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Yet Another Asshole

by Bryan Glynn, April 10, 2013
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Untitled-1Thank you to my attentive viewers who constantly let me know when you see my work stolen. I swear when other ‘reviewers’ and even companies aren’t ripping off my video format and key phrases, they just steal my words and photos. Let’s see how he likes his site shut off – Screenshots saved & DMCA notice filed 🙂  Losers…

EDIT – the content has been removed and I called off the Takedown Notice.

EDIT 2 – I guess now the asshole thinks it’s OK to harass me by phone even after I sent him a warning to NOT contact me again. Bad move shithead. Oh yeah, it’s a business account with unmasking, so yeah, I have your number. Asshole.

EDIT 3 – now the asshole is trying to create fake accounts and start more shit.

  • stevenknisley

    Why would people not just do there own thing? Its silly to think that there are seriously people that are too lazy to do their own thing.

    • MaxDuo

      If it were something like celebrity stuff, popular games, shows, etc I could understand it from the people who put tons of ads up and try to make easy money fast off of that.

      Cigars are awesome but I can’t imagine they drive the same amount of traffic – especially for any newer websites. So if he’s doing it as some kind of quick money making thing… it seems like a dumb subject to go off of.

      Also, awesome Bryan. Hope he enjoys your DMCA gift 😉

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    I guess in another light I think people just want to be like you because you’re that good. I’d be Fing pissed as I’m sure you are but I guess as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Keep shutting em down and keep up the good work!

    • No, it isn’t.

      • SsgtJerikUSMC

        Haha, I digress.

      • Texvet

        Heavy lies the crown.

      • cigarmanstan

        Dang, dude I started getting into cigars because of your videos. You are responsible for getting me into this awesome hobby, and I had a massive amount of respect for you. But your acting like a complete dude for something this minor. I’ve lost a lot of respect for you man.

        • cigarmanstan

          douche* not dude.

    • viewer_tan

      SsgtJerikUSMC: You should look at his publically available Linkedin profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kyle-bucksot/64/334/812

      What may be insulting to you is that he says he’s a Marine.

      Bryan: Look at what he claims he does at a cigarette company. Then on “his own time”, does the opposite of his career. I wonder if his employer approves him stealing your property for his private benefit?

  • PAG

    Kick ass, Bryan! I’m a bird photographer (distinctly amateur) and I’ve read multiple horror stories of photos being lifted off the web and sold as original works. I have no problem letting people use my photos for free WITH PERMISSION, but I’d be pissed as hell if somebody was just grabbing my stuff and presenting it as their own.

  • Magicshark13

    They just jealous that they cant have a nice review website like this kick-ass one!!

  • btubesing

    Well those pictures look familiar! That is very annoying to say the least. This person is probably a regular viewer of your site too, may want to check your registered user DB to see if his name is in there.

  • What a douche.

  • Pokesfan

    Keep up the good work Bryan. I have looked at other reviews on other sites and find that you are by far the best. As I’ve posted before, you have taught me tons about the cigar world. Those guys that hack your work are, as you say, assholes.

  • Sinsandman

    Chumps. Why even bother to try and review a product if you don’t have the intellect or vocabulary of your own? Leave it to the pros like Bryan. Tools!

  • rgmenke

    I bet Kyle is crapping his pants about now.

  • byar

    That clown ought to stick to something he knows about which is probably nothing!

    • ParadiseCove

      Ha! Ha! Right you are!!

  • TimB

    Well this is what happens in America now no one wants to think up things on there own.Look at TV ,Movies ,etc no new ideas just copies.Be creative and someone rips you off!Get’em!!

    • smokethis

      Not just America. Stealing is a global problem.

  • Rob

    I see he used a picture of yours…what else am I missing?

    • MorganGeo

      Check the last line of the bottom of the website. They are protected by copyright. Can not be used without permission.

      • Rob

        I thought it was going to be like the last one who copied everything down to the site theme and layout.

        I agree that it is wrong to steal…or use other pictures for which you do not have permission. Perhaps this guy is new to the world of creating websites and is trying to start up a project. Yes, he should have done his research and understood plagiarism, piracy, infringement or any other word you would like to apply to this scenario. I hope Bryan would have at least contacted him to remove the picture so he can continue his project before filing to have him completely shut down.

        How does anyone expect this community to grow if we shut down every new cigar site.

        • That is complete garbage. There is zero excuse. I also gave up arguing with the people that do this, all too often it gets exactly nowhere. The simple DMCA process is there for THIS EXACT REASON. You would understand if your material was stolen regularly.

