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Apr 3

The First Time This Happened To Me Ever & I Get Two! LOL

Posted on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 in World of CO

Maybe I should play the lottery…


  • Walshy

    Wow!!! A Mark Twain? Is that even legal for the lottery. Haha. I havent heard of that in a very long time. 2 in the same day!!?? Crazy.

    • Bryan Glynn

      I looked it up to answer the same question when I saw it. $2.50/ea box price. Barely. I would certainly feel bad sending one in.

      • Chaz

        Ha! While certainly EXTREMELY grateful for my lottery win way back in the beginning, people do send in garbage. I have many sticks I will never smoke! Twain rolls in his grave.

  • stevenknisley

    Nice job picking up the bill Bryan, too bad the cigars weren’t better.

  • neocigaro

    Wow that would suck haha postage due thats just insane lol

  • neocigaro

    Whoever send the packages sure are lucky, that Bryan paid it for them haha.

  • JJO

    Looks like Iconic Leaf needs to recalibrate their shipping scale. The other one must have been put in a drop box. They won’t accept that at the counter.

  • Derek

    That’s a little funny. I also want to thank you Bryan for the rewards program, I love the site and I’ve been wanting to use it more and this is the perfect incentive!

  • Joseph Szeremet

    That is really embarrassing for the senders, but really hilarious for the rest of us.

  • Kace

    Can’t help but laugh. Get a new scale!

  • AngSolo

    Wasn’t Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens known for smoking cheap cigars? Althuogh it is said he did smoke many. As far as the postage thing I also thought they would just return to sender. Oh Well

  • USA2ndAmendment

    Dude, that sucks. I have not heard of that in many many years! I am assuming these are entries for the cigar lottery?

    • MorganGeo

      Yes, as per the earlier post above these were some crappy entries into the lottery.

    • JJO

      Actually, one of them is from a manufacturer, which is even more embarrassing.

  • Romel

    Funny! but that goes to show that some people need to take a trip to the post office. You’re a good guy bryan.

  • danzig777

    Wow, I would have not payed it, but that’s just me.

  • swj045

    if the person wins the lottery just mail them two back to him,postage due

  • Bpope31

    This seems more like a bad omen then a good one. Stay away from the lottery. Lol

  • gumby_130

    Postage cost = smoke what’s in it.
    P.s. Bryan thank you for the pro flower ad help me out with the wife. Happy wife means more time smoking.

  • tedski

    I guess people try to cut corners where ever they can … but this is a bit much.

  • Magicshark13

    Some people cant pay attention to things any more. WOW.

  • Marc

    That’s funny … What a stand up response Bryan… Your the best…

  • haneyte2000

    Being a mailman I hate postage due. I am always afraid that I am going to lose the money. I feel your pain

  • Boucher207

    I cant believe people do this!

  • Freddy62

    My uncle received a package with postage due a few years ago, and he was blaming the post man for ripping him off lol, so I had to calm him down and explain that he should not blame the post man but the sender instead! It was comical

  • sh40218

    That’s only happened to me once back in 2003 with a letter. It had that red stamp on it and a 14¢ postage due fee.

    A lot of work for 14¢, who has that fun job!?!

  • derek_straus

    I have had that happen to me but with a regular letter, the only reason i had to pay more is because the sender folded the letter oddly and it was thick.

  • curtpick

    get em Bryan !!!