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The Perfecto Cigar Holder Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 1, 2013
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The Perfecto Cigar Holder Review

Yes I realized I mis-read and mis-spoke in the video calling it the ‘perfect’ instead of ‘perfecto’ cigar holder – my bad! This is a holder aimed primarily at golfers who use carts. It’s quite simply a spring clamp with rubber feet to protect surfaces, and a sturdy plastic integrated tray up top, with a raised curved lip to rest your cigar so the hot cherry never touches anything. There’s not much else to say, it just works as intended! Of course you must have some sort of horizontal surface to clamp it to, but I could see this useful outdoors, in a work bench area, etc. as well. I give some thoughts as to what I’d like to see in the next version, in the video as well. And, the company has graciously decided to participate in this week’s giveaway contest, so five people will be able to snag one of these for free! Entrants must have a US mailing address and to enter you simply have to Follow and/or Subscribe to myself and them Twitter Facebook, share this post with the easy buttons below and comment with how you did it! 5 winners will be drawn in a week and you’ll get your free Perfecto Cigar Holders! Good luck 🙂

  • david121

    a cool idea, but I personally see it as more of a pain in the butt than a convenience. and plus i like holding my cigars myself 😛

    • MorganGeo

      I agree David. It is a cool gift idea but definitely not a must have item. I can see your avid golfer that plays everyday might like it but I personally wouldn’t care for it. To each their own I presume. 😉

      • tinman472

        I would try it just see If would like it. Last time I held it or left it on the cart when it was my turn.

    • reallybigd

      I golf and could totally see myself smoking cigars out on the course, that would be so sweet; but I think this product is a ridiculous specialty item haha. The flames look lame, and not everyone plays golf with a cart, some of us like to hike it out for the pleasure of experience fine weather with some physical work put in.

      Cool idea, and I think it’s hilarious that someone invested to make this product

      • playersrun1

        and where does the ash blow to once you start going again?…right in your face!

      • Chris

        I golf, and smoke almost every time I play. Not much of a cart guy though. I have never had a need for a special contraption. Just hand it to a buddy, or set it down while you hit. I prop it up with a tee or two if the ground is wet or I don’t want it to touch for some reason.

        It’s an interesting thought, but ultimately just one more thing I don’t need in my bag. It will be interesting to see if I start seeing them on the coarse.

        • Brandonsr81

          I just make my caddy hold it for me.

  • stevenknisley

    I liked it on facebook
    this is an interesting idea maybe a bit too bulky though

    • tinman472

      I liked it on Facebook.

    • Perfectocigarholder

      Thanks for the “like” Steven. The video is a little misleading in regard to the size, the tray is only 6.5″ long overall, in the video it just looks bigger. If you can visualize a 54 ring by 7″ cigar in the tray it will bring it to scale. The overall dimensions of the tray are 6.5″ long of which 2″ is the rest 4.5″ tray, about 1.25″ or 80 ring wide and 1″ high.

      Thanks Again

  • bbarber

    Optional Caddy may be helpful. What an overkill!

  • smokethis

    Liked on facebook. I can just see the cigar sliding off going up a steep incline in the cart

    • Perfectocigarholder

      The feet on Perfecto pivot so it can be adjusted for steep inclines.

      Thanks for your comment.

  • kb9311

    Interesting device, I’d like to put it to the test! Shared on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks Bryan!

  • car2346

    I dont find any use for it since i am not a golfer but its good that there is stuff like this for those who golf. I prefer the ones like the one Bryan uses for the videos.

    • Rob

      Which review has he used a holder? I’ve never seem him use one.

      • I show you – right in the video above 😉

        • Rob

          I had just never seen that in any videos before.

          • undergroundboxr

            Its on the table and he cuts out everything in between except when hes smoking the cigar. meaning its in his hand. no need for a cigar holder.

    • Perfectocigarholder

      Hello car2346,

      Perfectos work great at the beach, camping, in the duck blind and many other places where a normal ashtray just isn’t practical.

      Thanks for your comment.

  • NDO

    I agree with the above commentary. This is not pragmatic in the least. Sadly, there is only so much innovation that the cigar industry can endure.

  • hawk767

    I don’t golf but I can definitely see how this could be useful when, say, working in a shop to avoid setting the cigar on a dirty work bench or somewhere it might just fall off of.

