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Welcome, Famous Smoke Shop To The CO Family!

by Bryan Glynn, April 1, 2013
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Untitled-1I want to extend a warm welcome to Famous Smoke Shop to the CigarObsession Sponsor family! They will have a variety of ads running on the left with sweet promotions so definitely check it out when you get a chance! I look forward to also working with them in other ways through the site to directly benefit all of you as well – stay tuned!

  • JJO

    LOL, positive results from your new program already! It’s about time they hopped aboard. Good company.

    • lol no, just been waiting till the start date they wanted 🙂

    • chief791

      I love Famous Smoke. They have all sorts of coupons for free cigars on their site. I must have bought a couple of hundred cigars off of their Cigar Monster.

  • AngSolo

    Famous Smoke has a cool app for your smart phone called cigar monster. They have a cigar special and an accessories special everyday. Sometimes they have a “mash up” with alot of specials on cigars and accessories for the day. And evrytime you check in it has a cool monster laugh !!

    • DrakeXD

      For those of you checking that app in places you shouldn’t be, you can permanently silence the creepy monster laugh. Just thought I should share that. The app is pretty cool though with some good deals.

      • antomos

        Happened to me during jury duty, very embarrassing lol

        • Sirfubes

          I hate that stupid monster sound! It always goes off at the worst time! The the cigar monster site though… Fantastic deals!

    • JJO

      Just FYI, the Mash-Up runs for an hour at 11am and 11pm EST everyday, and all day from Frday through Saturday.

      • iseedro

        does the app work for both i phone and android devices?

        • JJO
          • cigarhobby85

            I just downloaded the app to my phone. This is my first experience with this company.

        • JJO

          Sorry, my response is still awaiting moderation. Apparently, I should not have just plugged in a link. The answer its that it supports both. Go to the cigarmonster.com site, and there will be a link.

          • Links auto pop the spam filter, but I get to them ASAP to approve 🙂

          • iseedro

            awesome Im going to check it out thanks

    • DavidKIT

      Just downloaded the cigar monster app, which I didn’t know about. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • That is great news! Love Famous Smoke. Follow them on Facebook and they definitely have some good prices. I found CO about two weeks ago by way of YouTube and in couldn’t be happier that I did!

  • Rob

    I’ve seen some good deals on cigar monster. My wife gifted me a sampler while I was deployed and I discovered the H upmann vintage Cameroon that I thoroughly enjoyed. Can’t wait to pick up more.

  • Jason Isbaner

    Great deals on cigar monster.i am on that site everyday!

    • JJO

      That SOB is always testing my will power. :p

  • PsycotikMind

    Famous Smoke was the first online cigar supplier I ever ordered from. Great company. They always have good deals running. Glad to hear they are now on board.

    • Kace

      I did mail order on Thompson. Glad I left them a long time ago. They have used some questionable tactics.

  • neocigaro

    Ill check them out

  • hawk767

    Picked up the Xikar Executive lighter through Famous Cigar’s deal site Cigar monster for 32$ rather than the retail price at 49$. Very good deal. I don’t order much off of their site myself but do keep an eye on cigar monster for an interesting 5 pack here and there.

  • neocigaro

    I see they have good deals… ima start ordering online and stop getting ripped off at the cigar shop haha

    • Camshaft83

      I did the same thing a few months ago. I’m glad I ran across the cigar monster app. They cut the price from the shops here in utah by at least half. Famous smoke shop and cigars international have great selections at awsome prices. Only places I buy from now.

    • Derek

      Cigar shops aren’t rip offs, their retail. I order online because its my only option. I go out of my way when traveling to stop at cigar shops.

      • JJO

        Agreed. Local shops simply don’t have the bulk buying power and huge customer base of the online giants, so all they can do is charge a normal mark-up to stay in business. It’s not a rip-off, especially if they offer a place to smoke indoors (which they can’t do here) and occasional events. I buy from both.

  • Shargard

    Great job Bryan. They have a lot good stuff and deals

  • jomo

    Cool, I use the Cigar Monster app for my Iphone. Great deals

  • I’ve just browsed the cool site of Famous Smoke Shop. Nice to see these great sponsors here. All of cigar fancier appreciate this.

  • mbuckwash

    Yea, between them and Joe’s Cigar, you can get some really great deals.

  • yosef5

    I am very happy with l of thix progess

  • yosef5

    welcome famous

    • Kace

      How would you compare Famous to Monster?

  • stevenknisley

    This is cool it didn’t take very long for new sponsors.

    • They were on-board before the new program lol

  • MorganGeo

    I’m a big fan of their cigar monster site. It’s got great deals. I also love their auction site as well. Sometimes I can snag some of my Nubs I like for about 2-3 dollars a stick.

  • dvillan87

    As stated above the cigar monster app for iphone and android is great and addicting for cigar buyers. Welcome Famous Smoke Shop !!!!

  • ptyler

    Sounds like we now need a Famous/CO sampler! Congrats Bryan!

