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Apr 16

Free Cigar Ashtray Giveaway Contest

Posted on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 in World of CO

ashcfFirst, congratulations to the winner of last week’s contest (I know I’m a day late but I’ve been swamped with work), user ‘Dale’! Dale, get me you contact info and I’ll get your sampler right out!

Next up we have this GORGEOUS Cherry and Chrome Ashtray, generously provided by! It really looks Art Deco to me and that’s my fav style so I’m personally drooling over this one guys! As usual, share the site using the buttons below and comment with what you did, plus what your favorite look for a humidor is to enter, simple! A random winner will be drawn in a week and the ashtray will ship directly from Entrants must have a US mailing address. Good luck!

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Bring on the comments

  1. Derek says:

    I’d like a modern looking class front cabinet humid or. I really like the style of that ashtray too.
    Like on facebook

  2. jtuttle21 says:

    Facebook and Art Deco

  3. WyattJones says:

    A full cabinet humidor.

  4. yosef5 says:

    I like it on facebook.My favorite look on a humidor is simple cherrywood

  5. vicrussell says:

    Liked it on FB
    Like the domed display humidor style – so I can see my favorite cigars any time without opening the humidor.

  6. ajrocks9 says:

    I like it on facebook. My favorite humidor is glass top spanish cedar humidor.

  7. DairyLandCigarFan414 says:

    Liked & Tweeted. I like a more modern looking humidor, solid cedar wrapped in leather, felt on the bottom and probably 175 count or so.

  8. s5592c says:

    For a humidor, I would like to design and build my own. Tweetin!

  9. RamzaFreak20 says:

    Wow that’s beautiful! Tweeted

  10. Jason Isbaner says:

    I liked on Facebook. I like the wood style humidors with the glossy lacquer finish.

  11. tom0557 says:

    Tweeted. The classic treasure chest look with the mini brass handles on the side.

  12. rockjock says:

    Shared on Facebook. My favorite style of humidor are the furniture style display units. I like to see my modest collection.

  13. nics says:

    I like facebook and like cherry wood with glass top for a humidor

  14. pato1001 says:

    My favorite type of humidor is the dome top treasure chest humidors. I really like the curves on that type box. I also heard that the shape helps the humidification some how. I don’t really know about that but they do look nice! I tweeted and liked on facebook.

  15. ggman1023 says:

    i liked on facebook! I think this ashtray looks awesome!

  16. Fuzzy says:

    Liked and the best looking humidor, to me, would be something that looks like an old cigar box from the 1940′s or there about.

  17. smh0095 says:

    Tweeted, dont do FB. That looks sweet!

  18. weimerad says:

    I liked on Facebook. I have a 300 count humidor that has a glass top. I love being able to look at my cigars without having to lift the lid

  19. jtstooks says:

    Tweeted. I like glass top humidors the best.

  20. cassanpj says:

    I like a 3000+ count humidor with glass front. Tweeted

  21. ljarvis524 says:

    Tweeted. I like a humidor with a cherry finish.

  22. kprichardson7 says:

    The best humidor is a walk-in humidor, there’s nothing like the incredible mouth watering aroma as you walk-in to choose your favorite cigars.

    liked on facebook

  23. Jbenoit9 says:

    Brian I tweeted. Favorite look for a humidor is the whole store walk in style with choices aplenty.

  24. Andrew says:

    I really like small table top humidors that serve both as a humidor and a table.

  25. Chris Tivnan says:

    Glass front with shelves so I could keep them in their boxes.

  26. twm1956 says:

    Like on Facebook..Tweeted and G+..Like the traditional style humindors/

  27. everglows says:

    Shared the post on Google+. My favorite humidor would surely have to be one filled with great cigars picked from the trusted reviews of Bryan Glynn on

  28. gabias says:

    Liked on Facebook. I like cherrywood with a nice finish on a desk style humidor.

  29. PsycotikMind says:

    I tweeted.

