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Apr 3

The First Time This Happened To Me Ever & I Get Two! LOL

Bring on the comments

  1. PsycotikMind says:

    How much did it cost? I don’t even know how that would work. What if you don’t have exact change? Does the postman carry change?

  2. irratebass says:

    Lol D’oh!!!! That is odd, go out to the 7-eleven Bryan the lottery is calling….do a video on the HLO site of you buying the winning ticket, now remember you have to WALK to the 7-eleven =8-p

  3. kurngar says:

    That is just funny and yes you should play the lottery. I would think with all the lottery entries that this would have happened before though, hopefully this incident is not a taste of things to come.

  4. Bryan Glynn says:

    After all that, all I get is a bare minimum lottery entry of a Gurkha and a Mark Twain, and a couple pre-release cigars I already had…sheesh! lol Maybe I can catch the mail lady for a refund…

  5. vscarpine says:

    Hahaha thats crazy I had no idea that this could even happen…what ever happened to return to sender??

  6. MorganGeo says:

    Hillarious! Only you Bryan. I’ll take the Gurhka. I’ll reimburse you the postage you paid for it. Not willing to pay full retail. LOL

  7. CigarStrawn says:

    Wow that sucks. I will laugh though if they win the lottery. :-p Couldn’t you have told them to return it to the sender?

  8. smokethis says:

    LOLLL. That is too funny. Yes Play the lotto!!

  9. MR_EXPRESS says:


  10. gtclark says:

    What happens if you refuse to pay? Does the round trip bill go back to sender? Or does the USPS just eat the cost and keep the package?

  11. SsgtJerikUSMC says:

    I’m really surprised the postal company still does this. I can see 2 things happening, a lot of pissed off people, and a lot of unpaid postage in which people return to sender, pretty much doubling their work. Sorry you got screwed man. Well, double screwed…

  12. kb9311 says:

    I’ve never heard of this before, I always thought it was just return to sender and that was it, good to know u Can still get the stuff…. I guess.

  13. Wucioswong says:

    maybe they’ll call you collect to apologize

  14. Mr Rojas says:

    That is hilarious!
    Well, at least they still got to be entered in the lottery.
    Now everyone who sees the video should try and mail things properly. It was nice of u tap pay it though, many people would have sent it back.

  15. pato1001 says:

    I can honestly say I have never experienced that! That was cool of you to pay for there postage! Bye the way what did you get???

  16. new2sticks says:

    Could be a big reason USPS is so far in the red. If they would collect up front, we wouldn’t be losing saturday mail delivery!

  17. lostonmonday says:

    This has happened to me a few time, and once it was for 2 cents! I bet USPS spent more on the sticker and envelope to collect my hard earned pennies.

  18. Kace says:

    That is to funny. I say you send them back and make them repay the postage on the return. Lol.

  19. garlar10 says:

    This is great, lol. You are a better man than I am Bryan. I would have sent them back. Well I will be sure pay the full postage on these if I ever send you anything. Keep the videos coming!

  20. puffrey says:

    Wow!! Does this mean the lottery winner is going recieve “postage due”? LOL

  21. david121 says:

    Lol really nice of you to pick up the bill there Bryan! I’m not sure I wouldve done the same.. but I guess its good that the postage wasnt a lot

  22. MorganGeo says:

    I’m sure the people that sent those in are horrified they showed up in a video like that. LOL I would be so embarrased that the next time I would send some good 30 year aged smokes. Hint Hint

  23. Dale says:

    puffrey beat me to it…I was going to say if they win be sure to ship it postage due.

  24. Rob says:

    I’ll admit this is pretty messed up but at the same time pretty damn funny.

  25. RobinsonV says:

    Ha that’s nuts u would think it would get cought and sent back.

  26. Walshy says:

    Wow!!! A Mark Twain? Is that even legal for the lottery. Haha. I havent heard of that in a very long time. 2 in the same day!!?? Crazy.

  27. stevenknisley says:

    Nice job picking up the bill Bryan, too bad the cigars weren’t better.

  28. neocigaro says:

    Wow that would suck haha postage due thats just insane lol

  29. neocigaro says:

    Whoever send the packages sure are lucky, that Bryan paid it for them haha.

  30. JJO says:

    Looks like Iconic Leaf needs to recalibrate their shipping scale. The other one must have been put in a drop box. They won’t accept that at the counter.

  31. Derek says:

    That’s a little funny. I also want to thank you Bryan for the rewards program, I love the site and I’ve been wanting to use it more and this is the perfect incentive!

  32. Joseph Szeremet says:

    That is really embarrassing for the senders, but really hilarious for the rest of us.

  33. Kace says:

    Can’t help but laugh. Get a new scale!

  34. AngSolo says:

    Wasn’t Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens known for smoking cheap cigars? Althuogh it is said he did smoke many. As far as the postage thing I also thought they would just return to sender. Oh Well

  35. USA2ndAmendment says:

    Dude, that sucks. I have not heard of that in many many years! I am assuming these are entries for the cigar lottery?

  36. Romel says:

    Funny! but that goes to show that some people need to take a trip to the post office. You’re a good guy bryan.

  37. danzig777 says:

    Wow, I would have not payed it, but that’s just me.

  38. swj045 says:

    if the person wins the lottery just mail them two back to him,postage due

  39. Bpope31 says:

    This seems more like a bad omen then a good one. Stay away from the lottery. Lol

  40. gumby_130 says:

    Postage cost = smoke what’s in it.
    P.s. Bryan thank you for the pro flower ad help me out with the wife. Happy wife means more time smoking.

  41. tedski says:

    I guess people try to cut corners where ever they can … but this is a bit much.

  42. Magicshark13 says:

    Some people cant pay attention to things any more. WOW.

  43. Marc says:

    That’s funny … What a stand up response Bryan… Your the best…

  44. haneyte2000 says:

    Being a mailman I hate postage due. I am always afraid that I am going to lose the money. I feel your pain

  45. Boucher207 says:

    I cant believe people do this!

  46. Freddy62 says:

    My uncle received a package with postage due a few years ago, and he was blaming the post man for ripping him off lol, so I had to calm him down and explain that he should not blame the post man but the sender instead! It was comical

  47. sh40218 says:

    That’s only happened to me once back in 2003 with a letter. It had that red stamp on it and a 14¢ postage due fee.

    A lot of work for 14¢, who has that fun job!?!

  48. derek_straus says:

    I have had that happen to me but with a regular letter, the only reason i had to pay more is because the sender folded the letter oddly and it was thick.

  49. curtpick says:

    get em Bryan !!!


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