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Victor Sinclair Vintage Doppel Gordo Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 2, 2013
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Victor Sinclair Vintage Doppel Gordo Cigar Review

This ridiculously sized 6×70 box pressed stick features a rough, lumpy thin dark chocolate colored wrapper with a velvety soft feel and pack, small veins, ragged seams, rough and sloppy double cap and a pungent manure aroma. First light reveals a problem right off the bat trying to cut it, as no cutter I have in my collection will do the job. Resorting to a good knife the first puffs had no resistance making it hard to smoke well, producing light airy mild sweet wood flavors with a short finish of the same. The first third burns perfectly and slowly taking 20 minutes for the first inch with a great burn line, tight ash and exactly the same flavor profile and body as the first puff. Surprising me with perfect performance to the 1/2 way point 40 minutes in, body is up to mild-medium and the flavors have shifted to a smooth sweet nuttiness with a slightly longer finish. Ending at 1:30 with a very hot squishy nub, the last bit showed no further changes. Thank you to viewer Steven Cavin for sending this in!

  • eric.hanson

    About a month ago one of the guys at my local B&M tried to get me to buy an Asylum 13 stick that was a 6×70, I wanted to get the Rubusto but he’s trying to tell me it’s got more flavor. Aside from the obvious problems with that, I’m just thinking ok how would I cut that thing and even if it does have lots of good flavors that would just be uncomfortable to smoke because of the size. Needless to say I didn’t listen to him.

    • swj045

      do you think that guy had smoked one and was trying to help with the flavors or just trying to move one out of the shop?

      • MR_EXPRESS

        Well, large ring sizes like this really don’t have that much flavor, all that filler kinda just washes it out. At least that’s my experience.

        • MorganGeo

          I guess it depends on the brand. Some larger ring guages I have had do have a lot of flavor.

        • david121

          thats exactly my experience too. and also struggling to keep the thing burning evenly..

          • neocigaro

            Man that just brings memories of a horrible smoke lol I had to keep it going or it would stop burning, then I would have to relight it plus it wouldn’t burn razor sharp or burn evenly. smh never again will i smoke big ass cigars lol

      • eric.hanson

        No I think he was just trying to get me to buy 6×70 because it was the most expensive Asylum 13 they had.

    • gtclark

      I hear Asylum is releasing a 8×80 sometime this year…this trend isn’t stopping anytime soon…

      • Kace

        I bet the only thing that would cut that is a samurai sword. lol

        • neocigaro

          now that is huge, but not as huge as the 19 feet long and three feet wide cigar that they made a while back haha 185,000 dollar cigar. The Corojo #5 El Gigante. Haha Bryan would you smoke it if I send you one for a review?

          • gtclark

            Just make sure there’s no postage due on delivery πŸ˜‰

          • neocigaro

            haha nice one that would be one hefty price to get it delivered. :0

    • JJO

      Go with the Asylum 13 5×50 robusto. Pretty damned nice smoke. I wouldn’t even bother with the larger ring gauges.

    • Rico

      Well I have to say. I have about 6 asylums
      In my Humi that I got just for those big rings
      The Asylums are a great smoke and yes tuns
      Of flavor. I love them stand by them and would
      Recommend them.

  • mbuckwash

    I was actually really surprised with this stick’s performance too. I never have much luck with large ring gauges and performance issues are the typical nemesis. I couldn’t agree with you more on your angst toward uber large ring gauges.

  • kb9311

    Man I hate big giant ring gauges, my xikar never works so I always end up having to use a punch on them and then get little smoke out put, I’m sticking with my favorite range of 48-52,

  • sdh3237

    One of my favorite reviews. Your comment about who these cigars are designed for had me ROTF.

    • NMartin

      Yea, I had to laugh out loud at that. This one panned out alright, though. Sounds like something I might try just once (as far as the ring gauge is concerned), but as far as a normal, human sized cigar goes it sounds pretty good for a regular flavorful smoke. I’m a big nutty/earthy fan.

  • alwayscigartime

    I once was a fan of the larger ring gages, but that is just undesirable…

    • derek_straus

      I was the same way. I think the first three cigars I smoked were all 58+ ring gage! Now I cannot stand anything over 54! Anyone else change their mind about large ring gage cigars and now opt for the smaller ones?

