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Apr 12

Press Release: Espinosa Cigars Releases a 7×70 Cigar

Posted on Friday, April 12, 2013 in Informational

Press Release: Espinosa Cigars Releases a 7×70 Cigar

“We have already begun shipping to some retailers. The cigars come in 10 count boxes and have an MSRP of $9.99 per cigar.”

On a personal opinion note, I asked them WHY they are continuing this (IMO) stupid huge cigar trend?? They replied “Haha… we gotta give the people what they want!”. Here’s my question to all of you, PLEASE reply to this honestly so they and all the other makers can see (and I would love to know better myself). WHO likes these things? Is there ACTUALLY a large market for them? Every time I post a rant it seems the vast majority of people are like me an understand they are NOT better blends, just watering down the experience in most cases and risking poor construction. I don’t understand WHO is buying them. Is it true what I hear from B&Ms, it’s the newbies that think they are a ‘value’ and they just don’t understand the mechanics of cigars at all? If so, where are the newbies? Why don’t they speak up? I really want to hear from everyone – no judgement, if I’m wrong I’m wrong…PLEASE, give me all you thoughts below and pass this around, I would love for this to be a huge source of GOOD data for the manufacturers to see what at least the online segment of their client base has to say.

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Bring on the comments

  1. btubesing says:

    Personally, not a big fan of any large ring cigar. 54 is my max. I like long cigars and with smaller RG.

  2. ptyler says:

    What’s with the video? Who are those loogans?

    Give me a corona, corona gorda or lonsdale any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  3. Derek says:

    I’m with you Bryan that thing is ridiculous. The only time I like a cigar over 56 is in a Nub, and thats even rare

  4. Johnnycatt says:

    I normally go for a robusto, its a good size and you get good flavors.

  5. yosef5 says:

    I think that a cigar of that size makes no sense I recently smoked one of that size from Victor Sinclair & it was only Ok

  6. Andrew says:

    I like wrapper flavors far more than bunch of filler. I think they’re just appealing to the american “bigger is better” mindset. I avoid these large ring gauges because they cost more, without improving flavor.

    • JJO says:

      Very true, but so many of the people who buy them think that they are getting more for their money, when in fact, they’re just getting more inexpensive filler. The manufacturers actually make a larger profit off of the giant size sticks, so as long as they’re selling, they will keep making them.

    • zanlamb says:

      I’m with you there. In my opinion the wrapper gives off the most enjoyable flavors

  7. drk204 says:

    Well i believe they are a Novelty Item, people have been buying Novelty items for ages just to have them. Large RG doesnt neccisarily mean bad cigar, I have some Asylum13 7×70′s and they are quite good in flavor.
    Different strokes for different folks, unless people try what the manufacturer is putting out i dont believe it should be considered as a bad cigar or idea. Espinosa makes very good cigars, I have not tried one of these yet but will just because its different and the rest of the La Bomba line is very good.
    As a Reviewer you should know that presumption can be wrong, i have seen many of your reviews where you didnt think the cigar was going to be good because of what you heard, then Found it to be quite pleasant.
    I love your reviews and always watch them prior to a purchase because i do trust your opinions on what you have smoked and were dead on with every one.
    Just my Humble Opinion Thanks.

    • Bryan Glynn says:

      Thanks I appreciate the feedback!

    • jpculp57 says:

      Interesting that you found the Asylum to be good in flavor. I could hardly distinguish what it was supposed to taste like. It was super mild and had very little to offer. The store I bought from has literally thousands and thousands of sticks and many 4 year and older boxes of cigars so I know it wasn’t their humidor. I’ve just never experienced a good 60RG or larger stick; from the Swags to the INCH line and even the 60RG Padron is not a good stick.

  8. yosef5 says:

    I think that a cigar of that size makes no sense I recently smoked one of that size from Victor Sinclair & it was only Ok I get duplicate comment from your web site

  9. Jared says:

    Holy schneikes! I just can’t imagine trying to smoke this. Actually, no, I take that back – I can’t imagine my wife and kids letting me be by myself LONG ENOUGH to smoke this. Wow.

    • lostonmonday says:

      Ha! I resemble that remark too. I have to smoke late at night when they’re sleeping to get in a decent smoke.

