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San Lotano Habano Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 16, 2013
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San Lotano Habano Toro Cigar Review

This 6×54 stick features a dark brown mottled wrapper with minimal veins, tight seams, light pack, a soft velvet feel, double cap and very rich sweet cocoa aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with plentiful rich thick & chewy smoke showing big dark chocolate and cocoa flavors followed by a silky smooth long finish. The first third adds is a very smooth light earth mixing with the chocolate dropping it down as the big bold flavor. The finish carries the same, just adding a tiny bit of zing well in to the long finish. Construction is flawless with a perfect draw and burn, with the same rich smoke. Dropping the ash in a solid chunk 45 minutes in at the 1/2 way point, everything remains very consistent so far. 1:05 in starting the last third, strength starts ramping up and flavors shift down to just a smooth textured earth with a long finish of the same, carrying just a bit of the sweetness through. Ending at 1:20 where it got very hot and the strength did ramp up to full, the last bit just went to a very warm earth and the nicotine started making me really sweat and feel a bit ill – too much for me! Thank you very much to viewer Marcos Heyliger for generously sending this one in!

  • LunchBox87km

    I want to try this one now I just need to find it

    • Daniel.A

      i would recommend it. i like this stick. love the pepper blast in the beginning.(i’m kink of a fan of that, u know pepper in the beginning) only thing i didn’t like much is the heavy smoke in the back of my throat but it mellows out to really smooth and stuff. good flavors too. flawless burn i was really impressed on that. and no joke and i mean no joke this stick has the longest holding on ash i’ve ever seen. no kidding it held onto as long as the first band before finally falling off.

  • garlar10

    I just saw some of these in robusto going for $5 a stick at my local B&M. Sounds like a great stick, chocolate and pepper. Although I am a light weight like Bryan so not sure if want to pick one up, haha.

    • JJO

      $5 is a great price. Wish I could find it around here for that. It’s usually in the $7+ range here. I haven’t sensed the overwhelming strength that Bryan did, but as a long time cigarette smoker, perhaps that comes with the territory. It really is a great smoke.

    • LxArkitekt

      Thats a pretty good price. I picked one of these up a few weeks ago for around 7.50 at my B&M. I am not a heavy weight smoker, I smoke once or twice a week and I found no strength with this stick.

  • dbfr181

    Great review & love the new camera very clear and great audio !!

  • Jason Isbaner

    I like AJ Fernandez’s stuff so I think I will try, not sure if I’m a fam of the strength but we shall see.

    • JJO

      Only one way to find out. 😉 As some of us have said, we didn’t think it was that strong. AJ definitely makes stronger stuff than this. If need be, pair it with a sweeter drink, such as port or even a (non-diet) Coke or sweet tea. Hope you enjoy and I’d be interested to hear what you think.

  • neocigaro

    Hmmmm couldn’t find it at my cigar shop, o well might get some online.

    • puffrey

      there is an awesome sampler going on at one of the sites that had one of these in it. I got 2 samplers and had one of them…it was tasty

  • TimB

    Been wanting to try these med-full with some strength sounds like a winner to me!

  • drjwall

    A.J. Fernandez blends are not very complex, but they are always packing really distinct and good flavors. Have you tried the Pinolero by any chance? If not, I’d say its similar to the habano minus the strength.

  • Kace

    I almost didn’t think you were going to take that last draw to end the video. What a trooper. Thanks for all you do!

  • Greg Bellante

    Bryan; This is the same cigar i sent you last year only in Churchill size that you lost some-where among the 1000’s of cigars you have. I thought you would like it and it seems you did but i never got the power hit you did on the strength escalation building up. I usually stop when i feel a real power surge like you did but then again maybe you can take it more than i.

    • JJO

      So that’s where (oblivion) all those sticks I thought I sent in, but didn’t get reviewed went! LOL Greg, one of us has to go and check out the stash. jk!

  • morpi167

    Did you have any trouble with the bands on this? I’m curious because I had the San Lotano Maduro and both the bottom and top bands were completely stuck on the wrapper and tore off some of the leaf.

  • Candyman

    just got done watching the video on this one and i gotta say it has really made me want to try this stick. its defiantly going on my to buy list. btw love the videos. i personally am always looking to try new and the reviews are helping to keep me on the hunt for my perfect cigar.

  • phaedron

    Bryan mentioned the San Lotano Oval at the end… That is one of my current favorites, and everyone should try one of THOSE!

  • DairyLandCigarFan414

    Bryan definitely had the “I’m gonna be keeled over in the grass” look on this one…thank you Bryan for being the sacrificial lamb on this one…I definitely will not be trying that stick…

    • Walshy

      Haha, Yeah he was definitely looking quite shaky and green. He is a trooper for sure.

