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New Favorite Posts Site Feature

by Bryan Glynn, April 1, 2013
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I’ve just added another feature to the site for you guys, an easy way to quickly bookmark your favorite posts! At the end of each post by the sharing buttons (hint hint lol) is a button to add or remove a post from your Favorites. Along the left of the site you’ll see your running list along with the Top 5 for the site by popularity. Have fun!

  • kb9311

    Bryan u just keep coming up with great stuff! I love this feature!

  • stevenknisley

    This is such a great idea! Now watching my favorite videos won’t take as long to find. Thanks Bryan.

  • Thanks Bryan. Any interest in a regular forum type setup? Or am I missing something? The only way to comment or write posts is attached to your blog entries right?

    • I’v answered this several times – zero interest in a forum.

      • NMartin

        yea, I asked him about this last night. TAKE NOTE ALL: Don’t ask about Forums anymore! lol.
        Another good idea; keep up the hard work.

        • Duly noted. Problem is, as a new member to the site, I hadn’t yet read this anywhere.

          • Kace

            Lets bombard Bryan with forum request!! Lol.. Just kidding. I don’t want to lose my membership..

      • gumby_130

        Sorry I think I asked the same thing on another thread.

  • Bpope31

    I thought I. Noticed this was new. Another great idea. Now I can see my favorites as well as everyone else’s. it’s such a great idea I think I’ll share it on my social media! Haha

  • yosef5

    Happy April fools day.I am surpried that no one has played a joke

  • neocigaro

    Well the site keeps getting more things and getting that much more better.

  • yankeeman

    Better and better features all the time – well done!

  • puffrey

    Another great feature Bryan! It has been fun to watch the site grow over the last 1 1/2 yrs!

  • cigarhobby85

    Sounds good this will make it easier to find the ones I have enjoyed.

    • swj045

      also to keep up with the ones I want to buy.

  • MorganGeo

    This is a great idea as well especially for my Guy Stuff blogs I like with the recipes.

  • vscarpine

    Its great to see the site keep growing/expanding and getting better and better with all these new features

  • iseedro

    and the good ideas keep on coming

  • Rob

    Its amazing to see how many people post now…can we get retroactive points??!?! Jk kinda

    • david121

      I know! I remember seeing videos get a few views here and there, and now each video is getting a landslide of comments!

    • JJO

      Hahaha. Right? Can we repost our old comments with new dates? LOL

  • dvillan87

    I always wanted this but just never really thought of asking/make a suggestion. I usually look at the reviews before or during smoking a cigar, and look at your review of the same cigar to see if I get same flavor,performance, etc…

    • NMartin

      I do the same thing. I check about 2-3 different videos on some of my favorite cigars just to see what people’s reactions and opinions are. Sometimes they’re nowhere near mine, and other times they are spot on.

  • bbarber

    Great feature to have. Thanks

    • neocigaro

      Yes it is.


    Nice feature. This is very helpful, thanks.

  • PsycotikMind

    Thank you, Bryan. Should make navigating the site easier.

  • david121

    Great addition. Now I can look back and re-read/watch reviews on the cigars I liked a while ago but forgot what they were like!

  • Andrew

    My the favorits in my browser are going to clear up so much now. Great addition.

  • D-BO


    • Kace

      I think this is only for posts Bryan puts up. I could be wrong.

  • MaxDuo

    I just saw tha while checking the page now. I saw it before this post hahah.

    It’s nice because I was going to actually make a suggestion of something like that / a cigar review marker so we could save ones we really like for later. I used to keep a list… that’s on another hard drive right now and I haven’t bothered to recover EVERYTHING over yet, just the stuff I needed right away. So for now I’ve just been favoriting on youtube. This works too… far less clutter to sort through!

  • stevenknisley

    after smoking a cigar I always enjoy looking at the review you have done for it if you have done one for the particular cigar. so this is a great feature for me. just watched the Thurman Thomas natural review to compare to my experience today. Thanks for another great idea Bryan.

    • swj045

      I watch the reviews and then get a cigar that sounds good,so I can try to pick up on the different taste.

      • Kace

        I like to watch a review and if I like the review, I go and get that cigar and watch the review again while I smoke it.

        • gumby_130

          I try to smoke a the then watch the review. It’s funny the different notes described in the same cigar.

  • CameronM

    Love it Bryan! Keep up the good work

  • USA2ndAmendment

    Sweet feature. Keep ’em coming Bryan!

  • undergroundboxr

    Hey Bryan, I think this is a great idea/addition. Would you ever consider adding a feature that would highlight the “hottest” post or most talked about. For lack of better words something that would highlight the most talked about post on the site? Just an idea πŸ™‚

  • undergroundboxr

    To sum up what I meant. the one with the most comments/ the one everybody’s “talking” about so to speak. I see you have a most Favorited section. Also would you consider a “my favorite cigar of this month” section? Just something to highlight you favorite or most preffered cigar you reviewed that month or even that week

  • Sirfubes

    This had been a huge week for cigar obsession. I’m guessing your numbers and hits are gonna grow like crazy!

  • Camshaft83

    New to cigar obsession. My friend introduced me to it a couple days ago. Great site and with great ideas like these I am hooked. Surprised by boss hasn’t yelled at me for looking at this every chance I get lol.

    • Kace

      Wow I do the same. Lol. Maybe I can turn my boss onto the site so I can say you surf the site while on duty too.. lol

  • Walshy

    Another great idea Bryan. You really are going to make your site grow 10 fold. I actually thought with your new healthy living site that the cigar thing was either going to take a back seat or be phased out all together. Didn’t base it on anything. Just was what I was thinking. Instead, you are doing more. It’s absolutely amazing. Thank you brother.

    • LOL never πŸ™‚ There’s actually another big change coming soon that’s going to be awesome BUT more work for me…but it should be worth it and immediately appreciated…stay tuned πŸ˜‰

      • Kace

        Wow, you are a work horse. I bet your day is just busy busy busy. Good thing you have all the knowledge of the different cigars because I bet some days a certain cigar would just set you perfect depending on how the day went.

  • zanlamb

    This feature is awesome!!!! is the next update breaking your reviews into categorys of strength and body because nowhere else distigushes between the two?

    • That would be cool…but that one would be waaaay too much time for me right now, to go through everything and note them all. I have a list of big feature changes like that I want to eventually make to the site, but it’ll be a while unfortunately. For now you can just read or watch to see what each one is πŸ™‚

      • zanlamb

        I thought that would be a big job!!! It’s just annoying that distributors don’t distinguish between strength and body. Like you I’m a lightweight and hate it when a good smoke is spoilt when the strength ramps up. Why do manufacturers do that?

  • Magicshark13

    this is perfect for looking back at my favorite posts thanks so much

  • VinnyLo

    Thanks for posting. Great Stuff!

  • TafDratbarT


    Thanks for this…

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