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CO Site Registration / Login Problems FIXED

by Bryan Glynn, April 5, 2013
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I apologize to everyone that has had registration and login problems lately. I was finally able to replicate the issue, track it down and correct it tonight after pulling out much of what’s left of my hair.

  • Burning the midnight oil (or cigar) oozes dedication. Thanks Bryan!

    • I would never be able to sleep knowing people couldn’t register or login. But now – I can. Nite!!

      • MorganGeo

        Bryan is straight up da man! 😉

      • smokethis

        Thanks Bryan for fixing the log in.:). is it my imagination or there is no Logout button? Or was there ever one? maybe i’m loosing my mind from old age.

        • Nope, no button for logout you can clear your cookies if you want to but so far no one has asked lol – Kace is right I totally for there’s a logout button next to every comment box!

          • Dale

            Once in a while (maybe every few weeks) I have to log back in. Maybe cookies expire or get stale? 😉

          • Kace

            I noticed a log out button right above my comment box. Is that something new? I have been using it to log out from time to time.

          • Kace

            Need a humidifier for the cookies. Lol.

  • JJO

    So that’s how you lost the 15 lbs? LOL

    Always on the ball!

  • neocigaro

    Thank you for being on top of your site, problem fixed. 🙂

    • neocigaro

      That fixed my problem with login but now I really don’t get my point every 24hour instead I have to log off and on to get it no biggy

      • Nothing changed with that. If you stay logged in it will auto add if you visit at least once every 24 hours.

  • danzig777

    That’s a relief. I’ve been trying to fix it thinking it was a problem with my browser. Glad its fixed now.

    • smokethis

      Wierd..I had to use firefox because my Chrome wouldn’t work here anymore, now all work fine.

  • DairyLandCigarFan414

    I realized this problem days ago and was going to the search box and typing in login…it would then go to a log out screen and ask me if I wanted to log out,then after I logged out a login screen would pop up I attempted to login and then there was some kind of malfunction and then I opened the page again and I was logged in with the ability to comment and such.

  • pipebear333

    I’m glad you fixed it Bryan, I thought I was just dumb.

  • Magicshark13

    Great work I was getting scared I wouldn’t be able to login again

  • vscarpine

    i had trouble with the login yesterday but thought it was just me typing in stuff wrong or something lol

  • Everything seems to be in working order now. I logged in via Mobile.

  • yosef5

    all is ok

  • samgiroux42

    I had a similar problem, but as long as I staying logged in and added the site to my favorites, it seemed to work. Thanks for your dedication, Bryan.

  • gumby_130

    Bryan next year in march you should have a cigar vote tournament. Run like march madness.

  • stevenknisley

    I didn’t have this problem but thanks Bryan for always keeping this site running well.

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    I had a lot of problems with logging in but thought they were individual to me. It kept saying something about to many reroutes. I kinda figured it out but glad it’s fixed. Keep up the hard work Bryan!

    • neocigaro

      Same problem I had rerouting and all.

      • smokethis

        Yes i had the same problem as well.

    • Freddy62

      Reroutes was a big problem for me as well.. However no more! Bryan is the man!

  • puffrey

    I only had one log in issue but it didnt stop me from watching the review!

    Thanks for being on it Bryan!

  • MorganGeo

    That’s good to know. I love the fact the CO community is growing. I like the communication now between everyone. This has become my fav site to visit while I’m at my 8-5. 😉

  • I haven’t had any issues Bryan, but thanks for help us lost souls.

  • gumby_130

    Would like to see more open forums, and a cigar bomb place. To smack BOTL with some cigars.

  • Good news!!
    And we can now define our own avatar 🙂 So far we couldn’t. (at least I couldn’t)
    Great site for cigar fanciers…

    • neocigaro

      Haha its been possible if you want to change your avatar just go to gravatar.com

  • Bpope31

    Way to be on top if things. Fixing the problem before I even knew there was a problem. Another reason to love this site. Dedication.

    • There is no, and never been programs, sites without errors, problems.
      As the doctors say: “There is no healthy man, but wrongly checked up patients” 🙂

  • Rob

    I typically visit on a mobile device so I thought it just wasnt optimized for mobile. Good to see it is working.

    • gumby_130

      Visit everyday on an iPad or mobile never had any problem, except for the wife telling me I’m on your website too much.

    • Jason Isbaner

      I forgot you could use a mobile device, I was in Vegas I could kept p with the site! Well add it to the list of dumb stuff I do

  • pato1001

    Awesome!!! I’m still working on getting my points up!!! LOL!

    • Points? 😀 Never mind if your numeric points low. Main point: great reviews of cigars, get lots of useful info about cigars and from cigar world.

      • pato1001

        @MPeter7: This is true!

