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Apr 21

Xikar Crossover Warranty Replacement Is In

Posted on Sunday, April 21, 2013 in Accessory Reviews

I had to send back my Xikar Crossover torch, it was just plain worn out after a few years and thousands of uses. I always maintained it well, but the flame just kept getting smaller and smaller as time went by, so it needed to be replaced. I knew the model wasn’t made anymore, but I thought just the design of the case would be different. I guess they retired the whole square format. This Axia replacement functions VERY well as a lighter, with two very powerful torch units in it, but with my big hands it doesn’t fit me well at all, feeling undersized and slippery. Too bad, I think they went the wrong way from a very classic design to something less so. Bring back the standard format Xikar!! I’ll do a proper review of this new unit soon.

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  1. Chris Tivnan says:

    I sent mine in a week ago. Does Xikar at all contact you during the repair process or do you just have to wait to get it back?

  2. Boucher207 says:

    I would contact them and tell them this replace ment was not acceptable. I understand they might not make the same lighter as you sent in, but they make a few that are very similar. I would be very upset if i received this as a replacement.

    • Boucher207 says:

      And again, i realize they dont have to offer a lifetime warranty on their products but since they do, id expect a replacement lighter to be the same kind of style at least. Or if they dont have something within the price range of the one sent in, send you an email seeing if you would want to cover the difference of a more expensive one.

    • Bryan Glynn says:

      I’ll use it a bit, see if it grows on me, otherwise, yeah.

  3. Jason Isbaner says:

    I’m sure they would do something if your not happy, I would contact them.

  4. Boucher207 says:

    Even their Incline lighter is like your old one but about $20 cheaper, why not send that one.

    • TimB says:

      Probably because if they sent a replacement that was $20 less people would not go for that after paying $60 now would they…The EX or EXII line looks similar but I think it is smaller.The one they sent is listed for $69.

  5. zzpop102 says:

    I think its pretty cool these lighters have a lifetime warranty. I have gone through so many lighters. I will probably be picking one of these up.

  6. capital75757 says:

    I agree that it seems like a downgrade from the old model.

    If I were to buy a Xikar from a store that carries their lighters would I have to get a replacement from the store or directly from Xikar themselves?

  7. garlar10 says:

    Well that was disappointing…

  8. pittjitsu says:

    Well that sucks. I guess by giving you a dual flame they think they gave you something a little extra for your troubles. Obviously they aren’t CigarObsession watchers or they would know you like the single flame.

  9. danzig777 says:

    Yep, not a big fan of that lighter either. You should check to see if you can maybe get another lighter instead of that one.

  10. Kace says:

    I bought a Xikar V cutter. Came in the exact same hard to open box. Lol. The box top completely covers the box and leave little surface for your fingers to grab and pull open. Hope the new torch works well for you.

  11. Sinsandman says:

    I generally like Xikar. However, I would agree that the replacement is a step down. I have a Xikar accessory pack on the way, assuming a lighter is in that. BTW, I am one of the winners from the Operation Smokescreen gig!!!

  12. Orrza says:

    it’s kinda sad you choose a certain design and they replace it with a different one.
    well, at least it seem to be functional.

  13. TampaPete says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t send an Escalade or an NXT. Same price point, similar style to the Crossover. I have the same 2 you have/had…I hope I don’t have to exercise the warranty anytime soon :(


  14. Chaz says:

    Yet another test of their warranty service would be to send it back with a note about your concerns…

  15. Tommz81 says:

    Terrible design.

  16. samgiroux42 says:

    I say screw it and bring back the tech torch your reviewed a while back. While not convenient on the run, I use a tech torch on my porch and it rocks! super fast light in an wind and perfect toast. Give it a thought.

  17. antomos says:

    I sent mine in a couple of weeks ago, I guess this what I’ll be getting as well. I’ll keep you posted.

  18. dbfr181 says:

    I’m having the same problem with my torch very weak flame ill have to send it back see what I get

  19. Texvet says:

    Hopefully they will re-introduce the Ham Fisted model for those of us that prefer it.

  20. vscarpine says:

    the same thing just happened to me. I sent my crossover in and got the Axia. I must say that I really do like this lighter it works great and have no problems thus far

  21. juf100 says:

    I love butane torches but I have nothing but problems with them, including Xicar. They just don’t seem to last. I’ve got the re-filling down, but I always have problems with the ignitions. Oh well, as soon as Iget moved into my new house I’m buying a big asssed propane torch…

  22. USA2ndAmendment says:

    Hey Bryan, can you tell me the different uses/purposes behind the torch lighter vs the soft flame? I have a torch lighter, but I thought all the soft flame lighter were for stuff like cigarettes, not cigar? Any help would be much appreciated!

