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Apr 4

601 La Bomba Nuclear Cigar Review

Posted on Thursday, April 4, 2013 in Cigar Reviews


601 La Bomba Nuclear Cigar Review

This 6×50 stick features a dark brow, firmly packed slightly toothy wrapper with a dry texture, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, a long pigtail ‘fuse’ and rich sweet hay aroma. First light reveals a great draw with plentiful rich smoke production showing medium-full bodied flavors of a sweet oily earth followed by a big pepper and spice blast through the long finish. The first third develops much the same, just adding a bit of creamy milk chocolate on the draw, mellowing to a solid medium body, followed by a long slightly less peppery finish. Hitting the 1/2 way point at 40 minutes, construction is great holding the ash in 1/3 chunks with voluminous smoke output. Flavors are largely unchanged with just the chocolate lingering a bit more in the finish. Starting the final third flavors remain the same but strength starts to ramp up, almost even with the body giving me a little bit of a rush. Ending at 1:10 the last third drops the cream and chocolate just going to a peppery earth while ramping up the strength giving me quite a head rush! Thank you very much to for providing this sample for review!

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Bring on the comments

  1. cheitz35 says:

    I love the sounds of the flavor profile, however, not a big fan of the strength kick. I am semi new to smoking so if someone could point me in directions of cigars with the same flavor profile, but less strength I would be very grateful!

    • E says:

      I know a lot of folks that are intimidated by this cigar, but I don’t find it as overwhelming as most do personally. I actually strongly agree with Bryan’s description of this stick in this video, but I wouldn’t let the kick stop you from trying it. If you get any sort of buzz off this stick it usually doesn’t show up until you’re about done anyway.

    • david121 says:

      check out the oliva serie v in lancero!

  2. SsgtJerikUSMC says:

    It seems like they’ll think of anything to be original/different in the Cigar business. The pig tail seems kind of gimmicky but I guess you kind of run out of options on looks in an industry that’s been around for so long. How typical is the pig tail? I don’t think I’ve seen it before. Sounds like a great smoke though!

    • Rob says:

      Its not really uncommon but not used by all manufacturers.

      • neocigaro says:

        It is the first time I see one on this video so Im guessing not that common lol

        • Rob says:

          I can think of at least three in my humidor that have pigtails. Type “pigtail” in the search above and see the reviews that have them. I know here are a few others out there. I don’t really have a preference for them one way or another. If the LP No 9 came with a pigtail cap I would still smoke and love them.

          • E says:

            The pigtail gimmick is everywhere, however I haven’t seen the loose pigtail/”fuse” gimmick that you see on the La Bomba on any other sticks I’ve tried. Something I’ve noticed with pigtails is that they seem to remain drier than the rest of the cap (for me anyway), but the tail on the La Bomba is consistently moist whenever I have one so (weirdcigarhabit) I actually twist these tails off and chew on it for a moment and it is pretty frickin’ spicy (/weirdcigarhabit).

            Also while we’re on LP, all the Pig’s do have tails if I remember correctly. I haven’t had any of the Pig’s in a long time.

          • JJO says:

            E – The Tatuaje M80, DPG Blue Label Firecracker, and Viaje TNT also have the long fuse pigtail (the first two made by DPG, who also makes the La Bomba).

        • swj045 says:

          I seen smaller ones,and one that is wrapped around the end

    • Derek says:

      This pigtail is obviously cosmetic but originally they were designed to twist off the cap if you didn’t have a cutter. It can easily cause an unraveling problem though.

    • Mobleyjared says:

      It’s not new buts it not old. It’s been around just not in large amounts.

  3. eric.hanson says:

    I’ve always thought this one was more of just a marketing hype stick, but your review has made me wanna pick one up. BTW lizzards at 2:35

    • david121 says:

      It’s pretty cool when you think a stick is just a “marketing hype stick” but it turns out its actually pretty decent! and yeah he has a lizard or two run on his fence in a bunch of videos lol

      • eric.hanson says:

        I know, I always like to look for lizards in his videos. And I agree usually I’m let down by marketing hype sticks and it’s great feeling when something acutally lives up to the hype.

  4. stevenknisley says:

    I would love this cigar if it didn’t have the strength kick.

  5. Rob says:

    This sounds like a great cigar for my taste. I’ve never considered this brand but I will check my B&M’s.

  6. stevenknisley says:

    I like the pigtail on the Rocky Patel Thunder by Nimish robusto where it is just all wound up on the cap. I have a few of them in my humidor

  7. dondoton says:

    Cool lizards in the background.

