado cigar of the year for this year the “la flor de las antillas”. I loved last years (the Prensado) so much, lets just say my expectations were very high. They were sold out in my area for at least 2 weeks, when I finally got my hands on one with overjoyed. So get the Toro size, order a Chimay blue and prepared myself to be wowed. After each third I kept thinking here comes the greatness. Well it never came, I have never been so disappointed by a Cigar before. I tweeted!

  • arturofuente2

    I shared with Google Plus

    Last summer I was pumped to try the Java mint by Drew Estate and Rocky Patel. I was fairly new to cigars and was used to sweeter tastes so this was definitely on my agenda to try. I met up with one of my buddies who I had not seen in three years and shared one with him, it was a great way to reunite and enjoy a good conversation. Personally, this cigar blew me away and was a great smoke. Could not have asked for a better way to chat with an old friend while enjoying a stogey. It was also one of my first times using a punch cut instead of the traditional guillotine. Great experience overall and could not be happier. Anybody interested in coffee infused cigars or sweeter tastes, I recommend giving it a try!

    • MaxDuo

      I remember reading that the java was a great in between for traditional and flavored cigar smokers…. and then reading a lot of people that didn’t like the Java Mint.

      I love traditional cigars….. and yet the Java was “just ok” while I really liked the mint. Weird.

      Drew Estate really knows how to make a great cigar though. Can’t really complain about any of them, even if you hate the flavors in one……. the construction is always incredible.

      • arturofuente2

        Absolutely. I would agree with you, the mint was a nice touch, honestly reminded me of a mint chocolate chip almost! But for being a smaller sized cigar, definitely lasted a long time without tunneling. And it is relatively cheap…

  • Corey

    This goes back to 2008 when the My Father first came out…. I liked pepin stuff but I thought to my self why would you name a cigar my father? But I waited some time to try them mainly cause I was working way too much but I finally went to my local bm and bought one….. I smoked it there and I was blown away literally every puff I would look at it and say damn this is good.. So when I was done with it, I bought 3 boxes right then and there and still to this day I buy them… For me they are a staple and will be smoked regularly

    • arturofuente2

      Is that the Jamie Garcia?

  • kb9311

    I really wanted to try the four kicks, I finally found it and it did not disappoint. Creamy, cedar and oak with slight pepper and a delicious sweetness that made me fall in love, if u haven’t tried the crowned heads cigars give them a try! Shared and tweeted

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