Yet Another Asshole

by Bryan Glynn, April 10, 2013

Untitled-1Thank you to my attentive viewers who constantly let me know when you see my work stolen. I swear when other ‘reviewers’ and even companies aren’t ripping off my video format and key phrases, they just steal my words and photos. Let’s see how he likes his site shut off – Screenshots saved & DMCA notice filed :)  Losers…

EDIT – the content has been removed and I called off the Takedown Notice.

EDIT 2 – I guess now the asshole thinks it’s OK to harass me by phone even after I sent him a warning to NOT contact me again. Bad move shithead. Oh yeah, it’s a business account with unmasking, so yeah, I have your number. Asshole.

EDIT 3 – now the asshole is trying to create fake accounts and start more shit.

  • Daniel.A

    F that guy. We’re behind you 100 percent Bryan. Know that we appreciate the time and effort you put in to your videos. Unlike this dumbass.

  • Candyman

    wow that was crazy to read. but glad the asshole got busted

  • SecretSquirrel

    Hey Bryan before I start I would like to give you madd props. I dig what you are doing and you have respect from me. Even though you seem to becoming more and more vague maybe trying to reach a larger audience.

    Here is the deal this post has made me consider you a bit petty and coarse which has turned me off totally. I would expect you to be gentlemen and being in the public eye to intensify that. This shows low class and I am just dumb founded that you post things like that. First of all you don’t have IPL to certain phrases or words. Using your photo without consent is unethical and unless you copyright that material which you should and the party is using it for profit I don’t know how exactly that falls under fair use I am not a lawyer. Coming out and calling people names etc on your forum then saying you have a following etc is just very poor sir. The guy is what a 26 year old Marine that doesn’t know his head from a hole in the ground which has made you come out hot and heavy… Give me a break loosen up and get some class. Judging by your users here the working class cigar smokers sure are backing you but I guess they are not smoking the Limitadas either…

    Once again I give you props but when you do things like this it isn’t good for you all you are doing is trading pearls for swine. This kind of stuff should be dealt with in private… I apologize if I come across as crass but this just blew me away and wouldn’t have ever expected this kind of vulgarity and public behavior from you…

    • SecretSquirrel

      By the way I just signed up to post that comment. I don’t need free cigars I kind of find it very low brow to grovel on some bloggers website for free cigars don’t you agree?

    • Bryan Glynn

      First of all, EVERY image produced in the US is automatically copywritten. You do not need to register images to be protected. Doing so increases the amount you can sue for if an image is used commercially, that is all. Second of all, when it happens to you, be my guest to react as you please. This is my life, my site, my images and I don’t tolerate this whatsoever anymore. If you disagree SO much, feel free to never visit again, no one will notice.

      • SecretSquirrel

        Like I said previously Bryan I am not a lawyer. My point wasn’t to lessen the offense which I believe it is poor etiquette to rip off intellectual property but my point was more in the way you handled it. Being in the public eye and having many look to you takes on a certain responsibility. I simply believe you handled it in a very none professional way. Let them show themselves for what they are and take the high road. This is not giving way it is just handling matters in a more professional manner. That is all I was trying to convey.. I am in no way affiliated with the site owner I guess I had you pegged wrong Bryan the arrogance and aggressive attitude that you portray does you no justice Sir.

        • MaxDuo

          Considering your every post has been condescending of Bryan and the site, it’s hard to believe you’re not that other site’s owner or friend.

          As for Bryan handling it horribly, he’s the one that said: “This guy stole from me, I’m sending a DMCA.”

          Afterwards the culprit proceeded to apoligize in the comments (a good thing), while sending emails demanding Bryan take down all accusations. On top of this he began to bomb Bryan’s personal cell phone number and making numerous accounts on here to the point that Bryan had to IP ban him.

          • SecretSquirrel

            Are you becoming emotional on me sir that is comical the beasts have become emotional and the drivel begins. No business which this is what Bryan uses to justify his actions comes out and calls an individual an “asshole” on its blog. It is a matter of professionalism sir and I wouldn’t get so uptight about the opinions of others.

          • MaxDuo

            You clearly are just a troll at this point… but I’ll entertain with one more post.

            Aren’t you the one who has gotten emotional and uptight? It is Bryan’s opinion that this thief is an asshole. And now you have created and account to go on about how Bryan hurt your feelings and you’ll never trust him again etc etc…. Hmmmm…..

            And from below: “The reality is such that you can’t even understand civil discourse the intolerance of other opinions that may differ from your own.”
            –Said by someone who created an account solely to claim he’ll never come again and call Bryan an arrogant asshole. Who also keeps saying everyone in support of Bryan is “bought off” and “grovel[ing]” for free stuff by commenting on here.

            Hm…. I dunno. Very troll-ish and emotional sounding to me.

        • Bryan Glynn

          You have repeatedly stated your opinion. I’ve stated mine. The only difference, is, yours doesn’t matter. Thee is zero leeway on this matter, it’s as simple as that. I’ll do for you now what you can’t seem to, delete your account. Bye!

    • MaxDuo

      Wow so, tell me… Are you a friend of that site owner? You sure sound like it. Or are at least him on another computer. If not, how about you go buy thousands of dollars of camera equipment and perfect it as a profession.. then go take tons of pictures and give them out to others to make money off of and claim are their own? I mean since you are such a Mother Theresa on this and feel that no one should have the right to their own work.

      As for him being a 26 year old marine… guess what? When I was 13 I knew copyright on the Internet and made websites where all of my content and pictures were my own. It shouldn’t be that hard for someone who is over 18 to understand and feel there is no problem in doing. Not to mention the fact that he began to harass and invade Bryan’s personal space when called out on his theft.

  • jadam

    I just would like to say that you are a horrible human being and I hope the worst comes to you.

    I saw what this “Thief” did and I also saw his attempts at a sincere apology. It would be one thing to be angry over someone stealing your words or thoughts but the use of a photo, you are simply being a childish prick.

    You are wrong for posting their personal phone number to your website and even worse for not attempting to listen to an apology. You do cigar obsession no justice and simply make the entire website look bad now.

    Sincerely a former fan of your work.

  • 2dogdad

    To the vapid trolls who see no wrong I say: Get a life, preferably, in the real world! Bryan’s work is his own. Sharing said work with others is a gift for which we should be extremely grateful. Stealing his work is the lowest of the low, for which no reasonable excuse exists. Bryan, thank you for your magnanimous ongoing gift. Paul.

    • Derek

      2dogdad. Exactly what i was thinking. Thanks for saying it.

    • SecretSquirrel

      Trolls? The only trolls I see here are those who are bought off. The reality is such that you can’t even understand civil discourse the intolerance of other opinions that may differ from your own. I however do agree it is of the lowest sorts to use another individual’s hard work to glorify one own self, but you sir are no apex of class or elegance. Your affiliation with Bryan is obvious as to the thank you for the gift which makes you no impartial judge of opinion on this subject hence your comments are skewed. Everything I have posted has been in a civil manner. There is no reason to get upset or become aggressive sir just an opinion about the subject and as your crude up bringing may have taught you the special phrase that accompanies an opinion which you are dissatisfied with.