  • swj045

    just watched the review on this monster, being new to CO, why would they build something like a 70 ring guage.


      Mostly looks, I think.

      • MorganGeo

        Probably just the ‘novelty’ factor of it.

        • kb9311

          I think because New cigar smoker loom to impress. Lol

          • lostonmonday

            I’d consider myself a seasoned noob, & I levitated to larger cigars because they seemed like a better value (more cigar for similar $). Now I now better, and even one of my fav’s is a smaller ring gar (Deadwood Tobacco Sweet Jane, not for the traditionalist).

  • AngSolo

    I saw a video review of an Asylum 13 7 x 70 and she made 2 V cuts and claimed it worked well.Might be worth a try if your into these large ring guages. I’d rather just smoke 2 robustos.

    • alwayscigartime

      2 V cuts? interesting..

      I could not agree more with your 2 robustos choice my man.


    What a hilarious cigar. That thing is bigger than Texas!

    • david121

      This is ‘murica! The bigger the better!

  • PsycotikMind

    Surprised you didn’t try using a punch or v-cutter before resorting to your pocket knife. I’ve found that punch cut greatly counteracts the looseness of big rig gauge cigars.

    But thanks anyways for entertaining us with your disdain for large ring gauge sticks.

    • I don’t like restrictive cutters at all. And no, it does nothing about the actual looseness of the draw, it simply gives you a smaller opening. The cherry still burns the same either way, you are moving the same air. A small hole is exactly the same as slowing down. I don’t care about a loose draw for resistance, it’s how it effects the smoke output. Only construction inside effects that.

      • GTfreefall


        Whats your cutter of choice? I see on different reviews, different cutters have been used.

    • louiez

      I got a scissor type cutter that I only use for bigger gauge cigars. I don’t prefer them on any other type of cigar

  • JJO

    I think that anyone who makes a 60+ RG should provide the purchaser with a specially made cutter. Why should the consumer have to resort to extraordinary means to enjoy the product? That being said, it wouldn’t pertain to me, since there’s no way I would buy a novelty like this.

    • MorganGeo

      I agree with you. Its kind of like the Nub Cutter you can get with a sampler of their Nubs.

  • Andrew

    Instead of these stupid huge gauges, can you start reviewing some of the cigarillos? CAO, Fuente, Ashton, and many others make tins that have me curious.

    • Nope, I have no interest in them. I only smoke and care about premium handmade cigars.

      • bbarber

        Thank you!

      • cigarhobby85

        Are the premium brand cigarillos machine made? I’m just curious.

        • MorganGeo

          I may be wrong cigarhobby85, but I think they are hand rolled.

      • NMartin

        I believe the cigarillos in the tins are handmade as well though, are they not? (In regard to the premium cigar company tins)

    • neocigaro

      Real cigars only here, go look for someone on youtube that reviews cigarillos.

    • MorganGeo

      Well the word stupid should not be used in my opinion. Because some people like Huge gauges and some people don’t like cigarillos. A good reviewer just states the facts and lets the viewer decide if its for them or not. πŸ™‚

    • iseedro

      its like telling bryan to review some marlboro

  • Andrew

    Also I find a punch works well on these bigger ring gauges.

  • bbarber

    Have to agree with you on those huge cigars…”novelty”.

  • neocigaro

    I smoked a huge cigar like these one day, did not enjoy it haha

  • Freddy62

    I can’t agree with you more, 60+ are extremely awkward. The smoke off of the foot reminds me of your Gurka Ghost review.

  • TimB

    I also use a punch sometime on 60s but never tried a 70 cigar. Don’t think this one will be on my list..

  • bbarber

    By the way I like the McGuyver touch with the knife. If you ever go Wayne though I’ll disavow any participation in this site. What do you mean by “restrictive” and why is it a bad thing?

    • When you have an opening that is not full, as it’s designed to be smoked, or if it’s a poorly rolled torpedo – tar can easily build up, making for an even tighter draw at the mouth, sometimes creating tarballs. Nasty stuff that I always want to avoid.