          • smokethis

            He copywrites his websites name to keep people from stealing it, and then steals your stuff??? WTF?. Dude.

        • MaxDuo

          When I was 13 years old I made a website for anime and understood that I needed to use my own content and not to steal from others, not sure what his excuse is when he’s 18+ years old (or at least supposed to be, considering the subject).

  • MorganGeo

    Unbelievable. You can never underestimate the stupidity level of some people.

  • mbuckwash

    I will keep my eye out for more things of this nature. How long does it typically take for their site to get shut down?

    • Sinsandman

      I think there is some legal process involved but with something this cut and dry, I would assume fairly quickly.

    • 24 hours, if they don’t take it down themselves. It happens all the time not only with my cigar site but my photography. I know the routine by now.

      • Derek

        He changed the photo so me must think he’s going to slip by. Hahaha burn his site down!

  • MorganGeo

    Looks like photo just got taken down off of website.

  • CigarButcher

    Sad but not surprising.

  • Bryan you are a ruthless s.o.b lol

  • puffrey

    This happens all too frequently to you Bryan, stop having awesome material so people won’t feel so inclined to steal your work.

    If I recall, didnt the last guy that you busted try to come crying to you via email?

    Note to self-dont steal Bryan’s stuff

  • rockjock

    Remember years ago you could get those sticks to put in cigars and cigarettes? I’d make sure he got some cigars to review that have a little “kick”.

  • puffrey

    On another note…gotta laugh out of the fact that one of the tag words in this post is “asshole”.

    Read his bio and I am pretty sure that grammar check would have been helpful to someone trying to start a blog site.

  • kbucksot

    Hi, I am the owner of the website that took Bryan’s photo. I expressed my apologies for taking his content in an email.

    Though it still doesn’t make it right, I smoked all the cigars for my review and the camera the pictures were on was stolen.

    Hopefully Bryan will forgive my actions and the embarrassment to my fellow cigar enthusiast.


    • There is zero excuse, you are sorry you got busted. Learn your lesson and move on.

      • macko

        All that can be said is what an ASS HAT!!!

        • smokethis

          NOBODY here gives a damn about the cigars you smoked ,your camera or your lame site. You’re only sorry because you got caught.
          Now, go away and stop stealing what isn’t yours.

    • MorganGeo

      Camera was stolen so you stole a photo. Two wrongs make a right? 😉

      • Derek

        No but three do… Oh wait thats a left


      You could’ve asked.

    • neocigaro

      If you actually smoke all the cigars you review take photos of them before you smoke them, simple as that. Why risk taking pictures from other sites if you can make your own.

    • Sinsandman

      and now you blow up his phone? You’re weak, Kyle. You stole and don’t want to have to pay the consequences? Were you handed everything in life?

  • Rob

    It takes balls to use a picture without permission and even more balls to apologize on the site you took it from. Few would do that.

    • Not really. He’s emailing me to remove this post right now.

      • neocigaro

        haha why would he want to remove it.

        • PaulG

          Exactly, it seems like this post would up traffic to his site; even though it might not be there much longer.

        • JJO

          Sure, who doesn’t love negative publicity in a small market?

        • vscarpine

          he prob wants it gone cause he realizes that he is a moron that got caught red handed

  • Jared

    Gotta agree, totally caught red handed, but definitely takes guts to come back here and apologize. Maybe being tough on him has set him on the straight and narrow.

    • Derek

      He just doesn’t want to loose his site. He could probably care less about Bryan.

      • Jared

        Yeah, probably so, but most folks busted like that just duck and cover and disappear. Maybe we’ve just all become a bit jaded, both because we are suprised someone actually apologizes for something they did wrong, and then don’t buy it because “Who really apologizes these days?”

        • It’s BS. He’s emailing me asking for me to take this post down. Hi’s excuse is (total BS too) that he emailed me several times asking to use the picture. Even if that were true, the answer would have been no, and it’s no by default. I really don’t care anymore WHAT the excuses are.

          • neocigaro

            Wow he really is pissed haha, have a drink and cigar.

          • smokethis

            Don’t let this thief raise your Blood Pressure to much B. He was caught. Don’t let him make you become ill. He’s not worth it.

          • viewer_tan

            Bryan. Great job keeping the pressure on him. Even for us, in cubicle life, don’t like it when others take credit for work they didn’t do.

        • JJO

          What would anyone not understand about “No content may be used without express permission.”? It’s all too easy to knowingly do the crime and try to apologize later.

