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Apr 2

Press Release: SAM LECCIA IS BACK!

Posted on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 in Informational

3Press Release: SAM LECCIA IS BACK!

Sam Leccia is back. After an absence of more than two years from the premium cigar industry, Leccia is excited to announce the launch of Leccia Tobacco. The Leccia Tobacco brand will encompass a variety of different products, beginning with the Spring release of its first cigar brand called “Black and White.”

Black and White will consist of two different cigar blends. The Black blend is being manufactured in the Dominican Republic and the White blend is being manufactured in Nicaragua. Both blends are very different, but each delivers a powerhouse of flavor.

The Black Dominican blend uses a Habano wrapper with a Nicaraguan Rosado binder. The filler is Nicaraguan and Dominican ligeros, Brazilian viso, and a very unique tobacco called “dark fire.” Dark -Fire is wood fire cured, which gives the cigar a distinct smoked whisky aroma. The blend is medium to full bodied with a very smooth strength that builds throughout the cigar.

jpegThe White Nicaraguan blend uses an African Sun Grown wrapper with a binder from Ecuador. The filler is Nicaraguan Ligero with Seco leaves from Pennsylvania, Sam’s home state. It is a full body smoke that delivers tons of complex flavors. It has hints of a creamy coffee, and lightly sweet cashews, while delivering strength and spices.

“For the last couple of years I’ve been dreaming of the day when I could get back to the industry that I love,” says Sam Leccia. “I couldn’t be more pumped up about introducing my new blends to cigar smokers.”

Black and White will each have 4 sizes: 4 x 46; 5 x 52; 6 x 50 and 6 x 60. The MSRP for the cigars will be in the $7.00 – $9.00 range. All Leccia Tobacco brands will be distributed by the Toraño Family Cigar Co. which is based out of Miami, Florida.

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Bring on the comments

  1. antomos says:

    Cool, always looking to try new cigars

    • ggoodew says:

      Im new to smoking cigars.Looking for some good advice on getting started.I ordered a sampler from a well known supplier.

      • Pjhosler says:

        I hope you got a sampler of big name brands and not house blends. Some online shops blends have consistency and burn problems that could frustrate a newbie and turn you off. That said buying in samplers and 5 packs are the best way to discover the world of cigars and find your flavor profile.

        • ggoodew says:

          The sampler i have coming has the fallowing cigars 3 Alec Brandy Plantation 3 Vintage Especial 3 Dolce vita 3 G.A.R Vintage 2005

          • Walshy says:

            Hey Bro, do yourself a favor and go to and pick up the CigarObsession premium sampler. Especially since you are a newbie. You want to try the premium brands and blends. I’ve ordered this sampler 2 or 3x and love it. No I don’t work for Bryan. Just a really good sampler. Seriously.

      • ggoodew says:

        The sampler i have coming has the fallowing cigars 3 Alec Brandy Plantation 3 Vintage Especial 3 Dolce vita 3 G.A.R Vintage 2005

        • JJO says:

          Whatever you do, DO NOT join their Bonus Club. Many horror stories about that.

          • Boucher207 says:

            I am 25 and new to smoking cigars but I have always had an interest with them. I almost always purchased cigars in a sampler but found i didnt like all the cigars the sampler contained and thougth it was quite a waste of money if i only enjoyed 2 out of the 5 cigars. Since ive found CO, I’ve watched almost 200 reviews by Bryan and what I find very useful is to keep a log book of all the cigars you want to try based on his reviews. Once i have a few written down that id like to try, I buy them and give them a few weeks in my humidor, then smoke it and rate it with 1,2 or 3 stars along with the price per stick. 1 being a cigar i wont purchase again, 2 being a cigar id like to try again and 3 being a cigar that i can easily buy a box because it was that good! The system is great too for family and friends who might want to buy you a cigar or cigars for a birthday or special occasion but dont really know what to buy you. They can easily check out your log and pick a few. Just a suggestion, it works well for me so i figured id share. Good luck!

