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My Father Flor de las Antillas Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 12, 2013
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My Father Flor de las Antillas Toro Cigar Review

This 6×52 2012 Cigar Aficionado Cigar of the Year features a dark brown slightly mottled velvety textured wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, a light even pack, quad cap and rich hay and chocolate aroma. First light reveals a very soft, smooth sweet slightly creamy tobacco with a mild-medium body followed by a short clean finish with a nice little pepper and sweet spice lingering. The first third continues the same combo of flavors just ramping up the body to a solid medium, bringing the tobacco flavors to the forefront and lingering through the finish more. Starting the 2nd third, flavors transition again bringing body to a medium-full with a big thick creamy flavor and texture along with a smooth nuttiness on the draw. The finish is fuller and longer cutting back the spice a bit, holding some of the smooth cream flavor. Starting the last third, flavors shift a bit bringing in a nutmeg like flavor on the draw, still almost full bodied and smooth, with a mellower finish of just a warm nut. Ending at 1:10 the last bit showed no further changes. Thank you very much to viewer Scott Hill for generously sending this in for review!

  • OBdrum81

    great stick i really enjoyed it and the price is not bad at all!

  • eric.hanson

    New camera set up looks amazing Bryan! Good review I’ll keep an eye out for these, and I agree on cigar of the year, I can’t believe some of the past choices they’ve had on there.

  • dondoton

    Very nice quality!! Awesome!

  • RobinsonV

    Ha I like the switch of the camera classy. I do agree I find a stick that changes flavors and profile throughout the smoke. It makes it interesting for sure

    • dexter1

      bg have had the rocky patel 50 yet//?

      • RobinsonV

        No never had one.

  • stevenknisley

    When I first see the new video quality, “wow” haha. great review sounds like something I would enjoy

  • jaburt10

    Thanks for the review! I was hoping that you’d get to this one soon. I’m leaving on a cruise this Sunday and this is one that will be going with me. I look forward to comparing your experience with my own. BTW….I completely agree with your assessment of the Brick House….not on my repeat list that’s for sure.

  • TimB

    I was about to order some of these the other day.Been trying to try some of the Cigar Aficionado top 20 just to see if I like them.If this is milder than the Oliva then I may take a pass on it.

  • NAA551WB

    I’ve got two of these waiting in the humidor. Nice price on these and sounds like a great stick. As usual great review Bryan and I really like the new set up you got going!!!

  • curtpick

    Good stuff Bryan ! Was wondering when you’d do this one. Glad I saw it. Was ready to bite. Now I know I can wait. Oh, the new Canon 7d Video. Mucho better my man ! Well done !

  • MaxDuo

    Nice. I never complained about the old quality, but this jump up is a pretty incredible change, even if you still have a few improvements to make!

    Sounds like a decent stick. I like the idea of it actually having a sweet spice… even if it is pretty weak. If I see it I’ll try it out, but doesn’t sound like something I’d go out of my way to get. But that Oliva V Melanio… That’s definitely one of the first things I’m going to order when I get my job situation sorted out!

  • JJO

    Lookin’ good, although the lighting was a bit strong. The quality jump is very evident.

    I quite enjoyed the Flor de las Antillas I had, but preferences are always subjective.

    • Yep I already adjusted the color grading in #2 that’s all taken care of now 🙂

      • JJO

        Now why did I suspect that comment wouldn’t be necessary? lol Always on top of things.

      • Craig

        Great new video quality, but I agree with others that have already stated the old camera was pretty darn good! Of course we would expect no less from you Bryan! lol Keep up the amazing video’s and info.

  • drjwall

    I’ve always been a fan of the pepper notes that always seem to be present in a Garcia family vitola. I’ve liked every blend I’ve tried from them. And the video quality is now superb. Keep it classy!