    • Jared says:

      And no, I’m not necessarily a giant ring fan. A 60 is plenty big, but generally I’m grabbing 50s range, coronas, robustos, or corona gordas and churchills if I want a longer smoke. Even had a little tin of Don Diego Preludes – pretty tasty little ultra-mild at around a 30 that lasts for a nice 15 minute-ish smoke. Giant stick, at the B&Ms I’ve been to, means college guys and yuppies who want to impress their friends by lighting up a giant f-ing cigar, because it’s always been a couple of young guys coming in that laugh and go, “Holy sh–, I totally have to buy that!” So, would I turn this down if offered? No. Would I go buy this one? Meh. Size for size sake isn’t the point, so unlikely.

  10. gumby_130 says:

    Ill like to try one when I get 3free hours. I liked the flor da Olivia giant.

  11. pipebear333 says:

    These cigars are for people that can’t get a sentence out without saying f**k. Even their own video bases’ the entire smoking experience to be more of a dare and test of endurance than a pleasure. My opinion of this type of cigar is that they’re for men that have something to prove. It’s all posturing and image.

  12. dgrambo says:

    7×70? That could promote infidelity. If they had these in the Clinton era, things might have gone differently.

    • Craig says:

      Now THAT is some funny sh1t dgrambo !! On a more serious note, when I first started smoking cigars I liked the large ring gauges. The bigger the better. But as I developed my personal taste for cigars I have almost done a 180 and I really like the 42′s, 48′s and about the largest a 52. They just TASTE BETTER !!!

  13. jpculp57 says:

    That thing really is an F-bomb… a F-ing stupid cigar! I hate these large sticks. I will not buy or smoke sticks that are 60ga or larger. They taste nowhere near as good as a 50ga stick.

  14. NeverTwoOld says:

    As a novice / infrequent cigar smoker I’ll try anything once if only to get a sense of flavors and to try and detect things a bit more each time. Having said that, I’ve found that I’m drawn to smaller sizes in general whether they be a thinner ring guage or smaller overall (the Arturo Fuente Short Story or Best Seller come to mind).

  15. lostonmonday says:

    I’ve been smoking cigars for almost a decade, but really got hooked on it about a year ago. My casual assumption was that a larger RG meant more tobacco, which made larger cigars a better deal. Since I got bit by the cigar bug, I’ve learned much more about cigars, and have noticed that a plus size RG often leads to muddy flavors compared to say a 5×50. I’m not saying a 60rg won’t be a good cigar, but I do believe that the flavors are sharper in a smaller package. So I think two factors are driving the fat fingered sticks 1) Lack of experience or education by the cigar smoking public 2) Manufacturers are doing it because they can. It seems to me they’re saying, we can make a huge cigar that’ll stick out on the shelf, we can make it burn ok, taste ok, and it’s what’s hot right now, so the public will buy it.

  16. jpculp57 says:

    I’m not sure what I find dumber, that promo or the size of the cigar. Stupid Espinosa. I really liked the 601 series now I want to throw them all away because I’m afraid I’ll be dumber if I smoke them.

  17. lefty177 says:

    I’m with you Bryan. Yes I’m a fairly new cigar smoker but I enjoy the smaller ring gauges (anywhere from 48-56 is perfect for me), but my friend on the other hand doesn’t feel “substantial” enough unless he has the biggest ring gauge cigar he can find

  18. Sean says:

    I think 70 is just going to be more work to smoke more than enjoyment. Only cigars I like that are “Huge” are the EP Carrillo Inch in a 64 ring gauge maduro, which actually burns very well and tastes good to me anyway. And also the Camacho Triple Maduro in a 6X60.

    In my opinion, these 2 are the only massive gauge cigars that have pulled it off.Otherwise I stick to the more common gauges, I am a hu8ge Robusto fan along with some thinner cigars like Cohiba Lancero etc.


  19. Dale says:

    Was that supposed to be a promo video??? I have never been a fan of large ring gauge cigars. I ordered some 6X60′s one time by accident and had one and the rest are still in the humidor. My preference for a regular cigar is somewhere in the range of 48 to 54 RG. Sure I will try larger sizes but they are not a regular purchase for me. They just seem to be bland to me. It would be interesting to see how sales of the ‘big ones’ are either on line or at the B&M. I would think sales must be good or they would stop ordering them and the manufacture would stop producing them.?

