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Apr 12

Press Release: Espinosa Cigars Releases a 7×70 Cigar

Posted on Friday, April 12, 2013 in News

Press Release: Espinosa Cigars Releases a 7×70 Cigar

“We have already begun shipping to some retailers. The cigars come in 10 count boxes and have an MSRP of $9.99 per cigar.”

On a personal opinion note, I asked them WHY they are continuing this (IMO) stupid huge cigar trend?? They replied “Haha… we gotta give the people what they want!”. Here’s my question to all of you, PLEASE reply to this honestly so they and all the other makers can see (and I would love to know better myself). WHO likes these things? Is there ACTUALLY a large market for them? Every time I post a rant it seems the vast majority of people are like me an understand they are NOT better blends, just watering down the experience in most cases and risking poor construction. I don’t understand WHO is buying them. Is it true what I hear from B&Ms, it’s the newbies that think they are a ‘value’ and they just don’t understand the mechanics of cigars at all? If so, where are the newbies? Why don’t they speak up? I really want to hear from everyone – no judgement, if I’m wrong I’m wrong…PLEASE, give me all you thoughts below and pass this around, I would love for this to be a huge source of GOOD data for the manufacturers to see what at least the online segment of their client base has to say.

  • danzig777

    Never smoked anything bigger than a 54 ring gauge, this seems like it would be uncomfortable to smoke.

  • phaedron

    To paraphrase Freud… Sometimes a cigar is NOT just a cigar. Frankly, ol’ Sigmund would have had a field day with whatever forms the basis of the compulsion to have somthing of this astonishing length and girth hanging out of one’s mouth…

  • Corojo

    bigger is better is truely an ‘American’ mentality… still liking my Corona’s & Robusto”s… Ed K

  • Joseph Szeremet

    Great topic! the topic of ring gauges is one I both love and hate at the same time. I do enjoy a large ring cigar just as much as I enjoy a “normal” size cigar. It all depends on the blend in my opinion. I have had a few cigars in the the large ring category that have become favorites of mine, like the Inch, MUWAT, La Gloria Cubana verities, the Prensado double T,RP Freedom, and La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amour Valentino just to name a few. However as the above blends mentioned are very suitable, well crafted, and blended to a large ring gauge, I will admit that the “fad is getting out of hand. Because of the very few cigars that work in the 56 or up size the great majority of cigars do not. Because, I feel they were not intended to, it a chance for a company to grab a buck. This drives me crazy. This behavior by companies is what drives a “out of the box” type format to become a fad and eventually die because of asinine extremes like a 7 by 70, or even the rumored 8 by 80, thus discrediting the blends that are actually carefully scrutinized and constructed for a larger size. If any cigar companies actually read these posts as a consumer that does enjoy a well made large ring size cigar please maintain the integrity of the cigar and don’t just sell out to a “fad” by pushing bad cigars on to the consuming public. That being said I do like large ring cigars but I agree 100% the fad is getting out of control. Thanks for bringing this up Bryan!

  • david121

    this just seems like one of those things to try one time to experience how ridiculous it is..
    I don’t think I ever really go past a 54/56 ring gauge. for obvious reasons haha

  • stevenknisley

    Who the hell smokes that? I’m what could be considered a newbie and that cigar just seems like an awful idea who is gonna buy a whole box of those? That is seriously one huge F****** cigar. Pointless

  • ctigers15

    Its kinda dumb, that ring gauge is way too big

  • Swede214

    I do not like the ”Big” cigars, my opinion. This type of cigar is becoming a good seller, big cigar, more for your money?

  • LxArkitekt

    I’m not a fan of big ring gauge cigars because they simply feel too awkward to smoke.

  • mrl4889

    Not a big ring gauge guy at all. Had the Alec Bradley Family Blend in a 6X60 and also had bought a Gurkha sampler deal that had the beauty/beast which were both 6.5×58 (I think) and was not impressed at all by them. The AB had no flavor at all and I worked up a serious headache puffing away to keep it lit. More of the same with the Gurkhas. I have since had the AB in a robusto and it is quite enjoyable, the gurkhas only come in one size. Since these bad experiences I steer clear of the super large cigars. Different strokes for different folks I suppose

  • Zombieno1

    I’ll smoke a 60 if I have em. Pinar del Rio Gordos and Cain Habano 606. I even got one for the Thanksgiving contest from Bryan that was amazing. They are a 2-4 times a month choice. For when I want big and lengthy smoke. Which means that I choose something smaller for the 12 other days I smoke during the month. This video.. my response is..