  • Greg Bellante

    Hey Bryan; I assume the “Brickhouse” cigar is so bad you won’t even waste 5min to review it LMAO! I ty so much for saying that it’s a freakin joke because i almost out of curiosity
    bought a box because it came with a free hat…now i know why Thompson was giving the free hat it’s probably better than the cigar.

    • JJO

      Greg, what size did you get? I’ve enjoyed the robustos and have heard that the larger sizes pale in comparison. But you know, that’s what you get for buying from Thompson’s. lol

    • Craig

      In my opinion, the Brickhouse isn’t a bad cigar, its just not in my top 10 list. I’d certainly smoke one if someone gave it to me. I’ve smoked several on the golf course (its one of about 3 in the tiny humidor at in the clubhouse). Its worth trying. But no where near cigar of the year category. Just my opinion…………….

    • redjebvt

      I enjoy the Brick House as a basic everyday smoke, but is just that – a basic, simple stick. There actually is a good review of it on this site; I think that Bryan was saying that it doesn’t have near the complexity or transitions of other cigars that would put it in a top-20 category, not that it’s a bad stick.

  • garlar10

    Nice plug for your cigar sampler, lol. Great review. I appreciate giving your opinion too on if you thought this stick was worthy of cigar of the year. Still a cigar I enjoy though.

  • Jason Isbaner

    I dig the new format, great review

  • mrl4889

    Holy quality batman! New set up is awesome, I feel like I could reach out and snatch that cigar out of your hand and run off with it!

    Speaking of that cigar, it sounds like a winner. Local B+M is ALWAYS sold out of them and prices online are inflated because of the COY award, so I’ll wait.

  • RyanG

    I’ve had a few of these; they’re good smokes. I really enjoy the gentle press shape they have.

  • joam

    The new equipment was definitely worth the investment from my perspective. Video and even audio quality are great!
    It’s always interesting to see a review on a cigar that has made someone’s list of bests.

  • Kace

    Like the new set up. Can’t wait to see the next video once you tweaked the brightness! Oh I ordered 1 of each of the CO samplers from SI. I hate I waited till they ran out if the anarchy but I’m sure the replacement will fit the bill.

  • Boucher207

    My Father Reps were just aty my Local Cigar Bar in Maine! Great people! Im a fan of their Le Bijou, great cedar flavors.

  • ryan b

    What a difference!! Video looks incredible!

  • puffrey

    Like what you said at the end about some liking and some hating it. Truth be told we could all end up with our Cigar of the Year since preference has to at least factor in somewhat.
    Glad you mentioned the Oliva Melanio because I think that was rates number 1 by another source.

  • Walshy

    Bryan excellent video quality. Not that the old format was poor. But you can see a difference. I completely agree with you on this stick. I don’t think it should have been in the top 5 maybe top 10. Just goes to show you that its a popularity contest. They hear My Father so immediately start thinking Don Pepin. He definitely has some unbelievable cigars. this one should not have been cigar of the year though.

  • zanlamb

    Love the new format Bryan, what a difference!!! I hear that they choose the top ten by only smoking the first inch!!! Is that right? how can you possibly get the feel for a stick if you only smoke 1/3 of it!!

  • DairyLandCigarFan414

    I’m glad you did this review…got two of these in my humidor…from the review they def seem worth the price, but not the hype and that’s ok. Video quality is phenomenal, but I’m not sure if i need a new video card or a new screen because your movements seem to trail or make trails if that makes sense…just something I noticed if you could explain this effect I would really like to know why it does that.

  • dbfr181

    Great review love the honestly !

  • NeverTwoOld

    I gotta say, not knowing anything about camera or video “stuff”, that I thought you were full of hooey when you said the difference in quality would be noticeable. So I sit down with my morning coffee, start the video and begin to eat my words…looks good – can’t wait to see the next one. I’ll just take my Brickhouse and slink away to a corner now 🙂

    • Jared

      I’ll admit I don’t know enough to crown anything a Cigar of the Year, but the Brickhouse I had was tasty good, so I feel no shame 🙂

      • NeverTwoOld

        It’s one of my favorites 🙂 granted I have no palate to speak of but still…

  • lbrown

    Now I get it, Bryan, the production upgrade is very obvious. Thanks for that and, as always, for your excellent review

  • PDHelmuth


    Great camera quality. I laughed at your tether comment because I often smoke late at night on my deck and listen to videos on my iPad, so I’m tethered with a headset and have the same problem.