  20. tglynnus says:

    Have absolutely no use for them. A 55 ring gauge is about my absolute max, anything more than that is a bit much for me. I will avoid a cigar if I can’t find it less than a 55 ring gauge. I don’t like the feel of a cigar that big and I usually don’t like the taste of the blend. I think the increase in filler greatly outweighs the slight increase in wrapper to cover it up.

  21. TimB says:

    This is for the newbies guys who go into a cigar store and say “I want some Cubans”yeah that guy.I like some 54-60rg cigars La Gloria Cubana Serie R for one is a good smoke imho.This is a fad for some brands because they don’t make anything that will sell on taste,flavor or complexity!I have been smoking cigars for almost 40yrs and we use to call things like these “Clown cigars”because only a clown would be caught smoking it.People want it LOL ok if you say so.But hey if you can use the cuttings from other cigars to fill this bad boy and make money go for it!I just won’t be one of them.

    • drk204 says:

      Using Cutting and scraps has made the DE Papas fritas one of the most saught after cigars, so i wouldnt say scraps are a bad thing if used properly and by someone who knows what they are doing as in the case of Jonathan Drew. He took scraps and made something exceptional out of them. Thats just Brilliant!! Dojo loves you JD!!

  22. curtpick says:

    All a matter of taste I guess. Just not mine. Sorry.

  23. redjebvt says:

    I would consider myself a “newbie,” but I can’t stand these large cigars. I find them hard to smoke (uneven burn, hard to keep lit), and the flavors are no where near as complex as a smaller ring gauge. I’d much prefer a corona size anyday.

    • Camshaft83 says:

      I’m with you on that. For me 60 and bigger is a waste of my time. Would rather smoke a 54ish sized stick with great flavors that costs twice as much. For me it is quality over quantity and the couple big ring hairs I’ve smoked were not quality.

  24. yosef5 says:

    I smoed a Victor Sinclair 70/70 and. Was not impressed So I agree with you.

  25. DanThorpe says:

    I will give my opinion, personally most of the time I smoke Cigars under Toro’s (i.e. 54 and under). That being said there are some 60 RG cigars that I do smoke frequently (The Diesel Unlimited, MUWAT) because they actually have good flavors IMO. I have smoked one 70 RG cigar (the Asylum 13) because I received in a prize pack. The flavors were good but to me it was too big. I personally don’t look down on anyone because of the cigars that they smoke. If its a good cigar then its a good cigar.

  26. yankeeman says:

    56 RG is max in my humidor. I can’t comment on flavors being watered down, because honestly I can’t tell, but definite burn issues when larger than 56 RG, and to me, the burn is absolute key. IMHO, 54 RG is the perfect size.

  27. byar says:

    It is a simple matter of ratios between wrapper and filler. The larger the ring size, the less wrapper taste. I like a 50 to 52 ring size (with some a 54 is ok) Any thing over that, the taste of the wrapper gets watered down. Plus, the larger ring sizes do not burn evenly.

  28. Jason Isbaner says:

    That is a huge cigar, not sure if the ring gauge or just the length would bother me. I guess you never know unless you try.

  29. Chris Tivnan says:

    These cigars are way too big. Beer tastes good too until you drink 40 of them and get sick. This cigar seems like a headache waiting to happen.

  30. MaxDuo says:

    Oh Dear God. This hast struck fear into my heart.

    • MaxDuo says:

      To be more clear… I haven’t cared for the 60RGs I’ve had so I don’t see myself ever picking up a 70RG, even if I’m told it is a good cigar. I’d only smoke it if it were free. I won’t be buying one of these short of it being free / me getting it for $1. I have no interest in it.

  31. SsgtJerikUSMC says:

    I’m honestly one to say can’t knock it until you try it and I haven’t had a ring gauge come close to touching 70. I think the biggest I’ve had is a 60 on a Perdomo Habano Gordo. I will have to keep my eye out for a 70RG stick and see if it suits me. I did however think the video was a bit tasteless, amateur, but I guess maybe that’s what they were going for?

  32. AngSolo says:

    7 x 70? seems ridiculous to me. The only cigar I like in a large ring guage is the Diesel UnHoly Cocktail at a 56 RG. Had a couple of 60 RG that were nothing special and I felt a little silly just holding the damn thing. Other than the Diesel UC I think 54 RG should be max.

  33. gtclark says:

    I can’t imagine serious cigar smokers are buying these – the promo video seems to show the manufacturer knows it. Bigger is not better – FLAVOR and CONSTUCTION should be the standard by which cigars are judged.