  • Johnnycatt

    Really Like the company. So glad they jumped on board

  • kurngar

    I use Famous Smokes all the time. I have not had an issue with them as I have had with other web based cigar retailers.

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    I’ve also gotten some great deals off of the Cigar Monster app for my IPad. A lot of times they have free shipping if you catch the right deal on the mash up as well. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an easy way to daily check deals.

  • pato1001

    Awesome! I love Famous Smoke Shop! They are one of my favorites! Besides Smoke Inn!!! Glad they are on board!

  • USA2ndAmendment

    Sweet! More options and ways for me to spend $$$.

  • kb9311

    Congratulations on the New sponsor, with hopefully way more to come!

  • Bpope31

    This is awesome! The app sounds great too. My wallet probably won’t like it very much but I’m all for a deal. Never really got into their site too much but now that I know how many people enjoy it ill have to check it out.

  • macko

    Don’t forget about the cigar actioneer. It’s pretty fun to build your own samlers with.

  • yankeeman

    Welcome! Cigar Monster is one of my daily go-to apps.

  • puffrey

    cigar monster is a very cool app, although it is going to cause me to need a new humi very soon!

  • vscarpine

    Looking at the comments I decided to give cigar monster a download since I was looking for something like this and its only been a couple hours since I downloaded it but I think Im going to like it alot

    • garlar10

      I thought the same thing. Although I may need to find a humidor monster ap now with all the cigars I am going to buy! lol

  • NMartin

    Cigar Monster sounds pretty cool. I’m not seeing any ads for Famous Smoke Shop..I swear the site just likes to give me trouble sometimes

  • NMartin

    oooo ok. I was wondering if that was it, I had just clicked on it but hadn’t looked yet since I had to take a call.

  • NMartin

    I’m really excited to see how this film will turn out!

  • danzig777

    That’s awesome. Their Famous Dominican line are pretty darn good for the price.

  • antomos

    I buy most of my cigars from them. So far no complaints


    Hell yeah! Famous Smoke is one of the best cigar companies out there! As people have already mentioned, Cigar Monster is a good app for all those daily deals on your phone. Cigar Auctioneer is another good one that Famous runs too.

  • bbarber

    Congrats on the Famous account. Glad to see they are spending my money wisely. 😉

  • DmlCajun

    Congratulations on the New Sponsor, have been viewing your review for about 5 months, great advise good reviews great site

  • Consigliere

    Great to see them on board. I’ve shopped with them several times.

  • Andrew

    I hope we get even more chances to win cigars here!

  • CigarStrawn

    Welcome famous smoke shop! Cigar monster has some great deals and I love browsing the cigar auction. 🙂

    • swj045

      its almost like christmas

  • bstocks1

    Looking forward to it. Been dealing with those guys for years

  • undergroundboxr

    Great company. I have been a customer of there’s for about 2 years. congrats on the sponsor 🙂 which leads me to my question. Do you have other sponsors? and would you consider making a page for them all if so? I see your “Retailer Friends Of The Site” page but i’m not sure if that means they all sponsor you.

    • That just means I have worked with them in the past. What I have currently is what runs on the left 🙂

      • undergroundboxr

        Oh! ok thanks 🙂

  • smokethis

    I like Famous because they give you something free if you spend 50 bucks or more.

    • swj045

      Ive seen their site several times but havent ordered anything yet,but with some free stuff think I will.

  • RobinsonV

    Just did my first purchase with famous off of the cigar monster app 5 kuba kubas for like 21$ seeing as they are going for 10$+ around my area (Denver) I couldn’t pass it up.

  • alwayscigartime

    I have seen mixed reviews from Famous around the web, has anyone had any issues? I’ve never purchased from them before, but some of their specials have caught my eye.

    • SsgtJerikUSMC

      I’ve ordered from them several times now recently without any issues. I highly recommend their deals and service.

  • eric.hanson

    Cool, I’ve bought from their regular site and their cigar monster site many times. I’ve gotten some really good deals from them, like a 5 pack of Oliva V churchills for $27 shipped and a 5 pack of Alec Bradley Prensado Churchills for $29 shipped.

  • 2dogdad

    I am not a big fan of Famous. Good deals at times on the Monster,but generally much better box prices at Atlantic Cigar; along with excellent service.

    • garlar10

      I too have gotten some great deals at Atlantic. I just have to be careful not too go to crazy. Always tough trying to explain buying a new humidor to the wife, lol

      • MorganGeo

        I can relate with you garlar10. I was getting packages in the mail every day. One day I got 4 packages in the mail from CI and Famous. Needless to say I had to slow my purchases because my wife thought I was going a little overboard. lol

        • swj045

          it is real easy to wild with all of the cigars that I would like to try.

          • garlar10

            Famous is great, but another site you guys may want to check out it cigarbid. You can get some great deals there too. Cheers!

          • JJO

            garlar10 – This post is about welcoming Famous as a paid sponsor. If CI wants to join in, that’s all well and good, but until then, this post should not be used as a way to push a competitor. Save it until the appropriate time.