  • danzig777

    I agree that its a lot of clamp just for one cigar, but then again it means that the clamp is not just going to fall off. Once its clamped its on for good.

    • Perfectocigarholder

      Your right danzig777, that’s the reason for the “over kill” spring so the clamp stays clamped.

      Thanks for the comment.

  • AngSolo

    I hope its ok to post this but Cigars International has been offering Cigar Minder Cigar Clips for quite some time. They are much smaller and actually use a clip to secure the cigar to the larger clip which you can clip on just about anything. You get two for $15.95. I don’t golf but have used it many times outdoors and think its a good product for the money. No offense to Perfecto.

  • benjammin94

    Personally if they made it in metal and to look a little bit more classy would do it for me. Cigars are seen as a luxury and a plastic holder with flames stickered on it doesn’t seem to match the idea with cigars.
    Just my 2 cents

    • MorganGeo

      Good point. The flames do add a little tacky taste to it for me. I could see this in a car shop but not an older golfer who smokes using this device.

      • undergroundboxr

        I defiantly agree. as soon as I saw it i had a laugh at the flames. just some basic colors would be nice and much more attractive then flames xD If they had a nice, glossy black or chrome/polished silver I think it would look much better.

    • Perfectocigarholder

      Thanks for your feedback! Actually, the flames were just for the review sample. The cigar holder comes in plain black. It can also be customized (different colors/logos) for golf clubs/cigar brands, etc.

    • playersrun1

      good idea…and makes sense

    • Perfectocigarholder

      We looked at metal but the tooling and production cost were to high, it would have driven the retail cost to about $35.

      Perfecto is made from 1st run virgin nylon because of nylons high melting point. Most polycarbonates melt around 350 to 400 degrees, nylon melts about 520 degrees and the tip of a hot cigar, 485 degrees.

      The flames were just a add on for Bryans review. Perfectos come in black but with large enough orders we can make any color you want.

      Thanks for the comment.

  • D-BO


    • bluelimbo

      Lmfao! At least I know I am not the only one. And the flames… the 80’s called and they want their flames back.

      Joking aside, I have seen some that you just stick in the ground that seems like it would work a bit better. If I needed a way to hold my cigar while golfing I would avoid this just based on the flames alone. Superficial, yeah. I guess I am not the target audience…

  • Jason Isbaner

    Liked it on Facebook. I am a golfer and seems like a cool idea.

    • Perfectocigarholder

      Thanks for the “like” Jason. Perfectos work great other places too.

  • PsycotikMind

    Looks functional, but way too tacky for my tastes.

    I followed and tweeted.

  • neocigaro

    I wouldn’t buy this, plus the flames kill it.

    • garlar10

      I think the flames are the best part. Not sure I would buy it either though… lol

      • neocigaro

        Haha they are unrealistic maybe if they were professional looking flames, but the purpose of it is to hold your cigar for you, I would rather hold my own.

    • playersrun1

      looks like a sticker, so if that was the only thing holding you back, you could just peel or scrape it off

  • mrl4889

    My fiance got me something similar to this for Christmas this past year. Called the “cigar minder” WAY smaller and more practical. Has a spring clamp for a rail or golf cart or whatever and a smaller, much lower tension, clip for the cigar itself. Holds the cigar snug in place, but not so snug that it damages the stick. I love it, just leave it outside and when I’m done with my smokes I leave them in place to burn out, don’t have to worry about burning anything down or that awful stink of a mashed out cigar.

    • AngSolo

      yep thats the one i was talking about

  • connorkern

    I tweeted it, I think that is a great idea for golfers, my dad taught me to throw it on the ground, because it throws of your swing when its in your mouth

    • AngSolo

      putting a cigar on the ground at a golf course might not be a great idea considering all the pesticides used to keep courses looking good

      • connorkern

        Very true, I find it gross. However, my dad also taught me to bite off the ends of my cigars haha

      • playersrun1

        ive always put it on the ground and havent had any issues yet. cigar is light enough so i kinda floats on top of the grass anyway..hardly touches.

  • iseedro

    good idea bad execution they should have spent a little more time on the design and function

  • towerladder87

    Little different design but looks like it would work. I will have to buy one and try it out.

    • Perfectocigarholder

      Not the Hottest girl (what cigar holder is?)at the dance but man can she dance.