  34. Pjhosler says:

    I have a few large ring gauge cigars and burn problems seem to surface a lot. And that’s hard for me because I’m a slow puffer.that said my favorite cigars are robustas or longsdales. They seem to translate all the flavors of a blend. I do like torpedoes in full flavor cigars of some brands.

  35. Cliff says:

    Holy smokes. That video makes my jaw hurt.

  36. Greg Bellante says:

    I think it’s ridiculous and these blokes were nauseating…i don’t think one of them got past the 3rd grade. I remember back in the Cigar boom era Casa Blanca Cigars came out with a 10″x64 Jeroboam and a buddy of mine took 3hrs to smoke it then i had to take him to the ER for chest pains. These big monsters are a joke , don’t take them seriously. My favorite size is the Toro> 6X50 , thats the perfect smoke for me.

  37. Romberry says:

    It’s the thoughtless “bigger is always better” mentality at play I think. And no, I don’t know anyone who wants a 70 ring gauge cigar, or even a 60 ring gauge cigar, outside of maybe some new smokers who fall for the marketing.

    I was a new cigar smoker only a few short years ago and I spent a lot of time looking for and smoking 50+ ring gauge cigars exclusively. But then I decided to try some more “normal sized” coronas (ring gauge around 40) and panatellas (ring gauge around 36) and immediately understood that the “bigger is better” thing really was just marketing crap. In other words, I didn’t know any better until I did.

    50 ring gauge is, with a few exceptions from time to time, my upper limit these days. But more and more I am going to ring gauges in the 40′s.

  38. JJO says:

    Besides the physical discomfort of smoking the gordos and above, the only one I’ve had with flavors I truly enjoyed was the Humo Jaguar, and I would happily pass it up for a smaller vitola in that line. I may have to settle for a 50-54RG, but I much prefer them to be under 50. As much as I’ve loved the Espinosa/EO lines, I would never buy any of them in the 60+ range.

  39. sjabari says:

    My preference is 42-48 rings, particularly lonsdales and coronas … that said, there are cigars that I enjoy just as much in larger ring gauges: Diesel was mentioned by someone else and I’ve enjoyed the shorty just as much as the corona (I do wish they made the unlimited in smaller rings).

    As a side note, the obese cigar epidemic is actually global (albeit we’ve turned it into an art with the 70 rings). The most highly desired cigar worldwide is probably the Cohiba Behike, which only comes in 52, 54, and 56 rings (quite unusual for Cubans).

  40. bigred says:

    i usually smoke smaller ring gauges myself, but for all of you that hasn’t tried a Tatuaje Gran Cojonu…you don’t know what your missing. Big flavors galore. Pepper, Chocolate and Coffee, with a nice sweetness to round things out. The La Sirena King Poseidon is phenomenal as well. These two are the only exceptions that I would actually pay to smoke again. You should try ‘em.

  41. ryanryan2120 says:

    id feel gay suckin on that..

  42. samgiroux42 says:

    I am in the same boat as you, Bryan. I do not see the attraction to the extreme ring gauge. I like a cigar with a max of about 54…really like to stay between 48 – 52. Pardon my french, but the guys with this in their mouth look to have some big dildo hanging out of their mouth. NOT appealing. Plus, the body is all wrong and just not enjoyable.

  43. samgiroux42 says:

    I just watched the video and these guys look like a bunch of clowns. How am I supposed to take this seriously? It is like the 22 year old taking 21 shots on his birthday…sounds like a good idea at the time, but you grow up and just sounds stupid. No thanks.

  44. Griff says:

    These big ring gauge cigars are obviously not for serious cigar smokers. They seem like novelty items for newbies. The only person that I can think of that may enjoy a cigar this size would be Monica Lewinski. And by the way if Eric continues to use this type of stupidity in his advertisements he has lost me as a customer.

  45. MorganGeo says:

    IMO, that has got to be the lowest form of advertising I have seen. Nothing about it makes me want to try it. The only thing I can think of is this is marketed towards juvenile idiots and immature people.

    • vscarpine says:

      I agree 100% seems like a crappy college film project that only they thought was funny

    • sjabari says:

      I think you raise a good point. What market is this aimed at? Just going through the comments on this post, one gets the general gist that most serious cigar smokers prefer “normal” sized cigars. I too would worry that this is marketed towards juveniles (which, in a way, would answer Bryan’s question). If this is indeed the intent, it’s horrible. Serious hobbyists (and responsible manufacturers) are trying to protect the rights of cigar smokers — one of the main arguments is that marketing is aimed at adults. This kind of marketing definitely does not help.