      • bbarber

        Thanks Bryan. Learn something new everyday. I was under the impression that nearly all cigars were cut with some degree of restriction… except the ones cut below the shoulder.

      • mrdaveii

        Interesting you say this.. I have mostly “punched” my cigars and never had an issue with tar build up. The only reason I use a punch is to avoid the tobacco debri from getting in my mouth. Besides tar build up, am I losing/missing anything else from punching as opposed to cutting? Just curious…always learning..

  • mrl4889

    Aaahhhhh the good ol knife cut. I remember those days back when I was newbie. Ive got a few Alec Bradley Family Blends that are 60 ring gauge that I totally hate for all the reasons you have mentioned in the past. Can’t bring myself to light one up because of the frustration I know it will bring me ten minutes later. At least this one performed for you, gives me hope mine might behave next time…..

  • Dylan

    /rants about the hatred for the stick.

    “thank you Steve, greatly appreciated!”

    That’s a love for fans. thanks for being a real stand up guy, Bryan.

  • Chaz

    What a ludicrous size. Freud is laughing somewhere.

    • Pokesfan

      LMAO. Exactly what I was thinking.

  • Texvet

    Cartoon sized for sure. I kept hearing the Looney Toons song in the back of my head!

    • gtclark

      Yes! There must be a market for these – some folks must think they look totally bada** smoking these huge form factor cigars. The fact is, you end up looking ridiculous – like a little kid smoking dad’s cigar behind the shed.

    • PDHelmuth

      I’m glad you mentioned Looney Toons….I’m thinking Pinocchio and those giant looking cigars.

  • yosef5

    This is almost like a April Fools joke.I smoked a 60- 70 also from Asylum & was not impressed.

  • stevenknisley

    I didn’t even know there were cigars with a ring that big. wow. great review

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    I just recently smoked a Perdomo habano corojo gordo which was a 60 ring gauge and I thought that was huge. I can’t imagine a 70!

  • puffrey

    Ugh, well done Bryan, actually quite surprised by the burn results.
    When I 1st started smoking cigars I would get the bigger ring gauge thinking I was getting more enjoyment for my buck, this is the opposite of the reality.
    Anything bigger than 54 is now something I stay away from.

  • MorganGeo

    There is probably a niche group of people out there that like this ring guage and thats what they are marketing towards.

    • puffrey

      I think you are right MorganGeo, I think I was part of that niche group my 1st 6 months of enjoying cigars. I thought the bigger the better.
      It’s sticks like this that make me appreciate a Lancero that much more!

  • vscarpine

    I dont understand why they make the gauge so big it seems almost like work instead of enjoyment to smoke

    • david121

      Some people like to show off their huge cigars because they have the ‘bigger is better” mentality lol

  • chief791

    I’m with you Bryan. Not a big fan of Big RG cigars. I will smoke a 60 on occasion but would never go near a 70 RG. Good for Halloween dress up maybe.

  • yankeeman

    Size is pretty ridiculous, but you have to give props to the company for performance of the stick. I hardly ever get a 60 RG to burn that straight.

  • juf100

    I’m with you B, I can’t stand large ring gauges. You gotta work way to hard to get good smoke, and it just feels funny..

  • Romel

    Bryan, what are these companies thinking? Im sure some one will come out with a 90 gage soon enough. Smh

    • steve c

      I’m not sure what they are thinking. While these are ok cigars they are just to big. But now I see more and more companies making them. Kristoff just introduced a 70 ring gauge cigar. I love my Kristoffs but I think I’ll stay away from those. I’m not a big fan of anything bigger than a 60 ring.

    • puffrey

      Check out his review of the Football Cigar, I think that is the end all of ring gauges and Bryan’s review proves why these circus cigars are more novelty than enjoyment

      • DrakeXD

        Don’t forget about the Drew Estate Egg! I’d love to see a review on that one.

  • j37silva

    Great review and at least it was a halfway decent smoke. I figured it was going to be a nightmare.

  • chc9470

    That thing is s monster I wouldn’t even be able to cut it. Lol

  • MorganGeo

    Ridiculous I know, but the Monica Lewinskys of the world should like this type of ring guage. Ok, Ok, I’m sorry. =P

  • pato1001

    I bought a bundle of these and they were alright, nothing to brag a bout, but a decent yard gar!!!