  8. dvillan87 says:

    I’ve really been wanting to try this cigar. I heard great things about, and now really wanna try it since the taste you described in your review is right in my profile. I really enjoy peppery cigars, 1 of my go2 cigars is thr Man O War Puro Authentico. That stick is full flavor with spice and pepper. Really great taste. Thanx for the review

  9. TimB says:

    Sounds like a typical Honduran spice bomb that’s why I prefer Dominicans cigars more.

  10. smokethis says:

    I guess they call it the nuclear bomb for a reason..
    Nice review.

  11. alwayscigartime says:

    I’ve been waiting for this review for a while and I very much remember the strength kicking in the first time i had this cigar, sat me right now. I’ve had it a few times since and it wasn’t as strong as my first experience. ^^Derek’s comment^^ about the pigtail is pretty interesting, i’ve never heard that

  12. JJO says:

    I’ve enjoyed all the 601s that I’ve had (just about everything I’ve had in the Espinosa lineup, for that matter), and have a couple of these on the way, so I’m looking forward to giving them a shot. Thanks for another great review.

  13. neocigaro says:

    Haha they should rename it from el atomic bomb to el tampon haha

    • garlar10 says:

      Haha, not sure thats what they were going for but it does resemble a tampon. Although this one looks pretty strong. Thanks for taking one for the team Bryan. I try to stay away from the power house sticks

  14. mrl4889 says:

    Didn’t know if you would be tackling this one or not due to its hype as a powerhouse. Glad you made it through the end upright! Stick sounds great though, profile seems similar to the 601 Blue Line just with a strength kick. Got a few resting in a humi that I can’t wait to light up, I’ll be sure to post my thoughts afterward!

  15. MR_EXPRESS says:

    Looks pretty good, I might have to pick a few up. At least it’s not a 70 RG, lol.

  16. Walshy says:

    Great review Bryan. When I first saw what you were reviewing today i was sure it was going to knock you on your butt. Cause it did it to me. I cant smoke these sticks. I’m glad you didn’t get sick but I was thinking you were going to. Great review brother.

  17. antomos says:

    Great review Bryan. I had one of these sticks thinking it was just about the strength, but it was very flavorful

  18. pipebear333 says:

    The great thing about your reviews Bryan is that they not only let me know about cigars I might wanna try…but ones to avoid as well. I think this sounds like one I’ll pass on.

  19. yosef5 says:

    Another good review

  20. gtclark says:

    I’m even more of a lightweight than Bryan, so I think I’ll pass on this one….too much vitamin N for my taste

    • vscarpine says:

      Im the same way cant handle cigars with a bunch of strength…bad headaches follow

      • Rob says:

        Have you tried the spoonful of sugar after smoking? It truly helps me.

        • vscarpine says:

          No I have never even heard of that…but its def worth a try..thanks

        • gtclark says:

          I’ve heard sugar helps, but I’ve never tried it…I’ll give it a try next time I get clobbered. Even so, I prefer not to smoke anything full-strength.

          • vscarpine says:

            After reading these comments I will give it a try but if possible I will still avoid anything full strength. But this is good to know in case I get the head rush

          • gumby_130 says:

            Didn’t know this, so, I can’t eat more sweets if I smoke more. I’m on a new diet.

        • david121 says:

          what does a spoonful of sugar do?

          • gtclark says:

            Supposed to counter-act the effect of nicotine, though I’m not sure how or why it works…

          • Bryan Glynn says:

            Because nicotine drops blood sugar levels leading to the ill feelings.

          • JJO says:

            What Bryan say is true and puts it in a nutshell, but what is interesting is that the nicotine influx actually causes a HIGHER initial blood level along with an adrenaline onrush that causes a flow of events that ultimately results in a lowered blood sugar count. Too much info to go into detail, but if you do a search, you can find it.

            Long story short, sugar in just about any form works, but a direct spoonful is much more concentrated, so it works more efficiently.

          • zanlamb says:

            IS there any way to stop the feeling before it happens? It looks like takinf sugar before would make it even worse?

          • Lalla says:

            I tend to have candied ginger in the kitchen – for cooking, but also for snacking on. When I’ve felt woozy after a cigar, it’s helped a lot – it gets the cigar taste out of my mouth (once I feel sick, I don’t want to taste cigar) gives me the sugar to settle the shaky feeling and ginger can ease nausea.