  46. ryanmo45 says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. I have bought one 60 ring gauge cigar ever and that was the my Uzi weighs a ton by drew estate. I wouldn’t come anywhere near a 70 gauge cigar and I don’t know anyone who would. 54 is about the most I would really be interested in and even that is a bit much.

    • vscarpine says:

      Yea I bought and actually enjoyed the My Uzi Weighs a Ton and it was big but doesnt this cigar makes the Uzi look like a cigarillo haha. The Uzi is big and it is something I would have like maybe once a year…I would never buy something this big its just ridiculous

  47. gumby_130 says:

    Ridiculous, but I want one

  48. DavidKIT says:

    I have yet to have a 60 ring gauge that burned decent and tasted good. I can’t imagine a 70 gauge would be any different, and I definitely wouldn’t buy one.

  49. neocigaro says:

    Haha love the f-bombs. But concerning the questions, I am not into the big Gage, its more of a novelty item if you will, people only get them because they are big and they want more for their buck. Iv’e seen nub cigars that are more pricey than some huge cigars and I would rather buy the bigger Gage cigar.

  50. Dale says:

    Does this come with scissors? I don’t have a cutter larger enough.

  51. tedski says:

    The idea behind this cigar is about as good as that video. I’d never buy one of these, even as a novelty. A good quality robusto or corona gorda is Da Bomb AFAIC.

    • tedski says:

      To further clarify my negative opinion on larger cigars: I generally buy robustos or corona gordas as I find these give the best bang for the buck and almost all manufacturers make them. Also, I find I don’t enjoy smoking a cigar for more than 60 minutes. So anything beyond that is a waste of my time and money.

  52. RyanG says:

    I have absolutely zero interest in giant cigars. Occasionally I’ll see college age guys smoking them at a smoke shop; struggling to smoke the damn things.

  53. Romel says:

    From the reviews tha i’ve seen on, I’ve come to realize that big size rings are not what they make out to be. Ill stick to my 50 and 52 gauge.

  54. USA2ndAmendment says:

    Robusto and Toro are my favorite sizes, but I do like the big ring gauges like 60+…even if just for the novelty of it and sharing it with my brother. I know it’s not as flavorful, but I still enjoy the bigger ring gauges more than the smaller ones. The smallest I like is the robusto, which is usually 48-50 ring guage (I think that is right).

  55. Bpope31 says:

    I can’t even imagine trying to smoke that. Taste is prolly bad and I know I’d not be able to finish it. I’d just be wasting my money.

  56. vscarpine says:

    I truly believe it is a novelty or even joke cigar. The only reason I would ever buy a cigar this big is if was as a joke. I love cigars as mush as the next guys but I feel like this would be more work than anything. More work to hold and to actually smoke and for all I know the burn time is around 3 hours lol.

  57. neocigaro says:

    They are really cheap might have to try one.

    • JJO says:

      I wouldn’t call $10 for a crapload of filler cheap. That’s what everyone is arguing against.

    • TimB says:

      Definition: Filler is a term to describe the tobacco inside of a cigar. Filler is bunched together and bound inside of a cigar with a binder tobacco leaf. In hand rolled cigars, the filler usually consists of several blended varieties of long tobacco leaves, and is called long filler. In machine made cigars, short filler is usually used, which contains chemicals and other substances in addition to short pieces or remnants of tobacco leaves. Note the words “other substances”…

      • LordCybor says:

        You wont find those “other substances” in a hand rolled premium cigar. That was in reference to machine rolled cigars only, and this topic is about the 601 7×70 which is a hand rolled premium cigar. So the filler in this cigar has no other substances than tobacco.

  58. mbuckwash says:

    The gents who’ve commented before me have it covered. Huge cigars like this are simply not enjoyable to the average “learned” cigar smoker. For me, my largest is 56, but my most enjoyable is 52.

  59. garlar10 says:

    Ahaha, I can’t believe this is actually a cigar. This makes me think of the video you posted last week about dividing money between marketing and product. I am guessing these f bomb cigars are all marketing. I am sure plenty of kids will buy these for high school graduations and stuff like that though. but like many of the commenters have said this doesn’t look like anything someone who enjoys a cigar would want to smoke. The comments for this post have to be some of the best I have come across too.