          • Sinsandman

            exactly. Kyle is a coward and a slouch. It is far easier and more fulfilling to do your own shit. Easier in the sense of once it is done it won’t bite you in the ass.

    • vscarpine

      I think its pretty ballsy to come on the message boards and say hes sorry for stealing…it only makes him look worse IMO

  • JJO

    From his “About Me” page: “I want you to know that any cigar review that you see on my site, has been paid for by me. No gifts, samples, etc will be reviewed on my site unless I paid for them. With this approach, I am taking out any unbiased notions from being a free cigar.”

    I guess stealing other people’s work does’t count in his code of ethics.

    • Sinsandman

      wow. Scum on a new level. Cigar companies aren’t looking for bias anyway…so his claim is mute. Thief

  • Mr Rojas

    This is some website drama, lo. I hope It all gets worked out

  • tglynnus

    So the guy is a fan of THIS site and figured that he would steal a pic and it would be ok/no one would notice? Maybe someone should check his entire site to see if that’s the only thing he took from this site. If he is/was a member of this site, he should be kicked off. I would check his site, but I don’t want to even give this guy the traffic…

  • neocigaro

    Haha now he’s harassing you by phone, this just keeps getting better. End his website.

  • eric.hanson

    Don’t people realize that in the time it takes you to try to cover your tracks from stealing someone else’s work you can just make your original material?

  • Derek

    Someone should post his number somewhere and say that its Justin Biebers or something.

    • Sinsandman

      That and we could all blow his shit up. Classless

  • MorganGeo

    How crazy is that that he is harrasing you by phone?! Unfreaking believable.

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    WOW. No mercy now. Burn him to the ground.

  • Freddy62

    I’m very happy you did this Bryan, there are so many people that think it is alright to steal other peoples work. I am currently 3/4 the way finished with my bachelors degree, and I can tell how you feel because I had someone try to do this with one of my research proposals because they waited until the last minute to submit one themselves.

  • Walshy

    Bryan I can’t believe this continues to happen to you. Keep doing what you are doing and shut em down. If they want to make videos and try to become a “reviewer” they need to come up with their own content.
    Bryan, I actually was watching another cugar review site and this guy was using torches in background and used the CC perfect cutter. I sent him a message saying both of them are already being used and come up with your own ideas. He only uses the cutter now. No torches. Just thought I’d share.

    • Derek

      Although using those accessories isn’t copy right infringement, i do agree with you, be original. If I though I had a chance of review cigars i would look to Bryan for inspiration but never copy him.

    • MaxDuo

      I wouldn’t think too much of that. If I were in FL or any humid place I’d always have tons of torches going outside while I smoked. Hell I keep 2 citronella candles burning in the same area as me right now just to keep bugs away.

      And I also use the perfect cutter 😛

      • Derek

        Valid point.

      • Walshy

        Do you do reviews of cigars? I wasn’t saying it was copyright infringement. All i was saying was for him to be original. I know he watched Bryan’s reviews because he knew exactly who I was talking about without even saying Bryan’s name. He uses the same wording and phrases that ive only heard Bryan use in a review. Invisible seems, Barnyard smell. Now I know these are general terms and not owned by Bryan but he is really the only one that says it the way he does. Thats all. The site is still up. I even told him I hope he succeeds with his work but to do it with original content. Also the asshole mentioned above is still doing reviews and his site was still up as of late last night.

        • Derek

          “Asshole’s” site is gone now.

          I didn’t mean to imply you were accusing him of copyright infringement.

          • Derek

            Sorry i didn’t specify, him being the other reviewer you spoke of not the asshole.

        • MaxDuo

          I don’t do reviews of cigars, but it doesn’t matter as using torches to fend off any bugs and what cutter you use isn’t some big issue.

          Unless he literally was in a place where you never have bugs pester you at night.

          You didn’t mention all the words being the same before though. It makes more sense if he’s doing the same format and everything. But the torches + cutter alone isn’t really much an issue, even if he did know of Bryan.

          The issue would be if he used the pics, exact same descriptions, etc. Not the torches and cutter he prefers 😉

          • vscarpine

            I agree that it is too much of a coincedence to try and defend why they happen to say some of the same things as Bryan

    • vscarpine

      Well I mean I have the same CC cutter and that was before I started watching this site so I dont think its a big deal if they happen to like/use the same cutter. BUT using the same set up in the background and the actual review of the cigar def crosses the line

  • RyanG

    They always get instantly defensive, and start spamming emails and phone calls. Sad.