    I enjoyed the this cigar, in fact I’ve liked it better than the other My Father cigars that I’ve tried.

  • Kalven

    It sounds like this cigar did have some transitions. Regarding the ratings in the magazine, I find them a bit “off” since Suckling left. Just my opinion.

  • phaedron

    This cigar has frustrated me. I bought one from a local b&m and found it not only bitter tasting, but also very poorly burning. It kept burning up one side, going out frequently– needing constant touch-ups and relights. But, you know, sometimes you get a bad stick, so I got another at a different b&m and… same thing. Against my better judgment, I did pick up a third and it’s sitting in the humi. In a few months, I will give it another go. I do generally like My Father, and I really wanted to like this cigar. As a side note, I had virtually the same experience with the RP 50, which really sucked because it was so expensive…

  • samgiroux42

    I still cannot figure out how they decide their TOP CIGAR list. What has also baffled me is that you cannot find a single Drew Estate cigar in the entire cigar aficionado cigar database. Why? Do they not review them? I have read on come blogs that the CA snobs do not really consider them true cigars because they are infused. Does anyone here know why?

    • Kalven

      The latest issue of CA, that came ou this week, rates 2 sizes of the Undercrown.

      • samgiroux42

        Then it is weird why you can’t find any Drew Estate cigars in their search database.

        • Kalven

          there is a delay getting the ratings in the data base. The web site even takes a few weeks to show the new issue

  • Griff

    Just had my first Flor de las Antillas two days ago and loved it. Super smooth and creamy.

  • yosef5

    Enjoyed the new format & of course the review.Ii will have to get this cigar

  • Pjhosler

    Smoked one of these about a week ago and enjoyed it a lot. Goes right down flavor alley to me. As far as the number one rating,because flavor is so subject to the individual that I look at the top 25 as one. Meaning that they are the top cigars, but the order is defined by the taster.

  • tom0557

    Glad to see you liked this cigar. I’m glad I was introduced to it a while back. I totally agree with your comment on the Brick House. Not very good at all.

    • smokethis

      I could not even finish the Brick House it was so harsh. IMO

  • jpculp57

    These sticks are amazing but ONLY if they have aged for a decent amount of time. I’ve had sticks that were boxed at the beginning 2012 that have a cinnamon and sweet cereal flavor and are simply divine. I also bought a box that was rolled in Feb 2013 and it’s been horrible. Tastes like wet paper and mushrooms. If you can get properly aged sticks, this is a fantastic buy.

  • chief791

    I thought it was a good stick. Would not get my vote for cigar of the year. I have a strong feeling that CA is swayed by advertising dollars in it’s magazine. I trust many of the blogs much more. Just regular cigar smokers that don’t have to worry about filling in ad space.
    Hey Bryan. You should do a top 10 or top 5. I would love to hear your thoughts.

    • jaburt10

      YES! A top 10 would be great! I throw much encouragement in your direction Bryan.

      • Dale

        Take a look at his Premium Sampler and that will give you a good idea of his top ten. I have had all of the cigars in his Hidden Treasures sampler and enjoyed most of them. I have had a few from the premium sampler and have enjoyed all that I have had so far.

  • Jared

    I really enjoyed this stick when I got it, but, as I’ve pointed out before, I’m still just coming out of the “smells good, tastes good” stages, and I had this one early on. However, everything about it was good, especially the price point. Even at B&M retail, I only paid like $6-$7. I’d like to revisit this one now that I’ve had a little more experience.