  60. GrandNational says:

    90% of what’s in my humidor are at 50, with the rest topping at 52, so no, I would not buy or smoke this joke of a cigar. I usually max out at 54, 70 is just stupid. My next order of 14 cigars are all at 5×50, my favorite size.

  61. garlar10 says:

    I wonder what the response to this promo video would be if it wasn’t on a post where Bryan states hid displeasure with large ring gage cigars. For the most part it seems people are in agreement that large ring gage cigars are a novelty on here but I wonder if part of that is just because the way the post was framed around Bryan’s opinion. (Although I agree with it as well :) ). Also I have seen some reviews of the Martinez 85 ring gage cigar. That is even crazier. Its kind of like when you tell a kid to not touch a hot stove and he does it anyway. I hope I dont find myself buying one of these giant things anytime soon…

  62. LordCybor says:

    I like a lot of different ring gauges and length’s, depending on the blend. 44-54 is comfortable to me, and I like to stay in that range. but I will pickup a 56-60 two – three times a year. But I don’t see going past that. I think anything bigger than 60 would be a real challenge to enjoy. I just don’t have a big enough mouth for all that tobacco! :)

  63. ryan b says:

    Can’t stand big ring gauges, flavours always seem washed out to me. The same cigar in a smaller ring gauge is always better (IMO)

  64. zzpop102 says:

    I don’t mind a bigger ring gauge every once in awhile, but I prefer a smaller ring gauge. I think they make these for people who don’t smoke cigars for the flavor but to impress others. A bigger cigar makes you look cooler or more of a “high roller”. Just my opinion though.

  65. lcb says:

    Like many, I prefer the smaller gauge cigars. Since blend of tobacco is key, small size sticks enhance the experience. Puffing on a huge, less balanced blend just doesn’t get it in my opinion.

  66. Aximillian says:

    The initial, totally honest first reaction I had when I saw a stick (actually branch would be more apropos)that absurdly huge was…pornographic, and I won’t repeat it here. Suffice to say, at 5’10″ 175 pounds, I would look absolutely comical putting something that enormous in my mouth and if I did manage to smoke it to a nub, I would undoubtedly find myself making an offering to the Porcelain God. Robusto or busto.

  67. Tommz81 says:

    54 and below only for me. Never understood this crap.

  68. Chris says:

    I typically prefer thicker ring gauges, but I have never had a good stick >60. To be fair, the only sticks I’ve had that are that large have been “gimmick” sticks, like some of the Gurkas.

    I guess I cant say that I have necessarily seen a trend, of large = bad, but I also generally don’t have 2+ hours to smoke. I would be surprised if the majority of smokers prefer these, but I am sure there is a niche that does, so why not sell to them?

  69. gumby_130 says:

    You see sticks like this all the time in the dominican and Cuba. Guess they have more time to smoke them

  70. CommChief says:

    I’m with the crowd on this one…I don’t see the point of that size a cigar beyond the novelty of it. As for its validity, the market will take care of itself. Sales will speak more accurately about the true demand (or lack thereof) for these than any speculation could. They aren’t for me, but so long as they don’t crowd out traditional sizes, I say live and let live.

  71. swj045 says:

    I dont think I would spend my money for this one.I would rather have a good cigar than a large one,burn issues would be up there I think. this one reminds me of the football cigar that bryan had one time. now saying all of that,I havent had one so dont know about the flavor.but I dont see myself buying anything of that ring gauge.

  72. Candyman says:

    I haven’t personally had this cigar but there are a few larger ones i like. I am newer to cigars but at least 4-5 times a month i enjoy either a MUWAT 7×60 or a LDF digger with is defiantly a large cigar. in both cases i have yet to have and issue with burn or construction. but most of the sticks in my humidor are not large sticks mostly around 5×50 robustos

  73. irratebass says:

    I personally do not care for this big rg craze going on, and I am with you Bryan everyone I have spoken to also feel the same way, and I work in a cigar shop, so I have started my own personal survey ya know?

    Now I do enjoy the Nubs, and I was really surprised buy the Ortega “Big Bad John” at how good it was. I had a Quesada Oktoberfest “Uber” that I could not keep lit and this turned me off of the big rg’s.

