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Apr 22

CO Premium Sampler Giveaway Contest

Posted on Monday, April 22, 2013 in World of CO

20120120sico0008-Edit-300x203First, congratulations to last week’s winner, of the Cherry & Chrome ashtray, user ‘samgiroux42’! Get me your contact info and I’ll pass it on to!

Now on to the next contest…this one is special and big so it’s going to run for two weeks…it’s an out of production ORIGINAL CO Premium Sampler, with the Anarchy! I have just a few of them here and am willing to give up one. The others I’m really keeping just as a memento since I created the concept and would just like to hang on to it for my old age lol Maybe I’ll break open one sometime since they are so hard to resist šŸ˜‰

OK to enter this one you need to have a US mailing address and be 18+ years of age of course. As usual you just need to share using the buttons below and comment with what you did – plus – which of the included cigars in the sampler is your favorite or you are most wanting to try! Good luck – the winner will be drawn in two weeks!

  • ghostshadow

    Tweeted (@ghostshadow) – I would like to try all of them, I haven’t had a chance to try any of them!

  • mantisdgaf

    liked on facebook id like to try them all but most of all the Tatuaje Anarchy I missed out on this blend while they still had them in stock at smoke inn and iv regreted it every day since lol I recently had the rocky patel decade for my birthday and it was great

  • Trumpee

    That Illusione 88 has me drooling.

    I Tweeted CO out to my world.

  • Leo Steelfire

    I just turned 18 back in January and was very exited to get into the Cigar culture. At this time I had only tried a handful of Cigars, but I had not tried any flavored ones. I picked up a Cherry (kinda fuzzy on the name) CAO something. I soon found out that this Cigar was poorly rolled and was extremely flaky and ended up in my lap. I am still very new to this whole thing and there are tons of cigars I would love to try.

    I liked your page on Facebook and Shared via Google.

    PS. I love the YouTube videos, keep up the great work!

  • 82ndlawndart

    Hello, I would really like to try the Olivia because i’ve heard about how Full they are. I enjoy cigars that are fully flavored and have some strength in them. I liked on Facebook. Keep it up!

  • yosef5

    I was looking forward to a Alec Bradley Tempus. Quadrum.I eas not that turned on & I thought it did not have much flavor.
    I liked on facebook

  • Craig

    My brother in law purchased a couple of the Romeo y Julieta Limited Edition Prominente cigars a little over a year ago. The one that Bryan reviewed recently. I let them age in my humidor as I was not sure what to expect from this cigar. It seemed quite expensive to me as he paid $19.75 per stick. We decided to smoke them on Easter Sunday after our meal. WOW !!! I guess I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, but these were fantastic. I went back to my B&M to purchased a few more, but as the name states, it IS a Limited Edition. If you see this somewhere, pick one up and let it age. You’ll be glad you did.
    Liked on Facebook.

  • jdwaynes1980

    I liked on Facebook, tweeted on Twitter, and shared on Google +

    The only cigar from this sampler that I’ve smoked is the Rocky Patel Decade Robusto, and it is one of my favorite smokes. I actually had a friend send me a Tatuaje Anarchy Apocalypse a year ago, and I was so excited to try it. I had read several forum posts, and reviews from numerous sites talking about it.

    When it finally arrived I tore into the package like a child on Christmas morning only to reveal a mushy mess. Apparently the plastic bag he had placed it in opened during shipping, and then the box got wet, and the cigar was ruined. He didn’t have anymore to send, and I haven’t really been able to get any on my own, for one reason or another.

    • jdwaynes1980

      The Anarchy, not the Apocalypse… oops!

  • Boucher207

    Liked on FB ā€“ I have been a fan of cigars ever since I was a little kid and saw the Actors in the old western movies smoking them. I started smoking cigars when I turned 18, but never really kept many on hand since I didnt have a humidor. I received a nice humidor for my bachelor party and started looking for cigars to purchase. I kept reading online and hearing that the Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve was an amazing stick so I figured Iā€™d give it a try. I went all over Maine for about a month trying to find it at local shops with no luck. So I turned to the internet stores, no matter where I looked they seemed to be sold out or only available in a box. Seeing the cigar sold out everywhere only added to my excitement to try the stick. I finally found a company online with some single sticks in stock, so I purchased one. I received the stick in the mail later that week and put it in my humidor. I patiently waited another few weeks for it to rest before I smoked it. I have to say I was extremely dissapointed when I did. The cigar stopped burning 3 times and since I had to re-toast and re-light it multiple times it was just a wash of nutty/charcoal. I was so disappointed , almost 2 1/2 months wasted waiting for this stick only for it to be a complete failure in the end. haha I will have to try it again because I find it hard to believe a stick thats so popular could be that large of a let down!