    I like a black oak humidor with glass top.

  30. Jared says:

    Shared on Facebook.

    I like pretty much any one that I can see into while closed, so glasstop or glass doors, and one that re-regulates quickly after I’ve had it open – because I like the smell and can’t resist cracking it open to get a whiff. I will be lucky if any of my sticks ever get to age longer than 3 months. However, I LOVE the ones that look like a glass top end table, that could sit next to my couch.

  31. yairbarojas says:

    Facebook and Tweeted!

    I love a cherrywood humidor with glass top. That way I don’t have to keep opening my humidor to look at my baby

  32. Blue Marlin says:

    Google +’d This site!

    Love the reviews, I try to watch them all. Can’t wait to see the new camera in action.

    My favorite style of humidor would be old world style. Something reminiscent of Old Cuba.

  33. sparkmark says:

    Liked on facebook.
    I like the look of a Cuban humidor. The Cohiba ones are really awesome.

  34. CigarButcher says:

    Planing on kicking out my kid to convert his room to a walk in. Wish me luck

  35. samgiroux42 says:

    I tweeted and facebook’ed. I love dark woods, so anything with a deep cherry or walnut would look awesome.

  36. Candyman says:

    liked on Facebook
    my favorite style of humidor is the counter top display style humidor. i recently was given a 100+ count humidor that was in this style and i love it. just thankful my wife supports my habits

  37. stevenknisley says:

    Tweet and facebook
    I like small dark colored desk humidors and really like the man o war humidor’s look

  38. BillHicks420 says:


    I like humidors that have a polished look, and preferably with a glass top

  39. mrdaveii says:

    Tweeted – My favorite humidor style is a dark shiny look with a glass top. I keep a few different selections on the top rack so I can can browse for my next smoke without opening the lid for too long.

    Ps. I’m currently enjoying a Camacho Triple Maduro…first time :)

  40. sdh3237 says:

    Tweeted. I love the Art Deco look of the ashtray and would love to have a humidor that would match it.

  41. lefty177 says:

    Liked on Facebook, I love humidors that are cherry wood & are lacquered

  42. Jonathan says:

    I like a nice 150 count stained dark wood with a glass top. Tweeted

  43. Buckshot89 says:

    Liked it on Facebook, I like the look of humidors with a dark wood with a polished surface.

  44. ctigers15 says:

    I tweeted this and my favorite look for a humidor is either a nice modern look, or one that had nice hardwood verniers that looks like it would come of a yacht.

  45. mbuckwash says:

    I liked it on FB. Also a full wooden cedar cabinet is my favorite.

  46. pashoer13 says:

    I like the traditional look: classic cherry wood with brass handles, or even a glass top coffee-table humidor.

  47. mbuckwash says:

    I liked it on FB. Also, a full cedar cabinet humidor is my favorite.

  48. mfox93 says:

    Liked on Facebook. And I like an old vintage look to my humidor

  49. Pjhosler says:

    My favorite style is a full one, as big as possible …I like nice old world wood style. Distressed would be nice.

  50. reallybigd says:

    Facebook, and I find myself drawn towards those shelf-like humidors with clear glass. I really like humidors with the Hygrometer built into the front of the box for an easy, cool to read display.

  51. sclandon02 says:

    Liked on fb. I like a hi-gloss, cherry wood or mesquite finish to a humidor. Preferably made into some piece of furniture or room centerpiece.

  52. UniversalConstant says:

    Shared on google+, facebook, and twitter. I prefer cherry wood or maple with a gloss finish.

  53. Scubasteve says:

    Liked on Facebook
    i like the cherry wood look it will fit in with my table top humidor

  54. Jdcraig87 says:

    Like on the Facebook. I like a nice cherrywood desktop humidor.

  55. Bpope31 says:

    Tweeted. I love the look of a glass top or an all wood look with a high gloss. Got a few i love on 1st class humidors website. Also love the style of the ash tray.