  • Andrew

    These are so entertaining.

    • MorganGeo

      Great reading for a dull workday. I love this site. You never know what you may get! 🙂

  • Romel

    Bryan, you have all the right to do what you did. People out there dont want to do the work and want everyones elses hard work. Also people are not as creative as you or your site.

  • Sinsandman

    His site needs to be burned down. Wait…he would just steal someone else’s…

  • rgmenke

    Bryan, I think you need a nickname – like a fighter pilot.
    I’m thinking “Honey Badger” because nothing F@cks with one of those and lives 😉

    Go to the mattresses!

  • MaxDuo

    Wow holy shit. Harassing and calling you over and over again… what a piece of work that moron is.

  • ryan b

    thats greasy stuff, i think i would be more pissed if someone called me. Then again i have never had any of my work stolen.

  • What a dumbass. Thumbs up to the person who reported this. Glad there’s some people in this world with integrity, unlike this plagiaristic asshole.

  • gumby_130

    Wow can’t believe it .

  • Chaz

    Take. Him. Down.

    You’re like cyber-hulk. Smash him.

  • weimerad

    That prick should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!! And you should be the judge, jury and executioner BG!!

  • ParadiseCove

    Well Bryan buddy..it’s time to be philosophical..as the Germans say: “Die Dummen werden nicht alle”…translated: “There is no end to stupid people”…keep in mind that we all love you out here..and maybe that’s the motivating factor for this schmuck..aka “The Asshole”..something really missing in his life…..Time to break this one out..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_TyrEUpZ8Y

  • bernnie

    So I did a little digging on this. The original photo that was uploaded to high website came from imgur. Here is his upload file.

    Published on: Apr 10, 2013 @ 9:14 from host site http://i.imgur.com/DSth8vS.jpg

    • Nice try asshole.

      Everyone, this is one of the fake accounts he’s been trying to get on here since this morning. Used a new fake gmail account but guess where the IP goes back to.

      Bye again, asshole. I guess you really don’t understand right from wrong at all, do you? That’s ok, you deserve what you get 🙂

      • MorganGeo

        That’s awesome! There is a trail for everything

        • neocigaro

          Haha now its getting comical.

          • puffrey

            This is unbelievable! If said “stealer” is reading this…dude just do yourself a favor and stop.
            The hole you keep trying to fill up is only gettting deeper

      • gtclark

        This fellow is the gift that keeps on giving…sorry to see you’re still having to deal with this. Keep fighting the good fight, Bryan.

      • JJO

        How sad to try to pull off such an act of desperation. Some people are just ethically backrupt. The time is long past for him to simply take his lumps and move on.

      • Jared

        Lesson here: Don’t steal people’s stuff. If you DO, don’t steal people’s stuff by computer when they run their own website and know how to track you by IP address and are fully ready and willing to swift boot you to the curb.

      • Jbenoit9

        My God what a douche. That’s hilarious.

      • vscarpine

        I dont know whats worse that he stole from you or he is making fake account to try and justify it anf make himself look better

  • garlar10

    Well in his defense it really is a nice looking don carlos…

  • david121

    What a prick. Shut him down! People need to learn these lessons from other people’s failed attempts at this sort of thing. Bryan is not just gonna stand by and do nothing about it!

  • curtpick

    Shut the jerk down man !

    • smokethis

      His site is gone.

  • ryanryan2120

    haha this just makes me so happy. i love when lazy ass people get what they deserve

  • Lalla

    Seriously? I don’t understand why people feel entitled to work that someone else produced.

    To steal it in the first place – lame enough. To get defensive – goes into asshole territory.

    To harass you, when he is the one who broke the law and used someone else’s work, means he’s and example of the bullying, immature behavior that makes the internet a regressive social experience.

    Just be glad you’re not a woman. I have experience with these types and they are usually worse to women.

  • NeverTwoOld


    This is getting good.

  • cassanpj

    Alright…Brian it’s time to round up a possy.

  • stevenknisley

    Wow! What a dumbass.

  • Andrew

    This just keeps getting better and better.

  • Jason Isbaner

    Some people, what a jag bag!

  • jablaze

    This is Cigar reviews, not dump truck reviews, “Stay classy San Diego”

  • Boucher207

    Bryan, would you OK me to use one of your images as a background on my computer?

    • JJO

      Search for “free wallpaper” in the box at the top of the page. Those have been provided for use as wallpapers.

    • Yes, thanks for asking. I don’t mind making fun stuff like wallpapers so if anyone wants one in particular I’ll be happy to make it up special.

