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Apr 15

CO Cigar Lottery 10 Update 3

Posted on Monday, April 15, 2013 in World of CO

CO Cigar Lottery 10 Update 3

Cigar Obsession Lottery #10, Update 1!

SmokeInn has very generously decided to be the sponsor for at least this 10th CO Cigar Lottery! In addition to the 150 cigars the winner this time shall receive this beauty, a 100+ count unit from SmokeInn – help me support them, they support you!

This is the third update for lottery #10! The lottery is rolling at a 150 cigar stop, so whenever the stash hits 150 I will draw a winner and the next round starts! As always I’ll have regular updates as things come in so you can drool over the growing prize pool :)

If you are new, watch the video to see what you could win, and keep reading to see the rules and tips!


This is going to be completely user driven kind of like the Lotto. However it doesn’t involve money or purchasing tickets with money, instead you are donating to the collective prize pool to enter!

Each time I will accept incoming packages with your cigars to add to the pool, and will update you with videos as entries come in. To add your entry you need to send in 2 or 4 cigars, for one or two entries per person/mailing address. Yes you can put all 4 cigars in one package. Damaged sticks will not be entered.


When shipping cigars, it’s ok to use baggies as long as they are packed tight enough so they don’t roll around enough to be damaged. If however you have had any stored too dry, do not include any humification, just ship them as-is. Use a small box. If you already have a box you can ship them 1st class for under $3 just about anywhere. I also like the flat rate priority mail boxes, they are about $5 good to go. Stuff the box enough so nothing moves around and has some cushion if need be. Protect the cigars from moving around in short. Use delivery confirmation, I am not responsible for lost shipments, do not ask me about them. All entries will be shown in update videos.


NO CUBANS! I’m semi-ok with reviewing them on rare occasion but I will not be involved in any way distributing them.
All participants must be 18+ years of age and reside in the US.
At the end of each lottery I will produce a video showing the random winner being drawn using and the winner will receive the whole prize shipment from me!
Full-sized Cigars, ONLY, no cigarillos.
Name brand, banded cigars only – no no-name, off-brand store bundle-only or house blends.
No intentional crap cigars like Ron Mexico or other similar ultra cheap POS smokes. Use common sense, if it’s not a major brand, don’t send it.

Include the following information in your package:

Cigars you are entering
Full return address for prize delivery

Send entries and info here:
Bryan Glynn
5318 Bob White Dr.
Holiday, FL 34690

Good luck and SPREAD THE WORD! The more people are in it the bigger the prize!! Click the buttons below here and tell everyone, get them to enter! The bigger the pool the cooler extra stuff I can get you like the free humidors as well!

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Bring on the comments

  1. Daniel.A says:

    that’s a lot of gurkhas. i’ve seen that a lot of people like them and a lot of people don’t. i guess i should definitely try some.

  2. Chris Tivnan says:

    Looks like everyone followed the rules this time around. Nice.

  3. Jared says:

    Looking REALLY good… I may have to throw in.

  4. Johnnycatt says:

    just saw my sticks! yay!

  5. jomo says:

    There is a lot of nice sticks in there. It seems like the lottery is moving faster now days then in the past.

  6. garlar10 says:

    gotta love that perdomo champagne 10th anniversary

  7. SsgtJerikUSMC says:

    Gurkhas Galore! Can’t wait to watch the drawing, and while I’m at it I think I’ll get my next entry together!

  8. Jason Isbaner says:

    Lot of good sticks came in on this update, I need to get in on this!

  9. lostonmonday says:

    I finally got mine mailed out today, so I’m guessing I’ll be in the running for lotto 11. I’d love to pick up this lot though!

  10. samgiroux42 says:

    I am looking at lottery #11 an I can’t wait. What is the line on the kind of cigar? I know no house blends and no cheapie sticks. Anyone’s opinion on La Floridita? I like the stick and it is not super cheap, so kind of a gray area. Any help? They will not be in the next lottery. Already decided it will be a Tatujah and a My Uzi Weights A Ton.

    • lostonmonday says:

      I had the same conundrum with the Garo Double Habano. It’s a good cigar (to me anyways), but when stacked with the other cigars paid into the lottery, it seemed like a light-weight. Plus I figured, if I have to ask, it probably isn’t right.

  11. Brandonsr81 says:

    I might need to throw some sticks in for this one.

  12. MorganGeo says:

    Watching these makes me realize there are so many sticks out there I haven’t tried. What a great sampler this would be if u won a lottery.

  13. vscarpine says:

    Think after seeing this update I may have to send in to have a chance

  14. USA2ndAmendment says:

    This looks like a great selection of cigars! I love all those Gurkha’s!

  15. Romel says:

    Wow, its been that long ? The selections keep better and better! I need to start re-sending my cigars. Good luck everyone.

  16. stevenknisley says:

    That’s a ton of nice cigars

  17. Sinsandman says:

    Just sent you an email regarding my entry. It occurred to me that my wife may not have included the information requested in addition to the cigars. Please check the email and get back to me?

  18. ctigers15 says:

    Is there always a humidor now?

  19. Bpope31 says:

    Awesome selection of cigars. I must enter. Getting a small shipment of cigars tomorrow. Ill just use their packaging. Genius!

  20. mbuckwash says:

    Absolutely gorgeous selection!

  21. mrl4889 says:

    10 lotteries and counting, not going to lie I am still shocked at how popular this thing has become! So cool to see the community chipping in month after month. Not to mention the quality of the smokes sent in!

  22. LxArkitekt says:

    I really need to take a part in this. It’s pretty crazy that this is the 10th lottery. That’s 1500 cigars that have been sent in. That’s just insane. This is a pretty awesome community.

  23. neocigaro says:

    There are so many good cigars I have not smoked, haha I am just beginning.

  24. Kace says:

    Participants have a 2 in 75 chance if the send in 4 cigars to win well over $1000 in fine cigars. That is awesome!!

  25. puffrey says:

    Much respect to the entrant who sent the My Father Le Bijou, one of my favorites and to see someone send it in the lottery is awesome!

  26. John says:

    Wow this lottery’s going up like crazy!

  27. Johnnycatt says:

    yay my cigars made it!

  28. PrinceHector says:

    I see people aren’t being cheap this time around. My stogies made it, i sent in a Gurkha Beauty and a Pinar Del Rio Reserva Limitada. Good luck Gentlemen

  29. MR_EXPRESS says:

    Ghurky Tyme. It’s nice that the lottery is getting more and more entries. I like the Tubo.

  30. MessyStain says:

    I’m probably too late for this one but I’m gonna have to get in on number 11 – winning one of these would overflow my humidor – so the humidor with lotto is an awesome bonus!

  31. jablaze says:

    my entry is in route! i hope it makes it in this lotto, if not ill be happy with 11, but great sticks so far!

  32. BtlCapMan says:

    Looks like some really nice sticks! Just saw mine in there and can’t wait for the drawing! Good Luck everyone!

  33. drewmcneice says:

    No I missed it! I really want to win one of these!

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