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CO Production Upgrades Coming

by Bryan Glynn, April 10, 2013
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IMG_2589So after 5+ years of faithful service, my little Aiptek camcorder is showing it’s age and it’s even bothering me seeing the relatively poor performance I get from it. I’ve learned to live with all the idiosyncrasies of production with it but it’s time to bit e bullet and just use some of my Pro Gear for the site. I know the quality will immediately take a 10x increase, although my production time is going to suffer greatly. Going from 125MB/min to 500+ takes it’s toll and physically working with the gear as a one-man run-and-gun setup certainly isn’t as easy as press a button and talk 🙂 Anyway, I’m absolutely slammed with work these days but hope to have the switch over in the next video or two. Stay tuned boys & girls!

  • JJO

    Even better quality? You’re spoiling us, my friend! 🙂

    • smokethis

      Coming soon to a PC near you CO in 3D! lol jk

      Sounds great bryan, looking forward to it.

      • Well, it was either that, or nude-vision…

        • neocigaro

          ya save the nude vision to yourself buddy lol

        • neocigaro

          ya save the nude vision to yourself buddy haha

        • Derek

          I think you would probably loose a few of use.

        • Jerry

          Ummm…chest up is good…thanks

        • lostonmonday

          I’d be ok with it, as long as you were doing something like, “Cigars Gone Wild! The bands are comin’ off!” I know you’ve been losing weight, but please keep your fashionable smoking shirts on.

  • tglynnus

    I’ll be honest, I never really noticed anything quality-wise to complain about. I hope (selfishly) that the new set-up doesn’t hold up new videos too much!! I greatly look forward to the new reviews (like everyone else). But if it makes it easier for you, it can only be better for us in the end. Keep up the awesome work, no matter what equipment you’re on!

    • No changes to the schedule. And the difference is staggering…I’ll see about doing a before/after or something…

      • david121

        a before and after thing would be cool! but if its a hassle then dont worry about it

        • lbrown

          I certainly trust you that we will be able to see the improvement, but compared to the quality of other sites what you offer is already an improvement. Thanks for stepping it up even higher.

  • Walshy

    cant wait Bryan. Quality was extremely good to begin with. Can’t wait to see the difference

  • rockjock

    Just try and keep the bit rate under control for us guys with live-in-the-country slow DSL.

    • No no no – that’s on MY end for editing – no changes for you, from YouTube there.

  • neocigaro

    Nice better quality, hope it isn’t much of a drag to upload the new videos.

  • Rob

    if 720p is relatively poor performance, I can’t wait to see what the new set up will look like.

  • yosef5

    Happy for you. &of course us.

  • tom0557

    I admire your quest for perfection especially as I’m sure many of us think your videos are top-notch.

  • garlar10

    We appreciate the hard work Bryan! look forward to the new videos

  • Romel

    Hi Bryan, the quality was really good already. But I guess now , its going to be more high def. Before you know it will be 3D lol. Great job as always, Bryan.

    • It’ll be the same resolution…but look a WHOLE lot better – there’s MUCH more to video quality than just the pixel count 🙂

  • MorganGeo

    I’ve always been appreciative of how good the sound is on your videos.

  • macko

    Hell Bryan I didn’t see anything to complain about I am new on the site but watched the videos for a while. I hope the new system will catch your rants as well as the old way!!! LOL. Congrats on the new toys.

  • TimB

    Quality is always great,but new gear is always good.

  • gtclark

    Awesome news – looking forward to new and improved video quality!

  • curtpick

    Using your Canon DSLR Now Bryan ? I run the 5D MKII and its a great Video Cam.

    • I wasn’t a big fan of the Mark II but the III is nice – just a full frame 7D, the build/layout and hardware improvements were huge. I use both.

  • curtpick

    Just saw the video.. The 7D ?

    • Yeppers should do the trick just fine 🙂

      • curtpick

        Big time ! Well done sir !

  • alwayscigartime

    Bryan it would be cool if you showed a side-by-side of the difference in video. We all appreciate your continuing improvements!

    • In the works!

      • alwayscigartime

        ..I never should have doubted you

  • Sinsandman

    Sounds like a lot of work and adjustment, but I look forward to the quality increase.

  • fabio2191

    can’t wait for the new camera the videos have always been good but it can only get better.

  • ryanryan2120

    watch him look 20 years older on this new camera

  • david121

    Can’t wait to see the new videos! Quality was just fine before but if you want to improve it then by all means lol

  • dbfr181

    Looking forward to seeing the new equipment at work!

  • LxArkitekt

    This is awesome. I think this is what sets you apart from other reviewers I’ve seen. You actually care about the quality of the stuff you put out for us.

  • Looking forward to seeing the quality change. Your videos have always been easy on the eyes, but this improvement will make that much more of a good impression to new viewers/members of the site.

  • mbuckwash

    Awesome. I already thought your work was of a high quality, so anything better is just gravy.

  • stevenknisley

    I cant wait to see these new improvements.

  • gumby_130

    Nice , what’s next?

  • ryan b

    cool! interested to see the difference!

  • Boucher207

    And i thought it looked good already! Keep up the good work B!!

  • pipebear333

    Maybe you can work “smell-a-vision” into the new set-up?

  • vscarpine

    Vids looked great to start with but Im sure this will make things better. Everything is growing and upgrading so quickly lately…kepp up the great work

  • Craig

    I know its a LOT of work reviewing, editing, and prepping your video’s for our pleasure. Maybe a quick video on the whole process from beginning to end result would let everyone see exactly what all you do for us! Just a thought.

  • rgmenke

    New equipment! It’s like Christmas is April.

  • chizzlechink

    How can WE help YOU? I’d buy an app for a daily dose of CO! Hire staff, build the empire, and sell out before you hit 45. It’s a brand my friend! You’re welcome.

  • Jared

    That’s a heck of a bit rate increase for little old us. You could have webcammed it and we’d still be watching, especially those of us whose knowledge is limited to, “Man, that smells pretty good! Tastes good too!”

  • derek_straus

    That is a sweet setup! I cannot wait to see the way it looks! I like the dead cat boom cover by the way!

  • Seems like the site is a lot of work for you. And keeping tabs on the saboteurs is probably tiring too.

  • gumby_130

    Bryan you should bring back the cigar shootout,just not the cheap ones.


    Excellent. I can’t wait for the quality to improve!

  • Daniel.A

    nice. enjoy your videos either way Bryan. oh and sorry about the camera.

  • puffrey

    Better quality?!

    On the positive side…it sounds like we will almost be able to taste the flavors of the cigars in the review

    On the downside….how many people are going to steal your work now?!

  • zanlamb

    Just saw the new vid and from our point of view its well worth the extra effort. Were you using anything to thold the iPhone in?

  • jpculp57

    New format is very easy on the eyes! Excellent upgrade Mr. Glenn!

  • ctigers15

    looks good, looking forwards to the better quality.

  • playersrun1

    looking forward to the upgrades..going to watch some of the new ones now

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