  • jtuttle21

    That is so messed up! I show zero respect for people that steal others work and put their name on it! No one should have to go through this!

  • puffrey

    Bryan I am going to have a meeting with my boss about infringement of my ideas.. you have inspired me to stop getting my ideas stolen.

  • vscarpine

    I honestly dont get it…is that hard for people to come up with there own ideas? Or are people just that lazy that they just steal other peoples ideas because they think its easier

  • Craig

    WOW, I almost didn’t click on this thread. Look what I would have missed! Glad I did now.

  • Jared

    Ok, I take back all benefit of the doubt I gave this guy, you know, learned his lesson and all that. If he’s still coming with fake id’s and phone calls AFTER you called off the dogs then he deserves the whipping.

  • Bpope31

    Stupid is as stupid does. Don’t know the feeling but it must suck to have ur shit taken.

  • swj045

    stealing is just stealing.protect your interest Bryan.

  • Pokesfan

    I think this guy might be a little off in the head. Too bad that he is causing this distraction and taking up your time with his nonsense. Hang in there Bryan…

  • PsycotikMind

    Kick ass and take names, Bryan.

  • Zombieno1

    Am I not allowed to post his e-mail?

    • There’s no point, I’m not suggesting or inciting any behavior from others that he himself has shown.

      • Zombieno1

        Roger that.

  • LunchBox87km

    What a sad little man. Next time he should try an be original that way he won’t be embarrassed an get shutdown.


    One dense motherfucker.

  • Pjhosler

    Good reading…I like stories about the dumb humans.

  • Dirk

    How interesting this has become.. I recently have become a bit frustrated while on my wife’s computer.. typed in Cigarobsession and was directed to another site..Now this seems to be the trend in numerous sites that become successful.. I feel your pain Byran Your talents are numerous and entertaining.. sad to see how people use others to try for their own gain.. I call them fools.. for it will catch up with them.. the wheels of justice sometimes turn slowly, but they continue to turn..

  • JJO

    It’s time for us all to move on; it’s obvious that Bryan has. Mr. A.H. has removed his site and apparently learned his lesson. Now we can concentrate on what THIS site is all about – enjoyment, not animosity.

  • RobinsonV

    Wow what a scum bag I would be pretty fired up I’f the dude was hurrasing me like that too.

  • zanlamb

    He obviously sees thet people respect Bryans work and so he gets sent cigars for free and he wants some of the same. He just didnt want to do all the hard buts that Bryan does and invest that vast amount of time it takes to do it. Hes just another leach!!!

  • Daniel.A

    F that guy. We’re behind you 100 percent Bryan. Know that we appreciate the time and effort you put in to your videos. Unlike this dumbass.

  • Candyman

    wow that was crazy to read. but glad the asshole got busted

  • SecretSquirrel

    Hey Bryan before I start I would like to give you madd props. I dig what you are doing and you have respect from me. Even though you seem to becoming more and more vague maybe trying to reach a larger audience.

    Here is the deal this post has made me consider you a bit petty and coarse which has turned me off totally. I would expect you to be gentlemen and being in the public eye to intensify that. This shows low class and I am just dumb founded that you post things like that. First of all you don’t have IPL to certain phrases or words. Using your photo without consent is unethical and unless you copyright that material which you should and the party is using it for profit I don’t know how exactly that falls under fair use I am not a lawyer. Coming out and calling people names etc on your forum then saying you have a following etc is just very poor sir. The guy is what a 26 year old Marine that doesn’t know his head from a hole in the ground which has made you come out hot and heavy… Give me a break loosen up and get some class. Judging by your users here the working class cigar smokers sure are backing you but I guess they are not smoking the Limitadas either…

    Once again I give you props but when you do things like this it isn’t good for you all you are doing is trading pearls for swine. This kind of stuff should be dealt with in private… I apologize if I come across as crass but this just blew me away and wouldn’t have ever expected this kind of vulgarity and public behavior from you…

    • SecretSquirrel

      By the way I just signed up to post that comment. I don’t need free cigars I kind of find it very low brow to grovel on some bloggers website for free cigars don’t you agree?

    • First of all, EVERY image produced in the US is automatically copywritten. You do not need to register images to be protected. Doing so increases the amount you can sue for if an image is used commercially, that is all. Second of all, when it happens to you, be my guest to react as you please. This is my life, my site, my images and I don’t tolerate this whatsoever anymore. If you disagree SO much, feel free to never visit again, no one will notice.