  • PAG

    I like that Famous always has coupon deals. When price shopping, these always have to be kept in mind, especially if you’re stocking up.

  • Wucioswong

    cigar monster app is awesome. tons of great deals

  • Mr Rojas

    I have yet to purchase from Famous yet, so far I have only ordered 2 cigar purchases and both from BCP. I’m a cigar newbie!
    It’s probably beacaue my wife is finally ok with me smoking lol!

  • BBEJ4321

    Cool. I’ll check them out.

  • jpculp57

    Famous is a pretty good company to work with. Not the cheapest, but not the most expensive and if you catch the sales there’s some good pricing.

  • reallybigd

    Good for you Bryan; I really like smokeinn so far, so if I feel the need to try another site, I’ll definitely give this one a go. Cheers!

    • Kace

      I was looking at the deals on best cigar prices too, they have some nice ones. All the online stores Bryan associates with are on point.

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    Get over to their Mash up people, the deals are crazy good!

  • Kace

    They have a multitude of samplers and you can creat your own. Nice coupon deals.

    • neocigaro

      Hey Kace I would suggest not to be commenting on random videos from 2011.
      I myself tried that when this rewards program started but fluff is what it is called, and it is not what this rewards program is for. And I myself lost some points for it, but if Bryan hasn’t caught you yet I would suggest stopping, take it easy.

  • gumby_130

    Welcome famous smoke, great company with a great staff and customer service.

  • Boucher207

    I use Famous Smoke quite often, its hard to find a shop with a good selection here in Southern Maine. They are great!!

    • MorganGeo

      Yeap and it just makes sense to buy online as opposed to the overpriced ones at the local stores.

      • louiez

        I agree. I’ve used thompsons online. Many good deals including accessories.

  • gumby_130

    They have great weekly deals, and sampler on the cheap. Back the right horse Bryan.

  • RobinsonV

    Received my cigars from famous yesterday everything was a good smooth process. I will be purchasing from them again. I like to use there monster app

  • sh40218

    I’m a B&M shopper exclusively but I always find myself looking around online. Famous, Smoke Inn & the Devil Site(Cbid) are always in my browser History.

  • Andrew

    Can we get Holt’s Cigar Company next? 😀

  • curtpick

    ordered some from them. Easy to do business with. Good straight forward service. GL on your partnership Bryan !

  • Derek

    Love famous. Their cigarauctioneer.com is a dangerous place for me though, i went a little bid happy recently and ended up winning quite a bit. I just hope i have enough room in my already full humidors

  • viewer_tan

    Great place to order from. If you have the chance to swing by Easton, PA… pay them a visit. The staff is very friendly and accomodating.

  • RobinsonV

    Kinda got a question I think this may or may not be the best place. I ordered a five pack of kuba kuba acids from famous cigars online. It took about a week and there was no humidification in the bag they were in inside of the box. Now I let them sit in my humidor for about 2 weeks and the cap of all of them are dried out and are cracked. I cut one today and it unraveled and ruined the cigar. Next time do I just need to let the sit longer in the humidor?

    • JJO

      Well, that’s what you get for buying infused cigars. lol Seriously, contact customer service at Famous. I’m sure they will take care of your situation.

    • Derek

      Yes, I would let them sit longer. I let my cigars sit for at least on month before smoking them. I’ve never had this problem with Famous, but from another site I had pretty much this exact thing happen to me.

      • JJO

        I had a batch from Famous that was overhumidified, but that was something that I could let time take care of. Dried out, however is a different story. There are some qualities lost that you can never get back, and the seller should make amends for that. Most likely (hopefully), they will replace them and tell him to keep the duds.

  • RobinsonV

    Pretty frustrating but ill try to get ahold of there customer assistance. Thanks guys

    • JJO

      RobinsonV – Please let us know about your experience with Famous’ customer service. I’m sure a lot of people here would be appreciative to hear how they treat their customers’ problems.

      • RobinsonV

        I will for sure

    • Boucher207

      Don’t let people discourage you from smoking any kind of cigar you like. People’s tastes are all different. It sucks there are so many cigar snobs out there. Try them all haha but yes, I’d keep them in for at least a week or two.

      • JJO

        It was a joke, in case you didn’t get it. I have no problem with someone smoking whatever like, whether it’s a Swisher Sweet, Opus X, or La Bomba F-Bomb.

        • Boucher207

          Yea, I figured as much. Wasn’t calling you a cigar snob. But there are a ton of them out there. Haha, cigar smoking is like riding a motorcycle, as long as your doing it and having fun, that’s all that matter! Keep smoking!

          • JJO

            It’s cool. No one has the right in impose on another’s smoking enjoyment, but I reserve the right to joke about it. 😉 Smoke what you like, and don’t let anyone else give you any crap about it.

          • JJO

            “to impose” Lost my train of thought there.

  • RobinsonV

    It’s all good guys I appreciate the help

  • mikemagri

    Great site. Good deals. Glad to see. I like the auctions section and close outs.

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