    • Jared

      On the other hand, the band is absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  • superdutyal

    sounds like a cigar i would really like i will have to find some

  • ptyler

    Had the Melanio at the Oliva event at Tampa Humidor and it was fantastic…moved into my top three cigars…picked up one of these while I was there and is sitting in my humidor resting…am curious to see how it smokes…sounds like I won’t be too disappointed…but I also picked up four more Melanios which I am really excited to try again!

    • Jared

      The Serie V sticks are absolutely beautiful and really delicious… but as a newbie (and, what, lightweight?), they are SO powerful, the head rush was too much. Definitely have to try again after a little more seasoning (me, not the stick).

  • GWarrior

    That video quality is incredible! Well done sir. I felt like I was watching a movie on blue ray.

  • vscarpine

    Great review..will have to go pick this one up. And the video quality is looking great!!

  • zzpop102

    The camera looks great!! I had this cigar and I agree that it shouldn’t of been the cigar of the year. Its a really good cigar but I’ve had a lot better. Great review!

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    I just smoked this last week! I wasn’t sure if you were going to review it and it had been sitting in my Humi for a couple weeks. I finally gave in. Wish I would have waited. From what I remember I had the same experience although one or two draws after the start of 2nd 3rd I got a floral blast. It was really strange. Who knows? Maybe it was something in the air. This smoke I thought was well worth the price point and a very consistent quality smoke. I’m a huge band guy too and the embossed band on this smoke was spectacular. Great review once again Bryan!

  • sdh3237

    Thanks for reviewing this cigar. I enjoyed the stick however I am not sure I would rate it number one. I would put it in the top ten. I like the look and feel of the cigar. It is beautifully constructed and has a gorgeous band.

  • gtclark

    Wow! The new video quality is great! Not that I don’t enjoy looking at you, Bryan, but the real treat is being able to really see the texture of the smoke, the ash, the burn, etc.

  • Dale

    I have had a few of these that I got at my local store and I really enjoyed them. They are in my top ten list. I would agree that it is not my number 1 although I really like it.

  • LxArkitekt

    Video quality was excellent in this video. I just picked one of these up a few days ago, excited to try it now. Thanks for the review.

  • Bpope31

    Sounds like a great stick. Very good flavor profile for me and a must try if its a cigar of the year. Hope the price isn’t to steep.

  • ctigers15

    Good review, I was not overly impressed by this cigar either

  • MikeTheITGuy

    IMHO, this is a very pleasant and relaxing but extremely overhyped stick. I’ve yet to have a bad Pepin. Thanks for the review… really digging the new look!

  • alwayscigartime

    I agree that it really was not that amazing. When it’s been dubbed cigar of the year you have alot of expectation. I thought it was just decent. Might have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t expecting alot.

  • derek_straus

    Great review! And I love the new setup! the video and sound are both much more clear!

  • tglynnus

    Awesome transition between video/audio formats at the beginning, was a very nice touch. That’s the second straight COY that you didn’t quite agree with, though you seemed to think this one was a bit closer than the Prensado. Anyway, great review as usual and the new setup is outstanding.

  • Pokesfan

    Great new format. Great review. Gotta get my hands on one of these.

  • lefty177

    I got one of these at CI when I was home for spring break & luckily I did because my ex baseball coach who works there told me the next day they were gone

  • danzig777

    Wow, what an improvement in sound and video quality. Great review keep up the good work man.

  • jomo

    Haha yeah my thoughts as well, the robusto is the best vitola IMO. Cigar of the yr lol no , but it is a good cigar.

  • rgmenke

    Bryan, thanks for saving me some money;-)

  • Romel

    Hi Bryan, the quality is awesome. You can really see the change in quality. Great review as always.

  • fiatster

    Very slick Bryan. The video looks great. Nice review also.