  • veshio

    Seems like a cigar to just get attention and act stupid with. Could definitely see a bunch of teenagers just walking around with these.

  • Pokesfan

    Ridiculous cigar. I don’t understand why anyone would even consider smoking one of these things. Too much work. Not to mention the, well, you know…

  • steve c

    I usually agree with you on the punch cutter Bryan but on these that’s what we used. It gives them a little more resistance and it seems to direct the smoke a little better than puffing on a big 70 ring hole. My buddy picked these up uber cheap on a bid so we decided to try them out. If another one happens to come your way just give the punch a try.

  • Rob

    No wonder the ash held on so long, it was clinging to a branch!

  • YoMud

    I just think it’s odd to make such a large version of what sounds like not all that great cigar. Personally I’ve yet to smoke a VC I really liked but just my personal taste. Thabks for fighting through this one for the review.

  • smokethis

    lol. Epic review on that oversized hot mess. The ash was impressive though.

  • danzig777

    I was expecting the cigar to be more of a problem than it was, but it looks like it was smooth sailing.

  • CigarStrawn

    Good god it looks like they put an entire crop yield in that thing. I cant believe the burn line was that straight.


    Today a 70 RG,
    Tomorrow, a 100 RG stick. Lol.

  • sawfam

    You needed to wear a big red nose, and have a horn you could beep while riding a unicycle smoking that CIRCUS stick. I was expecting it to blow up like a gag cigar.

    Great looking burn though. I figured it would end up like that football cigar you reviewed.

    Next review should be a 4.5×40 for fun!

  • garlar10

    When it comes to big cigars you can’t beat the La Gloria Serie R. Mind you, those pale in comparison to one of these. Thanks for the review, I think I will pass on the Victor Sinclair Doppel Gordo though.

    • TimB

      You are right Serie R is my all time favorite outstanding smoke.

  • Wucioswong

    i find large RG, box pressed cigars are awkward to smoke.

  • Johnnycatt

    great review bryan thanks again!

  • Mr Rojas

    I have yet to try something with an extra large ring gauge, but I do have a Romeo and Juliet Havoc in my humidor I been kinda ignoring.
    Anybody had one of these?

    • spockwannabe

      Excellent smoke! I really enjoyed it.

    • spockwannabe

      Here’s my review of that cigar:
      Prelight: perfect draw. Light pack. Light earthiness with slight barnyard aroma.
      1/3: Tangy tobacco, dry earth flavors. Perfect draw and good smoke output. Medium to full bodied, little spice hits the back of the throat. Some woody notes. Not harsh on the retrohale. Burning perfectly. Some tangy spiciness. Some classic flavors from what I remember of my first RyJ 1875 Reserve Real in the D.R.. Body is moving to mild-medium. Nice smoke.
      2/3: Razor sharp burn and perfect draw. Some creamy, nuttiness. Little bit of strength seems to be building. Nice tight white and pepper ash, holding on at 2 inches so far. Still tangy tobacco flavor with a little sweetness. Pleasant mild flavors. Sweet spice cabinet flavors picking up. Great aroma. Ash held on til just after I took a picture. (right at the ‘Havoc’ band)
      3/3: One of my favorites so far. Great flavors, draw, burn, and strength. Did a little touch up at the end, but no biggy. Last third is getting a little bitter, but not bad. Flavors are dying down.

      • Mr Rojas

        Awesome! Thanx for posting that review! Now I feel a bit more interested in smoking it. The ring gauge is what was keeping me away, but your review helped.
        It will also be my first RyJ as well.

  • ctigers15

    People that smoke cigars that big are compensating for something…..

  • Swede214

    Just smoked the the La Gloria Serie R the other day, it was good, got it as a gift, do not enjoy the large ring’s. I’ll stay with the 50’s and smaller. Should smoke that Victor Sinclair in a long ash contest, thanks for the review.

  • LunchBox87km

    Wow that thing is huge. I don’t I would be able to finish that thing, an I know I don’t have a cutter that big.