      Thanks for the comment.

  • Jbenoit9

    Brian, I tweeted. I use the Cigar Minder for golf and it will also clip on a bag and is much smaller, but wouldn’t mind trying this out.

  • jablaze

    Great review Brian as always, I liked on Facebook and also shared it. Thanks for all you do.

  • Pjhosler

    I have the best cigar holder in the world…my mouth or my hands. I never sit down my smoke, I sit down me and relax and toast. I think it may be nice for golf but I don’t see too many fellas lugging around a clamp to hold a cigar.

  • dvillan87

    Like it on facebook. Sounds like a great holder, I see the observations you made about it and agree. Sounds like you can make a better clamp, manufacture it, and sell it to the masses. Lol

  • ptyler

    I bought a different model last year from Golf Town.


    It solves the two problems Bryan identifies in his video…not bulky and you don’t need to be on flat surface as there is a small clamp that you place the cigar under…only problem I found was that if you weren’t careful, the clamp could tear the wrapper of your cigar.

    Liked on FB

  • fatfish601

    Great idea but to big you thought are right on and if it were smaller it could be stored in the golf bag not left in the trunk which is where something that large would end up Just another toy in the golfers trunk

  • Johnnycatt

    Nice review Bryan thanks

  • vscarpine

    As someone who golfs every weekend once the weather breaks for me in good old buffalo NY I really like this idea it just wish it would fit all sizes and shapes. I have a cigar holder/divot tool that it hold almost any size (not the huge fat Nub line) and you just stick it in the ground when you take your shot

  • ctigers15

    I tweeted this and I would for sure use this on the course. I mostly ride so it would be welcomed.

  • mbuckwash

    I am in. I followed their company on Twitter and also shared this on my FB page. Thanks Bryan!

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    This actually brings up a great question that came up yesterday. I was grilling outside and enjoying a nice Cigar. Problem was my food was done before I was ready to put my smoke down.(horrible timing on my part) But than I was faced with the dilemma, let my grilled food get cold, or finish my Cigar. I ended up putting the Cigar down for the food. So my question is, and obviously I’m a novice, how long can a Cigar sit before it isn’t worth smoking anymore?

    • Pjhosler

      I don’t do it often but if u rejuvenate the cigar before u set it down it will taste much better and can easily wait hr or 2 for dinner.
      Just hold lite end above the flame of a lighter and lightly blow into the cigar.It will start to flame off gasses and burn off tars…then just set down till relight…no harsh tastes..almost as good as when first lite. It’s for those duh moments when u don’t plan enough time or the wife says honey do….

      • SsgtJerikUSMC

        Haha ya that’s exactly what happened too. My wife was like, I’m not waiting for you to eat my food cold! Well thanks for the tip man.

  • cigar_lover

    I am a golfer myself and I actually prefer just keeping it in my mouth or just slowly lying it on the grass. Never had a problem with it. I wouldn’t want to have this huge bulky item unless they can figure out a better and smaller way of doing it. Love the idea just not the finished product

    • Bpope31

      Good point. I hate having all sorts of crap in my pockets, sliding around in the cart or in my bag. Now that I’m looking at it again it does seem rather huge. Maybe they can come up with some sort of key chained size or mini version.

  • Romberry

    Wait, this is a real thing? When I saw the picture in my RSS feed before coming over to the site I thought this was something to do with April Fools…

  • Bpope31

    Just make sure to take the cigar off before going to the next hole. I always just balanced it on the cart or ground or have one of your buddies hold it. Hopefully ur not golfing alone. Not saying I won’t eventually buy one just to say I’ve got one but I need to start golfing a little more before I do.

  • USA2ndAmendment

    Cool idea, but I definitely see where it can be improved as Bryan said.

  • lefty177

    I love the idea, just in a smaller version. I normally try to set my cigars on the tee box while I’m teeing off

  • yankeeman

    I have to agree with some comments above, part of the pleasure of a cigar is holding it in your hand throughout. If you tend to multitask while you smoke, I can see the appeal.

  • Perfectocigarholder

    Thanks for the review, Bryan! And thanks to all who responded. We appreciate the feedback and are always looking for ideas to improve our product. The flames were just an embellishment for the review sample – Perfecto Cigar Holder comes in plain black (or can be customized in different colors/logos for golf clubs/companies, etc.). Some of our customers got a kick out of the “flames” decal when we exhibited at the PGA Merchandise Show – but we know that it’s a “love it or hate it” kind of thing.

