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Capa Fina Churchill Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 20, 2013
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Capa Fina Churchill Cigar Review

This 7.5×50 stick features a dark tan firm wrapper with a slight tooth like a fine sand paper, light pack, minimal veins, tight seams, triple cap and pungent peppery wood aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with plentiful thick rich smoke output showing medium-full bodies flavors of a sweet grassy vegetable-like note, with a fairly short clean smooth oily finish. The first third lightens the smoke a bit settling to a mild-medium body of a very smooth and slick creamy sweet wood both on the draw and finish, which is getting longer. Hitting the 1/2 way point at 30 minutes, body is down to mild with thin smoke output while flavors remain about the same, just dropping the sweetness. Construction is very good, with a razor sharp burn line, ash that holds just over an inch at a time and great draw. 50 minutes in by the band point flavors pick back up to a medium body adding a good bit of cream to the draw and finish. Ending at 1:10 where it got too hot for my taste, the last bit went unchanged. Thank you to Red Puro Imports for sending this in for review!

  • joelala

    Good review as usual. I think I might pick these up as a buddy stick. Sounds like a no brainer to I’ve out to buddies who don’t normally smoke.

  • Walshy

    Another quality review Bryan. Never heard of this brand. Do you think the drop in body and smoke was due to a rolling issue or is that what they were trying to come up with? Not sure if I’ll seek this one out due to that portion of mildness. I like the the fuller sticks. But like I said, Great review brother.

    • I smoked two, they were both very similar, so I would guess just the blend.

  • TimB

    This one is new to me to never heard of it. Sounds like a nice morning smoke for someone who likes mild smokes. New camera seams to be working well.

  • Bigulp

    Digging the new set up for the video.

    • gumby_130

      I like it

  • eric.hanson

    Never heard of this brand before. I’ve also never heard of a stick being bitter and sweet at the same time before. I must say my interest is captured a bit, I’ll keep any eye out for these in a sampler or something.

  • garlar10

    Great review! I am with the other commenters, I haven’t heard of this brand before. Can’t say grassy, vegetable flavor sounds too appealing to me though. Well at least its a 7.5X50 stick and not a 7.5X70 lol

  • neocigaro

    Haven’t seen this brand out their yet.

    • smokethis

      I haven’t seen these either~!

  • Jason Isbaner

    Haven’t heard of this brand but sounds perfect for my wife who enjoys mild cigars.

  • Ain’t nobody got time for a mild cigar.

    • JJO

      Watch your grammar. It’s “Ain’t nobody go NO time…”

      • garlar10

        Hahaha, this made me laugh JJ, kind of funny that you made the correction but forgot the T in got. Well, aint nobody got no time for my stupid corrections. Although I do enjoy mild cigars

        • JJO

          Yeah, spell check would have had a great time with that line. Never drink and type. 😉 Enjoy what you want, but I ain’t goT no time for it. lol

  • swj045

    sounds like a smoke I would enjoy but havent heard of it before.

  • Tommz81

    Hey Brian, got a question. Why don’t you reference price on your reviews? Just wondering, sure you have a reason. Sounds like a good smoke.

    • MaxDuo

      Probably because MSRP is subject to change over time, and the fact that stores will have them priced all over. You could find the exact same stick at several places from probably $5-$15 times – if not even worse in the price range.

      –As for the cigar… doesn’t sound too interesting. Not a bad sounding cigar, just nothing to actively seek to try out.

      • MaxDuo

        As an additional note on the price thing… I’ve looked up reviews on my phone while in store, and have seen reviewers say a stick was MRSP of $8-10, while they got it at $4-6, and I’d be looking at a price in store of $6-11.

        Or the occasional sale where I might find that same price range and the stick could be $3. There’s just not a great reason to mention price other than “This is a really cheap stick” or “This is really expensive,” and comment on it being good or terrible for where the price is.

  • zzpop102

    At first it sounded like I would not like this stick due to the initial flavors but once the flavors switched it sounds pretty good! Thanks Brian.

  • vscarpine

    Not usually a fan of churchills but this one has potential to be the exception

  • weimerad

    Never heard of it ut good review anyway

  • chief791

    Bryan, i’m curious as to how you pick the cigars for review. Do you pencil them in or do you just look at what you have and grab what ever you feel like for that day. I sent in a CLE Connecticut for review and have not seen it yet. It’s no big deal because i check this site every morning any way. Just wondering what the process is. Keep up the good work. I have checked in here loyally on a daily basis for over a year now. Love this site.