  • undergroundboxr

    Would someone care to enlighten me on why a cigar would smell like manure and what that smell would indicate? I have not come into contact with a cigar that gives off that aroma. Does it have something to do with the age or type of leaf used to roll the cigar? And when, burning does the aroma stay the same?

    • vscarpine

      I have heard that if it smells like that it is usually a great smoke…thought I heard Bryan mention that on one of his reviews.

      • undergroundboxr

        That’s what I had heard but I wonder why. Or what would make a cigar smell like manure. I cant imagine it smelling like that because manure was used as fertilizer. That seems way to far fetched to me.

        • gtclark

          Aged/fermented plant matter can have a distictive smell….manure can have that smell, though the process and plant matter being fermented is usually different (you wouldn’t want to smoke it, but it burns great when dried!)

          • vscarpine

            I would guess its because they use that as fertilizer but I really dont know thats just a guess

  • spockwannabe

    “Greatly appreciate it BUDDY”???? What happened to ‘Brother’??? Don’t give up on me brother!

    Love your reviews Bryan. I smoked this same cigar at fish camp a couple of months ago to the laughter of all my friends. I was also surprised. Not a bad smoke at all. Great review.

  • BBEJ4321

    I know nothing about V.S. cigars. I was thinking about getting a few to try.

  • jomo

    Better u then me lol no way i would of even tried that thing. Large ring gauge cigars are just not my thing. But nice review as always keep it up..

  • RobinsonV

    I like the way u took care of cutting the monster box press get a sharp knife

  • undergroundboxr

    Hey Bryan, have you ever considered using a bullet cutter for your cigars? It would have been a life saver in this situation. Not saying your handiwork with the knife didn’t suffice but i find bullet cutters to be very use full. is there a reason you don’t use bullet cutters or don’t prefer them? and would that happen to be a spyderco knife?

  • david121

    I wish we couldve heard your rant on big ring gauges! I’m not a big fan of them, like you I enjoy the wrapper flavors. Maybe not the most exciting experience with this cigar but maybe worth a try just to see what smoking a 70 ring gauge is like lol great video as always

  • USA2ndAmendment

    I love these big ring gauge cigars! I know Bryan doesn’t, but enjoy them, especially when I have a lot of time to smoke. The biggest I have had so far is a SWAG, which was a pretty good smoke in itself. I will have to look up this Victor Sinclair, I would love to try it!

  • samgiroux42

    I am impressed on how well you cut that with a knife. I am also not a fan of punches, bullet cutters, or “v” cuts. It seems that this holes do nothing, but collect tar that spoils the flavor. Plus, smoking that big ring gauge makes me feel like I need to unhinge my jaw just to get comfortable. More novelty that anything in my opinion.

  • Dirk

    I too don’t favor the big ring gauge.. I think the filler over takes the wrapper flavor leaving me with typically an “ashtray” mouth taste.. I am curious about this stick and again appreciate the review.. as well as the impressive comments.

    thanks again!

  • connorkern

    i would have used a punch cut

  • iseedro

    sounds like a good stick but that thing is way to big do this guys make a smaller ring gage cigar

  • Tommz81

    I’ve had several VS cigars. None have been worth the money. You get what you pay for.

    • puffrey

      If Im not mistaken, I think VS is one of those internet brands that does real well at places like Thompson. This is a red flag for me personally.
      Agreed, you do get what you pay for.

      • jpculp57

        Victor Sinclair is a legit low end brand. They’re not packing the flavors of a Padron 1926, but then again you can buy 10 sticks of VS for the 1 Padron 1926. Depends on if you want to smoke 1 good stick or have 10 ok sticks.

      • iseedro

        i will keep this in mind

  • pipebear333

    Thanks Bryan for the review. There was never any danger of me even thinking about trying a 70 ring cigar for exactly the same reasons you’ve mentioned. 60 ring is about as big as I’m comfortable with. I feel the same way about the Magnum and Jumbo pipes out there on the market too. Bigger is not always better.

  • zanlamb

    Can anyone tell me why cigar bands don’t better distinguish what the actual cigar is? I was recently gifted a sampler but on a couple of them I can only see what the make is. If I like it I’m going to have a hard time finding another one!!!