            Though candy or straight sugar will do.

            As for preventing it beforehand – just pay attention as your smoking. When you start to get lightheaded, stop.

            Not a perfect solution, ’cause sometimes the nicotine still enters your bloodstream for a while after – but the best I know. I had a tendency to think “oh, I’m a little light-headed, but I still have a lot of cigar left – I’ll just smoke a little more…” Not a good idea.

        • swj045 says:

          Ive heard that from a couple of people,have to give it a try

          • neocigaro says:

            I didn’t know that… interesting I thought that it was because the cigar was to strong but it was the nicotine.

  21. Kalven says:

    The amount of wrapper burned while you toasted that cigar kind of shows the advantage of a torch lighter in the wind, no?

    • CigarStrawn says:

      Where I live its usually windy so all I use are torch lighters. I think if your not careful though it’s easier to char a cigar with a torch than with a natural flame lighter. Makes sense, right?

      • lostonmonday says:

        I live in a windy location too, and seem to char cigars more when its windy just trying to find the sweet spot when toasting. Now I light in the garage, and run outside as soon as its lit. Usually I can get it done without my wife smelling “those stinky cigars” in the house. BTW box pressed sticks are great for wind or working on cars because they won’t go rolling all around.

        • lostonmonday says:

          Wow, I got way off track. Too much cold medicine maybe. All I meant to say was I tend to char cigars in the wind with a torch lighter, so I hide from the wind and use matches or torch lighter.

          • vscarpine says:

            I had a Xikar Crossover torch and the problem I have is in the wind you can barely see the flame so I tend to char the end of mine too

          • lostonmonday says:

            The owner of Deadwood Tobacco showed me a trick to see if the flames are getting too close. Watch the end of the foot darken. If you see lots of little cherries, and the tobacco turning dark then black fast, pull back the lighter. You want to see the color deepen, then ignite. Once it’s nice and warm on the foot, then puff on the cigar and hit it with the lighter. It should fire right up.

          • swj045 says:

            a man told me to never use a match because of the suffer on the tip.and I have but couldnt tell any differance

          • JJO says:

            swj045 – If you really want to use a match, just wait a few seconds for the sulfur to burn off. After that, all is well, short of burning the crap out of your fingers. I’ll just stick with a torch.

      • JJO says:

        I think it all depends on your technique. Whatever source you use, you really want to keep the cigar at a distance that won’t cause charring. Unfortunately, so many of us (yes, I include myself here) tend to be impatient about it and move that flame in too close. The good thing is that the negative effects go away after a bit.

  22. Dale says:

    Sounds like to much strength for me…not sure I want to smoke a ‘Nuclear’ cigar :)

  23. vscarpine says:

    The flavors in this cigar sound great but the strength might be a problem for me, dont enjoy the head rush/headaches I get from that

  24. Griff says:

    I have really enjoyed all of Eric’s cigars that I have tried. The E doble that he made for Smoke Inn is a great cheap stick.

  25. puffrey says:

    Great review Bryan, just had the cigar last week and wow the strength was there for sure!

    I do enjoy a fuller strength stick and this woudl pushed me to my limit. The draw and burn on mine was excellent!

  26. irratebass says:

    I firicking love these ALMOST as much as the 601 Blue……I didn’t find it as strong as advertised, strongest stick for me is still the LFD Digger almost made me write off LFD forever until I discovered the Airbender (YUMMY!) and the new Mystery

    • JJO says:

      Just had one recently, and I’m with you, irratebass. I went into it expecting a one-note pepper bomb, and was amazed by the complexity of flavors. It certainly wasn’t as strong as others that I’ve had.

  27. pato1001 says:

    I’ve been wanting to try one of these! Thanks for the review! I have to say you are always spot on when it comes to cigar reviews! Thanks again and keep up the good work!!!

  28. cigarhobby85 says:

    I had seen these before but never taken them seriously. It sounds good, I might have to give it a shot.

  29. yosef5 says:

    Your reviews are great.But could you include a point system?

  30. KrazyKajun says:

    Great review, as always! I have the “Napalm” sitting in my humidor, and from your flavor profile, looks like I’ll have to light it up soon. I’m not a big fan of the nicotine buzz, but lighting up in the evening with a glass of bourbon seems to help with that…

  31. lostonmonday says:

    I just might like this one. Hay Bryan, or anyone else on here, do you remember the El Diablo cigar? I think it was habanero infused. Occasionally I like peppery cigars, and would love to find something like that again.