  56. CigarStrawn says:

    Liked on Facebook.

    I like the cabinet style humidor with a dark mahogany color. I don’t have a cabinet style humidor yet but I’m saving my money. :-p I like idea of displaying cigars in their boxes behind glass just like some B&Ms.

  57. puffrey says:

    Liked on Facebook.

    Wow what a beautiful piece!

    I like a nice glass front cabinet humi! Saw a pic of a guy who took his built in bookshelves in his house and turned it into a humi which was cool!

  58. TimB says:

    Liked on Facebook and just received an Daniel Marshall in Macassar , that ash tray is a perfect fit!

  59. bengie5 says:

    Liked on Facebook, I’d like a Pyramid shaped Cigar Humidor. Cherry Color to match the rest of Man cave. Is a great conversation piece.

  60. ptyler says:

    FB Like

    Just bought the Salvatore Humidor from 1st Class Humidors…great service…very happy with purchase….solid construction with beautiful finish on it. 250ct so nice size.

  61. curtpick says:

    Nice tray ! Wished I could participate. Sorry I dont tweet or FB. Good luck to the lucky person who wins !

  62. cwhite326 says:

    I shared using all three methods and I suppose I like a classic wooden humidor with intricate rare wood inlays. An arts and crafts feel.

  63. garlar10 says:

    I just liked this on facebook. I really like the post-modern style of humidors, you know weird for the sake of weird. Just kidding. I really like cherry wood. Humidors that really show off the wood.

  64. capital75757 says:

    I just liked this page on Twitter.

    I like humidors with glass front shelves so you can see the attractive boxes in it.

    Thanks for this great contest, cheers!

  65. PuertoCigarican says:

    Google + this.

    I really like humidors with glass somewhere in them so I can always look and see the treasures inside.

  66. USA2ndAmendment says:

    I love humidors with glass tops and wood inlay. I love it when you can see the cigars without opening the humidor.
    I “liked” this!

  67. Sinsandman says:

    Tweeted just now. The look I like in a humidor is a glass top with a simple design. Mine is unfinished wood with a glass top.

  68. Romel says:

    My favorite is a cherry wood desk top humidor. I think a desktop is more personal then a wall unit. And it has needs to have digital gauge on the outside so your can monitor the humidity and temperature. Shared on facebook.

  69. phaedron says:

    I did a Facebook like. Right now, my favorite humidor is my one and only cabinet. It’s a beautiful piece of cherrywood furniture that just looks great in the den, with a lift-up top, plus drawers on the front, behind glass doors. Before I got this to hold all my sticks, I had several desktop humidors. My favorite one among these was another cherrywood with a glass top, so I could proudly display the top-shelf cigars (with some of the everyday stuff tucked away underneath). Always made sure to keep it out of the sunlight, though…! I don’t like the exterior hygrometer. I want to trust that the rh is right– it’s kind of like Schrodinger’s cat. In a closed humidor without an external hygromter, the rh is BOTH too low and too high… meaning that it is just right. Right?

  70. LunchBox87km says:

    Facebook an google

  71. primox1 says:

    My favorite are walk in humidors, as the SMELL and VARIETY of cigars just relaxes me instantaneously. However, as a personal humidor, I like the cabinet ones, such as the Remington Cabinet Humidor at Sharing cigars with friends is the best. FB liked. Thanks BG

  72. Daniel.A says:

    just shared it with my bro-in-law on facebook who is a cigar lover just like me. and right now i’m very happy with my new and first humidor. having trouble keeping it at the proper temperature. (if anyone has advice on that subject i greatly appreciate it). thank you. and though i love the look of mine with a dark cherry color i was actually looking forward to buy a slightly more expensive one with more capacity. (black wood with a glass top and analog hygrometer, very nice looking). i know i still want it but everybody starts somewhere right?

  73. tjack says:

    liked on fb

    I like simple humidors (no glass tops/doors). my facorite look is cherrywood.