    Now to play devil’s advocate for a minute…I recently and the shop has started carrying the CAO Brazilia Carnivale (6×60 Box Press) and frankly the BP really helped with the size and girth if you will. I have said and I’ll say again, if more companies want to continue this fad (yes, it’s a fad) then go with the BP and I am more willing to jump on board.

    For the record Asylum have said they are going to beat everyone to the punch and make an 80rg….Gimme a break!

    I personally will not be purchasing these 601′s.

  74. antomos says:

    I’m not a fan of big ring gauge cigars either. I think it’s a trend and it will pass.

  75. SLCigarClassy101 says:

    What I don’t get is if these huge cigars are such a “hit” with people, why are there rally no cutters for them? Seriously, watching your vid with NONE of your cutters working and having to carefully use a knife seemed so very tedious to smoke the thing! It just seems so wasteful to me and literally, I really don’t get the appeal of such ridiculously large ring gauges. Best let in golden age cartons instead of real life.

  76. danzig777 says:

    Never smoked anything bigger than a 54 ring gauge, this seems like it would be uncomfortable to smoke.

  77. phaedron says:

    To paraphrase Freud… Sometimes a cigar is NOT just a cigar. Frankly, ol’ Sigmund would have had a field day with whatever forms the basis of the compulsion to have somthing of this astonishing length and girth hanging out of one’s mouth…

  78. Corojo says:

    bigger is better is truely an ‘American’ mentality… still liking my Corona’s & Robusto”s… Ed K

  79. Joseph Szeremet says:

    Great topic! the topic of ring gauges is one I both love and hate at the same time. I do enjoy a large ring cigar just as much as I enjoy a “normal” size cigar. It all depends on the blend in my opinion. I have had a few cigars in the the large ring category that have become favorites of mine, like the Inch, MUWAT, La Gloria Cubana verities, the Prensado double T,RP Freedom, and La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amour Valentino just to name a few. However as the above blends mentioned are very suitable, well crafted, and blended to a large ring gauge, I will admit that the “fad is getting out of hand. Because of the very few cigars that work in the 56 or up size the great majority of cigars do not. Because, I feel they were not intended to, it a chance for a company to grab a buck. This drives me crazy. This behavior by companies is what drives a “out of the box” type format to become a fad and eventually die because of asinine extremes like a 7 by 70, or even the rumored 8 by 80, thus discrediting the blends that are actually carefully scrutinized and constructed for a larger size. If any cigar companies actually read these posts as a consumer that does enjoy a well made large ring size cigar please maintain the integrity of the cigar and don’t just sell out to a “fad” by pushing bad cigars on to the consuming public. That being said I do like large ring cigars but I agree 100% the fad is getting out of control. Thanks for bringing this up Bryan!

  80. david121 says:

    this just seems like one of those things to try one time to experience how ridiculous it is..
    I don’t think I ever really go past a 54/56 ring gauge. for obvious reasons haha

  81. stevenknisley says:

    Who the hell smokes that? I’m what could be considered a newbie and that cigar just seems like an awful idea who is gonna buy a whole box of those? That is seriously one huge F****** cigar. Pointless

  82. ctigers15 says:

    Its kinda dumb, that ring gauge is way too big

  83. Swede214 says:

    I do not like the ”Big” cigars, my opinion. This type of cigar is becoming a good seller, big cigar, more for your money?

  84. LxArkitekt says:

    I’m not a fan of big ring gauge cigars because they simply feel too awkward to smoke.

  85. mrl4889 says:

    Not a big ring gauge guy at all. Had the Alec Bradley Family Blend in a 6X60 and also had bought a Gurkha sampler deal that had the beauty/beast which were both 6.5×58 (I think) and was not impressed at all by them. The AB had no flavor at all and I worked up a serious headache puffing away to keep it lit. More of the same with the Gurkhas. I have since had the AB in a robusto and it is quite enjoyable, the gurkhas only come in one size. Since these bad experiences I steer clear of the super large cigars. Different strokes for different folks I suppose

  86. Zombieno1 says:

    I’ll smoke a 60 if I have em. Pinar del Rio Gordos and Cain Habano 606. I even got one for the Thanksgiving contest from Bryan that was amazing. They are a 2-4 times a month choice. For when I want big and lengthy smoke. Which means that I choose something smaller for the 12 other days I smoke during the month. This video.. my response is..