    We designed Perfecto Cigar Holder to clamp onto any surface (golf cart console, boat, grill, deck, etc.) and hold the cigar without pinching or tearing the delicate wrapper.

    Once clamped on, it looks a lot less bulky 🙂


      Another thing I like is the manufacturer comes on here and take suggestions on how to improve the product. Good work, guys.

      • MorganGeo

        I agree Mr_Express. Now hooking it up to a boat, that is something that would come in handy! I didn’t think of that. Thx!


    Nifty if you play golf I suppose. Although, it could be useful for other things.


    Ok, Liked on Facebook, Shared this post on Facebook, and I am already subscribed to you. Good luck to me, lol.

  • NMartin

    You could also make use of the size of the clamp and make it a dual item. Cup holder and cigar ashtray. Also, as Bryan said, possibly a swivel/pivot feature on it.

  • pato1001

    Cool, But I don’t golf! LOL!

  • Wucioswong

    they should add a cup holder

  • Chaz

    I liked and shared on facebook. A bit overkill, but I could see it coming in handy for camping, tailgating or any similar type of outdoor situation…

    • Perfectocigarholder

      Thanks for the “like and share” Chaz.

      The over kill on the spring is not about the weight of the cigar, it’s to make sure the clamp stays firmly clamped in place.

      If you order one and don’t like it, just send it back and we will refund your money. You can see our refund policy on our site http://www.perfectocigarholder.com

  • garlar10

    I am digging the flame decal on the side of this thing. Who knows, I may just have to take u golfing now. lol

  • CigarStrawn

    Liked and shared on facebook and followed on twitter.

    This isn’t a bad idea. Usually I just hand my cigar over to my friend while I take a swing.

  • Kace

    Nice way to keep your cigar while you are taking a swing!

  • CameronM

    As a golfer, I can see the need for this. That being said, a cheap plastic clamp is not the fix for the holder problem. The flames are just too much, and the size is just too big.

    • Perfectocigarholder

      Thanks for your feedback. The flame decals were just a “fun accent” for the review sample. Perfecto Cigar Holder comes in plain matte black (or can be customized in different colors/logos for golf clubs, company brands, etc.). It is made out of 100% first-run virgin nylon (a high quality material which is UV- and burn-resistant). Once clamped onto the dash, it looks less “bulky” 🙂

  • eslifer

    The reason you need a clip that large is that a smaller clip typically won’t fit anywhere on a golf cart.

    • Perfectocigarholder

      Thanks for your comment. You are right. We constructed the clamp part of the holder so it will easily clamp to the dashboard of the golf cart (or boat, deck, grill, etc.). When affixed, it looks less bulky 🙂

  • undergroundboxr

    I’m not an avid golfer by any means but I think This is almost useless consider most golfer (i could be wrong) don’t drive there carts right onto the green or right up next to them. in my experience the few times I have golfed the carts stay on the pathway next to the green as apposed to on it. now I could be wrong but I don’t think walking back and forth to pick up and set down a cigar is anything but a pain. personally I can just rested mine on my back. like on top of one of the pouches. not fancy but it gets the job done.

  • undergroundboxr

    I rest mine on my bag. I meant sorry for the typo.

  • alwayscigartime

    I don’t golf, but as others have said there are better products that do that same thing. It’s pretty closed to only those who use golf carts.. the products that clamp onto your bag are much more versatile

  • yairbarojas

    seems like maybe your cart may be too far way when you’re going to tee off.

    But pretty nice way of storing your cigar while you’re swinging.

    Thanks for the review Brian

  • Orrza

    Nice idea, looks decent constructed…
    but… it lacks the “luxury” or “flare” you would expect from cigar lovers / golfers.

    so far it looks more like the stickers you find on surfers car or clothing 🙂

    • Perfectocigarholder

      We appreciate the feedback. The flame decals were a “fun touch” for the review sample only. Perfecto Cigar Holder comes in plain black or can be personalized in different colors/logos for golf clubs, corporate gifts, etc.

      • Orrza

        Thank you for your serious reply.
        I appreciate it and wish you all the best.