      • SecretSquirrel

        Like I said previously Bryan I am not a lawyer. My point wasn’t to lessen the offense which I believe it is poor etiquette to rip off intellectual property but my point was more in the way you handled it. Being in the public eye and having many look to you takes on a certain responsibility. I simply believe you handled it in a very none professional way. Let them show themselves for what they are and take the high road. This is not giving way it is just handling matters in a more professional manner. That is all I was trying to convey.. I am in no way affiliated with the site owner I guess I had you pegged wrong Bryan the arrogance and aggressive attitude that you portray does you no justice Sir.

        • MaxDuo

          Considering your every post has been condescending of Bryan and the site, it’s hard to believe you’re not that other site’s owner or friend.

          As for Bryan handling it horribly, he’s the one that said: “This guy stole from me, I’m sending a DMCA.”

          Afterwards the culprit proceeded to apoligize in the comments (a good thing), while sending emails demanding Bryan take down all accusations. On top of this he began to bomb Bryan’s personal cell phone number and making numerous accounts on here to the point that Bryan had to IP ban him.

          • SecretSquirrel

            Are you becoming emotional on me sir that is comical the beasts have become emotional and the drivel begins. No business which this is what Bryan uses to justify his actions comes out and calls an individual an “asshole” on its blog. It is a matter of professionalism sir and I wouldn’t get so uptight about the opinions of others.

          • MaxDuo

            You clearly are just a troll at this point… but I’ll entertain with one more post.

            Aren’t you the one who has gotten emotional and uptight? It is Bryan’s opinion that this thief is an asshole. And now you have created and account to go on about how Bryan hurt your feelings and you’ll never trust him again etc etc…. Hmmmm…..

            And from below: “The reality is such that you can’t even understand civil discourse the intolerance of other opinions that may differ from your own.”
            –Said by someone who created an account solely to claim he’ll never come again and call Bryan an arrogant asshole. Who also keeps saying everyone in support of Bryan is “bought off” and “grovel[ing]” for free stuff by commenting on here.

            Hm…. I dunno. Very troll-ish and emotional sounding to me.

        • You have repeatedly stated your opinion. I’ve stated mine. The only difference, is, yours doesn’t matter. Thee is zero leeway on this matter, it’s as simple as that. I’ll do for you now what you can’t seem to, delete your account. Bye!

    • MaxDuo

      Wow so, tell me… Are you a friend of that site owner? You sure sound like it. Or are at least him on another computer. If not, how about you go buy thousands of dollars of camera equipment and perfect it as a profession.. then go take tons of pictures and give them out to others to make money off of and claim are their own? I mean since you are such a Mother Theresa on this and feel that no one should have the right to their own work.

      As for him being a 26 year old marine… guess what? When I was 13 I knew copyright on the Internet and made websites where all of my content and pictures were my own. It shouldn’t be that hard for someone who is over 18 to understand and feel there is no problem in doing. Not to mention the fact that he began to harass and invade Bryan’s personal space when called out on his theft.

  • jadam

    I just would like to say that you are a horrible human being and I hope the worst comes to you.

    I saw what this “Thief” did and I also saw his attempts at a sincere apology. It would be one thing to be angry over someone stealing your words or thoughts but the use of a photo, you are simply being a childish prick.

    You are wrong for posting their personal phone number to your website and even worse for not attempting to listen to an apology. You do cigar obsession no justice and simply make the entire website look bad now.

    Sincerely a former fan of your work.

  • 2dogdad

    To the vapid trolls who see no wrong I say: Get a life, preferably, in the real world! Bryan’s work is his own. Sharing said work with others is a gift for which we should be extremely grateful. Stealing his work is the lowest of the low, for which no reasonable excuse exists. Bryan, thank you for your magnanimous ongoing gift. Paul.

    • Derek

      2dogdad. Exactly what i was thinking. Thanks for saying it.

    • SecretSquirrel

      Trolls? The only trolls I see here are those who are bought off. The reality is such that you can’t even understand civil discourse the intolerance of other opinions that may differ from your own. I however do agree it is of the lowest sorts to use another individual’s hard work to glorify one own self, but you sir are no apex of class or elegance. Your affiliation with Bryan is obvious as to the thank you for the gift which makes you no impartial judge of opinion on this subject hence your comments are skewed. Everything I have posted has been in a civil manner. There is no reason to get upset or become aggressive sir just an opinion about the subject and as your crude up bringing may have taught you the special phrase that accompanies an opinion which you are dissatisfied with.

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