        @Brian Glynn: Hey Brian I was just wondering if you would ever consider doing anything for
        CRA Members? contest or whatever would encourage people to try and join CRA to support all the good work they do???

    • Rob

      It’s tough. I can’t seem to catch up. I try not to do what some of the top posters do….you’ll notice they will post a comment to their own post only minutes after the first. I think it’s what Bryan was trying to avoid but when you dangle samplers and super samplers in front of people, things can get crazy.

      • neocigaro

        Kace has been on a spree through videos that were made in 2009-2011 haha I wouldn’t suggest doing that because well that is what is not wanted in this competition. But oh well just keep visiting everyday new videos comment on videos and if you can answer someones question go ahead and answer it.

        • SsgtJerikUSMC

          Honestly I’m just enjoying commenting and getting feedback from others who enjoy smoking Cigars. I’m a bit of a novice and not a lot of my friends are that into the Hobby of smoking so it’s nice to get a lot of info from you guys on here. You can only get so much info from research, I find first hand experience always proves to be better anyways. On a side note, I also still haven’t even gotten through half of the reviews but still intend on watching the most that I can. I figure the more education the better. I always learn something new from each post and although I don’t comment on them all I do comment here or there on older videos. I don’t see much wrong with it.

          • JJO

            Nothing wrong with it. You’re doing it the way Bryan intended. It’s not supposed to be a competition for weasel points.

      • smokethis

        Lol. Rob. you’re exactly right.
        I can’t catch up either.

    • It’s NOT a race. Everyone needs to take the rules on the Rewards page above, to heart.

  • Mr Rojas

    I wasn’t having any problems, but it’s awesome that any problems got fixed.
    How does your wife feel about you staying up so late working on cigar oriented stuff, lol?
    Good job!

  • USA2ndAmendment

    On top of it as always. That’s why you run a great site! Thanks!

  • gtclark

    This might not be the best place for this, but since we’re talking about the site, here goes: How the heck do you change your avatar/icon in the comments section? I looked everywhere and can’t figure out how to do it…

    • And here I thought changing the default image to tell you exactly how to do just that would be obvious enough….back to the drawing board!

      • gtclark

        Ok I promise I’m not stupid. Thanks Bryan!

        • Rob

          I tried it and I thought I could just use my CO login but its not working. I’m not too worried though.

          • gtclark

            same here…

          • Gravatar.com has nothing to do with CO or any other specific site, it is simply what most blogs use for the avatars. Make an account there and every blog (wordpress site) you use will show your photo if it supports it.

  • MaxDuo

    I wonder if this is what was getting me? When I was logging on I would just get a white page and had to go back then refresh. Good to know you were aware of whatever the issue was and got it fixed quick, I’d only noticed it maybe 2 days. And now to get myself an avatar, no more silly red text for me.

  • Kace

    I kinda noticed that when I would log in, it would freeze but when I clicked anywhere on the site it would show me logged in. Glad everything is up and running smooth.

  • Dirk

    Well for me…. a Cigarobsession site watcher for years.. It is amazing… I too had trouble logging on.. and quite honestly thought.. great, now the site is clogged with contest commentarians (new word)clogging my access.. but no.. Bryan comes to the rescue.. thanks

  • garlar10

    well its a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it…

  • playersrun1

    somehow need to fix it so i dont have to scroll right to read reviews…reformat page somehow?

    also, a “back to the top” type button at the bottom would be nice for those longer threads/reviews, so you dont have to scroll all the way back up to make your next move

    • Back to the top I can look into for sure! The page fits on my 5 year old crappy laptop fine, the only people that might have an issue have to be on very small screens/resolutions, I choose not to limit my sites to them.

      • JJO

        We never had to worry about the back to the top thing before, unless it was a contest post. LOL

        • Done 🙂

          • playersrun1

            wow–fast service–thanks~

      • JJO

        BTW, I want my goofy old assigned avatar back. After 2+ years with it, it’s hard to find my previous comments for reference. 😉

      • playersrun1

        i have a 20″ screen, but maybe just an issue with certain sites, as it doesnt happen everywhere…either way, no big deal. thanks

        • Yes, but set to what resolution? I suspect you have your display settings incorrectly set.

  • david121

    Thanks alot! They weren’t huge issues but still a little annoying I guess. Thanks again 🙂

  • Freddy62

    I used to have the reroute problems that everyone else was having, and sometimes my browser would just out of the blue shut down. I have had absolutely no problems since you have fixed it, I’m headache free now lol trying to determine what was up with my desktop and laptop. Thanks Bryan!

  • capital75757

    Thanks for fixing the problem with the log-in. The new points system is a really innovative and fun addition to the site!

  • JoeMeatJr

    Thanks BG

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