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Valentia Churchill Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 28, 2013
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Valentia Churchill Cigar Review

This 7×48 stick features a tan, firm wrapper with a slight tooth, dry feel, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, double cap and rich barnyard aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with plumes of thick rich medium-full bodied sweet oily wood flavor, with a long finish. The first third explodes flavors through the draw keeping the same from the first light but also adding a bright, citrus and leather which carries through on the finish, leaving an oily zest on my lips. The 2nd third burns perfectly, adding a nice cinnamon sweetness and dropping the citrus. The last third continues the flawless performance ending at the hour mark, adding a little strength to the mix, dropping the leather and replacing it with just a smooth light earthiness that carries through the long finish. Thank you very much to Valentiacigars.com for sending this sample in for review!

  • MorganGeo

    Those flavors sound great. The notes of citrus are what particularly sound good to me.

    On a side note, do you guys see how fast and the number of views on the videos on you tube mere seconds after posting? Lot of CO lovers out there!

    • MaxDuo

      I agree. The sweet and peppery wood start sounds great… and I like Bryan’s description of the citrus adding some zest to the leather in the first third. Makes me VERY curious. I’m not always a fan of the cinnamon taste in my cigars but it still sounds nice in this one. Ending seems a bit weak in flavor… but that’s a great start, and there’s not much strength. Definitely sounds like one I’ll be checking out as soon as I get my first 2-3 paychecks from the new job!

      Not to mention a great amount of body, a perfect draw, perfect burn, minor strength at the end, and cool all the way to the nub? Excellent! Favoriting this one as a reminder.

  • Swede214

    What a difference from the last cigar, from bad to very good. Wonder how long it will be to see this to buy.

  • lefty177

    Citrus you say? I may just have to try these out. I love coffee & cocoa in cigars but citrus sounds even better than both of them

  • TimB

    Sounds like a stick I would like to try.Makes up for the last one..LOL

  • Walshy

    Sounds like a delicious cigar. Great review as always Bryan. I’m glad you mentioned blanket statements about tobacco don’t work. It truly is all about the blend. I hope to find this brand at a b&m. Love to try it.

  • drewmcneice

    never heard of Dominican cigars…it seems really nice, and good size too

  • Jason Isbaner

    First off I’m glad you contacted Xikar, I will be curious to see how they handle the situation. 2nd looks like a great cigar, not a huge fan of the Churchill size but the burn time was quick enough and flavors sounded good.

  • dgrambo

    from the Valencia website:

    Wrapper: Ecuador / Connecticut
    Filler: Nicaragua and Dominican Republic
    Binder: Indonesia

    • JJO

      Seems a little odd that they trumpet the Dominican tobacco so much on their site, but only use it in the filler. 😉 Sounds like it’s worth a try, though.

      • smokethis

        Yes this sounds like a good smoke.

  • seanking4

    Sounds like a good stick. Those flavors are right up my alley.

  • I haven’t had a Churchill in the longest time… No pun intended lol

  • dbfr181

    Nice review seems like a cigar I’d like…. Keep us posted on what happens with your lighter.

  • Brandonsr81

    I hope Xikar does you a solid and sends you what you want.

  • Kalven

    One has to wonder if the level of service from Xicar might be better for Brian. Any body with Xicar stories, good or bad?

    • You would think! But in reality they haven’t even responded to my email.

  • chief791

    Sounds awesome. I will look for them.

  • NeverTwoOld

    I know you said you don’t have a lot of background info on this company or the cigar but I was curious… do most new cigar companies (Valentia included) do all of their own rolling. construction, etc or do they have an idea for a blend and then farm it out to an established company who actually makes it then slaps the new companies band on it? I always thought they farmed the work out but didn’t know if you knew for sure.

  • carrascodavid

    Definitely will have to try this one out never had a cigar with hints of citrus or cinnamon

  • vscarpine

    Sounds great…thus far any cigar that has had a barnyard smell has been a good one

  • Tommz81

    I will be getting some of these sounds great.

  • ucs.greg

    To bad here in Del Rio, Texas we don’t have a real humidor that has more of a variety.

  • USA2ndAmendment

    Definitely a stick that I would like to try!

  • ctigers15

    Nice review, the cigar sounds like its worth a try. That sucks about the torch, I have a xicar tech and enigma. I love the tech and the enigma isn’t my favorite because I have to refill it a ton.

  • talisker22

    Great review,, made me laugh about the swimming backwards part.
    Sounds like flavors that I would enjoy

  • zzpop102

    Sounds like a great stick!