  23. Candyman says:

    Also famous-smoke still has the crossover in stock but only in blue or yellow i had been thinking about buying one for my self but after seeing what they replaced yours with i might hold off and pick up another model… my xikar is getting pretty worn and ima need a back up if anyone has a suggestion id like to hear it because it wont belong before my current lighter goes back for repair/replacement

  24. ctigers15 says:

    That sucks,

  25. MaxDuo says:

    Aw man. What a shame. That is pretty disappointing. I’ve seen those in stores and online and had little to no interest in them.

  26. ryan b says:

    hmm dissapointing, too bad they dont give you any sort of choice…

  27. brineil says:

    Whatever became of the slide dual flame model you reviewed favorably some time back? Do you ever use it since it offers both types of flame? I still don’t fully understand the value of the soft flame. It seems to leave a sooty residue on the wrapper.

  28. Brandonsr81 says:

    Never had a Xikar product yet, I like all the Colibri cutters and torches that I have.

  29. Bpope31 says:

    That stinks. I’m disappointed for you. I liked the design of your old one much better. Looked more durable.

  30. JJO says:

    This is why I stick with my $2.97 torch from Hong Kong. It’s been perfect through two years of near-daily use. If it breaks or I lose it, no big deal; at that price, I have extras.

  31. weimerad says:

    Awesome to hear

  32. david121 says:

    That’s a bummer :/
    I was thinking about picking up one of those lighters but now looks like I can’t if they discontinued that line! ugh. Good luck with your new lighter!

  33. eric.hanson says:

    Hey Bryan, too bad about the lighter. As other people said I would contact them after you’ve used it a few times if you’re still not happy with it and let them know. If you’re looking for a good torch lighter from Xikar, I got an Ellipse II about a year ago and love the thing! By far the best lighter I’ve ever had!

  34. Christopher says:

    This is not the easiest thing to do, but I almost always use matches. It’s a total hassle at the worst of times, but I find the the taste of the cigar to be so much better. I started off using lighters, but I always noticed a funny taste that almost put me off smoking cigars before I even really got started!

    I know that the word is that butane has no affect on the taste of the cigar, but I find it does. Anybody else out there feel the same way or am I the lone weirdo out there?

    • Bryan Glynn says:

      Butane is indeed flavorless and neutral – but matches aren’t. Perhaps you just like the flavors the burning wood is adding.

      • Christopher says:

        That’s a possibility or maybe it was the first batch of sticks I bought that I didn’t enjoy. It was always near the midway point of the cigar that a funky flavor came over the cigar and it really turned me off. I’ve never had that issue with a match lit cigar and I’ve enjoyed smoking cigars so much more now…which is the most important thing!

  35. stevenknisley says:

    That light seems so small in your hands. It doesn’t even look cool like the old xikar.

  36. primox1 says:

    Disappointing replacement by Xikar :(

  37. MR_EXPRESS says:

    Tiny little thing.

  38. Derek says:

    I’m looking at getting an EXII or a Versa. Does anyone have either? What are your thoughts on it?

  39. Zombieno1 says:

    Xikar at this moment is probably refurbishing your old lighter and mailing that baby back to you. I know I would if I owned that company and my number one promoter wasn’t pleased.

  40. MorganGeo says:

    Sometimes products do not need to be updated to look ‘modern’. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

  41. Pokesfan says:

    You sure have a lot of stuff sitting on the ol’ table there….

  42. neocigaro says:

    I need to get one of these lighters. Been using matches.

  43. drewmcneice says:

    I’ve never been a fan of using this style of lighter…I love matches, and I love my zippo, that’s all I really need.

  44. Brandonsr81 says:

    Send that crap back….

  45. puffrey says:

    Too bad on that replacement Bryan. On a sidenote, while I was watching the video and couldn’t help but want laugh while you were struggling with that box there were all those tools in front of you. Maybe my humor is just weird.

    • Zombieno1 says:

      That didn’t even cross my mind either. Screwdriver would have worked wonders. Unless he wanted to keep the box minty fresh. I know when opening mine, I was very careful.

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