  • stevenknisley

    Bryan,have you ever smoked a Perla Del Mar?

  • kurngar

    I enjoy the bigger ring gauges, I use a v-notch(bought from Stogie Guys) cutter on most of them. I have a punch if the cutter will not do.

  • jpculp57

    I have one of these monster scary sticks, or should say had one. I tossed it the other day. I received it as a joke gift from a friend. I don’t understand why the American market is so fascinated by gigantic cigars. Most have washed out flavors and are pretty terrible compared to the longer smaller ring gage versions.

  • CigarButcher

    I know your not into large ring gauge cigars but you have to be impressed with an ash like that.

  • Bpope31

    Didn’t even know cigars could be that fat. The knife cut brought back some painful cigar memories. Sounds like a good cigar though.

  • vscarpine

    I cant watch these videos anymore on google chrome I have to switch to firefox…anyone have an idea why this would happen

    this started about 4 days ago I can watch the old videos no problem just anything new in the past 4 days doesnt work

    • Try clearing your cache files. I’m on Chrome right now, no probs and no one else has complained to me.

      • vscarpine

        Ok just did that and its all good now had no idea that clear the cache could fix those problems..thank you

        • Boucher207

          Thats why i never use Chrome, its the only web browser that gives me issues almost everytime im on it. Although I will say it seems to preform flawlessly on the smart phones.

  • lostonmonday

    I read an article a few years ago that said larger ring guages are trending, hence the E.P. Inch, etc. It’s bugging me that I can’t find the article, anyone else read it? It seems the trend is still marching on?
    BTW, I’ll shamelessly admit to biting off a cap on a 60+’er. I won’t be doing that again though.

  • JHylk717

    I couldn’t help but crack a smile at the beginning of the video when you were holding up this monster of a cigar. I’m surprised the stick was as decent as you made it out to be, Bryan. I really think this cigar has the potential to have amazing flavors in a smaller size.

  • Mobleyjared

    What is your preferred ring gauge?

  • Kace

    Needed a guillotine paper cutter for this one.

  • stevenknisley

    the 2nd version of the perfect cutter the one with the round finger holes has a bigger hole for 65+ring gauges.

    • Nope. I had them all. The only bigger one is the tri-blade scissors, all the perfect cutters are the same.

  • Boucher207

    Never had a cigar above the 54 ring gauge. I might have to grab one just to see.

  • Daniel.A

    hey guys i’m thinking about getting me some of VS’s but i don’t know if theres a catch to these. bad burn, snug draw, etc. i want to get some cause they have some decent prices. and not only that but i’ve noticed that more and more people are getting these. would you guys definitely recommend these?

  • DairyLandCigarFan414

    Seems like a good time to invest in a good pair of cigar scissors…surprised with all the swag you receive that you do not have a good pair of cigar scissors.

    • Lol all the swag! What you see is what I have the rest goes out in all the contests! Why would invest in a tool I needed for the first time in thousands of cigars and may never need again?

  • Kace

    I’ve watched this review 3 times. Hilarious. Thanks for taking one for the team. I agree though. Why spend $$ on something you would prob use once evey 1000 cigars.

  • gary333

    now that is just ridiculous.. I want to try it just to see how ridiculous it is haha and at least the burn wouldnt bother me!

  • JoeMeatJr

    why make something so ridiculous?

    • Mobleyjared

      It makes people with insuricties feel better.

      • JJO

        Never heard of that particular disease. πŸ˜‰

        • Mobleyjared

          Sorry, insecurities

          • JJO

            I know; just playing with you. πŸ™‚

  • mfsaur

    A friend just gave me one of these, I’m honestly scared to approach it lol. I guess I’ll see how it goes

  • lostonmonday

    I’ve cut 3 of these with a Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter, and it does just fine. It seems like the cigar doesn’t fit into it, but the blades make enough contact to lop the top cleanly. The draw still sucks, but I like these better than I thought I would.

    • lostonmonday

      Oh yeah, and they plump up like a ball park frank!

  • stogiemalt

    I cracked up when you said “fetish people” lol, great review.

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