  • MorganGeo

    The first half of the cigar sounded great but boy I can’t take the strength. Thanks for taking one for the team again! 🙂

    • Jared

      Then, if you haven’t already, beware the La Gloria Cubana Serie R – and I mean any size. They are BEAUTIFUL. They smell and taste FANTASTIC. And they are POWERFUL! I’ve had the toro size, and the 2011 Edicion Limitada double perfecto, and never failed to be overwhelmed. I’d probably stop, but they are just so tasty…

      • lostonmonday

        The flavor is definitely worth the buzz on the LGC-R! I’m a lightweight, but haven’t gotten overly sick off the No.7’s. A little tipsy, yes, but not green like the grinch.

        • talisker22

          I agree I love the flavor profile of La Gloria Cubana Serie R! I’m a lightweight as well but it wasn’t overwhelming.

    • pedro849

      Same here, I was hooked with the chocolate, peppery smooth flavors. The Nicotine blast just killed it. I’ll stay with the full flavor and medium to med-full strength cigars. I don’t want to have a “hang over” after enjoying a good stick

    • Craig

      Bryan mentions it in another video not long ago, but there really should be a rating/term for the Strength as well as the Body. I LOVE a good full body (um…cigar), but can only handle about medium strength.

  • yosef5

    Good reviewMaybe I will get this stick

  • stevenknisley

    They have these at my local shop so just might pick one up.

  • vscarpine

    I have one of these in my humidor..now I want to go enjoy it even more than when I got it

  • eric.hanson

    I really liked the San Lotano Oval too, but if you say this one is really different I’m sure I want to try it anymore. Ha the ending “oh boy.”

  • Bpope31

    I was very intrigued by the flavors in the first half. Second half not sure if I would like it. Also not sure about the strength but I’d like to try it some day. Guess ill put it on the list.

  • rgmenke

    You should take all the super strength cigars you have and give them away in a contests.

  • ptyler

    The beginning made me want to try it, the ending not so much…nothing a teaspoon or two of sugar won’t cure :).

    I picked up a couple of the ovals when I was at Tampa Humidor. Excited even more now to try those.

    Thanks Bryan!

  • Brandonsr81

    My local B&M has them, but they are $8.50-9.75 each.

  • gtclark

    So this might be my chance to test out the old “sugar vs. vitamin N overdose” trick

    • lostonmonday

      I recently used jellybeans in lieu of a teaspoon of sugar. It worked! The beans also helped to scrub off the nasty aftertaste the cigar left.

    • Jared

      Have not heard that one… may have to give it a try. I usually use beer 🙂

      • gtclark

        Beer and jellybeans are not mutually exclusive…

        • Dale

          Sugar works for me. Sometimes a piece of cake with some sweet frosting takes care of everything…including my waistline. 🙂

  • puffrey

    I love AJ sticks! The burn has always been flawless and the draw is so perfect they almost smoke themselves! He has set the bar pretty high for himself in regards to his quality

  • curtpick

    Unfortunate that its a little full pop on the nicotine. I have tried the Oval Maduro and Conny both were in my opinion mehhh… This one sounds worth a try. Thanks for letting me know its such a power house at the bottom. Maybe a smaller stick ? Good stuff as always Bryan !

  • Cliff

    Bryan I appreciate the review. I’m a big AJ Fernandez fan and I enjoy the entire San Lotano line.

  • tglynnus

    I have an SL Oval at home I was looking forward to trying (I still am), but I hope it doesn’t have the strength of that Habano, I am no fan of “feeling” cigars when I smoke them. I guess I’m a light-weight when it comes to that but I don’t like it. It was such a promising start to the review, and then went south with the strength. I guess I will have to try it and see.
    Still hard to get over the difference in video quality, had to see it to believe it.

    • mrl4889

      I have smoked a handful of the ovals and I dont think you should worry about the strength. For me the oval was way more body than power where as I think the Habano was blended on the strong side. The oval is hands down one of the best cigars I have ever smoked (hell my fiance smoked one and loved it) and I dont think you will get knocked down by it. You will however more likely love it!

  • ryan b

    Do you guys find that you get used to the nicotine rush? or does it get blunted over time? Bryan when you say your a lightweight, does the body not adjust or does everyone just have their own tolerance?

  • gumby_130

    Bryan did you make after this cigar?

  • zzpop102

    This cigar sounds right up my alley. I will have to pick one up. Thanks for the great review.

  • ctigers15

    Nice review, my brother loves the san lotano’s. I’ll have to give one a try.

  • Craig

    I wasn’t sure where to post this so just posting here. What is this “Operation Smoke Screen” trailer (found in the links on the left)? Looks interesting.

  • david121

    AJ fernandez is a great blender! The man o war line has some great sticks. anyway great review Bryan, this stick sounds good i love chocolate!

  • weimerad

    Love all the San Lotano labels

  • Dale

    I was just curious how many bands have you smoked? You said you didn’t want to smoke another one…lol. I have come close before.