      • swj045 says:

        you came to the right place,with all of the reviews you have here just watch some. the viedos are like having your own teacher.BRYON does a great service to the rest of us. he really knows his stuff.

  2. MorganGeo says:

    The description of those new smokes made my mouth water. :)

    The Black Dominican sounds interesting to me because I like Habano wrappers. Doesn’t that ‘wood-fired cured’ make your mouth water?

    I’ll put this on my hit list. :P

  3. SsgtJerikUSMC says:

    I love the Cain and Nub sticks. Can’t wait to try this out. When will these be released?

  4. irratebass says:

    Glad to see him back and I’m very curious to try these ne cigars & with Sam being with Torano there is a good chance I will be able to carry these in the store.

    Thanks for the info…..not sure how you got more info than halfwheel, buti’m not complaining.

  5. Rob says:

    The Black blend sounds very interesting. I look forward to picking this up when it’s released.

  6. Satch says:

    Glad to see he’s back.
    Gonna have to get my hands on some.

  7. kurngar says:

    Cool always good to see the industry growing

  8. gtclark says:

    “Fire-cured”? Almost sounds like a pipe tobacco. Interested in trying these when they’re released.

  9. cigarhobby85 says:

    I’m very interested in trying the fire cured tobacco I’ve never heard of that.

    • mbuckwash says:

      My thoughts exactly. At first it had me thinking of pie tobacco, which would be something interesting in as cigar. Hey, always looking to try new things!

  10. puffrey says:

    Hmmm. fire cured tobacco sounds like it would pair well with a fire peated scotch.

  11. vscarpine says:

    Im new to the hobby and havent heard of this brand…has anyone tried it before and is worth a try when they come out

    • puffrey says:

      It depends on if you have developed a preference yet?
      If you are new to cigars then the rule of thumb is start of with milder sticks and develop your pallet for stronger, fuller body sticks.
      Jumping into a full body sticks will probably not give you too much enjoyment.

      • lostonmonday says:

        What do you mean? A full body, full strength cigar on a novice would be, well, just like the scene in ‘Sandlot’ when they swallow the chew. I took an 8 year hiatus from cigars, then decided to burn 3 in one night, the last one being quite stout. I didn’t puke, but I did feel like I was burning up and couldn’t walk a strait line well.

  12. Pjhosler says:

    I like Cain a lot but I always thought the nub was a ripoff. It’s 1 perfecto cut in half, and they still get full price so I never buy them. But I am excited to try these 2 blends…sounds yummy

  13. neocigaro says:

    The guy in the pic looks like he needs to be on a motorcycle lol. I’m not sure if ill be into these cigars, more of a medium body type of cigar these are full bodied.

  14. garlar10 says:

    Sound like interesting smoke. I wonder how long before they have these up in Minnesota.

  15. Kace says:

    Sounds like great things coming. Looking at the picture, I thought it was Jonathan Drew. lol

  16. swj045 says:

    spring is here,new sticks to try. cant wait to get sounds great

  17. yosef5 says:

    Well I do like your reviews.So now there will be more cigars to review

  18. NMartin says:

    Sounds like something very unique to try (as far as the fire-cured process goes). Can’t wait to sample the new sticks from Sam Leccia!
    (btw. Linked Cigar Obsession on my blog Bryan! Hope u get a few more hits!)

  19. macko says:

    As always up for something new this sounds like a new one to me can’t wait…

  20. Swede214 says:

    From what I’ve read so far, this might be a little to strong for me. Will wait and see, wait, I’m sure it will be a while before I’ll see it.

  21. AngSolo says:

    Not sure if the fire cured tobacco is a gimmick or not but I certainly want to try it. Its worth a $7-$9 gamble hopefully won’t be too strong wich seems to be the trend these days. Everyone seems to want to make everything bigger like the 6×70 Victor Sinclair from yesterdays review and stronger. I like full bodied but dont need a head rush for a few hours….