    “You guys made complete fools out of yourselves. This is how you market your new stick? So when I smoke it I’ll look, talk, and act like a jerk off? Is that what you want me to think? I drink a Sprite and I’m “refreshed”. I eat a Snickers and I’m satisfied.. I smoke this and I’m an overweight wise guy..? When I see this stick online or in a B&M establishment i’ll remember this vid and laugh as I buy something else.”

    That pretty much says it all. Would I buy a 70 stick? Yep. As a joke. I do see people at my local Gar Lounge with a big ol’ stick sometimes that like to chat it up. “ay man watchu smokin?” and when I tell them they have no idea. When I ask them in return.. THEY have no idea. It just goes well with their shinny rings and annoys their next next to them. A joke.

  87. lostonmonday says:

    UPS just dropped off a 5 pack of Gurkha Beast XO’s, and I laughed at how ridiculous these look next to corona. A 7×70 has gotta just be stupid. If I got one for the same price I got these Beasts (2.20 ea), I’d still try one.

  88. gtclark says:

    Heard a few 80 ring gauge cigars were making the rounds at the TAA last week – apparently the manufacturers were pushing these hard, but no one attending actually wanted to be seen trying to smoke the stupid things…

  89. hja1966 says:

    It’s a fad, and the video is a gimmick, let the big ring guys have their moment. For me, it’s still short Churchill or skinny toro.

  90. 2dogdad says:

    Personally, anything over about 56 ring is too much for my taste. I do not pay any attention to those big broom sticks! Paul.

  91. smh0095 says:

    Hey, don’t knock it until you try it, but I prefer the corona’s and robustos, right now the sreie H at 5×50 and the MOW Puro Authenticos are my favs and that promo vid will guarantee I will never try la bomba without a personal recommendation.

  92. Sinsandman says:

    Did this video come from the company itself? Very tacky and tasteless. As for over-sized cigars. I have not found one yet that I enjoy smoking for anything other a laugh and novelty. I am assuming that is what is intended here by the video. So if companies are into making cigars for one time smokes, then they hit their mark. If they are trying to make money…they may want to rethink their approach.

  93. zanlamb says:

    I’m just not a fan of the big ring size. In my limited experience they have more construction and burn issues.
    The biggest problem I have though is I just feel ridiculous!!! Like I’m performing some sex act.

  94. puffrey says:

    I dont get it! Anything past a 56 is non sense.

    This cigar is a novelty item at best.

  95. Brandonsr81 says:

    I would probly have a heart attack trying to puff that thing down.

  96. curtpick says:

    Unfortunately they “THINK” they are doing what the customer wants when in reality its an easy way to ditch the excess with these monsters. Also this is so heavy bodied you WILL get jitters. And the release video was an embarrassment. Like a bunch of gangsters.. MF this… FU that… Not so sure I want to associate myself or feed that kind my monies. But hey that’s just me…

  97. Aaron says:

    I’m pretty new to cigars but I think a 6×50-54 is the best size for a nice sit down smoke. I would probably try one of these just for the experience and just for fun but wouldn’t really expect to enjoy it much. Like i’ve seen in other comments I would never buy a whole box but maybe just one. I also agree with the comments about the advertising. It was a terrible attempt at an add. As a “college kid” i can definitely see that they are marketing to the crowd thats my age that likes to go out and get absolutely tanked every weekend and think that they look like a “boss” because they have an oversized cigar.

  98. drewmcneice says:

    I don’t think I would ever smoke one of these. I’ve had thicker ones that I haven’t really liked them. I like the thinner cigars.

  99. Luckynumbear9 says:

    this size is F-bomb stupid, sorry it just is

  100. huckfin72 says:

    I think it is a personal taste. I smoke the new Asylum 13 80 ring and the 70 ring and I like the flavor of both cigars very much. I read all the post on here and many have strong opinions about the size of the cigar…if the size doesn’t work for you—then don’t smoke it. I think we all find a cigar we prefer and we run with it…

    • huckfin72 says:

      I find that the burn of the cigar is more even and it just results in a more fluid smoke throughout…a long smoke…2 hours +++++, but if you have the time and enjoy it…it works. I read something above that “I would have a heart attack trying to smoke a cigar this big”…unless your trying to suck the inside of the cigar out, it really isnt much different then any other cigar in terms of how you smoke it. A regular cut doesn’t work, but punching it in a clover like fashion tends to allow for an easier draw/effortless draw

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