  • Dylan

    I usually shy from lighter cigars. Connecticut wrappers never really were my thing so I would run from about every lighter colored (I know that’s kind of stupid) stick. But by your review I’d be inclined to buy a 5 pack of these and give them a shot…

  • CigarStrawn

    I use a cheap Ronson torch lighter. I have to refill it every 5 or 6 cigars but I’ve dropped the thing countless times and it still works great. I would like to upgrade and try out a natural flame lighter.

    • smokethis

      I have had a cheap Ronson for 9 years and it never fails unlike many of the expensive lighters i own or have owned.

      • CigarStrawn

        Yeah I’ve looked around and some of these lighters have a very steep price tagged to them. I’m probably going to go with Xikar because of the lifetime warranty and I’ll keep the Ronson around for the windy days.

        • TimB

          I have at least 3 Xikars all work well. The lifetime warranty is worth it.

        • samgiroux42

          Actally, the Ronson I use came from Walmart for $26. Yet, I always make sure to use high quality 4x butane to keep it running great. The tech torch is the way to go.

    • LxArkitekt

      I bought mine from Walgreens for 5 bucks. Thing runs out of fuel so damn quick but it works great. I’m the same way, I’m a bit clumsy with the Ronson and have lost it only to find it again weeks later. I don’t think I could trust myself with a real expensive torch.

      • CigarStrawn

        Mine’s a five buck Wal-Marter. Not the most elegant thing to light a premium cigar with but it gets the job done. :-p

        I have a collection of cigar boxes on top my dresser and on top of that is an Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Classic cigar box that I put all my cigar stuff in so I don’t lose it. My wife rolls her eyes and calls it the cigar shrine but I rarely lose my lighter and cutter now.

        I’m definitely going with Xikar. Probably the EX. The reviews I’ve read are pretty outstanding and Bryan reviewed it a few months a go and went through the processes of using the warranty for Xikar. For me that was the deciding factor so thanks Bryan!

      • drewmcneice

        Only ever had one torch…wasn’t a big fan. I just usually wait for the wind to go away haha

    • phaedron

      I’ve got a Dunhill Rollagas S-series that I found on eBay. I’m kind of ashamed to say how much it cost (the price was pretty good, but then I had to send it off to ARS for an overhaul, and that wasn’t exactly cheap), but I have to say I absolutely love it– it looks gorgeous, has perfect (for me) size and heft, strikes perfectly every time, with a fabulous soft flame.

  • stevenknisley

    This cigar sounds amazing. Where can you get them?

    • MaxDuo

      “Thank you very much to Valentiacigars.com for sending this sample in for review!” -Bryan
      Seems you can get them right from their site 🙂

  • weimerad

    Not interested in trying this

  • andrewshooter

    I always enjoy seeing new companies making a great first impression. It says something about their purpose.

  • phillyb

    Oh boy that one sounds good. I gotta try and get my hands on one.

  • ghoudy

    Sounds pretty good. I might have to try a couple of these!

  • swj045

    are these going to be nation wide or a special market? sounds like a fine cigar.have to keep an eye open for this brand.

  • eric.hanson

    Sounds like a great brand and cigar! I’ve never heard of these either, I’ll have to keep my eyes open for some.

  • Romel

    Great review Bryan. I know it would take a lot longer but have you ever try to use matches to light your cigars? Or even try to do a video for kicks.

    • It’s virtually impossible outside here there’s always a breeze. Anyway it doesn’t make for any appreciable difference to a good natural flame lighter IMO.

  • Mr Rojas

    Wow, hat cigar sounds interesting. I think it’s the first review I have seen where cinnamon is mentioned in the flavor profile. The citrus and cinnamon notes sound like something I might wanna try

  • pato1001

    Sounds like a good stick. I haven’t seen them in my neck of the woods but I will keep an eye out! By the way does anyone know if they have hit the market yet in California?

  • MaxDuo

    Hey Bryan, how long did it last? I didn’t hear you mention it at the end when you made it to the nub… unless I just had very selective hearing suddenly!

    It seems like it’d be around 50-55 minutes since you were starting the last third at 40 minutes though.

    I mentioned above wanting to try these for the body and quality of the cigar… but also forgot to say I’d love to buy some just to support a new company! It’s a shame that I should probably wait for 2-3 paychecks from the new job I start this week.

  • Pokesfan

    Sounds like a winner!

  • puffrey

    citrus you say…hmmm….that does sounds tasty. I have a few cigars with that orange”ish” flavor, is the citrus in this stick more evident?

    It should come with a little umbrella to really drive home the citrus flavors!

  • Kalven

    Uh oh. Is this another site stealing from you (and just about everybody else)?


    • Son of a….yup sure is. THANKS for the heads up. This asshole used private registration so it’s straight tot he DMCA for him. Unreal how many of these clown are out there. Heck, this is so close in format it might be the same guy as the last one.