  • GurkhaMan

    I liked it on FB. I can see other uses for this besides just on the links. I kinda Don’t care for the flames, maybe a nice gunmetal or just matte black finish?

    • Perfectocigarholder

      Thanks for the feedback. The version with the flames was just for the review sample. Perfecto Cigar Holder comes in plain matte black (or can be customized in different colors/logos for golf clubs, company brands, etc.).

  • vscarpine

    I do like the fact it can be clipped to the cart or bag but I prefer one that you can stick right in the ground and rest your cigar on. this way you dont have to be confined to the cart…so this would be great if it somehow had that added feature

    • Perfectocigarholder

      If you like to take your cigar to the green I may have a solution for you. I have seen guys at my club that take the sand-seed container from the cart and clamp their Perfeto to the opening of the container and set on the green.

      Hope this helps and thanks for the comment.

  • Mhilton

    As a golfer, it seems like an interesting idea that could be useful. I don’t think I’d ever pay for something that holds my cigar though lol

    • vscarpine

      I thought the same thing until I kept having to set in on the ground with god knows what fertilizers they the use…now I use a divot tool with like a U shaped thing on the back that you can rest the cigar on and stick the tool in the ground. I like this because it is a divot tool with a magnetic ball marker on it so I would have one in my pocket anyway…this one just makes having a cigar on the course that much easier

  • Freddy62

    I have a friend who has one that looks similar, which he clamps to the poker table every weekend. I personally like to hold my cigars while playing.

    • Freddy62

      I told my friend about this and he went and bought some flame stickers for his LOL

  • MaxDuo

    Hahahahha. April Fool’s day is fun.

    Even if it is completely serious… What a good day for this to come out on (/before if you go by youtube).

    I’ve looked for cheap little cigar trays with cigar holders on them before and things like this come up and usually get a chuckle out of me. I usually smoke in a beach chair outside on the front porch, and it isn’t horizontal at all so something like this wouldn’t be so fantastic for it.

    At the same time I feel like I’ve seen cigar holders that are literally designed for golf bags…

  • swj045

    after stepping on a couple cigars,that I put on the ground I could use one.my game is not on fire so the flames might help

  • BBEJ4321

    Good idea but you are right. It’s over kill

    • Perfectocigarholder

      I assume the over kill you refer to is the spring. The heavy duty is not about the weight of the cigar, it’s to keep the holder in firmly place when clamped to moving objects like golf carts or boats.

      Thanks for your comment.

  • Tommz81

    Way to much. Racing stripes on the side. I mean come on.

  • samgiroux42

    The problem I see is that once you start driving the cart, it seems that the cigar would go flying out of it.

  • zanlamb

    I like the idea of something holding the cigar secure. I’m haveing a hard time finding a good astray that hold a couple of sticks secure.

    • Rob

      Me too. I like my tray but it doesnt hold anything larger than a 52 gauge

      • Perfectocigarholder

        Hi Rob,

        Your right, most all other holders have a size limits past 52 ring cigars (Perfectos tray is 78 ring wide and self centers the cigar no matter what the ring size) and in some cases won’t hold small cigars. The holders that clamp the cigar can (will) damage the wrapper, something I wanted to avoid with Perfecto.

        Perfecto is designed so when you pull up to your shot, you just set your cigar down and hit your shot and if you drive off or your partner moves the cart not thinking of your cigar, your smoke will still be on the holder. Just make sure you have the rest end of the holder angled up a little higher than the front.

  • puffrey

    Novel idea but I dont think the other few that have been made every had much success either.

    I bought a “golf tee” thinking it would be convenient to set the cigar on this tee. After the 1st hole I realized I was happier just setting on the ground for a few seconds while I hit rather than pulling the golf tee out every time.

  • jpculp57

    Agreed that this is WAY too BIG! Looks almost ridiculous. They should just use a smaller screw type clamp and also a pivoting, latching holder so it can be used at different angles.

  • Mobleyjared

    This would be more like a gift to someone who is on the moves and usually needs their hands free.

  • DanG

    I bought something like this years ago (not this one—just one very similar) I forget the name of it now—- but it was the same concept.

    Turned out being more hassle then it was worth. When I clipped it to my bag on a hand cart it was always too far away when I was on the green putting and when I clipped to a golf cart, the cigar would go out….. I finally just threw the thing away…… JMO.