  74. ssrobbi says:

    I used Google +, my favorite would be a glossy cherry wood finish glass-top humidor.

  75. Steve4444 says:

    I liked it on Facebook and put it on my timeline!
    I like a black humidor with a glass top.

  76. MessyStain says:

    Facebook – I have an all black glass top humidor w/ an analog hydrometer on the front – I like it a lot.

  77. Walshy says:

    I liked it on Facebook. My favorite humidor would be a Cabinet style. Oak finish with Chrome hardware. My home is sort of country so this would go hand in hand i think.

  78. dvillan87 says:

    I liked it on facebook. My ideal humidor would be a wineador outfitted with cedar trays for my cigars and also room for some boxes. The 2 humis I currently use are just 2 normal humis. Both dark cherry wood, 50ct, and 150ct. Both stuffed to the gills with cigars lol.

  79. danzig777 says:

    Liked on Twitter. My ideal humidor would be a cabinet humidor because I like the way they looks.

  80. jablaze says:

    liked on Facebook! and i love an all black or dark mahogany, slightly rustic humidor, in a cabinet style such as the lucky 7.

  81. RyanG says:

    Liked on FB. I really like a finish that looks like old, weathered cloth or leather.

  82. lostonmonday says:

    G+ I really like the looks of humi’s with inlays; the more ornate, the better. I’m kind of a sucker for the whole glass top cherry look too (got 3 of em).

  83. mcahue87 says:

    Liked on Facebook! I like engravings on the humidor. I like showing my pride in being a vet. So i got the u.s army logo engraved on my humidor. The ashtray would match my humidor too! The cherrywood looks awesome.

  84. LxArkitekt says:

    I tweeted. I like the look of an all black humidor. Recently saw a sports licensed one with the Chicago Bulls emblem on the top.

  85. zanlamb says:

    This is exactly the type of ashtray Im looking for. I love the style and it looks like it would function well and not have ash everywhere.

  86. dedduck says:

    I tweeted the website and my favorite humidor is a classic design with a dark blackwood.

  87. CommChief says:

    Liked on FB. I like the Old World humidor with a vintage global map veneer.

  88. Johnnycatt says:

    I really like the idea of a Wineador especially since i live in Wisconsin and the temperature is always changing. I liked this on Facebook

  89. Griff says:

    Tweeted. I like any style of humidor as long as its full of cigars.

  90. Cigaruss says:

    I like glass tops, so you can see the cigars. Liked on Facebook

  91. antomos says:

    I liked on Facebook. My favorite type of humidor is one with no glass top.

  92. Magicshark13 says:

    I tweeted it and I love the full cabinet with a nice front viewing glass.

  93. timboslice says:

    Google+ I really like a cabinet humidor.

  94. vscarpine says:

    Love the look of this looks very modern

  95. chief791 says:

    Facebook for me. My wife bought me a 300 count humidor for Christmas. It has a glass top and glass doors that open up to reveal 2 nice drawers. I love it.

  96. gtclark says:

    I too like glass-top humidors – I love being able to look inside and see my goodies! I tweeted this.

  97. James says:

    Liked on fb and I have a Cherrywood cabinet that looks great!

  98. steve c says:

    Liked on Facebook. I love the look of the old chest style humidors, but I love the functionality and size of my cabinet style humidor.

  99. GWarrior says:

    Google plus! I have a thing for the birds eye maple desk models. A little different but they are just so unique looking.

  100. spice bomb says:

    like on fb, the deep wood grain humidors with a lock on it!

  101. swj045 says:

    liked on fb. I like one that doesnt look like a humidor,a old cabnet or 1930 style ice box.

  102. jpculp57 says:

    FB like
    I like the distressed wood style. Something a little older looking. Nothing with glass or plexi on it.

  103. DrakeXD says:

    FB like. I prefer a classic cherry wood box, no glass, lock & key (with tassle), and handles.

