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Macanudo Vintage Maduro 1997 Perfecto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 24, 2013
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Macanudo Vintage Maduro 1997 Perfecto Cigar Review

This 6×49 stick features a very dark, almost black wrapper with a thick, oily, toothy lumpy feel, minimal veins, tight seams, the trademark metal band and a light cedar aroma. First light reveals a great draw with plentiful smoke output showing mild-medium flavors of a slick oily, sweet, creamy textured light cedar with a short clean finish. 15 minutes in the first third opens up and keeps the same flavors, just growing the finish longer. Performance is perfect. The 2nd third smokes exactly the same, holding the ash in a solid chunk for over 45 minutes. Ending at 1:25 the last third took on a warmer overall tone with a deeper wood and sweetness through the finish. Thank you very much to StogieBoys.com for providing this sample for review!

  • mfsaur

    I have to say I have never had one of those metal bands come off without a fight. It’s a cool little keepsake afterwards but I’m not a huge fan. Good stick though!

  • USA2ndAmendment

    I saw these for the first time in JR Cigars, almost picked on up but didn’t, now I wish I would have. Oh well, I will next time 🙂

  • stevenknisley

    This was the first hand made I ever smoked and still to this day is probably one of my favorites. Great review.

  • JJO

    So THAT’S what causes the tight draw on the perfectos, lol. It’s OK, nobody saw that.

    I’ve heard some pretty good things about these. I may have to pick one up sometime.

    • JJO

      BTW, I didn’t realize that the Vintage 2007 came in natural. Wouldn’t that be the 2006?

      • I didn’t mean a ‘2007’ natural – I mean the other one I did recently, which was a natural.

        • JJO

          Ah, OK.

  • LordCybor

    This one did not leave a lasting impression on me. it was a lot milder than i was expecting and not enough flavor for me. A good cigar; well made etc. Just not a huge WOW factor involved.

  • MorganGeo

    Liked the ‘move it along, nothing to see here’ comment. One thing I learned from the video is that I’ve been pronouncing Macanudo wrong.

  • eric.hanson

    Ha the intro to this had me laughing. I’ll have to keep an eye out for these in natural since they were such a big hit with everyone.

  • Jason Isbaner

    I have always been curious about this cigar so I’m glad you reviewed it, looks good.

  • mrl4889

    Seen these around, havent pulled the trigger. I know it sounds crazy but in my mind I’ve “outgrown” Macanudo. Always associate them with simple, plain cigars and rarely give them a second look. I know, I’m an idiot!

  • 91boz

    That was funny I was wondering did you cut the tip? LOL Good review as always.

  • garlar10

    Well thats one way to not have to worry about too much glue on the band. When I think of Macanudo’s I usually think of really light cigars. Good to see a review of one of their maduros, though this one sounds even milder, haha. I will have to try one of these soon. Great review!

  • Dale

    I have had one of these in the humidor for about 8 months now. I will have to pull it out and try it.

  • smokethis

    Ty for the review.
    lol. I thought you were changing your toasting ritual. Still waiting for a Macanudo that i like. All are very boring.IMO

  • Daniel.A

    i love these sticks. beautiful dark black wrapper and cool band. or ring. i’ve three of these so far. it came recommended by my local retailer and been buying em since.

  • TimB

    I thought you where going for the cut the end after lighting trick I saw the other day at Cigar Aficinado.It is said that is the only way to light a cigar…Have not had a Macanudo in years may just try this one.

  • zanlamb

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who forgets to cut a cigar on occasion. Is there any strength to these? If not I will be looking to pick a box up soon.

    • MorganGeo

      Usually Bryant mentions strength if he starts feeling the effects. So I would say its probably not much sense he didn’t mention it..

  • Sinsandman

    So would you judge this to be a better smoke or better marketing?

  • samgiroux42

    Bryan – You think forgetting to cut the cigar is bad? Ha! I cut my cigar this weekend and accidentally lit the wrong end. The cigar was not horrible, but you could tell that it was not intended to be smoked opposite.

    • zzpop102

      I have lit the wrong end of a cigar before. You just feel stupid once you notice.

  • yosef5

    Help us grow what happened to theLike for facebook
    Another good review

  • vscarpine

    Sounds like a great cigar…I think I will like the no pepper or spice in this one.

    And side note: I thought I was the only one that forgot to cut a cigar lol

  • curtpick

    My exact experience . An..ok cigar.

  • Craig

    Bryan, your “human-ness” of forgetting to cut the cigar, the ash dropping in your lap, the annoyance with the noise from the neighbor, the strength rush of a extremely full bodied cigar, etc…. is what makes your videos so appealing. Your honest, spot on reviews is what makes you the best I’ve come across !! Keep up the good work Bryan.

  • dbfr181

    Great review! Love the band… Haven’t tried the Macanudo brand yet. The Natural seems up my ally.

  • puffrey

    It would have been classic had you gone into how snug the draw was before cutting it. Always good to be able to laugh at ourselves every now and then.