    • Perfectocigarholder

      Thanks for your comment DanG.

      For golf carts Perfecto clamps on to the dash of the cart, just clamp it on at the beginning of your round and take it off when finished.

      If you walk when you golf you can clamp it to the head of a driver or fairway metal.

      Take a look at at our web site http://www.perfectocigarholder.com there are photos and videos of different applications.

  • zanlamb

    it looks to be a bit on the big side and there are similar things on ebay that have a clamp aroung the cigar as well, so it doesnt matter if you park on a slope

    • Perfectocigarholder

      The feet on Perfecto pivot so you can adjust the angle of the tray when going up or down a hill.
      As for the size the video is a little miss leading, the tray is only 6.5″ so Perfecto will hold very large cigars, 78 ring, as well as very small cigars. Almost all the holders have owned or seen are limited on the cigar sizes.
      Just trying to accomodate more Bros & Sisters of the Leaf.

      Thanks for the comment.

  • gumby_130

    It looks heavy duty, I also break my clips, but could never break par on the course

    • Perfectocigarholder

      Hello gumby_130,

      You will not break Perfecto under normal use (we drove over one with a golf cart and it did not break, however this is not normal use) but if you break it, email me photos and I will replace it.

  • Derek

    Im not a golfer but I think clipped to the side of my grill it might come in handy.
    Liked it

  • Boucher207

    Not sure id want to be doing much else while smoking my cigar than enjoying my cigar, but i can see these to be pretty handy if you need to multitask.

  • kprichardson7

    liked it on facebook, kind of a large accessory, but hey if it works it works ha

    • Perfectocigarholder

      She may not be the best looking girl at the dance, but man can she dance.

  • Daniel.A

    i don’t think i’ll ever need one of these. i’ve never played golf. ( not that i would’t give it a try, with a nice cigar of course). but i can’t imagine myself having to buy this item. never had a problem with nugging my cigars. so i don’t know but thats just me of course.

  • Magicshark13

    That thing looks crazy sweet. i just found a old cigar clip at the golf course where i work and now i want to get this one insted!!

    • Perfectocigarholder

      Thanks for the comment Magicshark13. You will love it on the links everyone that has used Perfecto does.

  • OBdrum81

    If my drumset did not shake so much when I play i’d have this clipped on for sure !

    • Perfectocigarholder

      Never thought of drummers using Perfecto but if you can find a place to clamp it should stay in place. That’s why we put a strong spring in it, not because of the weight of the cigar, but to keep the holder firmly in place.

      Thanks for the comment.

  • playersrun1

    seems like way too much overkill..more flash than anything. i always just put mine in the grass at my feet, take the shot, pick it up and carry on…never had an issue. seems to solve a problem that doesnt really exist. maybe is youre older and dont like bending over.

  • Candyman

    AS large as it is it seems like a bad joke but i could see a practical version using a much smaller clip. the current one looks like it should be holding glued lumber together rather than clipped to a golf cart

    • gumby_130

      Wood shop tool, cigar holder.i need an Iclip for my iPad.

    • Perfectocigarholder

      We made the clamp so it will clamp to a wide range of surfaces and still be able to adjust the angel of the tray.

      Thanks for your comment.

    • Perfectocigarholder

      The video is a little misleading on the size. The overall tray is 6.5″ long of which 2″ is the rest and 4.5″ tray, about 1″ high and 1.25″ or 80 ring wide.

      If you visualize a 54 ring by 7″ cigar in the tray it can give some scale. The heavy duty spring makes sure the holder stays in place.

      Thanks for your comment.

  • As far as these things go this was a little bit too much. Isn’t some of the fun just holding your cigar? If smoking it is going to be a hassle and you can’t hold it. Maybe pick another time to smoke.

  • Sinsandman

    I’ve never understood why a cigar holder is a needed accessory. The only application I can see this coming in handy with is in the car.

    • Perfectocigarholder

      Hi Sinsandman,

      Perfecto does work very well in the car. I keep one in may car, boat and golf bag.

      Thanks for your comment.

  • curtpick

    Ok I’m a golfer. I would NEVER pack this thing due to its size and bulk. Sorry lloks like they went to a hardware store bought a clamp and stuck a box on top of it.

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