    “You guys made complete fools out of yourselves. This is how you market your new stick? So when I smoke it I’ll look, talk, and act like a jerk off? Is that what you want me to think? I drink a Sprite and I’m “refreshed”. I eat a Snickers and I’m satisfied.. I smoke this and I’m an overweight wise guy..? When I see this stick online or in a B&M establishment i’ll remember this vid and laugh as I buy something else.”

    That pretty much says it all. Would I buy a 70 stick? Yep. As a joke. I do see people at my local Gar Lounge with a big ol’ stick sometimes that like to chat it up. “ay man watchu smokin?” and when I tell them they have no idea. When I ask them in return.. THEY have no idea. It just goes well with their shinny rings and annoys their next next to them. A joke.

  • lostonmonday

    UPS just dropped off a 5 pack of Gurkha Beast XO’s, and I laughed at how ridiculous these look next to corona. A 7×70 has gotta just be stupid. If I got one for the same price I got these Beasts (2.20 ea), I’d still try one.

  • gtclark

    Heard a few 80 ring gauge cigars were making the rounds at the TAA last week – apparently the manufacturers were pushing these hard, but no one attending actually wanted to be seen trying to smoke the stupid things…

  • hja1966

    It’s a fad, and the video is a gimmick, let the big ring guys have their moment. For me, it’s still short Churchill or skinny toro.

  • 2dogdad

    Personally, anything over about 56 ring is too much for my taste. I do not pay any attention to those big broom sticks! Paul.

  • smh0095

    Hey, don’t knock it until you try it, but I prefer the corona’s and robustos, right now the sreie H at 5×50 and the MOW Puro Authenticos are my favs and that promo vid will guarantee I will never try la bomba without a personal recommendation.

  • Sinsandman

    Did this video come from the company itself? Very tacky and tasteless. As for over-sized cigars. I have not found one yet that I enjoy smoking for anything other a laugh and novelty. I am assuming that is what is intended here by the video. So if companies are into making cigars for one time smokes, then they hit their mark. If they are trying to make money…they may want to rethink their approach.

  • zanlamb

    I’m just not a fan of the big ring size. In my limited experience they have more construction and burn issues.
    The biggest problem I have though is I just feel ridiculous!!! Like I’m performing some sex act.

    • zanlamb

      I do like the look of the band and the box. I thinks its presented well. But I still wouldnt buy a box

  • puffrey

    I dont get it! Anything past a 56 is non sense.

    This cigar is a novelty item at best.

  • Brandonsr81

    I would probly have a heart attack trying to puff that thing down.

  • curtpick

    Unfortunately they “THINK” they are doing what the customer wants when in reality its an easy way to ditch the excess with these monsters. Also this is so heavy bodied you WILL get jitters. And the release video was an embarrassment. Like a bunch of gangsters.. MF this… FU that… Not so sure I want to associate myself or feed that kind my monies. But hey that’s just me…

  • Aaron

    I’m pretty new to cigars but I think a 6×50-54 is the best size for a nice sit down smoke. I would probably try one of these just for the experience and just for fun but wouldn’t really expect to enjoy it much. Like i’ve seen in other comments I would never buy a whole box but maybe just one. I also agree with the comments about the advertising. It was a terrible attempt at an add. As a “college kid” i can definitely see that they are marketing to the crowd thats my age that likes to go out and get absolutely tanked every weekend and think that they look like a “boss” because they have an oversized cigar.

  • drewmcneice

    I don’t think I would ever smoke one of these. I’ve had thicker ones that I haven’t really liked them. I like the thinner cigars.

  • Luckynumbear9

    this size is F-bomb stupid, sorry it just is

  • huckfin72

    I think it is a personal taste. I smoke the new Asylum 13 80 ring and the 70 ring and I like the flavor of both cigars very much. I read all the post on here and many have strong opinions about the size of the cigar…if the size doesn’t work for you—then don’t smoke it. I think we all find a cigar we prefer and we run with it…

    • huckfin72

      I find that the burn of the cigar is more even and it just results in a more fluid smoke throughout…a long smoke…2 hours +++++, but if you have the time and enjoy it…it works. I read something above that “I would have a heart attack trying to smoke a cigar this big”…unless your trying to suck the inside of the cigar out, it really isnt much different then any other cigar in terms of how you smoke it. A regular cut doesn’t work, but punching it in a clover like fashion tends to allow for an easier draw/effortless draw