  22. RobinsonV says:

    Sounds like it could be a nice stout cigar I can’t wait to try them out

  23. AngSolo says:

    Although one of my favorite go to cigars is the Diesel Unholy Cocktail which is billed as a full bodied and full strength cigar, and it is a 56 ring guage, but it never kicked my butt as far as nicotine rush is concerned.
    Besides whats wrong with gimmicks I love trying to get my hands on Halloween edition Tats…Thrill of the hunt I guess

  24. undergroundboxr says:

    Never heard of a cigar being made with that process. Its going to be interesting to see how they turn out. I cant wait!

  25. BBEJ4321 says:

    Both sound good. I’ll keep my eye for them.

  26. jtuttle21 says:

    Is this line similar to others?

    • puffrey says:

      I am sure there is something similar to it. With so many boutique brands out there now, a lot of them are bringing some interesting complexities to their production and blends.

  27. samgiroux42 says:

    Why do these new guys always want to be edgy and “fresh.” Just make a good cigar with lots of body and solid construction. Nothing fancy is needed.

    • NMartin says:

      With all the different companies and different customers to cater to, as well as new smokers, you need new ideas. Not saying that any of the normal techniques and ideas are out of date, but new things come with new customers as well as making a big impact. “Neon Lights” mindset.

      • samgiroux42 says:

        I suppose that is true and all, but it seems like they all want to be either rock stars or Gambino brothers by the way they dress and act. Whatever happened to a classy man that wants to smoke a cigar not for how it makes him look, but for the enjoyment. Heck, maybe I am overreacting here, but that is the vibe that I am getting.

  28. MR_EXPRESS says:

    Never heard of him. Cigars sound interesting enough.

  29. AngSolo says:

    This is what I found out about the curing process. Hope you guys ind it interesting as well.

    Flue-cured Tobacco

    •The most common curing process is known as flue-curing. Used mainly in the manufacture of cigarettes, the most common type of flue-cured tobacco is Virginia . This tobacco is also known as ‘bright tobacco’ because the heat-drying process gives the leaves a bright, golden colour. Originally from the south-eastern U.S. state of the same name, it is today the most grown tobacco variety in the world.
    •Flue-cured tobacco is dried in a closed building with furnace driven heat directed from flues or pipes that extend from a furnace into the barn. The temperature of the furnace is gradually raised until the leaves and stems are completely dried. Flue-curing takes about a week and fixes the natural sugar of the leaf, which has a high sugar and a medium-to-high nicotine content.
    •Today, many farmers find that bulk curing flue-cured tobacco is far more cost-effective. Racks of tobacco are placed in bulk barns where heat and ventilation are controlled while air is forced through the leaves.
    •Flue-cured varieties require warm weather, humidity, light rainfall and a sandy, loam soil for their four-month growing season.

    • puffrey says:

      Did you mean to reference flue-cured or is this a typo, the article refers to the process as fire cured?

      Just curious as to whether the reference info is accurate for fire cured

    • lostonmonday says:

      I think Latakia is closer to “dark-fire” tobac, vs flue cured. Flue curing uses heat to cure the tobacco faster than letting it age, making it a cheaper option for cigarettes. Light fire and dark fire tobacco uses smoke to give it unique aromas and flavors.

  30. stevenknisley says:

    Those cigars sound super tasty. mouth watering thoughts as I read those descriptions.
    excited to try these soon

  31. david121 says:

    Sounds like an interesting couple of blends. I wonder if the descriptions hold true to the actual experience? Experience says: probably not. Lol but I know I’m still going to try these

  32. USA2ndAmendment says:

    Sweet! Both of these new cigars sound great. I hope my local shop gets them in. If I had to choose, I think I would try the White first, based on the description above.