  104. Pokesfan says:

    I clicked the Tweet button.
    I, like you, enjoy the art deco look. Anything old school is fine with me…

  105. tglynnus says:

    Liked on FB.

    As it so happens, I need an ashtray in the worst way and I am just about to buy one!! I will hold off until this giveaway is over, in the off-chance I win it.
    It really is a gorgeous ashtray.

    • tglynnus says:

      Favorite humidor style is Cabinet Humidors that have climate control, the ones that can hold hundreds of cigars on display, because I plan to have one (or more) someday!

  106. Mr Rojas says:

    My favorite humidor is one I seen in a super nice cigar shop in Reno, Nevada. It was the largest, nicest and most stocked humidor I have ever seen. I would love to have one of those at my house. Of course’ it wouldn’t fir in my house, lol.

    I tweeted it

  107. Chris says:


    Stunning ashtray btw.

    My favorite humidor is a cabinet humidor I built out of figured walnut and cherry. I wish I would have put a glass door, but that is my only regret.

  108. pedro849 says:

    liked on FB. My perfect humidor would be a glass top, to see my favorite sticks, with a retro look to it. Also would need a cooling system, since living in Louisiana the heat is horrible and no basements. Hence I have a wineador for my nicer sticks and a desk one for my dailies.

  109. byar says:

    Liked on face book. My favorite humidor is a cabinet one.

  110. NMartin says:

    Shared from all three. I love the look of the (black or cherry) glass top humidors.

  111. bwehmann1 says:

    Liked on Facebook. I love the look of vintage woods and metals, I would love to have a humidor like that but i have trouble finding them, otherwise I like the dark cherry finishes and glass tops.

  112. Pudge says:

    i liked on facebook and i love flass tops but they leak sometimes but cabinets are nice too

  113. DVerdeyen says:

    Liked on Facebook! Glass top humidors with the a beautiful dark cherry finish, lined with Spanish Cedar is the only humidor that catches my eye!

  114. Craig says:

    I liked on Facebook and I really like the Cherry Wood. That’s what my small humidor is and I would like to get a larger one too.

  115. derek_straus says:

    I posted on twitter. My favorite look of a humidor is a dark cherry with gold accents. And No Glass!

  116. Cmanne1 says:

    Tweeted it. And I enjoy a nice cherry wood small cabinet style humidor with a glass front.

  117. MorganGeo says:

    I love the cherry wood style as well. Looks nice. I liked this on Facebook. This looks like a great ashtray! It would be nice for an office.

  118. Craig says:

    Oh, and if I were to win, I would be willing to work a trade with ya Bryan! wink wink…..

  119. ucs.greg says:

    I love the front loading humidors, with like four shelves. But I am very happy with mine for right now. Liked on Facebook.

  120. MR_EXPRESS says:

    I liked on Facebook. That ashtray just oozes class. Love the cherry wood on it.

  121. Chaz says:

    Liked on FB. I like an old school natural wood humidor.

  122. phillyb says:

    My favoite look for a humidor is just a plain old innocuous box. Maybe it has a pretty finished exterior, maybe not. I keep my tobacco in an old and beat up end table/cabinet humidor lined with ceramic and sealed with cedar strips around the door. It may not look pretty but I get the same happy feeling when I open it up as I would with a fancy and pretty one. Plus about the cabinet design is that it doubles as my bedstand!

  123. david121 says:

    I liked on facebook, my favorite look is a dark wood with a glass top so I can gaze at my cigars <3

  124. RobinsonV says:

    My favorite humidor look is a glass top. They just look real nice to me. Liked on Facebook

  125. kb9311 says:

    Liked on Facebook, I like cherry finish with glass top, and a lock to keep out my wife ;)

  126. Brandonsr81 says:

    Liked on Facebook. My favorite style of humidor is the exotic wood species like zebra wood and Madagascar ebony.