  • Dirk

    Talking cigars here.. the video quality is nice too.. congrats on the new equipment.. I digress.. I really enjoyed this cigar have had some in the humidor for a while.. I have friends over occasionally and let them dig into my humidor.. I pulled three out after resting them for a while.. My wife and her friend came in commenting on how nice the aroma was from these sticks and believe it or not.. decided to join us.. I must say I am a big fan of this stick. Mellow with many transitons.. I would place it (at least for now) in my top ten. Different from most with a spicy taste but mild with pepper, very unique.. My top continues to be the padron 1964 as well.. but for a change and welcome difference in tastes.. gotta give this a thumbs up..

  • bigred

    Nice review.I have watched your videos for years and just now registered! I think this stick has alot going on flavor wise for a medium bodied stick. A bit milder than most Pepin blends. I love all Pepin / My Father creations. By far my favorite cigar manufactuer. Keep up the good work

  • ryanryan2120

    pretty crazy to see how bad the other camera actually was.

  • ryanmo45

    Just ordered a box of don pepin Cuban classics. Big my father fan. I had one of these the other day. Good smoke. Review was literally exactly spot on with my exp. I probably enjoyed it more than you Bryan but I enjoy one dimensional smokes as well as complex ones. I think the price point is what made this cigar candidate for coty. Great review Bryan

  • MorganGeo

    That video quality was awesome! It was like going to a better HD quality. It was almost like I was watching a video produced on a DVD if that makes any sense.

    The cigar sounds interesting to me for sure. That flavor profile sounds delish.

  • neocigaro

    Haha I love how you break in the new camera looks great and the cigar sounds great.

  • smokethis

    The video quality is AWESOME! Looks super.
    Personally, i totally love this smoke. I bought a box of the robustos and can’t get enough of them. I crave them.
    Pepper and nutmeg is this stick to a tee.


    I wasn’t expecting that quality! Love it!

  • PaulG

    Picked up a five pack of these up a couple of months ago, and I still have three (because of the cold weather in Pittsburgh and lack of somewhere to smoke indoors, not because it is a bad cigar). Great stick in my opinion.

  • Tommz81

    I had this cigar the other day. Great smoke with a dark beer. Loved the flavors. But at $10 a pop, not your everyday smoke.

  • kurngar

    The new video quality is awesome but to be quite honest I rarely sit and watch the videos i normally start and move to another tab to read emails or whatever other task I am doing on the internet.
    I have smoked a few of these cigars and yes they are good and like a lot of you I wonder why some cigars make the list and others do not. $10 dollars for this stick is a bit much, I know my B&M sells them for 7 or 8.

  • primox1

    Awesome upgrade!
    Sounds great, looks great.

    Bryan, I’m relying on your feedback and reviews more than anyone else now….even what the experts at CA say.

  • david121

    The new camera is amazing!!
    I’ve always wanted to try this cigar since it was rated so well, and although your review of it is less than what I expected of it, it still sounds good enough to try!

  • playersrun1

    nice sharp pic..worth the wait!

  • Joseph Szeremet

    Great video as usual, I love the enhanced video quality. I totally agree with you about the absurdity of this cigar being named “Cigar Of The Year” by Cigar Aficionado. Its an okay cigar for sure but not a cigar of the year quality. But then again I don’t really understand how that magazine comes up with there list in the first place. I felt the did okay with last years #1 and #2 picks the Prensado and Mi Amour are great cigars. My question is for an American market magazine they do realize Cubans are illegal? I realize there publication is probably sold in other countries, but its still considered an American publication (at least to my understanding). To agree with you even further the Milano was a much better cigar.

  • Johnnycatt

    the quality on this is soooo much better bryan lol

  • Brandonsr81

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good cigar……. but not number one of the year.

  • juf100

    I have to say, this is one of the first cigars that actually lived up to the “hype” of good reviews and high ratings. Great cigar at a great price..

  • weimerad

    A great cigar complemented with a smooth single malt

  • daniel luparello

    This is my favorite cigar at the moment!

  • PrinceHector

    I smoked one of those beauties about a week ago, AWESOME cigar,its one of my top 3 smokes. I need to got a hold of some more.