    On the review side, I had one of these 2 months ago. I bought in the shop and smoked it there which I knew was a mistake to begin with. The draw and burn was awful and only got about half way through before I left it for dead in the ash tray. Not a smart move on my part.

  • ctigers15

    Nice review, I’ve been pretty curious about those.

  • kurngar

    I will have to check this one out

  • drewmcneice

    don’t know how I feel about the metal band…looks cool, but probably expensive?

    • MaxDuo

      Probably not, the bands are probably mass produced at something like 5-6 cents a piece, if that. Or well, considering they aren’t making millions of them…. maybe 9-10 cents a piece, but nothing significant to the cigar’s cost most likely.

      Sounds like an interesting smoke.. nothing amazing or top 10 list worthy, but at least a good burner with nice smoke. I’ll keep an eye out for it but probably not actively seek it out. Good review Bryan, entertaining start 😉

  • tglynnus

    I had one of these a while back and I liked it. It was pretty consistent, nothing extraordinary but I enjoyed it. I’ve had the 2006 as well, which I also enjoyed. I have had some issues with those bands not coming off easily as well, and they can tear the wrapper up.

  • Kalven

    HA! That is just what I am looking for in a cigar. Average flavors and performance, and a battle with the gimmick band.

    As the sage once said: “Ain’t nobody got time for that”

  • I’m surprised that this doesn’t have much more “punch” than the natural. I haven’t tried one yet but will.

    Thanks for the review

  • jon.crappel

    I’m really loving the new videos, Bryan. They look great!

  • lostonmonday

    I ordered the natural last night, and will admit I got it for the band (incorporating it in an ashtray). I like Mac’s, so I’m looking forward to the cigar, just not as much as the band. BTW, I toasted a cigar last night and was surprised with the stiff draw. Then I cut the cap. I’m guessing we all do it once. However, few weeks ago, while working on my truck, I put the wrong end of a lit cigar in my mouth. I’m guessing that stupidity isn’t as common.

    • lostonmonday

      Er, I mean I ordered a 1997 maduro, since there is no 97′ natural available. I just got it, and I like band a lot, but the cap is one of the worst I’ve seen. I’ve got a box of AF breva’s (like a curley head) and all of them have a better cap. WTH Mac-n’-noodle?!

  • swj045

    just goes to show,that if you smoke enough cigars you will make mistakes. like smoking one down so far that I burned the band now that realy sucks. thanks for all of the videos.

  • Pokesfan

    Nice review! I’ve gotta have one of these.

  • Bpope31

    Looks like a cool cigar. I’ve been wanting to try more Macanudos other than the Hyde park or Hampton.

  • Jared

    These sound all-around like right up my alley, and I really dig the metal bands. May have to find a few of these.

  • phillyb

    You sure seem to be reviewing more interesting cigars as of recent. The last one my family saw and said it looked like you were smoking a piece of jerkey, and I don’t recall you reviewing a maduro perfecto (my favorite style!) recently. Keep it up!

  • seanking4

    This is one I’m very interested in! I asked the girl at my local shop about them and she said she would try to order a box. Hopefully it’ll work out. I’ve never had the natural. It’s on my to do list.

  • zzpop102

    Wow that is a super dark wrap. Looks really good. I kind of wish they would leave the metal ring off of them. I have had problems with them in the past. Great review.

  • AL

    Wow this really looks like a cigar. I had a corn dog for lunch. Tigers are neat. Do you get along with your dad?… Me neither. Ooh stickers…

    • gtclark

      Uh what…oh I get it

  • Romel

    Definitely sounds like a good stick. I’ll make sure I cut it first,but that happens every now and then. Lol

  • chizzlechink

    Haha so worried about the napkin ring ya forgot about the cut!

  • Brandonsr81

    I want one of these just for the band, I could wear is as a pinkie ring.

  • viewer_tan

    Bryan. One of these days, if you ever feel like it, do a blooper reel.

  • Dirk

    I have never been that impressed with this cigar line.. however I find myself strangely facinated.. I will be giving this one a try.. Oh and since I will be in Tampa on Saturday.. I think Byran should open his humidor and start sharing!

  • david121

    Well you’re St. Patricks day story intrigued me, I’m gonna try this in natural. great review as always!

  • morpi167

    Hahaha yesss Bryan that was hilarious at the beginning. I loved that “Nothing to see here move along”. Definitely got a good lol out of that one. Great review though I love your work.

  • Tommz81

    I’ve seen these online before but never heard of them. Glad to see the review, now ill buy some.

  • Mobleyjared

    I’ve been told that the darker it is the more flavor it has is this true?

  • EzyE77

    can you still find the naturals? if show where. Ive been looking, just not finding

  • Bigdave

    A word a caution before ordering these thru the mail. I recently won two 5 packs from Cigarbid.com and the metal bands were touching the other cigars and I had about 7 sticks with cracked wrappers. The just put all 5 in a baggie and mail them.I sent them back and next time I will order a sealed box instead.

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