  127. eric.hanson says:

    Great looking ash tray there, liked on FB. My favorite style humidor is just the plain old rosewood looking finish, bu to be honest I only care about how well the thing keeps my cigars ;)

  128. 007MI6 says:

    Art Deco Art Deco Art Deco. :) I have a collection of Art Deco items, including some prized lamps.

    I shared via Facebook, Twitter & Google.

  129. milesganz says:

    like it on facebook. I love a humidor that has some age, any old vintage and grainy wood will do it for me, got to love the antique humidors.

  130. Dylan says:

    like on facebook.

    I love anything that tells me it’s older than my grandfather or is just simple and to the point. no frills, no bells or whistles.

  131. samgiroux42 says:

    Congrats to Dale on his win. Please let us know what you received.

  132. joshr1042 says:

    Liked on Facebook. I like the looks of the large cabinet style humidors in a dark wood color, with a glass front so you can marvel at all of the goodies inside. Don’t have one yet, but if I ever get to build my dream man cave in my basement, one will surely be going in!

  133. Aaron says:

    liked on Facebook. Personally I like the look of a stained wood, desk top humidor with a glass top and analog hygrometer on the front. I guess I like the old look to it.

  134. MaxDuo says:

    Facebook and Twitter both, as always. As for my favorite humidor… I really like nice dark stained wood ones with a glass lid. If I had the money I would like to have a very nice big cabinet one made of a dark stained wood.

    Analog hygrometers look fantastic, but I’d still have some digital ones in since they aren’t really accurate.

    That ashtray looks gorgeous, here’s hoping to win it as I’ve still not got around to getting myself one!

  135. John says:

    I tweeted this. My favorite look to a humidor would have to be the lighter wood ones for sure. Nothing beats a good 300+ count that’s all one beautiful light color with a nice glass window on the very top that allows someone to see into the top portion of the humidor. Thanks!

  136. cactusjack says:

    I love glass top humidors. I just got the havanna glass top 150 count. It has a great seal. Good construction. This ashtray would look good next to it. Anyway i like to look at my digital guage without haveing to open my humidor and let out all the smells and juicy flavor escape.lolol.brian you rock

  137. talisker22 says:

    Tweeted! Dark art deco style is my favorite. OI would prefer something that has a vintage look.

  138. 1976Matt says:

    I love the fact that it allows more than just 1 to enjoy a cigar, yet doesn’t leave the door open to be over crowded. Liked on FB

  139. smokethis says:

    Like on FB. I like all styles of humis. Antique/vintage are really cool.

  140. Bigred159 says:

    Tweeted it. Cherrywood humidors, maybe because they match with my walls.

  141. William G. says:

    I liked on Facebook, I LOVE big walk in humidors with lot of cigars

  142. papobaez says:

    I liked on facebook, i like the thermoelectric wine cooler humidors, they are small and do a great job

  143. YoMud says:

    Liked on Facebook and I like most dark woods and still really like a glass top.

  144. joelala says:

    Liked on Facebook. I am a big fan of glass tops

  145. WingSideUp says:

    G+ As I work today to season a new humidor,(my first ever by the way), I have to say that my favorite type of humidor would be a vintage table top model from the grand days of American cigar smoking-the early 1900s to the 30s. It should look like a fine piece of intriguing furniture that hides and humidifies the luscious sticks inside!

  146. Wayfinder says:

    I shared on Facebook and Twitter, as pretty much I always do.

    I prefer fine desktop model style humidors rather than cabinets, only because I don’t have the time to put in the work necessary to maintain and store up all the cigars I want. I personally own three humidors, each one containing specific brands and styles of cigars I want to prevent mixing of flavors. I maintain them each vigorously, and I’m working on getting my fourth one seasoned so I can store smaller Mancanudos.

  147. drewmcneice says:

    I shared on Twitter. Anything with dark wood I like!

  148. Venomn says:

    I shared on Twitter and Facebook and i love the Art Deco Look myself..
    Just adds class on m porch when i am lighting up a stogie..Hope i win.

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