  • Claus

    This is one of my top cigars, no doubt. Combined with it’s decent price, I have bought a box of them, and am thinking of buying another…

    I find the peppery spice at the beginning rather overwhelming – more dominating than you describe it. And then that sweet pepper kind of lingers in the background of the very pleasant flavours for most of the cigars. Great transitions keep the cigar interesting without changing so much it feels like a different stick. Absolutely perfect to my taste…

    The price (at least here in Europe) is really good for a great cigar like this – I cannot think of many cigars I enjoyed as much, unless they cost at least twice of the price for this one. Just another reason why I think this will become one of my most smoked cigars for a long time – I can afford a really great cigar more often. Now that’s an important feature 😀

  • reallybigd

    Thanks for the review Bryan. I canceled my order for a box of em lol, I ordered a sampler by Rocky Patel with a free 20 cigar humidor instead lol

  • garlar10

    I just had one of these last night. Really enjoyed up until I had to take the band off and a big chunk of the wrapper came off due to glue issues. It complete fell apart about 5 minutes later. Not sure I will buy another for awhile but I did like the part I did get to smoke.

  • PAG

    “…it was kind of tethered to my shorts, then went down to the tripod, and then up to the camera…”

    Down to the tripod? Man. Brag much? 😉

    Two robustos of this cigar are sitting in the humidor along with two of the Oliva V Melanios. Can’t wait to compare.

  • Mr Rojas

    A friend of mine just purchaes some of these but he doesn’t have a humidor so I offered to store them for him, he insisted that I smoke one……so with little reservation I accepted his free offer! It will be my first of these

  • BCamara

    Nice review Bryan. I’ve been eyeing these for a little while now. I think I’ll pick one up after watching your review. I’m not too crazy about too much spice, but the way you describe this one seems tasty. I’m digging the new camera set up too.

  • seanking4

    I picked up a torpedo size earlier. Hopefully the flavors stay about the same.

  • MorganGeo

    Smoked this one tonight and it was pretty good. However, I think I was expecting more. The wrapper and construction was beautiful though. No problems with the burn. I had the same flavors as bryan did but also had some citrus coming through a little bit.

  • Corey

    Not #1 but definatley a good cigar and the price is great

  • I have no problem with this cigar. I bought three of them today. I like em’

  • Fabbio

    BG would you say there has been a year where you agree with the top 3 ca rated cigars? Some of the top 10s for the last years have been head scratchers

  • Fabbio

    Having had the toro of these I wasn’t all that impressed. I did get some robustos that sat in the humi for 5 months or so. night and day. Although every one I removed the bad from took a piece of the wrapper with it. didn’t affect the burn at all but was annoying.

  • rockjock

    Finally got to smoke one last night with a friend. I had ordered a box a few weeks ago and decided to break the seal and see for myself. We both agreed it was one great cigar in Toro.

  • BCamara

    I smoked one of these last night in Robusto. I really enjoyed it. It was different but nice. I predominantly got dried fruit with spice and nuts. Not cigar of the year imo but still a very good cigar.

  • Derek

    Just tried this stick in the Robusto and it was great! Your description is just what I experienced. At times the flavor had a hint of vanilla and reminded me of cream soda. I’ll be smoking another one real soon.

  • Greg Bellante

    This is a very good cigar and Thompson of all retailers had this little gem discounted
    at $111 a box plus free shipping .So for the 1st time in 5yrs i ordered a box from them and i was really satisfied but not blown away and as Bryan says it’s not worthy to be Cigar of the Year. The Eterno Toro by Perdomo totally blows this cigar away . I actually used a roach clip on the Eterno … could not and would not let that cigar end, it was Fantastic.

  • Andy

    Finally tried one tonight. I very much agree that although it was a good cigar, it’s definitely overrated. I’ll take my Pinar del Rio Habano Sungrowns over this one any day.

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