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Placeres Reserva Estrellas Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 2, 2013
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Placeres Reserva Estrellas Cigar Review

This 5×50 box pressed robusto features a dark brown red hued mottled wrapper with a soft oily slightly spongy give, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, double cap and rich musty damp tobacco aroma. First light reveals a great draw with plentiful rich smoke production showing full bodied flavors of a rich peppery and spice with a smooth leather followed by a deep smooth pepper and tobacco finish. The first third develops much the same way, burning very well taking the body down a notch to medium-full, adding a sweetness to the draw. Hitting the 1/2 way point 30 minutes in the body get deeper with a bit of dark chocolate and tobacco, with the finish growing longer with just a black pepper flavor, no spice. Ending just over the hour mark, the last third keeps the big body with no strength, moving the draw flavors to a thick oily earth, followed by a warm long finish of the same dropping the pepper completely. Thank you very much to Kuuts.com for sending this in for review!

  • stevenknisley

    Sounds like a good cigar. Nice part with the dog.

  • Walshy

    Great Review Bryan, might try to pick up a few to try. You have a Cloey I had Rudy. Same color mini Dachsund. He was a great dog. Thought he was going to be a barker but turned out to be very calm. Anyways. Thanks for another excellent review brother.

  • JJO

    Sounds intriguing. I see that these come in a corona, too. Just might have to check them out.

    • pinot45

      Corona? Now yer talkin’. Right there with ya, brother.

      • Craig

        Kinda ashamed to admit it, but I’ve turned into a corona size fan myself. Don’t tell the guys I play golf with though !!! lol

        • PAG

          I’m with the 3 of you. Coronas are great.

  • TimB

    Sounds like a good stick. Looked it up price is not bad either, on the list to try!

  • LordCybor

    These sound like something I would enjoy. Looking into them right now!

  • mfsaur

    Is there a difference between a box pressed stick and a regular? Is it solely the shape that is different or is there a different kind of burn to it? I keep wanting to ask but I don’t haha

    • MorganGeo

      I may be wrong but I think it’s mainly for packaging in boxes? I don’t think there is a difference in the burn or flavor?

      Personally, I think it allows for an easier draw but that may just be in my head.

      • CigarStrawn

        There is no differences in flavor or burn. I’m not sure about the draw though. I like the look of box pressed sticks. Also, they wont roll away when I sit them down. :-p

        • Pokesfan

          I was told once that cigars are box pressed simply so they won’t roll away.

          • MaxDuo

            I’ve read the same thing about box pressed is so they won’t roll away. Bryan also mentioned it in a video at one point saying that there wasn’t really a difference from it.

          • lostonmonday

            I tend to enjoy cigars most when working on something, so to me, box pressed is a godsend. (I’m in the garage right now 🙂 ) Plus in windy South Dakota, box pressed sticks stay put a little better 😉

      • JJO

        The shape originally came about from Cuban makers cramming the cigars into boxes to save on cargo space.

        I’m not a big fan of the boxy square shaped ones, but I do really like the softer rectangular and oval pressed ones. They have a nice comfortable feel in the hand and mouth (TWSS).

    • drewmcneice

      I’ve honestly never even hade a box pressed cigar. I just usually go with the round ones haha

  • Jason Isbaner

    You should of let the dog try the cigar. Lol, looks like a decent smoke

  • garlar10

    looks like a good stick. I am always looking for cigars that are big on flavor but not as much strength. Thanks!

  • danzig777

    Looks like a mighty tasty cigar.

  • Tommz81

    All flavor no strength. Just right. Haven’t seen this one in the local store yet

  • MaxDuo

    Flavors that decently interest me and TONS of body? I’ll be favoriting this to check out later at some point. Esp since the price isn’t too bad.

  • rockjock

    Sounds like it is worth trying. There are several cigars I have tried based on your reviews that I would have just passed by before.

  • Texvet

    leather left, leather left, lether lft…. I can’t do it either!!

  • yosef5

    Looks like a cigar that I would enjoy
    Thanks for this review

  • dbfr181

    I always like a cigar with all flavor no strength!! Nice dog!!

  • phillyb

    Man you are on a roll! Lots of great sounding cigars, one right after the other.

  • Craig

    1)Leather left, 2)Lefter leath, 3)Lester left, 4)Lester who?, 5)Later Lester!, You were right as always, couldn’t do it! lol

  • Pokesfan

    Sounds like my kind of stick.

  • vscarpine

    Sounds like a good one I really like full body with little or no strength

  • rgmenke

    You caught me off guard with that one. I was reading something while listening to the review and I look up to see your dog. I had to go back a bit because I thought the cigar was going well:-)

  • Dylan

    leather, earth, pepper, no strength, punchy… sounds like I have to put this on my “to buy” list. Thanks Bryan!

  • gtclark

    Seems like those reddish colorado wrappers are in this year…looks like a great cigar

  • Sinsandman

    Is a wrapper with inconsistent coloring indicitive of something? Or is it just a thing that happens?

  • Daniel.A

    i love cigars that put tons of smoke out with just a bit of resistance. ill be sure to try this one when i get the chance.

  • ctigers15

    Nice review and nice dog. May look to pick one up soon

    • MaxDuo

      Picking up a Dachsund, just like Chloe?? 😉

  • eric.hanson

    Wow full bodied, lots of pepper, spice, and cream sounds like I need to keep an eye open for some of these.

  • Dylan

    Bryan what do you like to do when you smoke? do you watch anything, listen to music, read, talk with people…. or just sit and enjoy your smoke?

    • I’m usually working or chatting with people

  • lostonmonday

    I love the dog. She looks just like my Daisy. She often hides under my coat when I actually sit down for a smoke. I don’t know about your dachshund, but mine is a pretty damn good hunter. Some of my buddies have made fun of her, until they see the kill of the week. They’re cool dogs for sure!

  • curtpick

    I will have to get both of these Bryan. The cigar and the pup ! Wife went whack when he popped in.

  • Romel

    Looks like a great stick and also has great construction. It was nice to see Chloe on one of your video.

  • weimerad

    Looks like a poor mans Padron

  • smokethis

    Very cute dog 🙂 TY for the review.

  • david121

    dark chocolate sounds good! Thanks for another great review Bryan!
    cute dog guy!

  • zzpop102

    I have been wanting to try one of these. It sounds really good so I guess I am going to have to get one now.

  • Dirk

    This review really makes me want to try this stick.. I have seen them for sale on line and had no idea of their flavor.(I don’t trust the manufacturer’s comments) However in this case, they do seem accurate…bravo on another great review. Oh and Cloey did steal the show!

  • drewmcneice

    lol I love Bryan’s faces when he’s describing the flavors

  • E

    Cute weiner. My mom used to breed dachshunds, they are great dogs.

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