    • I generally do them in the order they come in, but sometimes they are time dependent like a pre-release or new release from a company and I might bump them up. I don’t have a hard system though. Sometimes it is just what I’m in the mood for or have time for. I don’t always have time for a super long one for example.

      • JJO


    • MorganGeo

      My opinion of the CLE Connecticut is that its a great morning smoke. Although I like mild smokes with no strength. I just liked the smoothness of it.

      • JJO

        I haven’t had the Connie, but both the Corojo and Cuarenta are great.

  • yosef5

    Another enjoyable review Thanks

  • Johnnycatt

    your videos looks so nice!!!! just so crisp!
    thank you for the review bryan.

  • Blue Marlin

    I see the new camera is looking good, nice review of the Capa Fina. I saw those in the B&M the other day, but was hesitant to purchase one, but because of your review I might get a couple for those for mild-smoke times.

  • Cliff

    Sounds like a cigar for me

  • seanking4

    The lady who works in the cigar shop recommended one of these to me but I declined when she told me it was a very mild stick.

  • david121

    Sounds like a pretty good stick to just smoke and not think about. If I find some for cheap I’ll definitely pick some up to try. Great review as always!

  • Boucher207

    NOT FAIR! Every time i watch once of your reviews i want to go light up a cigar. Seeing how i work the night shift and our company has a no smoking policya anywhere on company property, I cant haha. Good review though.

  • Boucher207

    Bryan, ever try any of the house blends from Cigar.com, i was looking for a cheap every day cigar, and stumbled upon them, would you review one if i sent it to you or dont you review house blends?

    • I have had them, and I have nothing against house blends per se, but those happen to be pretty poor IMO. If I wasn’t so backed up I would do them, but I need to get through the normal stuff as fast as i can. Someone sent me an email or message about them recently, if it was you I apologize, I have a backlog of stuff like that I have not had time to reply to yet, I’ve been absolutely slammed with work for the last couple weeks.

      • Boucher207

        Not me, but thanks for replying. I def understand about being swamped with work. Thanks for taking the time to review the ones you have. I look forward to your next review.

        • Boucher207

          Oh, ive ordered a few sticks of their house blends, if i think one might be worth a review ill send it your way. If you review it, great, if not, not a big loss. I did pick up a whole bundle of the rosa cuba angels and i also thought they were a good little stick.

          • Yeah those Rosa Cubas are a real hidden gem!

    • Craig

      I’ve always wanted to try the Cigar.com house blends, but have been somewhat afraid. I think I just may place an order soon. Thanks for bringing this question up.

      • Boucher207

        I found the gispert belicoso to be a great everyday stick too great smooth blend.

  • Sinsandman

    Capa Fina, am I in the dark here for never hearing of a Capa Fina? The review was another on point review. I like the how it seems to be all flavor no strength. Sounds like a good cigar if you are having to do something other than lounge and smoke.

    • ctigers15

      Never heard of it before either

  • ctigers15

    Nice review, not a stick for me

  • SavorySmoker

    Sounds like an interesting taste, ill half to try it out. Love the quality, keep it up.

  • dbfr181

    great reviw seems like mine knida stick ! no strength full of flavor

  • Dirk

    I fellow at work recently dropped off one of these sticks. He said he got it while on the east coast and knowing I was interested in cigars, furnished me one.. He told me he purchased a five pack further advising his was extremely grass or hay-like in flavor with a very long tart after taste in the first third. I don’t know how aged these are but think I will let this one rest for a while.. thanks for another great review!

  • JJO

    Bryan, I found out that these are from Ecuador, but is it a puro? I had an Ecuadorian puro before, and it was also rather mild and not particularly complex, which is surprising considering that there are a lot of much fuller-bodied sticks out there that use tobacco from there.

  • stevenknisley

    This cigar sounds pretty good. Great review


    Sounds like it’s a good one.

  • Pokesfan

    Seems like this would be a good smoke. Haven’t seen these aroung though…

  • drewmcneice

    I often fall victim to the “churchill” label. I seem to always gravitate towards anything with it for some reason. Sounds decent though

  • ghoudy

    Good review Bryan. Might have to try a couple of these, if I can find them.

  • Romel

    This cigar sounds pretty good. It has most of the flavors I look for in a cigar. I might need to get a box of these. Thanks for a great review, Bryan.

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