  33. bluelimbo says:

    Ok – So I am pretty shocked that no one has mentioned this but – that logo looks pretty dang close to Pete Johnson’s…. I mean… uncanny…

    Heck, I have even heard other folks mention that the Leccia is kind-of-in-the-same-vain as PJ but man, with a logo like that it seems like he is REALLY embracing that image… (lol – kid rock)

    Regardless, as long as the cigar isn’t gimmicky, is well constructed, tastes great, and not heavy handed with the ligero (un-Cain-like), I will definitely give it a shot. Nub was OK. I wasn’t a super huge fan but definitely didn’t mind them (I really only cared for the sumatra torpedo, if that wasn’t available, the habano was pretty decent as well).

    Outside of the official announcement of Sam being allowed back in the game – it would be awesome to round this out with the legal battle tid bits that surrounded him coming to market (although, who knows what actually happened). I mean, the dude was out of commission for all this time because he was slugging it out with Oliva (I believe it was Oliva…).

    Anyone know of any other sites that are covering that aspect of this announcement?

  34. danzig777 says:

    This new line sounds awesome. Cant wait till they’re released.

  35. smokethis says:

    Hope Kid Rocks New Cigars are as good as his old songs.

  36. tjack says:

    I’ll for sure try these when they come out!

  37. iseedro says:

    when it comes to new cigar makers i say the more the maryer

  38. connorkern says:

    im very excited for the new lines of cigars

  39. Walshy says:

    Never heard of this brand since I’ve only been smoking cigars for around a year. To me his blends seem like they will be very closely related to infused cigars? Not a big fan of infused at all. And yes he does look like Kid Rock. The first thing I thought was he was really trying to be like Pete Johnson. Sort of the not so ordinary cigar manufacturer.

    • JJO says:

      Scroll up a bit to “camshaft83″s comment. Nothing infused at all. Although I’m not much of a fan of his stuff (so far), he’s definitely not your ordinary manufacturer.

  40. zanlamb says:

    I like the sound of the black with the wood smoke giving it a whisky flavour. Being scottish it will go well with one of my islay drams

  41. KrazyKajun says:

    I’m happy for him, and I can’t wait to try his lineup. I just hope they are better than the original Cains, all strength no flavor, no thank you!

  42. Bpope31 says:

    Sounds very interesting. Ill have to give these a try. Always looking for something new.

  43. CigarButcher says:

    I like the logo. Can’t wait to see them at my local B&M

  44. sam leccia says:

    Thanks For all the comments! I truly appreciate it!

    The wood fire cured technique is as old as tobacco itself. It’s just a different way of drying the leaves. Give a very unique flavor and aroma. I added just a leaf in the blend. It doesn’t overpower it or under-perform. I stumbled across it when creating the blend, and knew I needed to try and use it. I really feel it ties the blend together.

    You can get more info on my facebook page which is Leccia Tobacco

    Thanks Again guys! I appreciate all the support!!!


    • MorganGeo says:

      How cool is that that Sam Leccia commented! Love your cigar lines and keep up the great work! :)

      • sam leccia says:

        Thanks So much! I’m stoked to be back!

        • Pjhosler says:

          Well I’m impressed that Sam is paying attn. that alone means a box of both will be added to my humi ASAP. Can’t wait for launch. Will my favorite sites smoke inn or CI be in the mix at launch I wonder. Hope so my local bm has issues with fresh ready to smoke sticks.

          • sam leccia says:

            I’m always paying attention! this is my life. it aint no hobby! I love this industry and put everything I have into everything I do.

            I really appreciate the support and comments.

            you guys rock!

    • Bryan Glynn says:

      Welcome Sam (yes I verified) It’s good to have more Industry peeps on the site!

    • puffrey says:

      Sam- Have you paired this with a fire peated Scotch by chance?

      There is something about that charred oak flavor in fire peated Scotch that really brings out some interesting flavors in some cigars Ive had with it.

      • sam leccia says:

        i’m a huge scotch guy. I used to conduct scotch tastings when I was in the liquor industry. even wore a kilt for a few of them!

        Yes I have paired it with a scotch.

        and Yes it is good!

        • sam leccia says:

          Paired it with Lagavulin

          • puffrey says:

            Well I would say that wearing a kilt says it all as far as your dedication to Scotch!