      • Kalven

        Glad to help bust these creeps. Makes me feel like a JJB (Junior James Bond)

      • Jared

        At least this one gives you the credit… too bad he didn’t bother to ask… or check the site “do not use without permission” warnings. Duh. Common freakin’ courtesy says ask first, so you will know for certain whether it’s ok or not.

      • phaedron

        Out of curiosity– what actually happens when you file these DMCA complaints? From what little I’ve read on the subject of fair use in the internet age, particularly when you’re looking at a vlog aggregator like this one Kalven found, the legal issues are not always cut-and-dried… There’s absolutely no disputing that this guy embedded your YouTube video into his site. But reading over the YouTube terms of service, it seems like people are given the right (Section 6C) to reproduce YouTube content elsewhere as long as the YouTube player is used to display it. YouTube describes conditions under Section 4D that seem to pretty clearly indicate that this guy has violated THEIR terms of service… but that’s their row to hoe. The bottom line is that I’m getting the impression from the YouTube terms of service that anyone who uses it to post original content implicitly sacrifices some of (much of? ALL OF?) their copyright protections on the content. (Your copyrighted photos that exist only on your site are another matter entirely, certainly.) I’m not trying to be a contrarian— I’m just really interested in how all this comes together, and how successful you’ve been with DMCA complaints in the past, particularly when YouTube has been in the middle.

        • You are completely misinformed. There is NO ‘fair use’ for any of this material.

          What happens is very simple. i email the complaint, it gets logged and I almost immediately get a response from the legal department that it has been received and filed. it starts a 48 hour clock before the end of which the owner must take down all notified material and not put up any more, or the host shuts the whole site down. Simple as that.

          • phaedron

            Well, not “misinformed”– as I’m reading the same YouTube TOS and the same United States Code as everyone else. “Interpreting it incorrectly” is more likely… I’d be willing to acknowledge that right off the bat, as I am not a copyright attorney. But if it’s as straightforward as you say, then I wonder how aggregator sites (like Drudge Report, for example– which links to tons of copyrighted works and also has ads on the site) can exist if hotlinking to those other copyrighted resources were routinely disallowed under the US Code or the DCMA. But what is inarguably true is that neither you nor the alleged offender’s ISP has the power to unilaterally/arbitrarily decide whether there is actually infringement or whether “fair use” applies. That’s a decision reserved to the federal courts. In this specific instance, you’re certainly correct that the ISP would have to shut the operator’s site down if the infringing material was not removed, based upon your DCMA complaint. But if the website operator responded to your DCMA complaint with a counter notification letter claiming fair use– even if it is a completely specious and ridiculous claim!– you’d then have to file for a temporary injunction in federal court within 14 days of your receipt of the counter notice. (That’s a $350 filing fee in the Middle District of Florida, plus attorney fees– and if you didn’t file for the injunction within the timeframe, your complaint would just… go away.) Now, Wikipedia (the inerrant foundation for all human knowledge) notes that “The law is currently unsettled with regard to websites that contain links to infringing material…” I just don’t know if the outcome in court would be a given. All of that said, I don’t doubt you’d be willing to go to the mat to protect your rights in this regard. I’d like to think I’d do the same…

        • I have NO idea why you are rambling on and on about your theories. #1 we aren’t talking about links. At all. #2 I told you exactly what happens and what the law is. Clearly and simply. That’s all there is to it.

        • Btw you can now see the ultimate power of the dmca. http://www.cigarlord.com is now gone completely.

  • Jared

    Sounds like everything I would look for out of a natural wrapper stick! Will have to look for these.

  • Sinsandman

    Valentia…check…and another goes on the list. Now how bout that Diesel Wicked review?

  • Jared

    WOAH! Guys, go to this company’s website. Their whole purpose for this line to support Law Enforcement and provide free gear through the Mako Group and the Valentia Assistance for Law Enforcement (VALE) group. AND they give discounts to any dealers that sign up for the VALE program, and discount coupons for those dealers to designate to a local Law Enforcement agency AND that agency gets funds to buy equipment. http://valentiacigars.com/vale_program.html

    All I have to say is, wow. That’s fantastic. AND the sticks sound good. Wow. May be a program worth encouraging your local B&M to participate in.

  • kurngar

    The flavor profile of the Valentia sounds like something I would love to try, I will look for them.

  • garlar10

    cinnamon and citrus, sounds like a cool stick!

  • david121

    thanks for the review Bryan, sounds like an interesting blend.

  • sagxman

    I’ve been enjoying your reviews immensely. I just signed up and look forward to coming back daily. I’m a complete newbie to cigars so I’m learning quite a bit here.

  • Daniel.A

    sounds like something i wanna try. interesting flavors.

  • drewmcneice

    Looks like a good one. Never had this brand before

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