    This looks like one I want to try. I have a great solution that works for me when they get too strong. I put it down and stop. 🙂

    Thanks for reviewing this in spite of the strength. Hope you didn’t get sick.

  • Walshy

    Bryan thank you for making yourself sick on our account. The first half sounded like a flavor bomb. I also do not like full strength sticks. I’m in it for the flavor. Again Bryan thank you Brother.

  • Walshy

    Hey Bryan, Just put a little post out so we know you are alive after this stick. Haven’t seen any replies from you since smoking it.

  • Dirk

    I tried one of these about two weeks ago. I found it similar to a Le Bijou 22 lower cost and about the same in the strength department.. better construction.. both a bit strong for me.. even after a good meal.

  • garlar10

    I don’t know if I could handle this one. I have had the san lotano oval and thats an awesome stick. Unique shape and great blend.

  • jablaze

    i def want to check it out, i hope my local b&m gets these in soon!!

  • zanlamb

    I was ready to try and find a few of these until I came to the end of the review when you went a grey colour and I new right away it was going to be far to strong. Yet another cigar that has been wrecked by a massive strenght kick at the end

  • Rich

    This was another San Lotano that my cigar dinner club tried. None of us liked it .
    I found the construction way too loose, it burned hot as a result and no flavor complexity. While it had a pepper and nicotine blast, a good cigar needs more than that. Way too many other good cigars on the market that are much better than the San Lotano line.

  • jpculp57

    These are pretty decent sticks for the money. I prefer the maduro, but I can usually get these for 30-40% cheaper so I’ll generally end up with them. Good review sir.

  • Pokesfan

    As for me, as soon as I start feeling light headed, I end it. I am not a full strength cigar guy at all. It’s a nice looking stick with interesting bands. All in all, I’d rather have a mild stick that’s one dimensional than have one that makes me hurl in the backyard.

    • Pokesfan

      lite headed.

  • MaxDuo

    Great sounding smell to the cigar. Also, I love the music you did for this video… it very much reminds me of sort of a retro throwback to classic video game music. Or 80’s sci fi movie music too, somewhat.

    Flavors of the cigar sound amazing, even if they don’t have a transition. What a shame about the strength in the end… I was ready to favorite this on youtube and your site as a reminder to keep it as a “must buy” for the future… and then I’m given lots of doubt by the strength. Sounds like I’d have to eat it after a big huge meal, strength kicks my butt bad.

    I had the Pinar Del Rio Flores y Rodriguez Cabinet Seleccion Capa Habano Toro from you the other weekend and definitely was dizzy and lightheaded at the end, without smoking the last inch and a half. About passed out on my bed when I came inside.

    So I’ll try this someday…… but definitely only after eating a massive meal.

    • MaxDuo

      Oh, are you doing anything different with the youtube embedding lately? I’ve noticed for the last 2-3 weeks that there is no full screen button on them, while the old ones still have that.

      • Nope, but I notice big differences in features depending on the deice and app I play back from. Computer/android/iPhone/mobile versions etc. It’s not my end.

        • MaxDuo

          Weird, because it’s always the same browser, PC, even viewng session for me where it’s different.

          Actually… odd. Earlier the Padron video was showing a maximize button and now it doesn’t. But looking up random old videos I still do see it. Weird, oh well.

          • JJO

            MaxDuo – Have you tried updating your Flash player? And please don’t eat this stick, even after a big meal. 😉

          • MaxDuo

            Hahahahahha. I did not realize I wrote that I would eat the stick. Whoops! That would be……. not so great.

            And I haven’t recently, but it’s just odd to me that the newest videos do it and old ones don’t. I’ll check my version of Flash in a bit though 🙂

  • SavorySmoker

    Thanks for the review, sounds like a great cigar, hope to pick one up soon!

    • smokethis

      These are awesome . I actually like this better than the oval shaped one.

  • 1976Matt

    I have looked for this stick here in Middle Tn, and haven’t been able to find one yet… If anyone in the area knows where I can, please let me know

  • smh0095

    I do love the stuff AJ makes, everyone I have tried has had a ton of flavor, and typically good construction, so I enjoy seeing the reviews, San Lotano is on my list.

  • Tommz81

    Love the Connecticut and the oval. Great cigars

  • drewmcneice

    This may be irrelevant, but always on my mind. I love a cigar that has a classy lookin’ band. Maybe I’m just naive but I love the band on this cigar. Looks good too.

  • pdaug0511

    Got a chance to finally smoke one of these last night, I was impressed. I didn’t get a lot of the buzz feeling you got at the end of the smoke but I really enjoyed it. Perfect draw the whole time, no burn problems. It was awesome- one of the windiest nights I have ever smoked a cigar and I got the ash to stay on for about two and a half inches, the only reason it came off was because I removed the bands. Super white ash, great flavors, great aroma. This is why I love the San Lotano line. AJ is a genius.

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