            Just read the tasting notes on this Lagavulin, sounds very good and the price points seem decent enough for a middle class guy like myself looking to enjoy something on the higher end. Thanks for the recommendation!

            Now I will gladly accept a few of these new sticks so that I can test the pairing.

          • neocigaro says:

            What should I pair my cigars with since I am only 20? haha juice? haha on a serious note what do you recommend ?

    • Pjhosler says:

      Well Sam I said I would buy and I received a box of 650 black today from smoke inn . I am so excited I pulled one rott to smoke after dinner and put the rest away to rest. Will pick up a box of white on next weeks order. Looking forward to enjoying my sticks and I wish you much success .

  45. sam leccia says:

    oddly enough, for good cigar pairings i like teas, iced or hot, coffee the same, and root beer, dr name a few.

    • MorganGeo says:

      In the morning I love a good coffee with a Connecticut. It’s something about the cream in the coffee and the cream in the smoke that just gets my day off right.

      • sam leccia says:

        try a camaroon and coffee. it pairs better IMO. doesn’t have the bitterness, and adds a nutty flavor. highly recommend.

        • MorganGeo says:

          Will do! I got about 30 Nub Cameroons. So that will be a good month of trying it out. ;)

          My friend says I hoard but I just don’t ever want to run out of my favs.

          • SsgtJerikUSMC says:

            I thought I was the only one who loved a Cigar with an ice cold Dr. Pepper?! Don’t get me wrong if I have it, a Stout or Craft Beer is more preferable, but my buddy thinks I’m crazy for pairing some with a Dr. Pepper. Nice to know I’m not alone. And Welcome to the group Sam!

    • Pjhosler says:

      I don’t care to drink. My favorite drinks for cigars are ice cold water, or coke. Haven’t tried dr pepper but sounds yummy

  46. 2dogdad says:

    I remember reading something to the effect that heat curing can create a great amount of variability to the finished leaf. Is there some type of quality control to maintain a consistency within the blends? Overall, it does sound rather interesting. We shall see when the sticks hit the market.

    • sam leccia says:

      I can’t comment as to what you read, but I find it to be quite the opposite. It makes the tobacco extremely consistent as the aromas from the burning wood absorb so easily into the tobacco. Think of what your clothes smell like after you’ve been at a bon fire, but with the tobacco it adds aroma and flavor. American Indian’s first used this technique, it’s certainly not new. The smoke from the fire curing seems to even help preserve the tobacco, as the leaves are near flawless, very little discoloration or imperfections. it’s certainly been fun to work with something so different but yet so similar.

      • SsgtJerikUSMC says:

        I just checked out some of the furnace photos of the on your Facebook page. Are those the ones used in the process? What video were those shot for?

        • sam leccia says:

          The pictures on Facebook that you are referring to we’re from a video shoot that I did at an abandoned blast furnace in Pittsburgh for Steel Making. The video is on my facebook page. I’m rooted deep in Pittsburgh. My dad even worked there when it was operational. He is a retired boilermaker. It was more of a homage to who I am and where I’m from…had really nothing to do with tobacco or dark fire, but I like that you connected the two.

          • SsgtJerikUSMC says:

            Got it. Very cool man. The site from those pictures looks like it’d be a cool place to get lost with a good Cigar. Can’t wait for the new line to come out.

  47. stevenknisley says:

    Does anyone know when these are supposed to come out? thanks

  48. swj045 says:

    now this is a great site, when you can have the man himself talking about his new cigars.where else can you get that.

  49. swj045 says:

    maybe BRYAN and SAM will do a review togethe r on some of these cigars.

  50. stevenknisley says:

    I love the Nub series and can’t wait to try these new blends from Leccia

  51. MorganGeo says:

    I am so ready for these. I think we are getting close to being able to pick them up.

  52. MorganGeo says:

    Just curious, has anyone seen these yet or have had the opportunity to try one?

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