  32. Orrza says:

    Never saw this around, I must say I think the total idea/presentation of this cigar is great.

  33. Andrew says:

    How hard is it to finds these in stores? Would it bet better just to order them online if I want to try them?

  34. Mr Rojas says:

    They shoulda called this cigar “dynamite stick” because that’s what it looks like, but that would probably be super cheesy.

  35. lefty177 says:

    I think the pigtail would look awesome if it was somehow on the foot & you had to light that first (like a wick)

  36. connorkern says:

    That much pigtail is just unnessesary in my opinion

  37. JHylk717 says:

    Cool idea with the extra long pigtail cap to give it the “bomb”-like look and great review as usual Bryan! I definitely would want to try this stick if it weren’t for the strength, I can hardly handle the smallest amounts of nicotine unfortunately.

  38. E says:

    Just posted about this brand last week. LOVE Espinosa. They’ve always been consistent, have great flavor, and you can find deals for them all the time.

    Espinosa Habano also comes recommended.

  39. kurngar says:

    might have to pick this one up

  40. Freddy62 says:

    Odd… I’ve never seen one so long all I have seen are the very short pigtails. It definitely grabs the attention of anyone who just glances at it (great marketing)!

  41. playersrun1 says:

    aka tampon cigar

  42. Chaz says:

    I’ve been saving one of these to try in the humi for a while now- trying to figure out when I want to kick my ass. Sounds pretty manageable despite the strength…

  43. david121 says:

    Really interesting pigtail, I’ve never seen one like that before. Good flavor profile but I lost interest when you mentioned the strength. I want to sit down and relax and smoke a cigar, not sit down and worry if I’ll be able to stand back up after it!

  44. Bpope31 says:

    Sounds like a great cigar. I think I wud love the favors. Pigtail is a little crazy but it goes great with the name. Good review as always.

  45. gumby_130 says:

    Great review, got one today in the mail from a forum friend. Will be about a month before ill get to it.

  46. MorganGeo says:

    I hate those feelings of being sick from a full strength cigar. My question is why would anyone like to feel dizzy and sweaty from the kick?

  47. CigarButcher says:

    Nothing wrong with a little rush now and then.

  48. mrdaveii says:

    Once you have gotten sick from a cigar…. Sorta like liquor…you tend not to go back to that type again… No thanks for me, I’ll pass.

    This why I love this site…let Bryan go through all the “pain and suffering” for me. Thanks Bryan :)

  49. Sirfubes says:

    I honestly thought these would be even stronger than you explained. From the marketing they really made it sound like it would knock u on your butt

  50. Jason Isbaner says:

    Looks like a interesting flavor profile, I might have to pick up a couple

  51. Great Review Bryan! Glad you enjoyed the Napalm!

  52. Freddy62 says:

    It looks like the homemade sausage I make and hangsmoke lol

  53. haneyte2000 says:

    Been waiting for you to review this one. I love this stick and the strength it has

  54. juf100 says:

    I have an atomic I believe in my humi. Probably will be in there awhile, I like big flavor and low strength…Not big of strenght just for strength’s sake…

  55. USA2ndAmendment says:

    I like the flavors mentioned, but no so big on the strength. I’d be willing to give it a try, but probably would end up with a buzz :)

  56. dbfr181 says:

    I’m a huge 601 fan! Love them all

  57. ryanryan2120 says:

    This doesn’t sound to appealing to me based off of the revue 0_o but everyone says there great?

  58. derek_straus says:

    I wonder if it is possible to light it using the fuse….. too bad i would never waste a cigar to try.

  59. curtpick says:

    Thanks again Bryan.
    Will have to give this one a try just for the cool construction.
    I will be sure to be on a full stomach and sitting down ! :)

  60. mrl4889 says:

    Went to light one of these bad boys up tonight and the freaking “fuse” was GLUED to the cigar! When I went to peel it off… pulled off a pretty large portion of the wrapper as well. Probably not a huge deal, but it pissed me off all the same. Put it back and let myself cool off with the lovely Genesis the Project instead, love that cigar!

  61. wcfennell says:

    I’m glad I have you to try all of these sticks for me, cause I can never get myself to buy them when I’m in the store. I like trying new things but only when they’re from manufacturers I like.

  62. VinnyLo says:

    Thanks Brian, very cool wrapping.

  63. carvajal_pablo says:

    The pig tail goes with the name in spanish means the nuclear bomb . Cosmetic indeed

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