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Xikar Crossover Warranty Replacement Is In

by Bryan Glynn, April 21, 2013
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I had to send back my Xikar Crossover torch, it was just plain worn out after a few years and thousands of uses. I always maintained it well, but the flame just kept getting smaller and smaller as time went by, so it needed to be replaced. I knew the model wasn’t made anymore, but I thought just the design of the case would be different. I guess they retired the whole square format. This Axia replacement functions VERY well as a lighter, with two very powerful torch units in it, but with my big hands it doesn’t fit me well at all, feeling undersized and slippery. Too bad, I think they went the wrong way from a very classic design to something less so. Bring back the standard format Xikar!! I’ll do a proper review of this new unit soon.

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